Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Secret Meeting With Ruri


Messages from the adventurer’s guild. It was a meeting day.

「Are you not eating Hiroki-san?
「I have a little business today
「Is that so……

Tina who wanted to go to the dining room called me after she left her luggage in her room. Next to her is Dia and Freutz, who wanted to go with her too.

「What’s this, a plan with a woman?

Freutz looked at me, grinning. Because who I want to meet is Ruri, there’s no mistaking that she is a woman, but this isn’t a meeting like that.

「It’s not like that
「Is that so ?? You look like you’re hiding something. Haha, looks like you’re popular too Hiroki

Popular? What joke is that you thrown out. Unfortunately, I’m not going to meet a girlfriend.
Whatever it is, a gentle and handsome man like Ren is an example of a popular man.
No matter in any world.

「Freutz-san, don’t bother Hiroki-san too much
「It’s okay, just a little bit

Freutz is in good spirits and is asking for an ale, it seems he is still not satisfied.
If I’m stuck here, I would be late, I immediately headed to the meeting place.


◆ ◆ ◆


The Plum tavern is a two-story wooden building. The appearance with a taste of wood and a long history, is a good impression.
As soon as you open the door and go inside, you will hear the lively voices of the adventurers. Drinking ale while eating, laughing out loud happily.

「Welcome! Are you alone?
「No, I have an appointment with someone
「Is that the young lady?

When I told that to the waiter who greeted me, she showed me to the inside of the tavern.
Looking at it, a woman wearing a dress robe looks back. Ruri. I raise my hand lightly and headed to table where she was.

「Have you been waiting long?
「I just came too, so it’s okay
「I see

Even though she wearing the same dress as when in the castle, i just thought that, her appearance is not much different from that of an adventurer. No, it’s just the grade of equipment is slightly above.
The dress robe, which is based on deep purple, has a calm pink color as the first color of the gorgeous lace. The legs look longer due to the high waist and the knee-length fishtail skirt is elegant.

Oh right, I also have to finish my evasion equipment right away.

We ordered food and drinks from the waiters and chat for a while.
At first glance, there is no particular problem. I’m relieved that, but I can’t rest assured that’s all Ruri wants to say.
What happened …?

「Is Hiroki alright? I’m a little worried, especially with your financial problems
「For now, I have collected herbs in the dungeon, so I can stayed at the inn.
「I’m glad to hear that
「What about there?」

When I asked about it, the appearance that previously showed a relieved expression, suddenly the eyebrows go down. After a little silence, she began to say 「Actually …」.

「Ren and I were immediately told by the king to go to the dungeon and raise the level. Fortunately, there is no problem because our initial abilities are far higher than the resident of this world …」
「Oh, that’s right. when i was level 1 too, I’ve raised my status to evasion, so I can go anywhere.

I reaffirmed their high ability, but the problem was elsewhere.

「Defeating the monsters in the dungeon was easy …. But Ren and i had no knowledge of this world.

That’s also my concern.
I haven’t run into a big problem yet, but it was probably because I went to a low level dungeon.
Ruri said that dangerous dungeon monsters were not only strong.

「Most of the monsters that attack use skills that create abnormal conditions
「Oh, I was also attacked by a slime with paralysis skill.
「Hiroki too? That’s very serious. Basically, it was defeated before being attacked, and there was no problem because we bring a potion to recover abnormal condition.
「Seems like potion is really useful

I can cure injuries, but i don’t have skills to recover from abnormal conditions. When I went to the tool shop with Tina, I bought a little status potion so I have it too now.

「We lamented the lack of knowledge in the place called [Wailing Volcanic Dungeon]. I was fighting and defeating the boss at the bottom, but the monster is a snake and put a strong curse on Ren when he stabbed it with his sword.

「Ren !? Is he okay …?

Ruri shook his head with no power to my question.

「I used a potion, but the curse didn’t disappear. It seems that the King is looking for a way to remove the curse, but when will it be…
「Damn, you can’t count on that King.

I think it’s faster to find a way to remove the curse with ourself.
In fact, Ruri and Ren seemed to check the books in the library and ask people who are studying about it. However, it is said that no useful information has been collected so far.

「What is the effect of the curse?
「It’s a snake-like curse. There’s a trace like a snake crawling like wrapping around Ren body. Now it’s still a little bit, but if it turns around the whole body, it will be tightened and dangerous … It’s a curse like that.

I don’t know how to remove the curse, but I can only find a description of the curse.
It seems that there is still a grace period of several months until the snake’s crawling marks turn around the whole body. Ren himself is sometimes felt pain and suffering, but he is able to live as usual. I am little relieved on that.

I have to manage the curse before we can go back to Japan …

「I’ll also need to find a solution for the curse. If Ruri and others are looking into the library, I might ask guilds and adventurers.
「Thank you, Hiroki. Absolutely, I won’t let Ren die. Three of us will return to Japan.
「… That’s right

Ruri tightly grasped his fist, and made a bitter expression.

「Ruri and Ren, Isn’t it a bad idea to be under the King?
「It ’s okay. For the time being, we’ll raising the level first. If something happens, I want a level that can compete with people in this country
「… Ruri, What is your level now?
「【Status Open】

Name: Ruri Takanashi
Level: 16
Occupation: Wizard
Attack: 1
Defense: 60
Accuracy: 1
Intelligence: 118
Recovery: 1
Avoidance: 1
Skills: [Language Acquisition]・[Magic Attack Power Increasement] (Passive)[Magic Power Recovery Increasement] (Passive)[Fire][Water][Wind][Earth][Search]

「Wow, you’re already so strong! Even though I’m still level 3
「I’m hunting with Ren and other two people. I’ve been in the library for the last few days, so it hasn’t risen. Hiroki should just raise it.
「Yes, I’ll do my best from now on!

Ruri followed my words with 「All right」While twisting her black hair with her finger.

「Oh yeah, what is that [Search] skill…..
「I can know where people or monsters are. Hence i can go out while checking the guard’s position.
「I see, it’s a pretty good skill
「I know right

If someone at the party has the skill of searching, you can count on them. Because she live in the royal castle, it’s safe because Ruri has it. Even if there is something dangerous, it will be easier to escape.
The level has also risen, I can tell that she can do it without problems, especially with the new [Search] skill.

「Is it okay, we meet and chat like this–
「Hey, isn’t it better for you to drink and have fun with us beautiful nee-chan
「With us too!」

Two guys called out, blocking my word.
He is a big adventurer with a sword on his waist. I immediately realized that his face is red and he was drunk. Apparently, Ruri is so beautiful that he was looked at her.

「Sorry, we already want to go
「Don’t say that, Isn’t it no good?

I stood up and stand between Ruri and the man.
He yelled at me, but I couldn’t let him approach Ruri. Ruri looks like an adult, but she is a third-year high school girl. If she is approached by a big and unknown man, she’ll be scared.
Before leaving the royal palace, I was sure that Ruri would be fine if together with Ren.

「What is it? You want to monopolized a cute girl?
「No no no
「Let’s drink a cup ~
「No, no, no, no

It’s annoying to get involved with such a guy.
I will refuse slowly, but the man still insisted. As a result of continually refusing words, the man become irritated and lifted his fist to hit me.


I know right?

「What, what did you do
「Since fighting causes trouble for the store, you should stop it.
「What? You damn shit!!」

I try to stop him, I don’t understand drunk men. Is it so troublesome when a rough adventurer gets drunk and picks up a fight. No, they’re a nasty man even if they’re not drunk.
Now, what should I do … When I was thinking so, Ruri who was sitting rose from the seat.

「Oh, did you feel like drinking with me now?
「Hiroki, let’s go home
「Eh, yeah …

When I thought about what to do, I passed through the men!
She thought i was scared, so that’s why she asked me to go. I was surprised how cool she was, I can only affirm it.

Of course, the men still insisted.

「Hey, hey, Ojou-chan. Isn’t that terrible?
「Did you think we will get scared?

I’m staring at the two offensive men, but I heard a little laughter that didn’t suit me.

「Oh, sorry

It was Ruri who laughed.

「I’m sorry, I’m not scared at all, that’s why i just laughed, unintentionally…

-I feel disturbed for a moment, but i’m sure it’s because of that.
Ruri takes the money out of the wallet and puts it on the desk. Oh, I thought I was late, but I can’t account for it in this situation.

「Let’s go
「Oh, un

With an elegant gait, Ruri passed in front of the men, so I followed.
As the men are chasing, this is not good. But before I do it, Ruri used her skills lightly.


The skill was cast in a quiet voice, but the power was tremendous.
Grasping the hands of the two men to the ground and seal their movement. and the wind skills that continued to continuously cut through the man. What’s more, it only damages their equipment instead of their skin.

「… Well, wow

It was not only the equipment that was destroyed, but also their underwear.
Of course, I don’t want to see such messy things, so I look away from the men and look at the store’s doorway before all the clothes fall off.
Ruri is already going through the tavern door.

「Ruri, are you okay?
「I’m fine, thank you for protecting me, Hiroki
「Ah, no no. It’s okay

Can it be said that i really protected her?
After all, Ruri has defeated the men, so I haven’t helped at all.

「Ah, I haven’t paid mine yet」
「It’s okay, because I left the money to pay yours too
「Oh, okay」

I’m like a man who has no face.
Even if I tried to give him money directly, Ruri refused it. Well, I can see clearly that her income and level are overwhelming than me.

「Let’s go find a delicious restaurant」

After that, we walked a little while exposed to the night wind and parted afterwards.
I thought she was just an ordinary young girl, but maybe it could be she was the strongest of the three of us who were summoned.




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  1. Thanks for chapter.

    In previous chapter, Hiroki has in status:
    Name, Level, Occupation, Attack, Magic power, Recovery, Defensive, Accuracy, Evasion, Skills and Status Point.
    In this chapter, Ruri has Name, Level, Occupation, Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Intelligence, Recovery, Avoidance and Skills.

    I’d like you to confirm…
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    3) Defensive and Defensive is same.
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    Points 2 and 4 are most confusing fo me.


    1. Oh, I have a mistake in point 3), it should be defensive and defense.

      But here’s another thought.
      5) Ruri is at level 16, if there is 1 status point for 1 level, then he has 16 points.
      If she had 100 intelligence points at the beginning, plus 50 points to choose from, Defense 60 and Intelligence 118 don’t seem to be right.

      The only thing I could explain in my opinion is that:
      a) did not have the same number of starting points,
      b) these points are increased in other ways than by means of status points
      c) status points are obtained in other ways than by means of levels (for example by adding skills)
      d) the number of status points per level is not always the same


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