Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 21

Translator : Nyx
Editor/PR : Onihikage

Chapter 21 – Applause From Adventurers


「Freutz, is Tina all right?」
「She’s okay, it seems like she just ran out of mana because she overused her skills」
「Ran out of mana, huh…?」

In this world, the number of times a skill can be used is not definite. You can only feel the existence and flow of mana in your body, and start to feel sluggish if there’s not much left.
You need practice to sense how much more of your skills you can use without collapsing.

It’s troublesome.
Come to think of it, I still don’t feel tired―I probably have plenty of mana even after all this.

「Anyway, for now, we need to return to the surface. Can you carry Tina on your back, Hiroki? Dia and I will fight the monsters.」

Lusha helped me pick up Tina from where she collapsed on the stairs. She was harder to carry than I expected because she was still unconscious.

……can I even make it to the surface while carrying her?

Thinking about my lack of physical strength made me anxious. I didn’t know if I’d even be able to carry her up the stairs. I felt like such a pathetic man, sigh.

「I’ll support you, so let’s do our best and return to the surface.」
「That’s right, let’s go Lusha-san.」

I started walking when Lusha-san encouraged me.

Because Tina, our DPS, was unable to fight, I thought we’d have a hard time dealing with the monsters. However, because we were heading to the surface, we only encountered weak monsters, and Dia’s movement was better than before, he’d become pretty strong. On top of that, Freutz’s strength was very solid, he followed Dia’s movements every step of the way.

I hate to admit it, but he really was a good guardian for them. I was impressed.

「Thank’s Hiroki. Okay, let’s go pound them all」
「Alright, count me in !!」

Pulled along by Freutz’s enthusiasm, Dia’s movement improved even more.
We were able to get out of the dungeon without any problems.


◆ ◆ ◆


「Hiroki-san, are you tired?」
「Yeah, but I’m fine, Lusha-san. By the way, is it okay for you to have left that party?」
「Mhm, it’s okay, Hiroki-san. That party didn’t suit me at all!」

After leaving the dungeon and returning to the city, we split up.

Freutz and Dia immediately went back to the inn with Tina. Lusha and I were going to sell the materials we collected from the defeated monsters at the Adventurer’s Guild.

Freutz said that it was a low level monster, so it wouldn’t sell for much.

Lusha seemed somewhat brighter as she walked next to me, perhaps because she left her old party and joined ours.

When we reached the Adventurer’s Guild, we immediately went to the counter Harla-san was in charge of.

「Hello, Harla-san」
「Oh, if it isn’t Hiroki-san―eh, Lusha-san’s here too? Why are you with Hiroki-san?」
「Hello. Ah yes, Hiroki-san helped me when my party abandoned me after I fell down in the dungeon.」
「They abandoned you!? Really!?」

Hearing Lusha’s story, Harla-san was shocked and sighed. Apparently, Lusha’s party was a bit of a mess. She muttered “I’ll give them a warning…” and wrote on the document.

「But this is good, isn’t it? You were always carrying heavy bags around, I worried about you.」
「Yeah, but with how it’s turned out, I’m glad I fell down.」
「Indeed, so it’s a good thing. Fufufu!」

The two of them laughed and Harla-san began checking the materials.

It was mainly fangs and horns. Occasionally, some monsters have magic stones, but I haven’t seen one yet. They’re used for magic tools and some equipment.

「The quality of the materials is… well, it’s so-so, but you have a lot of them, so the total is 15,000 Lotto.」
「Ah, Yes, no problem. Thank you Harla-san.」

We’ve received the payment from Harla-san, and our mission is completed.

「Well then, let’s go back to the inn!」
「Hey, you! Did you put Lusha in your party?! That useless Archer!」
「… !!」

I turned back from the counter to see the leader of Lusha’s previous party standing there. He was holding a quest paper in his hand, it looked like he wanted to take a new quest.

So, what’s this guy want with me?

「She’s not really useless, you just don’t know the proper way to use her skills. Um, do you have any other business with me?」
「Huh? Her skills? They’re useless, aren’t they?」
「Hmm, is that so…..」
「To think that someone wanted to pick up Lusha! Apparently, he’s also a useless Healer who raised his evasion stats!」

In any world, there will always be people who butt into others’ business like this.

While I was thinking about what to do, Lusha was trembling with anger next to me, and raised her voice.

「Hiroki-san is not useless! He’s a great Healer!!」
「H-hey, Lusha-san…」
「Huh? What did you say?!」

She is too rash.

Because Lusha shouted at him, I had a bad feeling. And indeed, the feeling was right. The man threw a punch at Lusha.

Harla-san was watching from behind the counter and spoke up when I went to intercept his fist, but she wasn’t quick enough.

「Stop!! fighting in the guild is――」



The voices of Harla-san and the crazy adventurer overlapped.

They’re immediately dumbfounded, in total disbelief. They thought I’d take a hit when I stepped in. Harla-san and the man who threw the punch should both know I’m an evasion Healer, shouldn’t they?

「You’re kidding me!!」

*Miss* *miss*

He kept trying to hit me with all his strength, but I avoided it smoothly. It felt great to watch my body just avoid him on its own. I always thought it was really like being in a game.

The man’s face turned red, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t touch me. I could do this all day.

――I still can’t believe my evasion isn’t maxed yet.

「I don’t want to kick up more of a ruckus, so can you stop?」
「Yes, that’s right!! If you continue with this disturbance, I will have to reassess your qualifications to be an adventurer!」
「Shit !! Oi Lusha, I’ll remember this!」

Finally, the man curses and leaves the adventurer’s guild.

「H~uh… finally.」
「T-thank you, Hiroki-san」
「N-no. I’m glad Lusha-san didn’t get hurt.」

I can’t imagine actually taking a hit from such a big man. I’m glad I could avoid it, but I was also surprised that he didn’t hesitate at all to attack Lusha.

After the storm had passed, applause broke out inside the guild.


The adventurers who were watching surrounded us, saying, “Wow!” “I think that was amazing!” Apparently, they are amazed that I could avoid those attacks.

「Elf jou-chan, are you okay? I was a little worried because I saw you always being forced to carry those heavy bags all the time.」
「Yeah, but, I’m glad that you were able to move to a good party!」
「Uh huh, thank you everyone!」

Apparently, most adventurers knew that Lusha was always that party’s designated pack mule. They were concerned, but they kept it to themselves, because they didn’t want to mess with her other party members.

Certainly, the man is still quite fast despite his size, even a glancing blow would hurt you.

When I thought about it, I was glad that I was able to help Lusha.

After chatting for a while with the adventurers in the guild. Lusha and I went back to the inn.




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