Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Chapter 4 Part 4

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Part 4


My father was a swordsman who taught swordsmanship to the knights, so I was trained strictly by him. Because of this, I was able to follow in my father’s footsteps and become an instructor of swordsmanship at a young age. It was smooth sailing, but when I was 25 years old, a battle destroyed the knights’ order. I was touted as a sword saint, but none of the young knights I had raised returned, and I felt helpless one day, when I realized that familiar faces would never look at me again.

I couldn’t stand still, considering that the swordsmanship I had taught them was only that good, so I resigned from my position as a swordsmanship instructor and set out on a swordsmanship training journey. Since I was responsible for that tragedy, I was treated quite coldly by those around me.

I didn’t stop in towns and villages much on my journey, instead continuing to hunt monsters day after day. Forty years had already passed since I was born into this world. However, I am proud to say that I am the most experienced swordsman in the world.

My level has reached a hundred, and I doubt I’ll ever rise any higher, but I do know that there are those who have crossed the level barrier. And if I keep fighting for it, even my skill level will grow, too. Even if my job level doesn’t go up, I can bridge the gap between my job levels by improving my sword technique to master swordsmanship. That’s why I have honed my swordsmanship and defeated even monsters with overwhelmingly high levels.

One time, I was lost in a deep forest. There, I was facing the greatest crisis of my life. I was bleeding all over my body, out of breath, and unable to hold my sword in my hand, which was a shameful situation for me.

The monster I encountered was a bear monster named Evil Bear. The strong body protected by its hard fur and the outstandingly destructive attacks from its massive body was more than a threat.

It could be at least level 200, no, it might be around level 300. That monster is toying with me. Had I ever experienced such humiliation in the past? No, I had not! But it is an irrepressible opponent for me now.

“This is where I’m going to die, huh… a fitting place for me to die.”

It was when I made up my mind that the Evil Bear was going to play with me and kill me without anyone knowing. The temperature around me dropped quickly. I thought I was on the verge of bleeding out and dying, but I soon realized that I was brought about by someone.

They appeared in front of the Evil Bear and me, and instantly decapitated the Evil Bear. I was ready for the second time that it was going to be my turn, but the person spoke to me.

“If you become my servant, I will help you.”

I don’t know the reason. It’s something indefinite, which is not easy to describe.

“You will have eternal loyalty and fear for me.”

Loyalty and… fear? I can tell about loyalty since it said to make me a servant, but why the fear?

“What’s your answer?”

I know that this person is impossibly powerful. However, my pride will not allow me to become a servant of such an unknowable entity!

“I would not be your servant, even if it means I have to die.”

“Fufufu, your disciples said the same thing. Too much pride will shorten your life.”

“My disciples… Then, you!?”

“That’s right. I have taken the lives of the knights, your disciples. Your disciples’ souls are quite delicious.”

“You… You bastard…”

It was at this point that I realized something. This thing was killing my disciples to drive me to the edge. I was filled with anger from the bottom of my heart.

“I thought it would be interesting… This is disappointing.”

I almost scorched myself with rage. I thrust my sword into the ground and tried to stand up, using it as a cane, but my sword crumbled away like a sword made of sand.

I didn’t know what had happened. Suddenly I realized that my legs had crumbled, just like my sword. I didn’t know what it had done, but I only remember the feeling of my consciousness gradually becoming muddled and distant.

I found myself becoming something I wasn’t. I feel like I’m conscious, but I can never let it out, and something else is controlling me. I had resigned myself to an eternity of agony that I couldn’t help but know myself.

I don’t even remember how many years actually passed, but one day I met him. He broke the vessel that was meant to contain me. It allowed me to bring my ego to the surface.

“Tsukuru, I’m grateful for that.”

“What is it, all of a sudden? Did you eat some weird stuff?”

Fuh, Tsukuru is always like that. He’s aloof and elusive. But he’s also a passionate man.

“I have no mouth, so I can’t eat anything. My nutritional source is Tsukuru’s spirit.”

“What? Scary! Black Mist is too scary!”

Today I’m going to do the best I can right now while enjoying that kind of banter with my partner, Tsukuru. [T/n: To be honest, I’m still unsure about Black Mist’s gender XD, also let’s make a poll, should I use Kurokiri for the name or just stick with Black Mist?]




To wait for Canaan to recover her loss of hearing, I built a house with [Equivalent Exchange]. I have plenty of wood and metal, and if I don’t have enough, I can get it easily.

”Master, have some tea.”

“Thank you. Hannah.”

The house was a blend of Japanese and Western architecture. The rule is to take off one’s shoes before entering the house.

“The smell of these tatami mats is very comforting.”

It’s a blend of Japanese and Western styles, so there is also a Japanese style room, and Antia seems to like the tatami room. Since she’s an elf, the smell of wood and tatami in this room makes her calm, and she said, “it’s like being in the middle of the forest.” She’s happy to stay long here.

I don’t dislike tatami rooms either, so I sat down cross-legged and drank the tea Hannah had prepared for me. I wonder if there is matcha, but there is a tea similar to Japanese tea, so I changed it to matcha with [Equivalent Exchange].

(T/n: Matcha (抹茶, Japanese: is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves, traditionally consumed in East Asia.)

I taught Hannah what I know about how to make matcha, and she quickly mastered it. This maid is really remarkable, isn’t she?

“This Japanese confectionery goes well with matcha. It should be just the right amount of sweetness.”

Antia, a completely-gaijin-faced elf, enjoyed the Japanese-style room the most.

[T/n: Gaijin = Foreigner.]

The next day, the recovered Canaan ate an enormous meal, as if to replenish her energy. A platter of sandwiches, a large plate of pasta (carbonara), and two large curry plates. I was seriously worried that her stomach would explode, but the person in question was stone-faced and asked for a refill.

“So, how’s the magic circle?”

I asked her what was on my mind after dinner.

“Yes. I kind of understand it. I just think it’s going to take me a little while to study the magic circle.”

“It can’t be helped if it takes some time. Don’t overdo it.”


I know that the transfer-type magic is pretty hard to do, so it’s understandable that it’s going to take some time, and nor do I mind if she can’t reproduce it.

Now, I’ll have to talk about something important on my end too. I opened my mouth to speak up with a sense of purpose.

“Sanya, there’s something I need to talk to you about.”

“Me? What is it?”

“Would you like us to leave?”

Hannah wisely tried to get up from her seat, but I stopped her.

“I want everyone to hear this.”

I asked Canaan, Hannah, and Antia to stay in their seats. And I told them that my irreplaceable younger sister, Ayumi, is as alike as two melons with Sanya.

”I am Master’s…”

“I know Sanya, and everyone else likes me. But I can only think of Sanya as my sister. I’m sorry.”

Sanya closed her eyes. Canaan and the others are quietly looking at Sanya and me.

“What is the Master going to do about onee-chan, Canaan-san, and Antia-san?”

Sanya opened her eyes and looked at me firmly and asked.

“Honestly, I can’t pick just one person.”

“Does that mean you like all three of them?”

It was Canaan who was able to let me feel at ease only after I was thrown out into this world. I think I probably like Canaan. Hanna has given me her undivided loyalty, and if I tell her to die, she’ll die with a smile on her face. I’d like to reciprocate Hannah’s feelings.

My meeting with the aloof and elusive Antia started out in battle, but now she understands me well. She wants to have a child with me, and I don’t hate Antia, either.

“I see.”

Sanya smiled when she heard my answer.

“If so, please make them your wives. Then I will give up on Master.”

“I’m sorry…”

“It’s fine. But I have one request…”

“What is it?”

“Um… can I call Master… onii-chan?”

I was shocked as if a meteorite had fallen on my head.

“I’m sorry. It was too much. Please forget about it.”

I grabbed Sanya’s arm as she got up from her seat to go somewhere else.

“I don’t mind. I’d rather ask you to do so. Will you call me onii-chan?”

I know Sanya is not Ayumi. But I just can’t believe that they’re a different person. I can’t help but think that it might be the appearance of Ayumi after her reincarnation.

It’s a different world, so it’s not surprising that there was a reincarnation…

”Ah, thank you very much! Master!”

“Sanya, I’m your big brother.”

“Ah, I’m sorry… o-onii-chan… hauu.”

Sanya turned bright red. She’s cute. I can’t help but pat her head.

“Congratulations, Sanya-chan!”

“Sanya, I’m happy for you.”

“So, you’re my sister-in-law.”

Canaan, Hannah, and Antia gathered around Sanya and rejoiced. Yes, it’s a nice sight. When was the last time I saw such a peaceful atmosphere?

“Well, Tsukuru. Let’s go over what you talked about earlier.”

Antia turned to me.

“What I was talking about earlier?”

“It’s about how the three of us will be Tsukuru’s wives.”


Sanya said something like that…

“Master, do you hate slaves like Canaan?”

Canaan looked at me with teary, upturned eyes.

“Y-you hate it!?”

Her voice went shallow.


“If you’re okay with me, be my wife.”


Canaan replied with a flowery smile.


“I want Hannah to be my wife, too.”

“Yes, with pleasure!”

The cool beauty, Hannah, is very destructive when she smiles.

“Tsukuru is going to make me his wife, too, right?”

“Of course! Be my wife.”

Antia chuckled. I have a bad feeling about this.

“Then let’s make a baby!”

She’s really faithful to her desires!

“Congrats, Mas-, I mean, congrats onii-chan! Congrats Canaan-san, onee-chan and Antia-san!”

“Thank you, Sanya!” said the three of them.

This is how I started my family of four. It was the first moment of human warmth I had felt in years. It seems that there are many different marriage customs in this world. Even on Earth, Japan and other countries have different customs. Even in Japan itself, it’s not surprising that there are different customs…

In the Templeton Kingdom, to which Caanan and Hannah belong, polygamy is recognized. When they marry, they are officially recognized as husband and wife by submitting documents to the authorities.

In contrast, Antia, the founder elf, and the pinnacle of all elves don’t belong to any country. And in the elven village, marriage was only permitted by the village chief. However, since the head of the village was lower in rank than Antia, there were no particular rules or customs regarding Antia’s marriage.

“So, why is everyone here?”

“To wash your back.”

“It’s one of the things that a married couple will do.”

“We’re making a baby.”

I was taking a bath when Canaan, Hannah, and Antia came in. Since it was a bath, the three of them and I were all naked.

“Tsukuru, since we are now husband and wife, you have nothing to be ashamed of.”

It seems that Antia is a carnivore, as evidenced by her words and actions so far. Elves have an image of herbivores, but that image is being broken. However, the three of them naked are destructive…

I’m used to seeing them naked because they change in front of me… but when I look at them closely, all three of them are truly beautiful.

Canaan has well-proportioned breasts that aren’t too big or too small. Hannah, with powerful twin mounds, that plump and sway whenever she moves. Even her twin hills are modest, but Antia is an immensely beautiful woman. I’ve made these three girls my wives…

“Fufufu, the one below Tsukuru is honest.”


I turned my attention to my lower part.

“I-it can’t be helped! You three are too beautiful!”

Canaan and Hannah were blushing to stare at it, but Antia was staring at my lower body with a robust stare.




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