Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – This Healer Is Useless

On that day i was on a crowded train in the morning, just playing games as usual. Students staring at a smartphone and sleepy office worker in my surrounding.

Yes, its a daily life that doesn’t change. Or so it should’ve been.

「……Where is this?」

It would be unavoidable to have scorned unconsciously.

Because i was on a crowded train before, and now i’m sitting on a cold cobblestone.

Buzzing noise comes to my ear. When I looked up raised my face to the voice in my surrounding, it looked like a game.

A soldier dressed in an armor stands next to a red carpet. Besides them there is two knight who has a cloak appear behind them, just looking at me.

At the back of the red carpet, a thick fat man was sitting on the throne.

It’s like a King.

When i was tried to hold back my anxious, i heard a confused voice next to me.

「Wait, What’s going on?」

「Are you okay?」

「Yeah, Thank You……」

There were men and women about the same age as me. The man was using a plain clothes, but the girl is in a highschool student sailor suit.

Is it appropriate to think of it as a film location? Perhaps these two people might be know something, but they seem to be anxious from their expressions.

…… Same as me, seems they don’t understand aswell?

Then there is no choice but to ask to the suspicious people around. How should we start talking? When I tried to think so, it ended up being so hard.

The man sitting on the throne opened his mouth.

「Welcome, the Brave Heroes!!」


No way. — That can’t be possible right?, the words I had expected somewhere deep inside my heart were thrown. I just encountered a game template.

「I am the King of this Kingdom, Joseph Loa Piznutt. My Piznutt Kingdom currently troubled because we are really close to the Demon Continent where the Demonfolks live. That’s why please subjugate the Demon King for us, Brave Heroes..!」

「Please let me explain this all to you

The man who named himself the King has a lot of rings and ornaments, and it doesn’t seem he is in trouble like he said. I don’t have good feeling just by looking at him wearing that luxurious ornaments.

Next, the man who want to tell us the explanation was thin and looked really different than the King. However, i know that the clothes he used is a high-class goods. A white robe with a gold scepter. It’s like a magician.

Because there are demons, it is no wonder that there is magic.

First of all, can i ask for your name?」

「….It’s Sakurai

「My name is Takanashi

「I’m Watanabe

It was me, girl, and men in order. Because I only gave my last name, neither of them gave the first name.

Takanashi-san has a beautiful long black hair that stretches to her waist. The eyes are little light blue and very beautiful. She is little trembling, probably from the fear.

She is definitely younger than me because she is dressed in a light brown sailor suit.

Watanabe-kun has red-brown hair that has a little light pigment. It is easy to imagine that he is an honor student because he is neatly arranged.

Khaki jacket and black pants. Have a large tote bag, so probably he is a college student.

And me.

My name is Hiroki Sakurai.

On my way to university, I was involved in this mysterious phenomenon. I used a big T-shirt with rough three-quarter sleeves and black trousers.

It would be fortunate that i bring my backpack. My wallet is in my pocket, but I don’t think I can use Japanese yen anymore.

「So at last, our long awaited dream, we spent many years doing summon magic, and now we succeded to summon a group of Heroes…

To summarize the man’s story:

Next to where they live is the demon continent where the Demons live, they summoned heroes to subjugate the Demon King. We Heroes should be stronger than normal people, so we need to train ourself, become strong quickly and defeat the Demon King ☆

Is it stupid?

When I sighed a little, the two summoned together looked amazed. I am relieved that they aren’t a hot-blooded type who would symphatize with the King. I predict that there may be a future development.

There may be a concept like level because it means to be being strong. There are many things that can be considered, monsters, dungeons. However, what should I do in the present situation when I don’t know my aptitude?

Now, let’s check the strength of the heroes. Please bring out your status plate.」


The word of a thin man was like it was natural to know that. The man have noticed immediately. He continued and saying, This is this …

Did you know? [Status open] means you can see your status like this.」

When he said that, a window appeared in front of the man.

Names, levels, occupations and ability values ​​are displayed in numbers. It really looks like a game, but I laugh at it. If it is a game-like world, it should be easy for me as a gamer. Probably, surely.

…… [Status Open]」

When I cast the incantation, the two people next to me showed status in the same way.

Name: Hiroki Sakurai

Level: 1

Occupation: Priest

Attack: 1

Magic power: 1

Recovery: 100

Defensive: 1

Accuracy: 1

Evasion: 1

Skills: [Language Acquisition] [Heal] [Regeneration]

Status point: 50

…… It’s a fairly unbalanced status.

The language barrier is not noticed for the first time after i saw [Language Acquisition] skill on my skill list. I didn’t mind it because i was able to talk normally, but the other people in this world is certainly not speaking Japanese.

Then, skill [Heal], [Regeneration]. Both of them are quite usefull skill too. Even if there is something happen, it is good that you can take care of yourself.

Priest is a recovery job. In other words …

「I’m a Healer, huh…」

When I whispered it, I heard a cheer from the surroundings.

「Recovery job are rare, you see, there is an advanced job for healer called Priest.

And what so impressive about that is that you can heal any kind of injury, there are only few in the world.」

「Is that so…

I just said that i’m a Healer out of habit, but to think that Healer is the starting job before Priest in this world.

The man said there was no Priest in this Country. Although it seems to be in another Country, it’s still a rare job.

Alright, guess i’ll just say that my job is Healer for now.

「Ah, mine is Wizard.

「Oh…Wonderful!! That’s the advanced job for Magician.

「It’s said that my job is Hero in here though…

「Oh!! So Watanabe-sama is really the Hero!! Umumu, a well-balanced party.

Watanabe-kun, who was confused, was watching the status with anxiety.

I think the job with the most pressure is really pitiful, but I honestly think that he is the most suitable to become a Hero among us.

「Oh, one more thing, you can raise your status as you please by increasing your level, dont forget about that.

「Can raise as i please? Certainly, there are 50 status points. But which one should i raise?

There is status points? You may have it because you are a summoned hero. Normally, you can get points as the level goes up.」

Listening  to what Watanabe-kun said I checked my status window again.

Certainly, there is a status point notation at the bottom and it was 50.

To allocate, you must first confirm.

「Excuse me, what are average stat values here.

「Hmm, usually it’s around 20-30 in the primary stat on that person’s job, and if you can raise it to over 50 you’ll become so strong. And no one will object you if you call yourself as a first class master.

「50, huh…

Hearing that word, I’m sure that Priest is an advanced job. If the status is 50 and it’s already a first-class, how great is 100? Perhaps it’s safe to say that the Recovery stat wouldn’t increase any more … I want to verify it.

And suddenly, I remember my old wounds. It was an arm wound that occurred when I was in a traffic accident when I was child. Although it’s healed, the scars remain clear and painful. It bother me so much that i don’t even wear short sleeves tshirt in summer.

So it’s really perfect to testing out this skill.


I cast it in a quiet voice so no one can hear me.

The body was wrapped in warmth light and the old wounds disappeared. Isn’t it great that it’s not only can heal fresh injury but old wound aswell.

I decided that there was no need to raise Recovery status anymore than this.

But, in that case, how should i distribute these stat points.

The things that are usually demanded from a healer are.

First, dont die. Second, good positioning, and lastly great healing ability.

Everyone normally think that defensive power is what is necessary so that they won’t die easily. Even if you are attacked, you should be able to withstand a lot of damage. Well, everyone always thinking like that.

But that’s not interesting. Certainly defense power is important, but if you are attacked you will receive damage. If you use recovery magic on yourself, you will not be able to support other party.

Then what should I do?

The answer is simple.

You just need to avoid everything.

Then you can concentrate on helping others because you are not attacked. It may not be mainstream, but it is my theory that it is the ideal form as a healer.

So i used all my bonus points to Evasion stat.

Name: Hiroki Sakurai

Level: 1 

Occupation: Priest

Attack: 1

Magic power: 1

Recovery: 100

Defensive: 1

Accuracy: 1

Evasion: 51

Skills: [Language Acquisition] [Heal] [Regeneration]

Status point: 0

Have you finished distributing your points Sakurai-san?.」

Takanashi-san who was looking at the status window while wondering, asked me. She may be unfamiliar with these things and have trouble with what to do.

「Yes, i used them all on Evasion

「Evasion? Do you mean that Evasion??

That’s right.」

Wow, oh, oh !? Sakurai-sama, What did you say?? did you really use everything to Evasion?? Healer needed Recovery status!! Didnt you have the option to use it? Why didn’t you ask me before you did it!」


A slender man who was rather polite until now, scolding me in a tremendous form, i was want to tell him about it quickly. There is no problem about it, because there is 100 Point on Recovery status, but …

The King who sat on the throne until now stood up with a red face.

「You’re a precious healer, but you are a fool! Take him to the jail immediately!! This useless is not even worthy to be called a Hero.」

「Wait, King! Sakurai-san must have a reason to do something like that!」

「Don’t tell me what to do!!」

Watanabe-kun tried to help me, but he was overwhelmed by the King.

Thus, I was forced to enter jail after being marked to be an useless Healer.



TL Note:

Hello Everyone, i hope you can enjoy this series. And sorry for bad grammar or any unpleasant thing you can find on this novel translation 🙂

Well, this is my first project translation, but i will always try to bring a good work for you all





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  1. Thanks for the chapter, this king is a stupid and trash. Finally one novel where the summoned persons doesn’t bow to the king because of the history

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  2. WOW. I wasn’t expecting this when I started reading this! But damn, they’re like: “Evasion, what’s that? We need recovery!” and they just send him to jail… I mean it is an easy way out, so let the adventure begin!

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