Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 65

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Chapter 65 – Promotional Test Part 2


We left town and went north. This was the direction of the forest where the rabbit kangaroos were located.

“You both came from a village, huh?”

“Yup. It feels like we’re training to be warriors now. No one in the village can fight, after all, so we both wanted to become our village’s guardian!”


“If possible, we also want to find a strong and young adventurer to come with us ― well, if one exists!”


Rashin-san was just joking around, but Chiyu-san’s face turned red. Rashin-san and Chiyu-san came from a village where not many people visited. The village also hired an adventurer to deal with monsters, but he was already too old. If you couldn’t hire a new adventurer to protect the village, make one yourself! That’s why Rashin-san and Chiyu-san started being adventurers.

“Certainly. If you can find a good husband, you may not have to fight and die yourself.”

“That’s what I mean, Chiyu has the goods, after all.”

“Kyaa! Stop it, Rashin-chan!”

Rashin-san fondled Chiyu-san’s breast as if she was making fun of her. She sure did seem to have the goods. I took my eyes off of them, and saw Thief-san and Warrior-san laughing bitterly.

“So, what about the three of you?”

Now it’s our turn.

I answered while lightly shrugging my shoulders.

“Aah, I just want to make some money in my spare time, put it away for the future. I don’t have some noble plan like you two.”

I actually do have a dream: to be the best, strongest Blacksmith. However, I don’t particularly need to spread it around.

“No, no, that’s enough, you know. We’re almost the same, after all.” Said Rashin-san.

“Y-yes.” Followed by Chiyu-san timidly.

“Glad to hear it. How about Warrior-san?”

When I diverted to Warrior-san, he slapped his chest and smiled.

“My dream is to be an S-rank adventurer! That’s why I want to be stronger!”

“S-rank, huh? As I thought, that’s a boy’s dream after all, right?”

Warrior-san nodded enthusiastically to Rashin-san’s question.

“Relius, Thief, don’t you think so?”

“Err, not really.”

“Yeah… I wouldn’t really go that far, I don’t think.”

Of course, I want to be S-rank if I can, but that’s not my priority. I was longing to be an adventurer from the start ― well, not really longing. Back then, it was just my desire to kill the monsters that killed my parents, but not so much now. Thanks to my foster parents, I now have a stronger desire to repay them a debt of gratitude.

“It seems like you’re being left out.”

When Rashin-san says that with a grin, Warrior-san stared at me and Thief-san.

“W-what’s that? So Thief has some other goals or dreams?”

“… Well. Let’s see. I don’t have a good dream like everyone else. Alas, I just feel like moving freely for now.”


Chiyu-san tilted her head hearing Thief’s words.

“Yup. I was born with a weak constitution, but after I got my occupation and Divine Treasure, my body became very light. So now I feel like I’m in the middle of searching for a dream, I guess?” Said Thief-san with a smile.

Hearing his words, everyone voiced their admiration.

…I see. There can be changes like that after you get your Divine Treasure and occupation, huh? I was impressed as well, but then I caught a glimpse of monsters from my Visual Enhancement: a herd of goblins.

“Oh, sorry to cut in the middle of our chat, but I’ve discovered goblins.”

“Huh? Really!?” Warrior-san looked at me in surprise.

“Yep. We’ll run into them if we keep walking this way, so what do we want to do?”

“How do you know this?”

“My Divine Treasure has a detection-type skill.”

“Oh, seriously!? That’s great!”

Thank goodness, this seems to be enough to get through it. I have to hide my anomalous Blacksmith powers, but that doesn’t mean I can avoid trouble. I just have to falsify the parts of my kit that are special and make them believe it’s attached to my Divine Treasure.

“With something like that, finding monsters would be so easy. I’m jealous,” Rashin-san said while smiling happily. Thief-san also sighed in relief.

“Surprise attacks by monsters is the most frightening scenario, after all. I’m glad we don’t have to be wary of it. So, what should we do, leader?”

Warrior-san seemed captivated after being called out. “Leader… that sounds good.”

No wait, it’s not like that, but we had to work on countermeasures. Warrior-san shook his head out of his daze and looked at us.

“Well, we don’t know what each of us can do, do we? Should we check that now?”

Come to think of it, he’s right.

“Warrior-san, your strong point is fighting in close range, right?”

“Y-yeah! Exactly! I’ll crush the enemy with this axe!” Warrior-san said happily.

Pretty much everyone figured that out already.

“As for Thief-san, if I’m not mistaken, your strong point is fighting while making the best use of your legs, right?”

“You’re right, how did you know that?”

“I can tell roughly by looking at your equipment. As for Rashin-san, you fight from the middle, right?”

“Y-yeah… you’re right. Did you know that just by looking, too?”

“I did. Chiyu-san, you attack from long-range and recovery, right?”

“Y-yes. T-that’s amazing!”

After I checked their respective skills, our information sharing was done quickly without a problem. Everyone looked at me in surprise, but I decided to introduce myself to explain it.

“My occupation is actually Blacksmith. Blacksmiths can make weapons, right? So, it’s not really clear, but I can somehow imagine what kind of attacks people use based on their equipment.”

I’d have to talk about my occupation sooner or later anyway, so there was no need to hide it.

Everyone was surprised.

“I see… but aren’t Blacksmiths, uhh… you know?”

Rashin-san looked troubled as she said that, and she wasn’t alone. As I expected, everyone seemed aware of this misfortunate occupation. It would be better to talk about this when the battle was over — or so I thought, until Warrior-san laughed.

“Even a Blacksmith can fight to the point of getting a promotional request, right?”

Everyone realized he had a good point.

“Right. I can fight using this sword at close-range, but I can also run support by throwing these knives. I’d like to keep up with the movement of the party.”

“Were the knives made from your Blacksmith abilities?”

“They were.”

“Got it… well then, let’s deal with these goblins head-on!”

Warrior-san summed it up, and the others nodded in agreement. So, I’ve revealed being a Blacksmith, so it should be fine if I just avoid getting in the way during combat.




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13 thoughts on “Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 65

  1. Way to kick tropes in the ass Author-san. I was half expecting at least one person taking this promotion test to be the stereotypical, prideful douche-bag who looks down on anyone who he/she perceives to have an inferior job class and that Relius would receive the brunt of their ridicule as soon as he revealed he was a Blacksmith. However much to my surprise everyone noticed Relius’ skill and accepted him being a Blacksmith rather quickly.


  2. Hah! What does author want MC to do!??
    First MC says [I have to hide my anomalous Blacksmith powers] then he flaunts that he can predict in what range a person fights seeing their weapons!

    If author wants MC to flaunt just let him flaunt openly, why go roundabout!????

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  3. after reading this I have concluded that I have huge trust issues…my alarm just keeps ringing. MC sure have a big heart.

    Thank you for the chapter!!!

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  4. “My Divine Treasure has a detection-type skill.”
    Stop bullsh**ting !!!
    You have already said that your weapon can “poison” and now it also has “Detection skill”… you can’t invent more credible bullsh*t!!!
    For the story “poison” could also be, but it had to say something like “applying poison” and that could also be since a Balcksmith makes weapons that can have “poison” but detection-skill !!!
    It was enough to say that you have an accessory that has a “detection skill” that you bought (which is more or less the truth) randomly while buying junk-items at the market (so you don’t remember where you bought it).
    Or say that your Divine Weapon has “Enhanced Vision” which is extremely useful while making objects as it could allow you to notice problems on objects significantly improving speed of creation, quality and also help to understand their skills (this can be connected to something previously mentioned) as well as in fact giving a dynamic vision and an eagle view useful during hunts …
    If someone starts a little further on to collect the bullsh*t he have sown… will turn out that that “divine weapon” will have like 20 skills…

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