Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Side Story 1

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Side Story 1 – The Daily Life of The Hero


Lynn entered the National Eubalsa Academy, a school attended by those within the kingdom with prominent Occupations and Divine Treasures. The academy was named after the legendary Hero, said to have single-handedly purged the world of hordes of monsters from the demon world.

A city was built around Eubalsa Academy, which itself was slightly northeast from the royal capital. Many of the city’s residents were graduates of the academy. In addition, many lower-class knights made their home in the city due to its close proximity to the royal capital and cheaper cost of living.

For these reasons, it was the second most developed city in the kingdom after the royal capital. In terms of security, it was well known to even exceed that of the capital, for the sake of protecting the children who attended Eubalsa Academy.

Lynn was half brought, half forced into attending―

「C’mon, Lynn, wake up.」

Her roommate was trying to shake her awake, her fluffy blond hair waving around. Her name was Benny, and she was quite a bit smaller than Lynn. Despite her small stature, she was the same age as Lynn and also a Hero.

「No, I don’t wanna wake up.」

「Say that again― well, in that case, I guess I’ll throw away these letters they delivered earlier…」

Benny shook the letters in her hand that had arrived along with a package. Lynn instantly woke up and leaped to grab the envelopes. She’d trained her physical ability as a Hero, and it showed in her quick movements.

Benny dodged her just as quickly, and they started playing a kind of tag. Before long, Lynn grabbed the letters back from Benny and looked them over. They were addressed from Migratory Bird Inn.

「It’s nice, isn’t it? You have people who’ll write you letters.」

Benny glanced at Lynn’s hands. She was originally from the slums and had no acquaintances. She could only be here because she happened to receive a Hero occupation at the blessing ceremony.

If the result had been much worse, her slum life would have continued even now. Her growth had actually been stunted because of that early life, hence her small size. Lynn heard what she said, and returned a slight smile.

「You have great things ahead of you. You’ll have people like that too, someday.」

「I-it’s not like I envy you, or anything!」

There were a lot of letters, and the package contained a red magic stone necklace.

「Whoa, it’s beautiful! Is it a present?」


Lynn skimmed through the letters one by one. She was thinking of reading them slowly later, turning each one over, until she found one that caught her interest. Her mouth opened just a little as she read it.

「What is it? A letter from your boyfriend?」

「We’re not like that! He’s just my childhood friend!」

「Oh, so it’s one-sided love, huh?」

「No, you’re wrong!」

Lynn was desperately denying it, but Benny looked at Lynn’s face and smirked. Lynn left the room to escape from Benny while she read through the letter. It said that something had changed recently, and he was able to live as a Blacksmith.

「This was… made by Relius.」

「Huh? Who made it?」

Benny creeped over once Lynn spoke up, and she hurriedly closed her mouth and shook her head.

「Was that a present from your boyfriend?」

「He’s not my boyfriend! Come on, if you’re listening to what I’m saying, don’t ask me stupid questions!」

「I didn’t even catch his name. Seriously, it looks like fun.」

Benny smirked and started changing into her school uniform. Lynn looked at herself in the mirror and held up the red magic stone necklace. She thanked Relius in her heart.

Then she also changed into her uniform, following Benny who’d already finished. The school’s uniforms were made by a first-class Artisan, so every uniform was thought to have high-performance skills. No one in the world could see the particular skills on an item, so the details were unknown. Still, anything a first-class Artisan made was definitely high-quality.

They’d also been told the Artisan had a talent that could select uniforms with skills that suited the wearer. Lynn, after changing her clothes, checked the new necklace. She could feel a mysterious power from it as it rested against her chest.

「You don’t seem to have a troubled expression anymore.」

「D-did I?」

「Y-yeah, pretty much. As Heroes, we have to be an example to everyone, you know?」

「I don’t want to be an example for anyone, much less be a Hero.」

Even though Lynn was getting used to combat, the same couldn’t be said of her status as a Hero.

「But this is our chance, you know? Isn’t it? We get a special salary just for acting as a Hero, and we’ll even get called to nobles’ banquets! We can aim for a high social status by marrying a nobleman! It’s all about making money, you know. Lots of money!」

「I just want to live a normal life… I don’t care about being a noble or something.」

「You already have a boyfriend, so you’re fine with being normal, but I’m not!」

「He isn’t―!」

「Anyway, I’m going to marry a famous noble and make it come true! I’ll make my parents regret abandoning me!」

Benny’s fighting spirit burned in her eyes. Lynn relaxed, smiling as Benny talked about her dreams while clenching her fists.

「We’re doing a labyrinth survey today, right, Benny?」

「Y-yeah, that’s right. Well, it won’t be a problem for us, will it?」

「Of course not. One of these days, I want to take a request for an expedition, too.」

「Why? Do you miss your hometown?」

「Y-yeah, a little.」

「So, an expedition, huh? I’m sure a round trip to your hometown would take at least a week, right? You can’t expect a request for such a long trip to come easily.」

「Yeah… you’re right.」

Requests are basically made only to those in the immediate vicinity. People only get called from far away if a very powerful monster appears that nearby people can’t handle. In those cases, knights would be dispatched.

The growth of this generation of Heroes was certainly outstanding, but the knights were still better than expected.

「Anyway, I’ll keep leveling up and expanding my capabilities! If I get strong enough, the nobles will be swarming around me like ants!」

「Benny, that’s not exactly the best way of putting it… but leveling up, huh? You’re level 10 now, right?」

「Yep. If I remember right, your level is 12, isn’t it? I’ll catch up to you soon!」

She smiled with one finger raised.

「I won’t lose either, you know?」

「Of course. So, let’s make a game ― whoever hunts more monsters today wins!」

The two grinned at each other, and Lynn held the handle of Excalibur on her waist. The door opened, and another new day as Heroes had begun.




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  1. Benny seems like best girl material. The kind that seems like they don’t care about love till they do. Hopefully she’s a future harem member.


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