Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 2 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – Verification of Magic Skills


The next morning, Lusha and I parted ways with the shop fairy and went into the forest. It was a bright forest, easy to navigate, and there seemed to be no problem with the environment for herbs to grow. However, the forest was vast, and it was necessary to be careful because there seemed to be no one else advancing very far into the forest.

「Apricot grass grows in places dense with magic… so we knew we’d have to go a long way in to find it.」

「Yeah, you’re right.」

We’d gone pretty deep, and Lusha was still looking further ahead with her eyes narrowed. Her long elf ears were twitching, was she listening hard for signs of monsters or something? For the time being, there didn’t seem to be any around. I decided to keep walking while making a mark on trees at regular intervals so as not to get lost.

「With those knife marks, going back will certainly be easier, but umm… what should we do if we get separated?」

Lusha nodded and asked me when I first started marking trees. I wasn’t going to make any more mistakes like falling off a cliff, but it was also true that we didn’t know what lay ahead, deeper into the forest. I put my arms together to think about what to do in that case.

It would be safer to just go back, but it would be difficult for Lusha if she didn’t know whether I was ahead of her or behind.

「Alright, if we get separated, we’ll meet back up at the last marked place, unless we’re in danger, in which case just go back straight away. If we meet up there, we’ll also know we’re still near the entrance, right?」

「Oh, good point. I definitely wouldn’t be able to decide how far to go back the way we came. Okay, let’s do that then.」


After a while, a slime appeared from the bushes.

「Even though it’s the Demon continent, the first monster is still a slime, huh? Hang on, it looks kind of different.」

It was a slime, but it was colored black, with a protrusion that looked kind of like partial devil wings. It leaped at me right away to attack.


Well, it was just a slime attack, so I could avoid it easily. I was a little nervous since it was the first time I’d seen one like that. Lusha, drawing an arrow behind me, said, “It’s a demon slime!”

「Demon Slime?」

Even the name sounds dangerous…

「Their attack power is quite strong, but they’re relatively easy to defeat because their  movements are slow and predictable.」

「I see. It’s perfect for me as an evasion Healer.」


Lusha laughed and shoot an arrow, but unfortunately, it flew right past the demon slime and stuck in the ground.


「Alright, again!」

Lusha grabbed two arrows at once and shot them at the demon slime. One of them struck it beautifully and defeated it. She could defeat these demon slimes with a single blow, so it looked like there was no problem classifying it as small-fry. With a sigh of relief, we continued through the forest.



◆ ◆ ◆



We noticed while we were walking that there seemed to be a large variety of plants in this forest. I didn’t even know most of their names, but there were transparent flowers, trees bearing fruit in multiple colors, and big mushrooms as tall as my waist.

「I’ve never seen anything like this before. Is it an herb or a material or something?」

「Yup, there are a lot of things here that can be used as potion ingredients. Many people use this one as a spice, and those mushrooms are edible.」


Lusha was pointing to a purple fruit. If it was dried and ground up, it could be used as a spice and was said to be quite popular. It was a rather major plant in this world, and I just hadn’t known.

「The apricot grass we’re looking for has a small bud and a slightly larger pale orange fruit. It’s not like a tree that grows from the ground, and it’s not very tall, so we might need to look carefully at the ground.」

「Yeah, seems that way.」

It wouldn’t be funny at all if we missed it because we never looked down.

「But we might have to walk a few days to get deep enough inside the forest.」

「It’ll be a spot with a strong magic, right? What kind of place do you think it’ll be?」

「Maybe something like a bubbling spring, or a cave. Places like that have denser magic.」

As Lusha folded her finger, she told me of springs, big trees, and other possible places to look. Since these are known locations within the forest, it’s easy to check on them.

「According to the information I acquired in the city, the spring is about a two day walk, and the cave is about four days.」

「Then, we’ll have to walk for at least two days, huh?」

「Sure looks that way. Oh, it’s a demon slime and demon orc.」

「Why did you also put a demon on its name anyway? Does it use magic even though it’s an orc?」

「Uh, isn’t it because it’s a demon?」

The demon orc looked just like a normal orc to me, it was wearing a skull necklace and a cane, with green skin.

Oh, that’s definitely not the orc I’m familiar with.

「Does that orc really attack with magic?」

It reminded me of the magic skill of the feathered slimes before. There weren’t many demons that could use magic skills. In other words, it would be better to recognize that demon orc as a fairly high-ranking monster.

The magic skills used by Ruri and Tina were the type that essentially targeted something directly, regardless of one’s accuracy stat. Actually, rather than saying it changes its trajectory, would it be more accurate to say that it hits where the user directed it to when it was released?

When I think about it that way, it shouldn’t be impossible to avoid magic attacks. I’d have to verify it, though.

「【Shield】,【Regeneration】! Lusha, there’s something bothering me, so can I ask you to wait to attack?」

「What’s bothering you? I don’t really mind, but…」

Lusha lowered her bow and cautiously watched the demon orc that was confronting me. By the way, the demon slime had been trying to hit me from the start. It missed every time, of course.

The demon orc had been holding up its cane and charging a magic skills aimed at me. It was fire magic, probably the fire magic that Tina used all the time. The power wasn’t particularly high, and the speed was slow as well.


It flew at me!


I was easily able to avoid the demon orc’s fire magic. I was originally going to experiment with whether I could avoid it without doing anything, but that wouldn’t make any sense. It’s just another challenge. I sighed.

「Well, at the very least I know that if I avoid it intentionally, it won’t hit me.」

「You mean you can avoid magic skills too?」

「Yeah, that’s right. If it’s a physical attack I already knew it was fine, but there aren’t many monsters who attack with magic for me to test that.」

I explained to Lusha that we hadn’t been able to verify the full extent of my abilities until now.

「So that was it. But monsters with skills don’t use them very often anyway.」


Lusha pointed at the demon orc. When I looked at it again, I’d thought it would be preparing another magic attack, but it just stood there doing nothing.


「Those two are like a two-member party with a vanguard and rear guard.」

With a big laugh, Lusha asked, “What are we going to do?” By the way, Lusha had explained that the rate at which monsters use skills varies depending on the monster. Even if you measure the skill timing of one demon orc, you can’t apply it to any other monster.

「Nothing for it, then; let’s kill these things.」


In the time it took Lusha to kill the duo with a total of 12 shots, the demon orc didn’t cast a single spell.




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  1. Ok so evading magic attacks is possible if done intentionally, physical attacks can be evaded unintentionally though.


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