Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 7 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – 2 Months and Discovery


After the monsters have retreated, we leave to resume our exploration toward the center of the Demon Forest. The search proceeds cautiously, but the monsters’ trigger switches on several times, and the team is forced to wait in the Hideaway.

“Hmm, I have no idea what causes the monsters to switch on.”

Surrounded by a large army of monsters, we discussed the situation inside the Hideaway.

“Yes, whether or not we defeat the monsters of the Demon Forest; on the contrary, they attack us even though they are not even visible. Has anyone else noticed anything?”

All the girls shake their heads at Alessia-san’s question. No clue, huh?

“I know that if we don’t show ourselves to the monsters, the situation will settle down in three or four days, but it’s taking too long. Should we switch to exterminating the monsters?”

“Dorothea is right; it would be quicker in the end if we destroy them…”

“Wait a minute, it’s honestly not something we should be thinking about, but we do have a problem.”

What’s the problem? What kind of problems will occur when the monsters are gone? …I can’t think of a problem that Ilma-san says, even after thinking about it.

“What is the problem, Ilma-san?”

After some hesitation, Ilma-san answered my question.

“Yes, I’m sorry to the beastmen of this country, but if we defeat too many monsters in the Demon Forest and the pioneering of the Kingdom of Jerah succeeds, the country of human supremacy will gain power, right? It doesn’t make me happy to think of the beastmen as a whole.”

Ilma-san said her opinion with difficulty but clearly.

“Ah, I see. If this country can afford it, there is a possibility that it will make a move on other countries, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, and the beastmen will be used for those deals. This country is on good terms with the empire, and it would be even more troublesome if they started helping the empire that is being pushed into a corner.”

I see, so the trouble is connected to this place too… Hmm, to be honest, I don’t think it’s any of my business, but if the empire gets stronger, they might try to get in touch with me as well. There is no problem except that it takes time, so I’ll take my time.

“Then I’d rather take my time than work hard for human supremacy. Shall we proceed slowly?”

We decided to stop exterminating the monsters and proceed slowly because it would be troublesome if the empire regained its power.

We resumed our exploration and proceeded toward the center of the Demon Forest. I found out that it is difficult for the monsters to switch on as long as we keep our presence off and carefully avoid them as much as possible, but it seems that this is not the only reason, and although the exploration time has increased, we are still surrounded by many monsters and have to take shelter on the Hideaway.

Now that I think about it, let’s say we find the dark elves, and they accept the migration… how do we get them out of the Demon Forest?

If they live in the Demon Forest, maybe they know the conditions under which the monsters can be switched on. If they don’t know, I’d have to reveal the ship summoning to get out of there, which I can’t do…

Hmm, basically, it seems that the dark elves are in the danger zone, but could it be that no matter where you go, you can’t escape without the ship summoning? I don’t know. I guess we’ll just have to go there and see what happens.

I haven’t told the people on the dark elf island just to be on the safe side, but the risk of information leaking out is small, and if we can find them, it will depend on the situation at that time.

After about two months of repeatedly going through the Demon Forest and retreating back to the Hideaway, we arrived at a large lake.


The beautiful sight in front of us left everyone speechless.


“It’s beautiful.”


We just stared at the lake, and Alessia-san’s words brought us back to our senses. Well, I was so surprised to find such a mysterious place in the middle of the Demon Forest that I couldn’t help but admire it.

Was it like Lake Moraine in Canada that I saw on TV? The bright turquoise-blue color of the lake, similar to the one I saw on TV, shimmered in the sunlight.

I thought I remembered Lake Moraine had something to do with melting snow, but there’s no snow in the Demon Forest… Is it something otherworldly? I’m having trouble believing that all of this can be put in those terms.

“It’s a beautiful lake, but it’s in the Demon Forest. For now, I’ll summon the Lutto to the lake so we can take a break.”

I feel like it’s kind of punitive to float a ship on a beautiful lake, but… in the end, we’re going to explore by ship, so it’s a little late for that now, right? I summon the Lutto and enter the living room.

“Fufu, how could such a beautiful lake be found in a place feared as the Demon Forest? This is why I can’t quit being an adventurer.”

“Yes, we have been to many places and seen many beautiful landscapes, but this place stands out from the rest.”

The other girls joined in with Alessia-san and Dorothea-san’s words and chatted about the beauty of the scenery.

I was impressed, too. I have traveled to places in Japan that are said to have spectacular views, but I had seen them on the Internet or in guidebooks beforehand. Seeing a beautiful view after having done my homework and seeing a beautiful scene without knowing anything about it are two different impressions.

I went out on the deck and drank a cup of tea while looking at the view. It’s a wonderful sight, but I feel too uncomfortable and sad about myself drinking tea while watching the scenery on a ship on a beautiful lake.

“Rimu, it’s beautiful, isn’t it?”


On the edge of the Lutto, Rimu observes the scenery with few words. …Is it just me, or does it seem awesome to have slime to admire the scenery?

Oh, Fuu-chan comes up to me and sits on top of Rimu. …I want to take a picture. Hmm? The color is a little different and shimmering, but if Dorothea-san can tame a pink slime, we’ll have a tri-colored dumpling… It’s starting to look tasty.

Pink slime, huh…? It would be nice.

“Wataru-san, shouldn’t we go around the lake soon?”

“Yes, I think so. Let’s go around in a circle.”

I went up to the flying bridge at Alessia-sana’s request. …After thinking for a while, I went downstairs.

“What’s wrong, Wataru-san?”

“I saw from the top that there were many places that looked shallow, so I think it would be better to go by a Japanese boat.”

“Oh, yes, it is a lake, so there are shallow places.”

Alessia-san looked at me as if she was impressed. No, I just saw that it looked shallow, so I decided to go with a Japanese-style boat. I don’t know why she is impressed.

I summon a Japanese-style boat and repatriate the Lutto.

“Then we’ll go.”

The Japanese-style boat is going on a beautiful lake. Hmm, there are quite a few big fish in the clear lake. I have heard that clear water has no nutrients… but there are some swimming around that’s about 1 meter deep. They don’t attack us, but I wonder if those fish are monsters?

After running the boat for a while and going around the lake, I saw a big rock sticking out in the distance. It looks so big even from this distance.

“Would you like to go to that rock, everyone?”

“Yes, let’s go there.”

“Wataru-san, Alessia, we should approach it with caution. I can see artifacts around it.”

Hmm? Artifacts? Marina-san’s words made me look around the rock… I can’t see anything at all. But if it’s man-made, there must be people there if they haven’t been wiped out. It would be bad if we startled them, so let’s approach carefully.

“I understand. I will approach slowly.”

There is still some distance between us, but we proceed at a reduced speed. It could be beastmen, but I hope it’s the dark elves. Is it possible it could be an elf…? If possible, I would like it to be a dark elf. The forest exploration is just as unsuitable for me.

After some progress, there are rafts lined up around a huge rock and a wooden house built on top of it. …I wonder if they live on the lake for protection against monsters.

As we approached more slowly and at a reduced speed, we saw a dark elf holding a bow toward us. …I’m very happy to discover a dark elf, but I’m not sure if it’s in an attack posture… well, they’re hiding because they’re being targeted, and when someone approaches them, they’re going to be on their guard.

“Wataru-san, good for you; it’s a dark elf. They’re very wary, though.”

“Yes, I’m glad. It would have been better if they weren’t so alert.”

“That’s impossible. We are very suspicious, after all.”

Well, Alessia-san is right. If Girasole came to me… I’d suspect it to be a beauty pageant. Yeah, we have to start by relaxing their guard.

“I’ll probably have Felicia do her best to convince her, so please do.”

“Yes, Master. I’ll do my best.”

She’s really going for it, isn’t she? Well, it’s what Felicia wants, of course.


For the time being, we follow the instructions and stop the boat. We need to get them to lower their guard, but will it work?

“How did you get here? How do you know this place?”

A great sense of rejection. There is no point in lying, so we’ll just tell the truth.

“Oh, we came here with my skills. I didn’t know about this place, but we came here looking for the dark elves.”

“Are you trying to enslave us?”

I knew it.

“Oh, I’m not thinking of capturing you guys and making you my slaves. Do you mind if we come a little closer to you since the shouting is getting a little loud?”


I knew it was no good. …It’s hard to talk like this, but I’ll do my best.

“Um, we’re here to encourage you to relocate. If you feel comfortable in this forest and have no intention of moving here, then we will leave quietly.”

“Relocation? Did the world change while we were holed up here? Are there no more slaves, and the race supremacists are extinct?”

Wow, that is a tone of voice that doesn’t have a shred of that in it. I feel like a bow and arrow is going to come flying at me if I say that.

“No, there are slaves, and the race supremacists are still in existence.”

“Nonsense. Why would I go out of my way from this forest to be targeted?”

“Well, I understand what you are saying very well, but it is true that I have a lot of relocation options. I have a dark elf slave. I came here under contract with her. Will you at least listen to what she has to say?”

(Wataru-san, if you say something about a dark elf slave, they will get angry. What are you going to do?)

Alessia-san, please don’t look at me as if I am an idiot because it will hurt me.

(I know they will be angry, but which do you think is better, Alessia-san, that they find out there is a dark elf slave after we tried our best to put them off their guard?)

(Well, I guess it would be better if we told them first?)

(That’s what I meant.)

“You expect us to believe the words of a man with a dark elf slave?”

His voice is so calm. People who get angry in silence are stiff and scary, aren’t they?

“I see your point, though. But I don’t think there’s a problem because it’s a legitimate slave contract through the God of Commerce, not an illegal slave contract. You may have the contract checked at your place.”

“…Do you think there is any way to confirm the contract in a place like this?”

“Oh, there isn’t, huh…?”

Well, I had considered the possibility that there might not be since they live in hiding, but it would have been easier to talk to them if there had been. Come to think of it; I don’t know the fundamental thing. How can I tell the difference between a legitimate slave and an illegal slave?

“Felicia, after all this time, can you distinguish between a legitimate slave and an illegal slave?”

“Yes, it is possible. Those who were forced to become slaves by magic are bound by their will and actions, so it is obvious at a glance.”

“I see. Thank you.”

Good, there is no need to prove that she is a legitimate slave, is there? I’ve never seen an illegal slave, but that’s what’s supposed to happen.

“Well, I can’t prove the contract, but since it’s a legitimate slave, would you at least listen to what I have to say?”

“Do you think we’d be happy about our people being enslaved, legitimate or illegitimate? Are you saying that the dark elf over there is being enslaved because she wants to be?”

“Well, that’s an understandable reaction. She, too, had no choice but to become a slave. But she took a chance nonetheless. Do you guys have a future here?”

I think it’s cool that she took a chance, even though it’s a bit awkward. Well, that chance is me. I feel embarrassed.


They’re silent. Well, there are only a few houses, and they live in the Demon Forest, so I guess they don’t have an easy life.

“If you just listen to me for now, I’ll leave the decision up to you. Of course, we won’t force you to do anything just because you refuse, and we’ll keep this place a secret. What do you think?”

“…I’ll listen to you if it’s just that dark elf of yours. But when I come to pick her up, you will order her not to lie, to reveal everything, and not to harm us.”

…Reveal everything? Order her not to lie? They’ll always ask about me, too. I can’t reveal everything. I don’t want them to ask about the otherworlder or unique skills, and I’d be too embarrassed if they asked about my sex life.

“What about you, Felicia? It might be dangerous. What if they take you hostage?”

“Don’t worry. I will definitely persuade them, so please let me go.”

“Hmm, all right. But don’t do anything reckless.”


Felicia, you’re really determined. I hope it’s not a fruitless effort.

“Oh, I can’t do all of that. I have my secrets, too, and there are some things I don’t like to be told. The only thing I can offer you is why you should relocate. As for not harming you, I can give the order that as long as you don’t turn against us, you won’t be harmed. The rest is up to Felicia, the dark elf slave, and I’m ordering her to use her own judgment.”

“…I understand. I’ll listen to what she has to say for now. I’m going to pick her up now, but don’t behave suspiciously.”

“I understand.”

The other dark elf comes to pick her up in a small boat. They were very alert and demanded that I give the order, so I gave Felicia the order that had just been told earlier. Felicia moves to the small boat and is taken to the raft. I’m a little worried.


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