Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Partner


The next morning, Tina came by when I was having breakfast in the cafeteria with Lusha. Her beautiful skin had turned quite pale when she ran out of mana, but she seemed to have fully recovered.

「I’m really sorry for the trouble I caused you yesterday!」
「It’s okay, Tina. I’m glad you’re doing well.」

Tina apologized again, saying, “I’m sorry!” with tears in her eyes. She must have felt extra bad about it because the party’s heavy hitter shouldn’t be the first to go down.

「It’s alright. You just have to be more careful next time.」
「We don’t mind too much, we’re just glad you’re feeling better. Come on, join us for breakfast!」
「Thank you, Hiroki-san and Lusha-san.」

Tina then sat with us and ordered her food.

It was okay because Freutz was with us then, but it might have been dangerous if it was just me and Dia in the lower floors. It’s very important to know your magic capacity and refrain from overuse, but I’m not going to tell a little girl like Tina to do everything perfectly. All she has to do is to learn at her own pace.

Lusha smiled as she saw Tina immediately start eating.

「I’m glad Tina-chan is doing well. Dia was especially worried, you know.」
「Dia? Come to think of it, where are Dia and Freutz-san…?」
「Those two are still sleeping in their room.」
「Yeah, Dia-kun stayed up all night because he was worried about Tina-chan.」

Dia was worried about Tina all night, and Freutz stayed up with him until very late. They probably won’t get up until noon.

「It’s because we’re a party. Tina would be worried too if something happened to Dia or Freutz, right? So I think you should thank them later.」
「Hiroki-san… I understand. I’ll thank them later, and I’ll buy them some sweets as a present.」
「That’s good.」

Lusha and I agreed with Tina’s suggestion. Dia, in particular, will be very happy to receive a present from Tina.

After finishing my bread, I told them I was going.

「Where are you going?」
「So, Hiroki-san is really going to leave the party…」

Lusha’s head and Tina’s shoulders dropped. It was my decision to leave the party and go to the Demon Continent, so it can’t be helped. I’m trying to find out how to get there and how much money I need. I’d like to be ready before I go on the journey, but… this might be difficult. I still can’t defeat monsters on my own, so it’s not possible to obtain the material if I go to the dungeon alone.

「I have to put in a lot of effort, so… I’m sorry.」
「No, don’t be. I hope you can find the apricot grass quickly.」
「Right, thanks.」

I have to gather information now to lift Ren’s curse. He made a contract with the King because of me, I won’t let him die from that curse.


I was about to go to the Adventurers Guild to ask Harla-san how to go to the Demon Continent, but Lusha stopped me. Looking back at her, she wore a serious expression

「Can you… make me your partner?」
「Eh? But, that’s…」
「I’m an Elf. I’m familiar with medicinal herbs, and if you’re looking for apricot grass, I can predict where it grows.」

My eyes went wide at Lusha’s offer. It was tempting. She had enough power, and if I formed a party with her, there’d be more places I could go to.

Looking at Tina, she’s just as surprised as me. That’s natural, because Lusha already joined Tina’s party.

However, it’s also true that they can’t utilize Lusha’s full power without me. Since the vanguards can’t avoid her arrows, Lusha will have to stop attacking when the battle begins. That would be disappointing.

But I――, I can fully utilize her strength.

「Ah, n-no. I’m very happy with the offer…」

Because Tina’s here, I can’t say yes right away, or it would be like I took Lusha away from them. I don’t intend to do that. While I was mulling it over, Freutz showed up, yawning.

「Good morning. Oh, Tina has recovered. Good, good… so, what’s going on?」

Freutz tilted his head, noticing the atmosphere, and Lusha explained what was going on. He looked at me while muttering, “I see.”

「Isn’t it okay? Hiroki is the exact person who can make use of Lusha’s power. However, it’s better for you two to go to the dungeon together first and try some things out.
「That’s a little――…..」

Freutz immediately told me, “Don’t worry about it,” even though she had just joined their party. He just said that it was better for us to go hunting in the dungeon to improve our teamwork before leaving.

「…I understand, we’ll do that.」
「Alright, let’s do our best!」


◆ ◆ ◆


It was the most difficult dungeon I’ve ever been to. Lusha and I only went there because of Freutz pushing us so hard to go. It was known to veteran adventurers as 【Deep Forest Dungeon】, and was around one hour from the town by carriage, with a thirty minute walk from the drop-off point to the entrance. Besides that, it’s not practical to visit a dungeon with a higher difficulty for just one day, so you have to make more thorough preparations.

This is the closest high difficulty dungeon that can be reached from the city. However, it’s my first experience pairing up when defeating monsters. I have to proceed slowly and carefully.

「Hoo~, there are so many people over there.」
「Ah, yeah, you’re right.」

There were many adventurers walking through the forest to reach the dungeon. According to the information Lusha told me, this dungeon has been mapped down to the 15th floor. Below that, the difficulty level greatly increases with every floor, so almost no one goes that far. Just hunt in a floor that suits your level.

The entrance of the dungeon is just like a cave, you can’t tell it’s a dungeon by looking at it. There’s a hut right next to it which seems to be an accommodation in case something happens. We decided to hold a strategy meeting first while watching the powerful-looking adventurers enter the dungeon.

I sat at the base of a large tree and asked Lusha what I’d been wondering about.

「I’ve seen you shoot a lot of arrows, but where are you keeping them all??」
「Eh! Did you just realize that?」

When I could, I’d pick up the arrows that she missed, but… indeed, there were too many. I thought there might be a special storage space or skill, because Lusha doesn’t seem to have a quiver.

「The arrows are made with this ring.」

Lusha showed me a platinum ring that was hung on her waist. As I watched her with skepticism, she put the ring on and quickly took out an arrow.
[TLN: I don’t know why she said it ring, but in the illustration, it’s more like a bracelet, but yeah I decided to just followed the raw.]

「W-wait, how!?」

I’d seen other Archers, but they all had quivers. I’d never seen someone with an item like her. I wonder if it’s pretty valuable.

Lusha gave me the ring. When I put it on, no arrow appeared, I didn’t know how to use it at all. Lusha giggled at me as I tried to take out an arrow.

「It’s not stored, it’s used to make arrows with a skill. The ring is made from a rare processed ore, so it can make a lot of arrows.」
「Oh, I see now…」

Were the arrows made of the same material as the ring? What kind of ore was it? Orichalcum, adamantite, or something else? I asked Lusha, but she said she didn’t know the name of it.

「Well, the mystery is solved and it was a little refreshing to learn something. So, now it’s time to discuss the hunt. My goals are to raise my level, collect materials for equipment, and make money… it’ll be a lot of work to get to the Demon Continent.」
「I.. I’m glad that Hiroki-san allowed me to be his partner.」
「Huh? Y-yeah.」

It was embarrassing to be told that face to face. I changed the subject by pointing out the peddlers at the front of dungeon.

「Oh, yeah, Lusha-san.」
「It’s about aggro… well, I’ll try not to screw it up. I’ll make sure none of the monsters target you.」

We walked towards the peddlers to see what they had for sale.




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