Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 4 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Long time no see, old man


The old blacksmith we are looking for has a shop on the main street. It’s only a twenty-minute walk from the inn where we are staying. We can see the inside of the store from the window of the wooden shop. The wooden storefront displays plate armor and other items that immediately attract the eye.

When I opened the wooden door and entered, I was greeted by a low, old man’s voice saying “Welcome”.

“…Hmm? Oh, isn’t that Hiroki, the eccentric healer. You are back, huh?”

“Yes. I’m here to show my face as promised.”

“It’s been a while.”

The old man seemed to remember our days, and he welcomed us happily. He also looks happy to see Lusha after so long.

“Though, after we finish our business here, we’ll go to Tangerine next.”

“Really? What a busy guy.”

“It’s for my job change!”

“That’s great news to hear.”

When the old man tells us that we’re so busy, Lusha tells him our purpose for the journey. Then he was so pleased to hear that. It’s probably because the old man is also strengthening Lusha’s bow and equipment.

“Today, it’s partly to show my face, but I thought I needed to maintain my equipment as well.”

“Aah, Is that so? Well then, let me see it.”


I took out the necessities for the journey that the old man had prepared for us, as well as the knife and other items he had given me. Lusha has her bow to look at.

“…Hmm. The young lady’s bow is well maintained. Hiroki’s is…”

The old man looked at my equipment and said, “Are you not good at taking care of it?”, with a chuckle.

“You need to polish it harder, or it’s going to be easier for the blade to spill. Well, I’ll take care of it this time.”

“Uh… I did take care of it, but I wasn’t good at it.”

I was a college student until just a few months ago, and there’s no way I could be perfectly skilled at caring for weapons. People in this world, even if they aren’t adventurers, often handle knives and other things from childhood… my skills would be a disappointment compared to that.

“Now that we have a bit of money to spare, can you please help us with anything we need when we go to Tangerine? Also, I feel like there is a need for a… replacement?”

“I see.”

While looking at the tent and cloak, the old man shows signs of thinking.

“Do you want to camp out?”

”Hmm, I haven’t made any detailed plans, but I think that would be the case if we didn’t find any village or city. And then there’s the time when we’ll have to dive into a dungeon.”

When he heard my reply, the old man brought a sleeping bag and a blanket from the back. I could tell right away that they were pretty solid, and I tilted my head to see if it was time to change them.

It still works, though, right? As I was thinking about that, the old man explained the sleeping bag to me.

“You’ll have to consult with your wallet, but if you’re going to Tangerine, you’d better prepare for the cold. There are a lot of mountains and forests there, so the climate is unstable.”

“Oh, I see.”

The sleeping bag as it was now was fine, but he advised me to bring something that would keep us warm.

The old man showed us with a thick but reasonably priced blanket and an expensive sleeping bag that was made of magic stones and had a warm function. I see I didn’t know there was a reason for that. A warm sleeping bag is excellent. The impression I get is that it was a futon with the dryer?

“Since we earned money in the dungeon, can I get a sleeping bag… no, can I get both with the blanket too, just in case?”

“Of course you can. But you can’t carry that much, can you?”

The old man laughs that he thinks Lusha and I have just a normal bag so that it won’t fit. But now that we’ve turned it into a magic bag that can hold plenty of stuff thanks to the shop fairy, there’s no problem.

“I want a blanket too! It can be made into a knee brace, so it would be handy to have…”

Before he can reply, Lusha raises her hand in the air, too. I put the bag on the counter and chuckle.

“I had this bag made into a magic bag. So both of them will fit in with no problem.”

”A magic bag!”

I explained to the surprised old man, and he sighed loudly in exhaustion.

“I didn’t expect a healer who didn’t know anything about common sense to come back with a magic bag. You never know what’s going to happen in this world.”

I gave the old man some money, and Lusha and I got our sleeping bags and blankets. Other than that, I replenish the small equipment, and we’re done. And then I suddenly notice that there is an ornamental piece of equipment right next to the counter. Necklaces, earrings, belts and bandanas. Along with that, a bracelet was also placed.

…Could it be that he also sells contract bracelets?

“What is it, you want that equipment?”

The old man realizes I’ve been staring at it and asks me if I need it to.

“No, it’s not me…”


“I know someone who wears a contract bracelet, and I’m looking for a way to break it.”

“You’re putting up with all that difficult stuff again.”

The old man also looked at the equipment but told me that he didn’t deal with contract bracelets.

“It’s a special case so that you won’t find them in normal shops. I’ve never heard of a way to cancel it forcibly, either…”

“I see… Thank you.”

If the old dwarf man doesn’t know about it, I think it’s going to be difficult to break it off forcibly. When it comes to equipment, dwarves are still considered to be the best, after all.

I’ve been thinking about that or something magically, but in a human continent, it seems difficult to solve the problem. It would be great if Ren and Ruri could bring me some good information, but it’s not going to be easy….




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    1. I thought the old man would be more impressed to see Lusha’s bow. Did she not reinforce it yet? Maybe she could’ve shown him her Dragon’s Beard and received advice from the man…

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