Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 267

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Chapter 267 – Distressed Kosuke


Since I have a large amount of magic sparkling stones, I have enhanced the guns I have on hand, focusing on those that are easy to use and have high ammunition costs. Specifically, the light machine guns and six-round grenade launchers deployed in the gunners’ corps, the famous anti-tank grenade launchers, automatic grenade launchers, and heavy machine guns.

“Oh man… oh man…”

“He suddenly turned blue and started worrying with hands on his head.”

“He’s emotionally unstable…”

“Let’s wait and see what happens.”

I can hear the oni girls worrying about me and whispering to each other. No, but you, this is infinite ammunition, you know? It’s an outburst that points the middle finger squarely at the logistics issue! And because of the auto-repair system, it doesn’t malfunction even if you shoot it full-auto, and the heat problem has been solved. You, this kind of easy enhancement shortens the life of the game! You idiot! You damn fool!

If I show this enhanced group of firearms to Isla, I’m sure she’s going to have a stroke and roll her eye… No, I’m sure she’s going to take it to the Research and Development Department for a thorough disassembly and analysis.

“What should I do about it…?”

If I deploy a large number of these, we will have an invincible army in one fell swoop. An army with powerful weapons that never break and never run out of ammunition will be born. Weapons break easily on the battlefield. Even metal swords and armor, which at first glance appear sturdy, can easily break, fold, or shatter if overworked. Therefore, weapons are naturally included in the large number of supplies that are prepared. And tools for their care.

But what happens when there is no longer a need to supply weapons? The amount of supplies would become overwhelmingly small. Moreover, the one-way overrun by powerful weapons would make the duration of battles very short.

Modern weapons, or rather, firearms with gunpowder, are quite precise instruments. Although they are not so fragile that they can be destroyed by a single drop on the ground, daily inspection and maintenance are essential, and the burden on logistics is extremely heavy when considering the parts for repair and a large amount of ammunition consumed. It is not comparable to swords, spears, or bows. It is strong enough to eliminate the need for such things. Too strong.

“That bastard…”

The mysterious voice earlier seemed to have the intention of wanting me to use my power to the fullest and make the place a mess. If I could make something like this, I would certainly be able to greatly increase the number of firearms I produce and deploy. The materials and processing time required to make the main components of a gun are negligible. I can make magic sparkling stones as much as I want.

The reason I can’t deploy my guns in large numbers is because of supply and maintenance problems. If I can solve this problem with magic sparkling stones and a workbench, I can increase the number of guns deployed to any number of locations. Of course, if they are captured by the enemy, it would be a big problem, so it is necessary to be more careful with them than now.

“As I thought, there is something wrong with him.”

“Hmm? What should we do?”

“My mom says this is good for distressed men!”

The idiot hugged me on my back and put something heavy and soft on my head. Damn you, marvelous!

“The three of us will surround you and press down on you.”

“That way, the three of us will be right in front of you.”

“Are you still shy? It’s a little late for that, don’t you think?”

“That’s right. You’re not even a child, but you’re still a naive boy.”

Shumel came up to me and picked me up in her arms, and pressed her breasts against my face from the front. Bella came up behind me. Now I’m sandwiched between big boobs… and this is my ideal world―no, wait, I can’t breathe normally. This is painful; I’m in so much pain. I tap Shumel’s arm to get her to release me.

“I thought I was going to die.”

“Such an exaggeration.”

“You should try being buried in Shumel’s breasts, Bella; you’d understand.”

With that, I gently pushed Bella toward Shumel, who grinned and held her face to her chest with a smirk. Bella endured for a while but soon tapped her arm and surrendered.

“That’s bad. It feels nice and soft, but I can see the afterlife.”


“What are you guys doing?”

Tozume gives us a glare. That’s what I’m saying, Tozume. I like big tits, but it’s really dangerous to have that volume pressed up against your face. I’m going to ascend in many ways.

“…For now, it’s not something I can do on my own. Let’s talk about it later on the golem communicator.”

“So what happened?”

“You remember that weapon I used to use at the ruins, right?”

“Oh, you mean that awesome thing? Of course I do.”

“When I enhanced it, it became more powerful and could fire indefinitely without running out of ammunition or malfunctioning.”

“…Is that bad?”

“It’s really bad.”

“Are those all the weapons you just showed us?”

“All of them.”

“That’s… Yeah, it’s bad.”

Shumel and the others have seen the power of the firearms I use in our previous exploration of the Adol scriptures in the Great Omit Wilderness. At that time, I told them about the major disadvantages: ammunition consumption and malfunctions due to heating and wear of parts. The girls know how formidable a weapon it would be if that were eliminated.

“I don’t think you’ll be telling anyone else… but just to be clear, I’ll tell you it’s useless.”

“I won’t. How many of them would understand even if I explained it to them in the first place?”

“Oh, what was it? That fox beastman that was left standing in the fall might be able to understand it, right?”

“Oh, yes, there was one. Is he still alive? Huh?”

“He’s probably still alive. I think he would have been killed if it weren’t for his position.”

At that time, a rope would have hung around his neck, not his torso, and he’d have been stretched out.

“I still think I should seal this workbench… no, no.”

Apparently, it was like I was playing with restraint, and that guy would be frustrated that I wasn’t giving it my best shot. If I get him in a bad mood, I don’t know what he’s going to do. I think it’s better to do various things so as not to make him act strangely.

“He even found out about the golem…”

This is the biggest problem. To be honest, the Holy Kingdom and the northern countries are nothing but enemies to me. If I simply want to destroy them, all I have to do is put a magic sparkling stone bomb on a golem that moves with the same mechanism as an air board and assault the cities of the Holy Kingdom and blow them up one by one. If I can clear three or four cities, the Holy Kingdom will be on its knees, begging for our forgiveness. I don’t think I’d be willing to blow up tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent people for that, so I’m not going to do it unless there’s something to it.

“Hmm… it’s hard to imagine a peaceful world without strife.”

“You’ve suddenly started to sound very strange.”

“I think it’s because he almost died from your tits that he went crazy.”

“How is that possible?”

“Of course, if you started talking like that, people would be worried.”

“That’s right. I think it’s better to take a breath of fresh air and refresh yourself than to think about such a difficult thing.”

Bella then picks me up and walks away. Hmm… this overwhelming difference in size and physical strength. I am of average height for a man, and my physique is not so bad either, but Bella treats me like a child.

“Speaking of which, today is the day that a merchant from Mesotherium is coming to visit us. There might be something interesting in the canteen.”

“Yes, it would be nice to have something we haven’t had before, wouldn’t it?”

“Next time, let me carry you.”

So I walked around the base without taking a single step, being carried by the oni girls in their arms or on their shoulders. It was a nice change of pace. Yeah.


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8 thoughts on “Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 267

  1. Infinite Grenade Launcher with extra damage and auto repair?. Just this alone can win a war lol… He can just have 3 harpies carry him high enough and then just spam the Grenade Launcher down…. WIth him throwing 20 grenades per minute…. he can wipe out a small city in less than an hour


    1. He could still continue the ballistic sparkling stone then add +9 to it to end the whole holy kingdom in 1 hit~

      it’s like dropping a 50Mt of TSAR bomb on Quezon City~


  2. This kind of weapon is too dangerous to let loose in large numbers. Invent first some security measures that ensure it will stop working if stolen. Because that’s unavoidable with big enough numbers present. And even a single one lost is one too many, because I bet it will be used to assassinate him sooner or later.


  3. I wonder what’s the point of terrorist attacks on several cities with suicide bomb golems. Isn’t it better to send them to Holy Kingdom’s royal palace and the residence of the pope instead? Much better from the cost/effectiveness perspective and involves less innocent lives lost. At least it will ensure that some of the killed will be guilty of being unreasonably hostile.


    1. Apparently, there’s a ton of people that think bringing down a nation involves killing very single one of its people. They think it’s either you go psycho edgelord and kill everyone or like this MC, you don’t want to involve ‘innocents’ and thus letting your enemy grow. For them, there’s no other way – it’s like they conveniently forgotten or ignored that a nation’s stance is dictated by its leaders.


      1. It’s not as simple as that either: if he somehow miraculously kills off all the leaders in a short enough time so that the others can’t go into hiding, the void left would cause immense amounts of chaos.

        Others will fill that void, most likely some that would carry on the same path (because changing the common people’s views on things don’t happen overnight) or something worst.

        The god/admin wants the simplest solution: total destruction of the nation. He’s not wrong, especially from his perspective of godlike being.


  4. If the new leaders carry on with the legacy of their predecessors, they will perish too, and if they abandon it, they will survive and continue to steer the country somewhere else. Keep using this strategy of dealing with them and the message won’t be ignored any more without any mass genocide being directly caused by his hands. And any “immense amounts of chaos” due to future internal strife are not his responsibility, but of those competing for power in that chaos.


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