Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Shoot With The Intention To Hit Me!!

「Speaking of which, Lusha-san, do you have a party bracelet?」
「Ah, un. I have it」

When I asked, Lusha showed me the bracelet.
I was worried that she might didn’t get the experience, but it’s not like that it seemed. When the bracelet has been set to our party, the experience value has been distributed as well.
Tina taught me how to set it up, and now Lusha has been added to our party.

I’m going to start the hunt quickly――but, It seems like Freutz is thinking about something.

「What’s wrong?」
「Even though we already have two rearguards now, I’m a little worried about the arrangement because Lusha’s attack only works if Hiroki is there.」
「Ah…then, how about Lusha-san launch attack from distance first? After that, Dia and Freutz who attacking and then Tina」

Lusha and I will be at the very back, and if there are monsters coming from behind, it would be my responsibility to hold it. Even though there will be a distance between us, this method is probably the best if you considering Lusha’s accuracy.

Lusha’s eyes brightened shinely when she heard my strategy. Certainly, Lusha’s old party members had never thought at all of how she could fight.

「So that’s it, I’m sure I can shoot arrows if nobody is there. Yes, I’ll do my best!」
「Then, let’s go with that strategy. However, there are lots of people around here, It’s better if we go down a little」

Freutz also agreed, and we decided to descend to the 7th floor while hunting slowly.

I’ve come down to this floor before, but this is the first time for Tina and the others. We proceeding carefully, and by the time we got there, the party’s cooperation was going pretty well.
The monster on the 7th floor is Mini-Orc. Bipedal creature with a pig’s nose. They are about one meter tall, So that’s how they were called a Mini … but they’re still a scary monster who attack with weapons in their hands.


After I used my skill, we go through the dungeon with Dia walked on the front. When he saw the monster’s shadow, Dia immediately moved to open the space and Lusha shots using her bow.
Most of the arrows doesn’t hit the monster, but if hit once, even a Mini-Orc would die with a single blow. The firepower is quite high, i’m amazed every time i see it.

「Hehe, I did it again!」
「Lusha-san is amazing!」

Seeing a dead Mini-Orc, Lusha jumped with joy. When I praise her, she gives me V-sign with a big smile.

Indeed there are still many mistakes, but still, even for one blow is very strong already. Even in games, the stronger the deadly technique is, the more likely it’s to get off of the attack.

「I’m going to do my best, too. 【Fire】!」
「Nice, Tina!」

Tina also didn’t want to lose to Lusha, she also launched her magic skills.
Dia praised her, and pointed to the dying Mini-Orc. However, another Mini-Orc was come from Dia’s blind spot――Freutz immediately slashed it with his sword.


Furthermore, Mini-Orc keep appears from the front, Dia dealing with one of it and two of it with Freutz . Tina desperately helping too with her magic, but this situation is likely to continue for a while because we still can see a Mini-Orc appearing from the distance.

「Watch out, they’re come from behind too」

Looking backwards, two Mini-Orcs rushed here, swinging their weapons. I immediately crouching and went under the Mini-Orc. Lusha-san took a step back while preparing her arrows and bow.
Another Mini-Orc who came from in front of me swung its weapon.

Miss miss!

「Okay, Lusha! Shoot!」

An arrow flies over me toward the Mini-Orc. The first shot doesn’t hit and pierces the ground. Ensure that, Lusha-san gives off a second shot.


Nothing happened to the Mini-Orcs who attacked me.
However, I have a little doubt about Lusha’s fighting style. I feel that the interval between shooting the arrows is quite long. Can’t you shoot faster?
When I looked closely at Lusha-san, her hand was shaking while holding the bow.


Are you thinking about the possibility of me not being able to dodge your arrows? if so, it’s only natural that she shot one by one slowly.

「Lusha-san, you can shoot faster, don’t worry about me」
「Eh, but …」
「After all, it’s inevitable if you think so」
「Ah, yeah. I’m sorry」

I smiled bitterly when I see her felt sorry.
Well, usually it can’t be avoided with such an attack.

「It’s all right, so shoot as hard as you want. Just keep shooting, don’t need to think about anything else.」
「~~! I understand! Don’t blame me if it’s hit you!」

With that said, Lusha-san put up two arrows at once.


Can you shoot two at a time instead of one by one?
I opened my eyes widely, but from here on I was even more surprised by what Lusha would do. Perhaps three or more are impossible, but if she can shoot arrows more quickly, the possibility is higher to hit the monsters.
She shot two arrows and immediately shot the next two. Unlike before, there is a considerable speed now.

「Haha, it’s amazing ……!」

Bashbash !!

Lusha’s arrow pierced the Mini-Orc and killed it.

「It’s amazing, Lusha-san」
「What are you talking about? What’s amazing is that Hiroki-san avoids all my arrows.」

She looks so tired.
She was so worried about hitting me with her arrow. However, that would be changed into her self-confidence now. From now on, hunting would be more easily.

Ah, right…

I’m already out from this party.
That’s why, I won’t be able to hunt with her anymore.

「Ah, I’m sorry. It’s nothing. We have to support Dia and the others too, don’t we? 【Shield】」

I shake off the stupid thoughts that crossed on my mind, and I used the Shield for Dia and Freutz. There are still a few Mini-Orc, so I can’t let my guard down.

「…… Fuu. Lusha-san is amazing」
「Uun, I’m still far below Tina-chan who can hit the monsters properly」

Tina is little depressed because she was watching us defeated the monsters. From my point of view, Tina was growing up in the last few days and it’s amazing enough. It seems she still hasn’t satisfied apparently.

「I have to do my best too!【Fire】, Once more!【Fire】」
「Eh, hey. Tina!?」

When Tina struck her magic continuously, she fell on the spot. I don’t know why, I rushed quickly to Tina and uses Heal on her.
I try to wake her up, but It seems she lost consciousness.

「Tina !?」

Dia and Freutz also raised their voices and looked at us. A Mini-Orc was swinging it’s weapon at them, but Freutz immediately used his skills to annihilate the remaining Mini-Orc.

「Damn, she’s out of mana! Hurriedly return to the stairs!」
「Yes! I’ll take the lead 【Shield】」

Fortunately, it’s only a few minutes from the current location to the stairs.
We started running, Freutz ran while carrying Tina.

「If there are Mini-Orcs attacking me, don’t worry, just keep running.」
「All right!」

There is two Mini-Orc came from the front, without worrying, we just keep running. Unless someone attacks it, the target will not move from me.
Three, four, five… After increasing to seven Mini-Orc, we came to the stairs. I didn’t go onto the stairs, and just pass by it.

「Freutz, go into the stairs! Lusha-san, please attack from the front of the stairs. If other Mini-Orc came up and attacked you, go back to the stairs immediately!!」

Freutz and Dia enter the staircase space, and Lusha killed the Mini-Orc that attacks me with her bow and arrows. The annihilation was completed in about five minutes and we were finally able to take a break.




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