Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Escape From the Royal Castle

The story was over and I decided to leave the castle.

The two decided to stay here and will be dealing with the King somehow. It is said that my morale has changed now, and nothing happens if something happens.

「I don’t know where to go.」

Go through the large gate connecting the castle and the city and look out over the city.

You can see that dusk illuminates the city and that the night is coming soon. I have to find an inn early, but unfortunately I don’t have the money.

But it’s not like I don’t have anything.

There was something I had when I was summoned.

A rucksack that Ren got back when i was taken away in jail. Smartphones and charger, but it will soon to be out of battery and will become useless.

Speaking of what i can use, there are three chocolates in small package. And it might become money if i sell it. 

Ren gave me ballpoint pen and a small notebook. From Ruri, I got a small hand mirror and a beautiful pink handkerchief.

The goal for now is to change this to money so that i can live for the time being.

「First of all, information collection, yes, that’s it

As soon as i enter the city, i can see the standard of living in this world.

The building is mainly made of wood and brick, and somewhere I feel uneasy about earthquake resistance. The road is paved but not flat. There is a carriage on the main street, so it is obvious that it is like in the Middle Ages.

Some people who walk with sword and bow, probably they are Adventurers judging from the appearance.

This world really like a game.

「As expected Magician or Healer wearing clothes like a robe too.」

Nonetheless, I’m completely avoiding it, so I prefer clothes that are more mobile than robes. Is it only me that the magician doesn’t need to wear a robe? i need agility though.

Well, there may be some kind of amplification effect.


The town seems to be a town where the noble lives on the left and right sides of the royal castle. The size of the house is large, and there is no inferiority to say it a mansion. On the contrary, the southern side seems to be an area where common people live. There are many markets and stalls.

First of all, I have to sell this chocolate.

Need to be consumed early. I don’t think there is a refrigerator, so it can melt.

…… But does anyone want to buy this chocolate? and also there is only three. Because it cannot be sell continuously, there will not be much profit on the buyer side.

「Oh, Yes!」

Maybe i can use it like that.

I look at the food sold in the market and decide how to use chocolate. At the end, i’ll use it for information gathering.

Suddenly, I notice that the people passing by are glancing at me.

You can see that strangers are rare in a small village. But this is a big city, and the capital city. There are many people living here, there is no reason for them to care about me.

「Oh, right, maybe because of this!

My clothes is unusual.

Considering the level of clothes in this world, it falls into a fine category. If i can get money, i should buy clothes from this world as soon as possible.

I walked down the main street and looked for the building I wanted.

It’s a place where Adventurers can get a job. In games and manga, it is often called a guild, but what about in this world?

And unfortunately, I notice that.

I can’t read the characters!!

I wondered if there is a sign for the guild, but I didn’t understand the letters. There is no problem with speaking, but it’s very disappointing if I can’t read any text.

Only the status plate can be read because this is for my own information and also it was written in Japanese.

「Ah, shit!」

When I held my head and sighed, I heard a cute voice saying 「What’s wrong?」 

There is a girl who seemed to be in her early teens. A cute light blue bob hair with little twintail in the both sides. Orange eyes and stared at me strangely.

「Oh, uh. I want to go to the guild, but I don’t know where it is.

「…Are you lost?」


To think that i would be treated as a lost child by a young girl.

「I’m actually lost too because i get separated from Freutz and Dia.

Guess we are the same then.」

Ah, she is the same with me….

If you look closely at the girl, you will notice that she is wearing a robe instead normal clothes.

Does it mean?

「Are you a Magician?」


「I see」

I don’t know who Freutz and Dia are, but I’m sure he’s the same adventurer with this young girl.

…… But the balance between the two Swordsman and Magician’s party is bad. No, said that Healers are rare, so it might be a common structure here.

「By the way」


「Did you fighting to earn money?」

「Yes, you know, we fought against slime earlier! Since we have completed the quest, we are heading for the adventurer guild, but …

I see, an adventurer’s guild?

If you’re going to go there, I’d love to go with you. But this young girl doesn’t seem to know where the adventurer’s guild is. After all, there is no choice but to search on foot.

「I was looking for an adventurer’s guild, so would you go with me? Maybe two of my friends might be there.

「Yes, i’d be glad then」


Even though she is a young girl, it is nice to get to know people in this world.

For the time being, I was thinking of the adventurer’s guild. I heard a call called, 「Tina ~!」 And the girl’s face become shone brightly.

「Are they your friends?」

「Yeah! Freutz and Dia~!」

The two man came to us.

「Thank Goodness, I was worried because you was gone. Tina!…and he is?

「Oh, nice to meet you, i’m Hiroki. I was looking for the adventurer’s guild.

「Oh, I see. Let ’s go together then. I’m Freutz, an adventurer.

「I’m Dia」

The man named Freutz is probably in his early 30s. Dark brown hair and orange eyes. A smile that smiles from the heart makes me feel good.

And another man named Dia was a man in his mid-teens. Red hair and a cheerful guy with green eyes.

Speaking of which, I realize that I didn’t introduce myself to the girl and didn’t ask her name.

「I’m sorry i didn’t introduce myself, I’m Hiroki. Is it okay if i call you Tina-chan?

「Yes, please.

「Ah, thank you」

Because the hand was offered, we also shook hands.

「Why haven’t you introduced yourself earlier Tina?

「I forgot Freutz-san, hehe, then let’s go to the adventurer’s guild.

「Oh, that was right.

Freutz-san starts walking. Dia-kun walked beside Tina-chan worrying while saying 「Are you OK?」

I want you to stop saying things like I did something to Tina-chan.

I decided to walk side by side next to Freutz-san who walked in front.

Then he look at me strangely.

「You wear a weird clothes, Hiroki」

「Oh, it ’s my hometown clothes. Actually i want to buy clothes that are easy to move, but I don’t have money.

「I see, so that’s why you wanted to go to the adventurer’s guild. If you want money right away, that’s the good place.

After all, in adventurer’s guild we seems to be able to get instant money by working. If you work normally, it will surely be a monthly salary, so it is helpful to make money immediately.

「Then, what is your occupation?」

「Ah, i’m a Healer」

Seriously! If you are a Healer, it’s a rare job. But it’s tough to fight with yourself, you must join a party.

「I’m considering it. Is it unusual for a Healer to be solo?

Well, i know it already.

Because Healer doesn’t have attack power.

「Since you dont have attack power, please stop.


「It ’s going to be terrible. Solo Healer Is rare, it’s not possible because Healer doesn’t have offensive power.

「Oh, That’s so….

I’m sure there is no doubt if i can make money in a safe place if solo. But then there’s nothing interesting about the adventure, so in my case it’s a not good.

After all, there is no choice but to find people with firepower job and form a party.

While thinking about that, I arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild.





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