Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 2 Chapter 1

Here we go for the Volume 2

ED: Onihikage

Chapter 1 – Leveling Up In The Undersea Dungeon


In the distance, I could hear the sound of water dripping and flowing.

Our environment was dim and wet, and seawater had entered the passage from somewhere. There was no concern of drowning, because the water only came up to our ankles, but as you’d expect, it made it more difficult to walk.

We were in a place called the 『Undersea Dungeon』 and it’s one of the routes that led from the Loquat Continent where humans live to the Apricot Continent where Demons live.

I was going to the Apricot Continent to find some Apricot Grass. Ren was summoned as a hero to this world, along with me and Ruri, and he’s currently suffering from a curse. The Apricot Grass is an ingredient for curing his curse.

「Hmm, a monster, huh? Lusha, I’ll lead from here so keep your distance.」
「All right!」

Nearly as far away as I can see in this light is a monster that looks like a half-fish: a Killer Merman. They’re monsters that attack viciously with a trident.

The Killer Merman’s attack power was already high, and the trident made it even deadlier. It noticed me and rushed over, the sharp trident coming right for me. If I got stabbed with that, I’d die for sure.

―Well, that’s if I got stabbed.



When I evaded the Killer Merman’s attack, Lusha started shooting.

The first two arrows weren’t on target, but the third arrow finally hit. It wasn’t enough to kill this thing, though. Lusha’s bow is specialized in attack power, which means this monster is pretty strong if it doesn’t die in one hit…

The next four arrows missed, then two more hit, and the Killer Merman died.

In total, we needed to land three direct hits to kill one of these things. Lusha’s accuracy is low, so in general she’ll need to shoot roughly 15 arrows to be certain of defeating one Killer Merman. It’s quite a challenge.

I can avoid the enemy’s attacks, so there’s no problem, but the slower we kill them, the slower we progress. If possible, I want to move quickly through this place, but I can’t help Lusha attack because I’m only an evasion Healer.

I, Hiroki Sakurai, was a Healer, summoned from Japan as a member of the Hero’s party.

However, my real occupation was Priest. I said I was a Healer because a Priest class in games usually still takes the role of a Healer, and “Healer” happened to also be a specific job in this world, below the job of Priest. The King misunderstood me and never learned the truth.

Since all my free stat points except the initial values were given to evasion, I could perform the roles of both vanguard and support.

「Hiroki, are you okay~?」
「Yeah, no problem.」

Lusha rushed to me after killed the Killer Merman.

Lusha Plum.

A girl with honey colored hair, bound with a lovely pink ribbon. Her pink eyes were big and round, and she wore a yellow-green outfit that looks good on her. According to her sharply pointed ears, she was indeed an Elf.

She was my partner, and she was an Archer.

She put all her stat points into attack power, so she has no accuracy at all. Unless the vanguard of a party could avoid her shots, it would be difficult for her to find a suitable party.

「I’m sorry, I didn’t think I’d have such a hard time killing it.」
「Don’t worry about it, avoiding the monster was no trouble.」

Lusha grimaced, probably because it took her quite a long time to kill the monster. It might have been a big shock for her because she was used to killing monsters in only one or two hits.

「If I just had more accuracy at least… but if I raise my accuracy, my attack power won’t increase, guh.」
「Well, we can just keep leveling up slowly, Lusha’s attack power still has a ways to go.」
「…Yeah, you’re right. Oh, my level went up from that Killer Merman just now.」
「It’s all good then. Oohh, mine went up too!」

While congratulating each other, we reflected on our status.

「【Status Open】 …Hmm, Level 15.」


Name: Hiroki Sakurai
Level: 15
Occupation: Priest

Attack: 1
Magic power: 1
Recovery: 100
Defense: 1
Accuracy: 1
Evasion: 74

Skills: [Language Acquisition] [Heal] [Regeneration] [Shield]


「Okay then, I’m going to put my status point into attack.」
「What’s your attack power now?」
「Wanna see? 【Status Open】!」

When I asked, Lusha showed me her status without hesitating.


Name: Lusha Plum
Level: 18
Occupation: Archer

Attack: 33
Magic power: 1
Recovery: 1
Defense: 1
Accuracy: 1
Evasion: 1

Skills: [Arrow Creation] [Wind Arrow]


「Oh, you really are putting everything into attack.」

I didn’t hate it. I actually rather liked it.

「It’s still a little lower than the average adventurer’s stats. I have to be even stronger!」
「Seems that way. They say a stat value of 50 or more is top-notch.」
「Yup, yup!」

…Hmm, I’m already top-notch in both recovery and evasion. However, I still want to keep raising my evasion stat more and more. There’s no monster attack I can’t avoid right now, but there’s still a possibility I could get hit by a boss or a large horde of monsters.

I wanted to be an evasion Healer who could overcome those situations easily.

「Ooh, a Killer Merman and a Crying Sea Slug.」
「Two each, all at the same time…!」

We barely had any time to check over our status pages before new monsters appeared. Moreover, four of them showed up at once.

「One time, 【Shield】.」

They’ll miss anyway, but I’d rather have it and not need it. It’s still a convenient defensive skill.

I stepped up to play with the newcomers.

*miss* *miss* *miss*

「Alright, this doesn’t seem to be a problem.」

I evaded the monster’s attacks and ordered Lusha to attack. Even though her accuracy was 1, I could avoid everything and she’d eventually hit all the monsters.

Lusha took three arrows at once and fired at the Crying Sea Slug. Those guys weren’t that hard to kill.

「Oh, you hit the Killer Merman!」

Even though it was aimed at the Crying Sea Slug that was attempting to grab my legs, it instead flew 1 meter above the ground―directly into the Killer Merman’s waist.

Without slowing down at all, Lusha annihilated the monsters.

It took less than five minutes to defeat these four. I thought it was gonna be harder than this, but… I guess we’re fine?

The purpose of going through this dungeon to the Apricot continent was also to level up. For the time being, we decided to move on to the dungeon’s depths.


◆ ◆ ◆


「Aaahhh! Hiroki, that looks dangerous!」
「Because it is dangerous, that monster is incredibly quick!」

I thought we’d be going through the undersea dungeon without any problems, but something changed on the 7th floor.

There was one other monster here in addition to the Killer Merman and Crying Sea Slug, a Light Fenrir. It was a subclass of the Fenrir monster that looks like a wolf and is extremely fast.

Its glossy fur looks elegant, but the sharp fangs and claws make a frightening contrast.

「Lusha, keep a farther distance than usual.」
「I understand, don’t do anything crazy, okay?」
「Of course.」

Right now, I just hope I can evade the Light Fenrir’s attacks.

*miss* *miss*

「Oh, this is actually pretty easy.」
「Ahh, that’s good, then.」

Lusha breathed a sigh of relief. I think it got so easy because my level has risen.

She immediately drew her bow and started shooting. Even after multiple arrows hit, the monster was still kicking.

「Haah, one more time…!」

She fired a lot of arrows, and was finally able to kill the Light Fenrir after five hits.

Once again, I was wondering what we should do.

If we keep going, we’ll meet stronger enemies and Light Fenrir more frequently. Lusha’s high attack power is just not going to be enough on its own.

When Lusha saw me worrying, she came over to me, seeming emotionally drained. She was showing none of the energy she had when we first entered this place.

「Hiroki, I think we should turn back here.」
「We’re still on the 7th floor after all this time. I don’t know how long it takes to get out to the Apricot continent, but we know this is a difficult dungeon, so it probably has more than 10 floors.」

It was frustrating, but Lusha said it was better to turn back and go to the Apricot continent through the Sea of Trees.

Sure enough, that’s what I was also thinking. It was hard to tell Lusha, but if we continued on that path and the number of strong monsters increased… we’d be stuck with an overwhelming lack of attack power.

「I understand. Let’s go to Apricot continent through the Sea of Trees, instead of this place.」

When I agreed, the gloomy atmosphere around Lusha only deepened, even though she was the one who suggested it.

Maybe she was expecting me to say that we should just keep going and everything would be fine.

Certainly, I wanted to say so too. But if I didn’t lift Ren’s curse within a few months, he could die―if it wasn’t for that, I would have been fine with continuing through the dungeon at a slow pace.

My life isn’t the only one at stake. I can’t afford to spare her feelings.

「Sure, this dungeon might be tough for us right now.」
「Yup. I know.」
「When we get stronger… let’s come back here again, and conquer this dungeon!」

Lusha blinked. Then, as if her depression had evaporated, she smiled back at me.

「That would be great!」
「Okay then, first of all, we’ll go to the Apricot continent through the Sea of Trees! We’ll get stronger there, and then come back here again.」
「Uh huh!」

So, we decided to give up on the 『Undersea Dungeon』 and go to Apricot, the Demon Continent, by land.




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    1. That dumb archer is melting my brain.
      1 acc = 20% chance of hit.
      If she spent like 10 or 20 points on acc, her attack power would go up by 200 or 300% or even more!!!

      Why is that priest smart enough to increase evasion, but can’t see the dumb decision bot are making??? They don’t need to give up the dungeon. Level up to 20, put everything on acc and try again to see the difference.

      This story is not for gamers with brain lol.


      1. I agree with you, but in an attempt to understand her reasoning I came to the conclusion that she can’t agro a monster if it’s killed immediately. So even though it takes more arrows to make the kill, at least they’ll never attack her.

        But still… thinking about it that way is a stretch.


  1. Well, ut’s a learning process! It’s more balanced like this, they are strong, but not OP to literally blast through everything!


  2. So can someone please explain me where those 9 Stat points in Evasion came from? ‘Cause when he was level 1 he got with the included 50 Stat points in Evasion 51 (the base Stat point at level 1 is 1 in every Stat) Stat points and he’s currently level 15 so he should just have 65 stat points in Evasion ’cause of the 14 levels he did rise so please explain that to me.

    MC Lv. 1 = 1 Stat Point in every Stat
    + 50 Summoned Stat Points to place
    MC Lv. 1 – Evasion 1 (before)
    MC Lv. 1 – Evasion 51 (after)
    MC Lv. 15 – Evasion 51 (14+ Stat Points free to place)
    MC Lv. 15 – Evasion 65 (How it should be)
    MC Lv. 15 – Evasion 74 (in this chapter)

    Please explain where came those 9 Stat points from?!?!?!?


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