Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! (WN)

NyX Translation

Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! (Web Novel)

Type     : Web Novel
Genre   : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Isekai, Romance
Author : Ryuto (リュート)
Artist    : Yappen (ヤッペン)


The next thing I knew I was somewhere that was clearly not Earth! Why! I don’t know why I’m here!

But I have to survive anyway. Even if I stay silent, I’ll be thirsty, I’ll be hungry, and I might run into some dangerous creatures.

Oh, I can use the craft menu!? Somehow if I can focus on it, the keyboarding works too! There was a time for me too when I thought I had won.

Some unknown creature to be encountered! A violent person who attacked me in my sleep! Sub-humans with a grudge against humans! Oh, yes, slave and protection, whatever you want to do. I will work hard, master.

This is a story about a main character who loves survival type PC games and suddenly wanders into another world and fights to survive with his ferocious but beautiful and cute master.

Alternative Name(s)

Capture a different world with the power of craft games!
Craft Game no Nouryoku de Isekai Kouryaku!!

Table of Contents

Survival In Another World Forest:

Chapter 1 – A Discovery In The Forest
Chapter 2 – I won (Flag)
Chapter 3 – First Blood
Chapter 4 – Sudden Violence!
Chapter 5 – The mob, the master, and I
Chapter 6 – Otherworldly Cooking!
Chapter 7 – The Spoils of War (Cursed)
Chapter 8 – My Master Is Carnivorous
Chapter 9 – Maiden, Collecting, And A Dangerous One
Chapter 10 – The Water In The River Is Cold (Serious Look)
Chapter 11 – Workbench & Achievements
Chapter 12 – Noisy Elders
Chapter 13 – Pseudo-Tofu
Chapter 14 – Master Is Cute
Chapter 15 – I Didn’t Want To Hear About That…
Chapter 16 – Children Are Cute, Not In A Weird Way
Chapter 17 – The Pressure of Their Gazes Is Unbearable
Chapter 18 – The Gizma Tasted Like Shrimp
Chapter 19 – Steel Making Fever Time
Chapter 20 – Is It The Beginning of Truth? (Laughs)
Chapter 21 – There’s No Doubt That He’s The Scariest of The Four Executives
Chapter 22 – Sylphy’s Unreasonable Violence Strikes The Squishy Dick Bastard!
Chapter 23 – The Pointy Elf Ears Are Cute
Chapter 24 – This Is A Basic Technique (Serious Face)
Chapter 25 – Piercing Glances And Shopping
Chapter 26 – Jealousy And Reflection
Chapter 28 –  ゜+。:.゜(゜д゜)゜.:。+゜
Chapter 29 – Flag
Chapter 30 – Everyone, grab your weapons! Let’s go!
Chapter 31 – Is this where the interesting human contest is held?
Chapter 32 – Pale Moon Sword
Chapter 33 – With Determination


Survival In The Wilderness Of Another World!:

Chapter 34 – To the Omit Great Wilderness
Chapter 35 – To Build Means To Dig A Hole
Chapter 36 – Fire In The Hole!
Chapter 37 – The Front Line Is The Testing Ground
Chapter 38 – Brown Elf And Revolver
Chapter 39 – What’s The Path Ahead?
Chapter 40 – Deciding Upon A Strategy
Chapter 41 – Conquering The Wilderness Again
Chapter 42 – Shumer’s Trap
Chapter 43 – Main Base Construction
Chapter 44 – Blueprint Function
Chapter 45 – 1:21
Chapter 46 – A Job That I Should Do
Chapter 47 – Report And Feedback
Chapter 48 – Black Goth Looked Good On Brown Elves (I Won’t Accept Objections)
Chapter 49 – Urgent News Came
Chapter 50 – Harpy-san Feathers Are Beautiful
Chapter 51 – Hello, Holy Kingdom Army-San. It’s the Harpy Bomber Corps
Chapter 52 – Each Role
Chapter 53 – In Search of Warmth
Chapter 54 – Hopping Around
Chapter 55 – As Fast As A Centaur (In Foot Speed)
Chapter 56 – Traps Are Most Exciting When They’re Installed
Chapter 57 – It’s Been A While Since I Had A Chance To Relax
Chapter 58 – The Flash of Light The Girls Saw
Chapter 59 – Their End And The God of Chaos
Chapter 60 – A Greater War Result Than I Expected