I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 11 Chapter 1 Part 4

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Part 4


“──Alright, It’s nice, isn’t it?”

“T-that’s good…”

While preparations for the school festival were underway, I also practiced with the band.

This time we are going to play three songs. I wondered if I could do three songs even though I was a beginner, but since we chose songs that seemed easy, it seemed manageable.

I had found out that the “Flame Guitar” that I got when I defeated the devil bear a long time ago could be connected to the Earth’s amp through a connector, so I was assigned to play the guitar.

“Well, it’s only natural since I’m the [Nobleman of the Drums]!”


At first, the plan was for me, Ryo, and Shingo-kun to form a band, but I became the guitarist, Ryo became the bassist, and Shingo-kun became the keyboardist.

Akira was also a novice drummer, but perhaps it was because he was a [Nobleman of the Drums], as he said earlier, and he was improving quite quickly.

However, since everyone, including Akira, was still a beginner, we couldn’t try out the more difficult songs, but even so, I think we are getting good enough.


“The song is also very good.”

“Is it really…?”

Yes, this band──I sing in it.

At first, I thought that since Ryo had invited me to join the band, he would also be the vocalist, but when we started practicing, he asked me to be the vocalist.

Naturally, I refused, saying I couldn’t handle such a big role, but I couldn’t say no to Ryo and Shingo-kun, who both agreed on the idea.

“After all, it’s just as I thought. If Yuuya is going to be the vocalist in the center, it will look great on stage.”

“Y-yes! Yuuya-kun were so good!”

“You are indeed my rival!”

“I wonder if that’s true…”

Although Ryo and the others praised me in this way, I was not confident at all. I didn’t know any popular songs, and I had never even heard of the songs we were going to perform this time.

I had never even been to a karaoke club, and my singing experience was limited to chorus singing in music class.

But now, the [Hell’s Microphone] that I got from the hell frog had a positive effect on me.

I had started taking lessons by mistake right after I got that microphone, and I had gotten myself into a lot of trouble, but after I was chosen as a vocalist, I had been actively taking lessons in my free time.

To be honest, I was hesitant to use that microphone due to the trauma of the first lesson, but having no experience singing in front of others, I had no choice but to rely on it to avoid dragging everyone down as much as possible.

I had no choice but to rely on that microphone to keep up with the others.

“I’ll do the best I can.”

That was all I could say.

After practicing a few more times, it was time to go, so we decided to split up.

Akira had a different route home, so we parted ways, and the three of us, Ryo, Shingo-kun, and I, headed home.

“Well, I said it in the heat of the moment at first, but I guess it turned out alright!”

“I-I guess so. I’ve never touched a musical instrument outside of music class before, but it’s fun.”

“Right! This could be a good hobby for the rest of my life.”

Ryo was right. After practicing this time, I realized that it would be a shame for it to be a one-time-only experience.

That’s how interesting it is to play a musical instrument.

I’ve never been able to find the time to use the [Flame Guitar] properly, but now I’m thinking I’ll be more proactive about using it from now on.

“Speaking of which, I didn’t know what kind of artists were invited after all.”

“Y-yeah. I guess it’s a surprise on the day, after all.”

“We’re going to be on the same stage as them, aren’t we? Kuh! I’m looking forward to it!”

As each of them was walking around talking about the upcoming school festival, they were suddenly approached by a voice.

“Huh? Yuuya-san?”

“Eh? Mi-Miu-san?”


“S-she’s the real one!”

To my surprise, I ran into Miu-san, who was a popular model. I knew that she lived in the area, but I had never expected to run into her on my way home, so I was surprised.

The same thing happened to Miu-san, who looked at me with a surprised expression on her face.

“That uniform… come to think of it, Yuuya-san is a student of Ousei Academy, isn’t he? I found out about it from an article on the previous ball game.”

“Oh… I-I’m sure that happened too.”

The president of Miu-san’s agency wanted to cover the event closely, so a lot of crews came to the ball game.

As we were having such an exchange, Miu-san suddenly noticed the quiet Ryo and Shingo-kun.

“These are…”

“Oh, they are my friends, Ryo and Shingo-kun.”


“Hmm? Ryo? Shingo-kun?”


I introduced them, but there was no response, so I called out to them again, and they hurriedly pulled me along.

“Yu-Yuuya! How could you be so calm!”

“T-that’s right! That model Miu is right in front of us!”

“I-if you put it that way, I guess you’re right…”

I’ve been modeling for a magazine together, and through that connection, I took on the role of Miu-san’s boyfriend, so we’ve had some interaction, but now that I think about it again, it’s a crazy situation.

It is a ridiculous situation to find myself in such a situation with a very popular model like Miu-san…

That was exactly what happened when I went to a summer festival with Miu-san, and naturally, the reaction of those around me was great, but when I hear passionate speeches like this from both of them, it makes me feel the reality of the situation.

Rather, I’m getting as nervous as I was when I met Miu-san for the first time…!

“Um… what’s wrong?”

“Yes! N-no, it’s nothing.”

“Is that so? …Huh? What is that thing you’re carrying on your back…?”

The three of us were all in a hurry, and Miu-san turned her attention to the guitar on my back.

“That’s a guitar, isn’t it? Can you play guitar, Yuuya-san?”

“I’m going to form a band with the two of them here at the upcoming school festival, and we’re practicing for that stage just now.”

“Eh! Yuuya-san?”

“By the way, the vocalist is Yuuya too!”


“Yuuya-san… sings…”

In the midst of the surprise, Miu-san began to ponder something, as she didn’t expect Ryo, who had been frozen until a moment ago, to say such a thing.

“…Come to think of it, Kanade-san is also going to perform live at Yuuya-san’s academy, right… maybe I should sneak out to see her…?”


“Oh… it’s nothing! Well then, I’d better get going. Everyone, please do your best to prepare for the school festival.”


We parted ways with Miu-san and watched her back for a while.

And then everyone exhaled as if they were released from tension.

“Puhah… I-I was so nervous…”

“I couldn’t help but talk to her…”

“B-but even so, her aura was incredible, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, indeed.”

Miu-san has an amazing aura even in magazines, but when you meet her in person, you are even more overwhelmed.

She was beautiful in every aspect of her behavior, and she must have worked very hard for it…

As we were walking home again, surprised at our unexpected encounter, a black car suddenly stopped next to us.



Moreover, following that car, a line of similar black cars started to form one after another.

Ryo and the others were surprised when the doors of the cars opened, and a large number of men in black emerged from inside!

“W-what the hell is going on?”

“W-who are these people?”

As I and the others were surprised at the sudden appearance, one of the black-clad men standing in a circle around us opened his mouth.

“Are you Yuuya Tenjo-sama?”

Huh? Y-yes, I am, but…”

I didn’t expect my name to come up, so I gave a curt response and the black-clad person who asked me contacted somewhere with what appeared to be a radio.

“Here, target confirmed. I’m going to secure it.”


“Yes? Secure?”

I twisted my head at the completely unexpected words, and the black-clad men swarmed me at once and restrained me as I was!



I was put into the car before I had time to resist, and the car started off without any resistance.


“…Hah? W-what the hell was that…?”

“B-but more importantly, Yuuya-kun was kidnapped!”

“T-that’s right! Is that kidnapping? That’s a lie!”

“A-anyway, call the police and the school──”

“──Ara? What’s going on?”



Ryo and Shingo turned around to find Kaori standing there.




──Around the time when Yuuya was kidnapped by a mysterious group and Ryo and the others were in turmoil.

Lanael had returned to a place called the [Heavenly Realm], which was located in… a different dimension from the world where Earth and Argena exist.

Then, she explained the situation to her superiors, the observers, and advised them about the participation of Iris and the others in addition to Yuuya.

One of the observers raised his voice.

“Even I am annoyed that we have to depend on people from lower worlds, and now you want to add more? I won’t accept such a thing!”

“But it is also true that our forces are inadequate. Shouldn’t we bring them in?”

“It will be of no use to us to borrow the strength of those from the lower worlds! Those who can’t even inflict a single wound on us can’t possibly be able to deal with the false gods!”

“I agree. Even if we were to give them the means to oppose the false gods, would they be worth the trouble?”

Starting with the first observer’s opinion, words were exchanged one after another.

However, many of the opinions were rather negative toward Yuuya and the others.

Then one observer, the only one who was silently watching the situation, quietly clapped his hands.



With that single word, the observers who had been exchanging so many opinions became silent.

After confirming that the surroundings had become quiet, the observer who clapped his hands asked Lanael.

“Zenovis isn’t coming, is he?”

“Y-yes. As I told you before, Zenovis has completely handed over his role to Tenjou Yuuya.”

“I see… However, not only this Yuuya but also his friends wish to lend their help.”

“T-that’s right.”

“How good are they from your point of view, Lanael?”

When asked this question, Lanael answered honestly, remembering Iris and the others.

“If it is a battle without the [Divine Authority]… I think they are stronger than us apostles. However, compared to the observers, I can’t say that they are any better…”

“I see.”

After listening to Lanael’s words, the observer pondered for a while.

Then he made a decision.

“──I understand. Let’s first confirm it by meeting them in person. And bring them with you.”

“! Yes!”

──Thus, it was decided that not only Yuuya but also Iris and the others would be called to the [Heavenly Realm].


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  1. “I was put into the car before I had time to resist, and the car started off without any resistance.”

    I get a feeling that that line implies that Yuuya was only kidnapped because he was shocked by the suddenness. Once Yuuya gets ahold of himself and properly assesses the situation, the special force and that b*tch who hired them are probably in for a world of pain.

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    1. MMM conociendo el comportamiento de yuuya lo máximo que haría sería huir ya que es un miedoso y siempre quiere actual en bajo perfil, además que todavía nose acostumbra a ser fuerte


  2. he could react in a speed of light against godlike beings but couldnt even repel some measly special forces from earth? this is why this novel never gets any better. inconsistent writing, poor power scaling.Not to mention an MC with a pathetic personality who never gets any better as time goes by.

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  3. jhajhajahahahaj que idiota jahjajhajha yo esperando una pateada de traseros jahjahhajha y se dejo secuestrar XD jahjhahahajhaj bueno seria una cosa de que estuviera tan confiado que no le interese ser secuestrado por curiosidad :3


  4. I agree that the situation is ridiculous. Even if surprised, he could smash the car open from within, kidnapper with it. Or exit through the roof, flying away or whatever. Of course, that would not lead us to the recently introduced bad girl from the other school.

    The author himself has often declared, that his story develops while writing. That might have its merits, but you have to really, really check nonstop, that there are no contradictions.
    The whole kidnapping is nonsense, of course, is the other school run by the mafia? But to make Yuuya god-like in power only to have him being subdued by some thugs is simply stupid, showing the author does not respect the inner logic of his story.
    If Mafia, they should have kidnapped one of his wannabe girlfriends, and blackmailed him or something, that would have made it a bit better. He could play hero and finally decide to pursue a romantic relationship. Does he not deserve one?

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