Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 324

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Chapter 324 – Return Report and Family Services


“So, did you get along with Aqua-aneesama?”

“I can’t say we’ve completely reconciled, but I think we’ve made progress, at least a step or two.”

The day after finishing the astronomical observation with Aquawill-san. After withdrawing from the collecting base, we returned smoothly to Merinesburg around noon that day and disbanded at the royal castle in Merinesburg. I went straight to the office where Sylphy was working and reported on my activities at the collecting base.

“A step or two, huh…?”

Melty, who had been wrestling with a stack of papers together with Sylphy, gave me a glare.

“There was no development of any kind that Melty had in mind. It was as if we had gone from being unapproachable to being able to communicate. I felt like I was dealing with a cat that was extremely cautious.”

“One Aqua-aneesama gets stubborn…”

Sylphy smiles bitterly. I looked at her with a cold stare.

“I don’t blame Sylphy and the others, in case you’re wondering, but wouldn’t it be better to have good communication with the family at least once? Frankly speaking, Aquawill-san seemed to be quite antagonistic toward the family, who seemed to be dominated by me early on and disrespected Ixwill-san.”

“Aqua-aneesama was especially fond of Father… so I think I will take the opportunity to discuss this with Mother and my sisters.”

“That would be good. It would be too sad now that you’ve finally gotten to spend time together as a family again, only to have things fall apart because of me.”

In fact, it’s strange that I’m so popular since I don’t even have the looks of a handsome man. The view of marriage or love in this world is very unique. Compared to Earth. I still can’t get used to it.

“Kosuke-san is a sinful man, isn’t he?”

“Eh… are you saying I’m a bad guy?”

“It’s not that you’re a bad guy. It’s just that you are a sinful man.”

Melty said that and giggled. What does that mean?

“By the way, have you gathered enough materials?”

“That part is all taken care of. As long as I can get the materials I need when I go to the site to clear the land, I should have no problem for a while. If necessary, I can procure them locally.”

“That’s good to hear. The conversation is progressing steadily. We will have them mobilized within a week at the earliest.”

“Roger that. Oh, and I got some more rough gemstones as a byproduct…”

“Kosuke is free to use it―ah, no, it would be a problem if it was scattered around too much, but anyway, Kosuke can use it. It is not healthy for a country to rely too much on Kosuke when it is already so dependent on him.”

Sylphy shook her head with a wry smile. Melty seemed to want to say something but seemed to not dare to disagree with Sylphy’s words. Well, the budget should be as good as you can get it, right? Sylphy is saying this, but I’ll talk to Melty about it secretly later.




After talking with Sylphy and the others, I checked on Ellen and Amalie-san, then visited the harpies’ mansion that I had newly built and played with the children―or rather, I was overrun and returned to the Research and Development Department in a state of rags and tatters. This is what happens when you choose family service before work!

“Kosuke, you look tattered. Are you okay?”

“Shouldn’t you take it easy and get some rest?”

“I’m fine. No problem.”

As soon as I arrived, Isla and Iphrita were worried about me―Iphrita looked rather stunned―but I’m a strong lad, so I tried to be strong. Well, I just got excessive skinship from the kids. Nothing to be ashamed of.

“How’s the analysis going at the cathedral?”

“It’s reasonably well. But we still haven’t got the whole picture yet.”

“It’s a huge magical device of some sort. It is a type of device that functions only when the entire system is in place. It is doubtful that the people who are making it understand the extent to which they are doing so.”

“It’s unfortunate that analyzing only a part of the device is meaningless by itself. It will take a long time to analyze it, modify it, and miniaturize it.”

“I see…”

Where in the world did the craftsmen of the Holy Kingdom learn the art of building such a huge facility with such complex functions? The Holy Kingdom is a very strange place.

“Oh yes, I was thinking of visiting the merchants’ guild and the adventurers’ guild tomorrow.”

“Right. Then I will accompany you.”

“Mm… I’ll go too.”

As if in response to Iphrita’s natural declaration that she would accompany me, Isla also offered to go with me. I’ve been with Iphrita since the last time, so it was helpful, but Isla is… well, it’s okay.

“What are you going to do if you follow us? Well, it’s okay.”

It seems that Iphrita had almost the same impression as I did, but Isla didn’t care about that and gave me the eye. Isla has a big eye, so the pressure is strong.

“It is necessary to have an escort. Kosuke has a track record of being tricked and taken away.”

“I’m very sorry about that matter, yes.”

I can’t say anything about being kidnapped by Qubi, to be honest. It was a very unintentional move. I had no choice but to surrender to the topic.

“Ah, come to think of it, I heard something like that happened. Certainly, you need an escort. You don’t look very strong, after all.”

“Right. I’m just a powerless common folk, you know.”


Isla gave me an instant doubt, but I don’t think my own fighting ability is probably much of a factor. I think it would be easy for me to quickly approach and neutralize them before they could react. To be honest, I don’t think I can beat Melty, Ms. Zamir, Sir Leonard, Shumel, and others, and probably Sylphy, too, at least not at close range. If the distance is open, I might be able to manage it.

“But Isla is the escort…? No, I’m not complaining, okay?”

I hurriedly explained in my defense as Isla gave me a jittery look.

“If you don’t know anything about them, they probably don’t look as strong as they appear. Even so, the one-eyed People have small bodies and look powerless. But one-eyed mages are not inferior to elven archers, spirit warriors, and warriors of the oni or beastmen races―in fact, in some cases, they are even more feared.”

“I see. Well, Isla’s magic is amazing.”

I’ve only seen Isla fight a few times, but she was instantly unleashing powerful lightning strikes to reap the Gizma and the undead. Instantly unleashing instantaneous death-grade lightning strike magic, or so it might indeed be amazing if you think about it.

“A genius mage is always prepared. The thugs, adventurers, and assassins who try to get in Kosuke’s way are no better than goblins in my eyes.”

“Being targeted by an assassin is… I don’t remember anything like that.”

Since I am already active on a large scale, the Holy Kingdom is probably aware of the information about me. If there is anyone in the Holy Kingdom with a sane judgment, it is not surprising that they would consider kidnapping me or assassinating me.

“That sounds dangerous. You really should be more careful about your surroundings.”

“I think that’s true not only for me but for Iphrita and Isla as well.”

“I basically never leave the castle. As long as I’m here, I’m safe with Lime and the others.”

“Hmm. Safe.”

“We’ll take care of you?”

Isla nodded to Iphrita’s words, and a light blue, glistening object sprang up from somewhere and bounced around. Today’s Lime seems to be in the form of a light blue kuzumanjuu* about the size of a handful. [T/n: ball of bean paste covered with a kudzu starch glaze.]

“How is it really? Are there any assassins or spy-like things?”

“Hmm, no one these days, you know?”

“There was a lot in the first six months, though.”

“It’s a goodbye from darkness to darkness, you know-nodesu?”

“That’s scary.”

Not only Lime but also Beth and Poizo came out and began to reveal the dark side of the castle. It seems that all the suspicious people who trespassed into the castle were captured and killed by the slime girls who sprang up from somewhere.

“The Holy Kingdom is actually amazing for defeating a castle guarded by Lime and the others like this, isn’t it?”

“…Nothing great about it.”

“They were just cowardly and vile. There is nothing to praise.”

“I understand it somehow. Let’s not talk about it.”

I saw the fire of hatred light up in Iphrita’s eyes, and Isla’s eye stagnate in darkness, and I understood. Lime and the others are not allowed to leave the castle by contract. Perhaps the Holy Kingdom has committed atrocities beyond the reach of Lime and the others. I think someone once said something about using people as shields.

“Well, tomorrow, we will move in that direction. Also, I’ve got a lot of materials from the latest digging, so I’ll make them available to the Research and Development Department.”

“Hmm, that’s great.”

“…Whew. It is really a luxury to be able to do research with such an abundance of magical metals and gems.”

“Kosuke, did you bring any souvenirs?”

“Oh, yes, yes. Souvenirs. Yes, I do.”

The mithril and gemstones, as well as monster materials, monster cores, and monster corpses themselves that were acquired on the collecting trip, were taken out of the inventory and given to Isla and the others.

They usually act like they don’t particularly care, but I guess they have deep-seated ill feelings toward the Holy Kingdom. An irreconcilable enemy, huh? In a world where many species have a longer lifespan than humans, it seems that a period of about 20 years is not enough time for the resentment to fade away. In that sense, I am an outsider in both good and bad ways, as I do not share the same grudge against the Holy Kingdom with Iphrita and Isla.

“I don’t know what to do…”


“Yeah? Ah, I’m talking to myself.


Isla tilted her head at my answer. There’s nothing I can do about this one by consulting with them. Well, I guess we’ll just have to be patient with this problem. I don’t want to say to the wise that revenge is pointless. The question is, where do we find the solution?


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5 thoughts on “Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 324

  1. “It’s not that you’re a bad guy. It’s just that you are a sinful man.”

    Melty said that and giggled. What does that mean?

    I take that as Kosuke never reading any reverse-harem shoujo manga or such otome game in his previous life. They are full of heroines saying “you shouldn’t fight over me”.


  2. “I don’t want to say to the wise that revenge is pointless. The question is, where do we find the solution?”

    Removing the target of revenge is one of possible solutions. Make the political system or/and economy of Holy Kingdom fall, and problem solved. He should have enough knowledge from Earth how that can be done without dirtying his hands directly.


  3. The fastest way would be mass-production of magical tools with sole function of safely removing/destroying slave collars, usable by any person without specialized training nor pre-existing ability. Just imagine the rest.


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