Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Wounded Girl


「All right, the level is gradually rising and we’ll go to the next floor.」


「Today we will fight together, so Dia we need to cooperate」



Talking about strategies in the Dungeon has become a daily routine.
Freutz, who was always watching, seems to participate in the fight today. I thought it was unusual, but It seems he wanted to teach the sword art and the surroundings to dia by practice apparently.


Walk from the city to the 【Stone Dungeon】. Even before we entered, my role as a support has begun.



「All right, you’re ready? Let’s go to 5th floor right away.」


「I’ll do my best!」


Under the direction of Freutz, we go inside.
The monster in the 5th floor is certain…… It is a mole monster, and the name is Killer Mole. These are a monster that is very bad for the heart where they suddenly jump from the ground and attack using sharp claws. When I first encountered it, I was surprised and thought my heart would stop.
By the way, the appearance is charming with slender eyes.


When we entered the dungeon, it was crowded. Several adventurer parties are walking in front of us, so we can’t find a monsters here.


「It’s a dungeon, but it’s rather peaceful here.」

「If there is such many adventurer, monsters on the shallow floors like this wouldn’t gather.」


Dia and Tina talked casually.
It is so calm, so that it may be no problem even if I walks while reading. Because the shield is activated, there is no problem even if there is surprise attack from the miscellaneous small-fry in this floor.


I took out the book that Harla-san gave me, but I couldn’t read the letters.
Fortunately, there is an illustration of apricot grass. It’s like a small sprout grows and with a little bigger fruit. The color is pale orange and looks delicious.


When it becomes a tree, it indicates that the apricot is very good.


「Hiroki-san, What is it? the fruit on that tree, I think I’ve seen it」

「Oh, really? …… Actually, i was so embarrassed, i was in trouble because I couldn’t read. I wanted to know where the habitat is.」

「Nn, if i’m not mistaken, it’s called apricot grass, it’s a medicinal herb whose habitat is very limited, because it requires a lot of magical power to grow, so it seems like it’s never been confirmed to grow outside of the Demon continent.」

「The Demon continent…Oh! I see. So that’s why it’s called Apricot Continent」


I was completely forgot.
The official name of the Demon Continent is Apricot Continent. If apricot grass grows, it’s definitely there. I regret that i only realized it now.


Then, that’s good because Ren and Ruri will go to the Demon Continent to subjugate the Demon King as well.


「Hey, you two, don’t let your guard down, even though it’s still on the shallow floor, it’s still a dungeon.」

「Ah, sorry Freutz-san, I’ll keep that in mind.」

「Good, please do that-Wow !?」


When Freutz advised Tina, a monster that jumped out from the side attacked him. I was able to prevent it by my shield, but it would be difficult if my attention is interrupted when unprepared.


「Damn, the timing is bad!」


The rat that attacked was cut down with a single blow, and Freutz cursing it.


「Well, it can’t be helped, i’m so sorry because i was reading the book, sorry」

「It’s okay, but please be careful next time Hiroki」

「Yes. 【Shield】」


The shield was re-applied to Freutz, and this time we went straight up to the 5th floor.



◆ ◆ ◆



The 5th floor is made like a slightly wet cave.

We are got attacked by multiple Killer Mole in this floor.
Freutz and Dia are both in charge on the frontline, and Tina attacks from behind. Same as rat, it’s weak with Fire magic skills.


My position is right next to Tina.
If a Killer Mole suddenly attacks from the ground, I will take over. I can avoid the attack, so I won’t run away and hesitate to receive their attacks.


It went smoothly when we defeating the Killer Mole, and after a while, the soil behind us suddenly rose.


「Okay, next – Kyaaa」

「Tina, don’t panic!」

「Ha, uh. Un」


The Killer Mole attack that appeared unexpectedly is completely prevented by the Shield that i put on Tina. Still, Tina hurried and ran away behind me.


「All right, Killer Mole, come to me– E-eh?」


I thought that the target of Killer Mole would move from Tina to me, but that didn’t happen. The Killer Mole didn’t even glance at me and continued to attack Tina.


「Damn, what’s going on? 【Shield】!」

「Tina! Come over here !!」



Freutz, who understands the situation, runs straight toward Tina.


「This…!【Power Slash】!!」


He raised his sword and cut off the Killer Mole that had been attacking Tina.
I may have never seen Freutz fighting using a skill before. Judging from the name, it must be a skill with high attack power.
I went to the resting Tina and apologized immediately.


「I’m sorry, I thought It would attack me …」

「It’s okay, I didn’t get any damage because there was a shield from Hiroki-san」

「Everyone has their own mistakes」

「Well, it’s good to know that in the dungeons you can’t let your guard down, right?」


Tina and Dia encourage me, and Freutz advised me to keep stay alert. Reflecting on the fact that I always thought easy about it, I would like to make a good strategy in the future.


「I see, so it’s because of aggro*, huh?」




When I asked the cause to Freutz, Tina and Dia tilted their heads.


「Uh, aggro is … Simply put, it’s the target of the monster’s attack.」

「So, because of that the monster that was supposed to attack a vanguard is attacking me?」

「Ah, so that is…」


Freutz insisted that it was the vanguard’s job to confront the monsters without any doubts.


「But for the rear guard… What if Tina is attacked by a monster?」

「A party with a lot of members will have people who can fight close to the back. Basically, if a rear guard like Tina is attacked, he’s going to give it a top priority.」

「I see..」


Oh, I see.
So when I was attacked by slime back then, Dia was the first to help.


In the game, it is basic point that monsters attack players with high aggro values. For this reason, Tanker often use skills and items to collect aggro. By doing so, this allow you to receive the attacks and prevent them from attacking magicians and archers who are focus attacking the monsters.


「Let’s see. If we can concentrate the attack of the monster on the vanguard, I thought it would be nice because the rear guard won’t be attacked.」

「Ah, Is that so? Sometimes, a person can draw the monster attention if you continue to attack the monster.」

「Oh yeah, that’s it!」


What i need is to manage the aggro properly!


「How you do it?」

「However, it’s hard to concentrate attacks on one person, so there isn’t much opportunity to do it. Unless you have a good Healer or Priest at the party, the story would be different …」


Yes, it was hard to wall the monster due to lack of Healers.
It is true that it will be hard for one vanguard to be attacked by a monster continually.


「If there are potions to avoid monsters and potions to gather monsters for sale, i would buy and use it」

「I see … arrange it with potion.」


Certainly it is a classic item.
Maybe there is a skill to earn hate as well, but it may not be very common. In the first place, items for learning skills are expensive.


It seems quite difficult to aim for a perfect evasion Healer.


「For now, let’s take a break」

「Ah, yes….」


Because of me, the battle was temporarily interrupted, so we decided to take a break. Freutz walks at the front and Dia walks behind us like a tail and we walk toward the stairs on the safety zone.
There were some Killer Mole on the way, yet me and Tina didn’t get attacked anymore.



「As expected, we are nervous because we are new on the 5th floor and it’s considerably tiring.」


As Tina and Dia sat down, Freutz laughed, “It’s still a long way to go.”


「Well, are you thirsty–nn?」

「? What did you do … huh, that party?」

「…… What party?」


In the 5th floor, the road is divided right and left immediately after going down the stairs. A different party was walking here from the opposite direction where we came.


-Oh, the party I saw before.


The party with a girl carrying a big load on her back and refused me when i wanted to join.
With an atmosphere that is somehow dark and you can see the uncomfortable situation.


「What happened Hiroki-san?」

「I felt an unpleasant feeling」


Tina frowns anxiously, and Dia also distorts his face.
Soon the party got to this point and said, “Hey, let’s go home early!” The leader’s man goes up the stairs while scolding.
they might have finished hunting in the lower floor. All of them are dirty and have minor injuries. I’m wondering for a moment if I should offer them a Heal, but they’re already wanted to going home and don’t need it–eh?


A girl with a big load on her back that was walking at the end fell down and made a noise.


「What are you doing, Lusha, I have put an useless Archer like you in the party already and you can’t even carry the luggage too?」


「I’m tired and I want to go home early. I’m going home first, so you can come back alone.」

「No, Wait, wait!」

「Come on, let’s go!」


I gaped.
The conversation of the girl who fell down with the big man made my mouth gaped. It seems that I wasn’t the only one, and it says on the face that there are three of them as well, Freutz, Tina and Dia.
The big man and the rest of the party members quickly went up the stairs as if to say that there was no use any longer.


That’s not true.


「Are you okay !? 【Heal】!」


I use my skills quickly to the the girl.
Freutz unload her luggage and Tina is worried about her back. Fortunately, the wound quickly improved thanks to the Heal.


「Thank you」


The girl with an exhausted expression has pink-honey colored hair and long ears. An Elf with adorable pink-pearl eyes. She looks like a 17 year old girl and slightly below me.

So, an Elf huh….!?


*Aggro from aggr(ession) or aggr(avation) or commonly spelled ‘agro’ is a term used to describe the act of getting the attention of an NPC. This term is associated with RPG {Role-Playing Games) in which there are no random battles, but instead the enemy monsters are visible on the field.




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  1. Thanks for the transition. However I think this is a story I will drop, the mc claims to know about games but does shit to explore the actual possibilities of his new situation. We don’t know what stats affect or mean, like does recovery only help the healing arts or is there a passive effect(self healing, Magic power recovery?) also the mc wants to go back home and save his countryman but he messing around with the newbs instead of figuring out any information(he gets a book he can’t read, but also reads it in the middle of his job?) He’s also a shit team mate, he also gets so distracted and doesn’t know what a support role is as a gamer?(bullshit) so in conclusion the this story is to frustrating to read because no one uses their brains. Also evasion healer is a solo job anyway but you need some points in attack just to whittle down the hp points and don’t forget not a single weapon to help with damage(idiot)


  2. Yea it is getting frustrating to read but at least finish the 1st volume! For these types of books it’s better if you don’t think much about it and sit back & relax! I’m a bit frustrated with our protagonist rn either, but he’s still new to all this! Just gotta wait for him to learn!


  3. 「Nn, if i’m not mistaken, it’s called apricot grass, it’s a medicinal herb whose habitat is very limited, because it requires a lot of magical power to grow, so it seems like it’s never been confirmed to grow outside of the Demon continent.」

    「The Demon continent…Oh! I see. So that’s why it’s called Apricot Continent」

    I’m sorry is the hack saying that the continent is named after the herb rather than the herb named after the continent?

    And then we get the rest of the chapter as a grade schooler describing basic game terminology that even my Grandmother would know now.

    Just when I thought the writing level couldn’t get any worse this POS says, “Oh yeah? Hold mah beer.”


  4. The writer really seems to be kind of stupid or really bad at video games. The biggest aggro target in a party is the healer. Because healing generates massive amounts of aggro, so the tank has to use skills that specifically generate aggro to pull them away from the healer. Similarly, a damage dealer who is doing too much damage to a target or they use specific skills that generate more aggro than usual.

    So, the girl in the back wouldn’t have been attacked. The healer would have been. Especially if he was paying attention and putting regens and shields on people like he should be.

    But then, everyone in this story seems pretty stupid. The writer is very much one of those who purposely makes every dumb to justify the snail-like pacing of his story. So many of these WN writers seem more interested in making a stupid gimmick and then dragging that shit out forever in hopes that some company will stumble across their bloated pile of trash they call a story and buy them out. Yet, if I were a LN company, I wouldn’t /want/ to buy a bloated piece of shit story. I’d want a story that actually has a decent plot line, good pacing, and intelligent characters. What’s the point in publishing a story that will never end and the readers will eventually get sick of because everyone in it is too stupid to live? Series like that just end up getting canceled or going on “hiatus” forever.


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