Striving For The Luxury Liner!! ~Get That Rich Isekai Life With A Ship Summoning Skill~ (WN)

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Striving For The Luxury Liner!! ~Get That Rich Isekai Life With A Ship Summoning Skill~ (WN)

Type     : Web Novel
Genre   : Action, Adventure, Isekai
Author : Tamutamu (たむたむ)
Artist    : 


After getting drunk and falling into the sea, when he woke up, he found himself in a meadow. He is chased by a rabbit with horns and wakes up to find that he has come to another world. The cheat that was randomly given to him was to summon a ship. This is a story about an ordinary protagonist who strives for a luxurious, rich, and harem life while remaining ordinary.

Alternative Name(s)

めざせ豪華客船!! ~船召喚スキルで異世界リッチライフを手に入れろ~
Mezase Gouka Kyakusen!!

Table of Contents

Chapter 0:

Part 1
Part 2

Volume 1: How To Make Good Use of the Rowboat!!

Prologue & Chapter 1 – Status Checks and Cheats?
Chapter 2 – Town And Adventurer’s Guild
Chapter 3 – Rabbit Hunting and Future Prospects
Chapter 4 – Ship Summoning Power and Reference Room
Chapter 5 – Magic Power and Next Goals
Chapter 6 – Daily Life Magic and Carpenter-san
Chapter 7 – Horned Rabbit Hunt and the Hut Completion
Chapter 8 – Lots of Horned Rabbit Requests and Hut Ship Completion and Rank Up
Chapter 9 – First Magic, New Inn, and Whole Roasted Horned Rabbit
Chapter 10 – A Month in Another World and God’s Complaints
Chapter 11 – Adventurer Party and Future Plans
Chapter 12 – Weapon Selection, Training, and First Time in the Forest
Chapter 13 – Goblins, Slimes, Tame Skills, and Preparing for the Travel
Chapter 14 – Quiet Talk: The Depression of the Creator God and the Dissatisfaction of the Gods
Chapter 15 – Quiet Talk: Wataru as Seen From the Perspective of the Town’s People


Volume 2: Making Easy Money With a Motorboat!

Chapter 1 – Departure And The First Time Boating On The Water
Chapter 2 – A Boring Boat Trip, a Piece of Advice, and the Southern City
Chapter 3 – Merchant Guild Membership and a Motorboat
Chapter 4 – Japanese-style Boat Capabilities and Island Job Descriptions
Chapter 5 – Shopping and Danger
Chapter 6 – Party of Beauties and Island Life
Chapter 7 – Island Life and Two Escorts
Chapter 8 – Haulage and Raft
Chapter 9 – Tent Rafts and Saber Tiger