Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 29

ED: Onihikage


Chapter 29 – Departure


Three days had passed since I asked for the equipment to be strengthened. In other words, they were finished, and it was time to pick them up. I’d be going on a journey soon.

When I told Freutz and others about it, they gave me words of support, even though it was “so sudden” as they said.

Right now, we were having our last breakfast together at the inn.

「You’re going through an undersea dungeon? I heard it’s quite difficult…」
「Yeah, apparently so, but I heard the Demon Continent is both dangerous and incredibly mysterious, so I was thinking I should level up on the way there.」
「I see.」

When I told them the strategy, Freutz laughed, “Hiroki doesn’t even act like he’s going on a dangerous journey!” Tina, on the other hand, who sat next to him, looked uneasy.

「If you get hurt, there won’t be any other adventurers to help you. Isn’t it too dangerous?」
「That’s why it’s called an adventure! Tina’s too afraid of danger!」
「No, the problem is Dia’s just crazy!」

She was worried that if I were to get injured, no one else would come along to help, unlike in the dungeon near the city. Certainly, if other adventurers were around, they’d most likely try to help if something happened to us.

I still remember when Freutz and the others in the slime cave helped me out. I’m sure Tina’s more worried because that event is still fresh in her mind. Of course, it’s also true that Dia tends to think everything’s easy…

「Come on now, let’s just cheer on Hiroki and Lusha for the time being!」
「Well, alright. I’d just make even more trouble for Hiroki-san if I worry too much.」
「All right, let’s order more meat!」

Freutz put his arms on Tina and Dia’s shoulders and said, “The spices smell so good!” I couldn’t help but murmur the same thing myself.

Lusha and I were treated very well.


◆ ◆ ◆


「Oh, you’re here. I’ve been waiting for you.」
「Oji-san, is the equipment ready?」
「As expected, I can’t keep calm without my own bow.」

The dwarf oji-san immediately welcomed us when we arrived at the blacksmith shop.

Lusha returned the spare bow she had borrowed and picked up her own bow, which had been strengthened. The string was remade with a new material, and the body had been extended a little.

「Isn’t it less convenient to carry around?」

I told him my honest impression.

While it’s true that a larger bow usually has a larger effective range, it’s also more awkward to carry and use. That’s what I was thinking, but the old man grinned and shook his index finger while going “Mm-mm-mm.”

「Thanks to the magic stone you brought, that downside has been somewhat resolved.」
「Hmmm… resolved, huh?」

When Lusha poured some magic into the bow, she was able to expand and contract its length. Apparently, she could freely change the bow’s size to some extent, at will. I have no idea how that works.

With this, I’m sure we’ll be able to expect a big improvement.

「And look, here’s your equipment.」
「Oh, thanks.」

He gave me the equipment I’d asked him modify and I borrowed the fitting room to change.

The slender pants were now made from cerberus materials and turned into durable and light pants. The information shown on them is 『Evasion +5』.

The other one is a thin, vividly colored jacket. It’s easy to tell the material of the cloth is processed and upgraded even though it’s so thin. It showed two effects, 『Evasion +3』 and 『Lightness Up』.

「What does “Lightness Up” do?」
「Oh, it just lightens the weight. You’re a Healer, so wouldn’t that be good for your stamina? The jacket has an inner pocket, but if you put something in there, it won’t be as heavy thanks to the effect.」

「Whoa! That’s convenient.」

To be honest, I really appreciate it.

I can’t put something big in it, but it’s good to have an ideal pocket for small things. We’re going through a dungeon to the Demon Continent, so we’ll have to travel light.

「I used Cerberus materials, so it has higher defense. Please take good care of it.」
「Thank you very much, I feel like I could conquer the Demon Continent with this, hehehe.」
「We’re not going there to conquer it, Hiroki…」

Lusha was a perfect straight man to my enthusiasm.

「That’s how fired up I am right now. Well then, what’s the rest of it?」
「As I said before, it’s a pair of sturdy boots, a cloak, and this bag. The bag has the effect of 『Lightness Up』 as well, it’s essential for traveling on foot.」
「I see, I see…」

The old man also prepared a magic stone for setting a fire, a magic stone for purifying water, a monster-repellent potion, and insect repellent spray, along with the recommended preserved food and simple utensils.

A basic tent and blanket are also tightly packed in the bottom of the bag, as preparation for camping in the wild. Because every bit of luggage increases our load, he chose a tent that would burden us the least while moving through the forest.

Lusha also looked at what was prepared and said, “This is more than enough!” while looking impressed.

「Well, ideally one of you would have a useful skill for traveling, but you two don’t have anything like that, do you?」
「Only combat skills. I mean, I don’t have that much skill after all. Do veteran adventurers have a lot of skills?」
「The veterans do seem to have a lot of them. There are skills to detect monsters and clean off dirt, among other things. They’d be very convenient in a dungeon.」

I nodded at his explanation. I’m a man, so I should be fine, but Lusha is a girl, so I’d be happy if she could get that kind of skill.

It seems we still have a lot of work to do and skills to get.

「For now, here. Put it on.」
「Okay… It really is lightweight, even though it’s packed full of stuff. Like this, I’ll be able to carry it all without too much trouble.」
「Well then, that’s that. Someday, if you go beyond even the veterans, you might be able to gain a spatial storage skill.」

Is that the common name for an item box?

If it really was, it would be a very useful skill. However, as far as I knew from what Oji-san told me, it was a fairly rare skill, and all the people who have it are said to have high-ranking jobs.

In that case, I should be able to get it.

Lusha is an Archer, so it’s impossible for her, but it would make a huge difference if even one of us can use that skill. If you could bring as many ingredients and sleeping bags into the dungeon as you wanted, you’d be able to hunt quite comfortably.

「Well, you’re on your way, aren’t you? Be careful then. As a farewell from me, take this.」
「Huh? Isn’t this a knife?」
「Yeah. You don’t have one anyway, do you? When you’re on a journey, there’s nothing more convenient than having a knife!」
「Really? Thank you.」

I accepted the knife from Oji-san, and put it on my waist. I may be a Healer, but when I turn around and look in the mirror, I do look like I have a fighting job. It was kind of a good feeling.

Suddenly, Lusha’s laughter flew into my ears.

「Hahaha, Hiroki looks like a kid with new clothes!」

I shouted involuntarily.

Apparently, my behavior was similar to the way a little girl twirls around to show off her skirt. Lusha’s laughter was contagious, at least to the dwarf oji-san.

It’s embarrassing…

「Alright, come on, let’s get going!」
「Ohh, you’re heading out now? Alright, when you get stronger, come back and see me again.」
「Of course!」

I don’t know what kind of life I’m going to have from now on, or what kind of battles lie ahead. But if I happen to come back here again, I’d like you to make more equipment for me.

Lusha and I were finally prepared to leave the country that had summoned me.



Author Note:
This is the end of the volume 1. Thank you for your support!
I am always encouraged by your comments. For now, I was very happy to hear that the map was easy to understand.




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