Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Chapter 3 Part 6

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Part 6


It was when the time to leave the Great Borf Forest. I felt the presence of something and looked up to the sky.


“Yeah, I’m coming.”

Canaan seems to have felt that magical power, too. Hannah, Sanya, and Antia seem to haven’t noticed it yet, but it rapidly falls over here.

“Is it a meteorite?”

Antia muttered. Now I just learned that there’s meteorite in this world.

It certainly looks like a meteor falling from the sky. It generates heat by the frictional resistance with the atmosphere, and it looks burns with a bright red color. It falls toward here.

“Master, what is that?”

“What does Hannah think is that?”

“It’s thin, but I do feel like a bloodthirst from it. I don’t think it’s a meteorite.”

“That’s right. Don’t loosen your guard, everyone.”

Everyone nodded at my words. As it comes closer, the density of the bloodthirst increases and everyone’s tension also increases as they feel it.

“It’s so slow. I don’t like the way it appears. If you’re gonna come, just come quickly!”

“I want to get it done soon. How long do we have to wait? Master, do you want me to shoot it down?”

It’s falling toward the place where we are, right? Then, we don’t need to wait for it to fall.

“Alright, shoot!”



NyX Translation


On my signal, Canaan focused her magical power. Her crimson hair swayed upside down, and when she lifted her red sage’s staff to the sky, an enormous magical power wrapped her.

A fireball formed in front of the red sage’s staff grows into a flame ball, and the flame ball of about 3 meters in straight line contracts and is now shrinking into a bluish-white fist-sized ball.

“I’ll shoot it!”

It’s a line I’ve heard somewhere, but whatever. (T/N: I didn’t get about this reference.)

The blue-white fist-sized ball flew at breathtaking speed and caused a massive explosion when it hit the fallen thing.

“O-oh, it exploded in a flashy way, as expected from Canaan.”

I frankly praised Canaan’s magic power.

“It seems that the trajectory has changed by the explosion just now.”

Hannah calmly analyzed the situation.

“Even I can’t throw the emperor dragon fang’s tomahawks at such a high altitude. Canaan-san is really amazing!”

Sanya looked at Canaan with sparkling eyes.

“Mmh, is it even equal to my magic?”

Unexpectedly, Antia hates losing. That thing trajectory has changed due to Canaan’s magic and fell into the forest several kilometers from where we were. At that time, an explosion occurred, which uprooted the surrounding trees and caused a blast that gave significant damage to the ground, but there was no damage to us because we were far from it.

“Fufufu… I’ll beat you to death!”

Antia? Scary!

Antia, who was the founder of the elves who lived in this forest, was angry. Since her eyes look like a dead fish with deep wrinkles between the eyebrows and blue streaks on the temples, it’s easy to say that Antia is very angry.

When the center of the explosion has faded, we saw a big black thing. It’s so big, far above the trees in this Great Borf Forest.

“Master, a mountain has fallen!?”

I think there’s probably a fight with that thing after this, but Canaan seems to be having a lot of fun.

“It’s really like a mountain. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out.”

Has Hannah also become a battle junkie!?

“Somehow, it looks powerful, but can we win against it?”

Sanya is also like Hannah, assuming us to fight it. As expected from the sisters.

“I’ll give it a reward for destroying my forest.”

“When I fought the emperor dragon, the forest had destroyed more extensively. Well, it’s mainly the emperor dragon who did it.”

“Destroying a forest in the fight against a monster living in the forest is different from destroying the forest unnecessarily, Tsukuru.”

Listening to Antia’s words staring at that thing with a sharp gaze, Canaan was sweating bucket next to me. I’m the same, but Canaan should be careful too when she uses her magic!

When the dust that wrapped that thing has rolled up, the whole figure of it is revealed.


It’s a huge human.

“He’s a giant.”

Antia muttered.

“Hoee, it’s the first time I see a giant.”

Canaan seems to have never seen a giant before.

“His bloodthirst is extraordinary.”

Hannah is sweating bullets on her forehead, feeling the bloodthirst from that giant, the giant didn’t even try to conceal it.

“What is that?”

Sanya is confused by the giant’s bloodthirst.

“That giant is Crafton.”

“Crafton? Is he famous?”

I looked into Antia’s eyes and asked. As usual, her odd eyes are beautiful.

“He’s the founder of the giants. The ancient giant, Crafton.”

In addition to the ancient breed, there are old breed in each race. The chief of elves’ village is an old elf, the second-highest elf after Antia. There are only one ancient breed in the race, but there were several old breed. Of course, under it is a general breed. (T/N: オールド = old)

“What’s the head of the giants doing here?”

“Since I moved, I wonder if he came to see me?”

Does it mean that the ancient breed is always tracked?

“Or he could be involved in the large movement of the monsters.”

I see, that’s possible.

“Does everyone from the ancient breed have levels in the 400s?”

“You can think of it that way. However, he seems to be stronger than he was. And I feel like he was a little bit smaller back then.”

I think that ancient breed has been living for several thousand years, but can they still grow?

The ground shook when he came towards us.

“He’s stupidly big.”

“That big body is the only redeeming feature from that barbarian.”

What sharp words, Antia seemed to dislike Crafton so much.

Crafton is several times taller than the trees in this Great Borf Forest. It’s probably nearly a hundred meters. He has a gigantic hammer, with ruffled reddish-brown hair, dark skin, and that skin like those of a beast. He looks like a giant primitive people.

“Gaahahaha! It’s been a while, Antia.”

His voice is big, too, just like his body. It hurts when resonating in my eardrum.

“Did you come to rechallenge us to and invade our forest?”

Antia’s gaze is the coldest one I’ve ever seen so far. She seemed to hate him so much.

“Hmm. So you bring a number of people since you can’t win one-on-one, huh?”

While Antia and Crafton are talking, I’ll get the necessary information.


Name: Crafton

Race: Ancient Giant, Level 495

Skills: [Crisis Detection (3)] [Presence Detection (3)] [Giant Power (3)] [King of Destruction (3)]

Unique Skills: [The One Who Controls Power]

Ancient Skills: [Second Life]

Attributes: HP [EX] | MP [B] | [STR [EX] | INT [C] | AGI [B] | DEX [C] | LUK [E]

Title: Giant Founder, The One Who Imposes Trials


Level 495. He’s much stronger than Antia in terms of level. Besides, those [Giant Power (3)] and [King of Destruction (3)] is really dangerous skills. [Giant Power (3)] is packed with body enhancement skills such as [Strong Arm][Body Strengthening][Iron Wall], and [Sturdy]. And the other one, the [King of Destruction (3)], is also packed with damaging-type skills such as [Close Combat Technique] and [Hammer Mastery].

In other words, that guy is a professional in terms of destruction.

Well, with such a big body, I can see that destroying power is his strong point, his personality seems crude, too.

“You, I’ll trample you here.”

“My my, don’t point that dirty foot at me. I can’t bear the stink.”

Antia doesn’t like Crafton, but she doesn’t seem to want to start the fight herself. The battle between ancient breed is probably the same as a battle between the race. Crafton seems to want it. However, even they’re the same ancient breed, the difference in power is evident. If it’s one-on-one, Antia will surely lose.

Leaving the level aside, Crafton’s presence is like that a guy who has put himself in battle. Antia, who had stayed in the forest and away from the battle, won’t be able to win. In the fight, the level is also essential, but the most crucial thing is intuition. If your intuition is dull, you can lose even against an opponent that you should win.

It can be said as the sense that you can acquire by experiencing many extreme battles that cost you life. Even if you live for many years, it’s not so easy to learn.

“It’s you, the one who made those large number of monsters move, right?”

“…So, what will you do?”

“I can tell that by looking at your face. It’s unavoidable that you have a small brain.”

“You bastard, I’ll kill you!”

It seems to be confirmed that this big guy is involved.


“What is it?”

“It’s okay if you want to chit-chat, but let’s move on.”

Enough with the chit-chat and let’s move. It’s vexing.


“Gaahahaha! Exactly like that boy said. Let’s do it.”

“Hey, Antia. Can I fight this guy instead?”

No one dares to fight a battle that they know will lose. It’s the same for Antia. However, there is a man who dares to face adversity in the world. Yes, that’s me.

(Good, good, that’s my partner!)

(What was that, all of a sudden. Did you really want to fight that big guy?)

(Hehehe, I had a chance to fight the giants when I was a human, but I’ve never fought as big as that guy. There’s no reason to not be excited!)

(Geez, this muscle brain.)

(What’s wrong being a muscle brain!? Does Tsukuru expect ingenuity from me? That’s impossible.)

Did she completely turned on!? Seeing her like that is rather refreshing.

“Huh? This boy? Against me? Are you insane? A human boy? Gaaahahahaha! Stop making me laugh!”

Crafton was looking down on me. It can’t be helped if he was looking down on me since he’s so big, but I don’t like it if he was looking down on my existence itself. And on top of that… my feeling is throbbing to beat this guy.

“What is it, it turns out not only your body is big, but your mouth as well, huh? If you’re afraid of me, just say it. If you ask me to forgive you, I won’t interfere anymore.”

Oy, Canaan, don’t laugh.

“Boy, you don’t seem to need your life anymore!”

Crafton’s wrath blows over his bloodthirst. But that kind of bloodthirst is a familiar atmosphere battle for me.

Muh, Antia’s one-piece skirt was lifted due to that violent bloodthirst. Try to hide it, oy. There’s an aesthetic in trying to hide. Moreover, I can see your nice butt with no panties!

“I’ll beat this guy, Antia, and the others have to step back. I don’t want you interfering.”

“Tsukuru, that guy is strong.”

“I won’t lose. Don’t worry about that.”

“…I understand.”

When I said that, Antia and the other are stepping back.


“Leave it to me. I will definitely win.”


“Canaan, if I say I’m going to win, I will win. Just watch it and believe in my victory.”


I patted Canaan’s head. She has soft hair that’s good to touch. So in order to feel this hair, I’ll win, so rest assured.


“Hannah, I’m invincible. I’ll win, so don’t worry.”

“…I understand. I wish you all the best of luck.”

I patted Hannah’s head, too. The wolf’s ear is very pleasant to touch. Animal-ear is justice, after all!


I can only say the same thing when it comes to the fourth time.

“I’m going to win. I’ll talk to Sanya when I come back after hunting that big guy. Trust me and wait for me.

I’ll tell that Sanya is resembling my death step sister. And I’ll ask her to be my sister.

“Eh, talk… I understand!”

Somehow I feel like I get my teeth into something awful. Did I say something strange?. Did I say something strange?




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