Garbage Brave Isekai – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Hierarchy


The curtain was brought down on the contest of patience with the Hyena Wolves by an unexpected thing. At dawn, the six Hyena Wolves that I had weakened (including the first one I fought) were suddenly overcome by fear and ran away. Seeing that, rather than relief, I felt like one crisis was about to be exchanged for another… and sure enough, that’s what happened.


Race : Hell Bear, Level 200
Skills : [Monstrous Strength]  [Strong Body] [Strong Arm] [Roar]  [Charge]
Attributes : HP [A] | MP [G] | STR [A] | INT [E] | AGI [C] | DEX [D] | LUK [E]


My back broke out in a cold sweat just looking at it. Its body was three times the size of the Hyena Wolf, and it was covered in pitch black fur that made it look like the grim reaper.

I climbed even higher up the tree in hopes I wouldn’t be discovered by that monster. However, it had two powerful-sounding skills, [Monstrous Strength] and [Strong Arm]. For some reason, I’m jealous.

I figured this monster was a muscle-brain because of the low [MP] and [INT], but its strength was no joke, and there was quite a big difference in level between us.

Man, this forest really is a terrifying place.

Will I even be able to get away from a monster that strong, after it’s finished devouring the Hyena Wolves I killed, and take revenge on that temple’s shitty old man? No, it’s not even a question, I’ll definitely take my revenge! I’ve decided ― I will survive this horrible place and escape, then get my revenge!

The Hell Bear devoured the three dead Hyena Wolves in about an hour. It has a great appetite. I’ve heard bears gorge themselves before hibernating, but is that actually enough of an appetite to say that’s what it’s preparing for?

Whether the Hell Bear was satisfied with those three Hyena Wolves or not, it loitered around for a while and went somewhere else.

“Phew, I’m saved.”

I don’t think that’s an opponent I can beat. I don’t know if I can flush it away with [Spring Water] either with such a huge body, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll die before I get into the range of [Ignition].

Anyway, I hurried down from the big tree, wanting to get away from there as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there were no other signs of monsters around. I guess they were all in hiding because of that Hell Bear that came by.

I figured the Hell Bear must have been the monster reigning at the top of the food chain in this forest. Hyena Wolves are level 150, but the Hell Bear is level 200, so there’s a 50 level difference between them.

Even if you try to fill the gap with something, it’s not a difference you can easily shrug off… wait, hang on… how was I able to beat that cat monster? [ED: This boy has brain damage]

Also, for me to beat level 150 Hyena Wolves at level 123… level differences in this world are actually kind of confusing, aren’t they?

I hurried onward. It’s not a certainty that the Hell Bear wouldn’t follow me, and those Hyena Wolves could be close by as well. I’d also finally found what I was looking for. When I climbed higher to avoid the Hell Bear earlier, I was able to spot a rocky mountain and a river. So I hurried up and went over there.

I didn’t actually need the river for drinking water anymore, thanks to [Spring Water], but I aimed for it because following it should lead me to some kind of human civilization, like a town or city.

There it is!

My [HP] and [STR] had improved from leveling up, so even if I ran as fast as I could for an hour, I was only breathing a little harder. It was completely unlike when I was in Japan. Leveling up was amazing.

I arrived at the rocky mountain which had previously been hidden by the density of the forest, and stood before the river. It was more like a stream than a river, honestly, but the riverbed was quite wide. Maybe there was a rainy season here, and the riverbed would completely fill up with water?

I don’t want to go through winter in the forest, but I don’t like the rainy season either. I want to go all the way through the forest, with the current climate, and find a place inhabited by humans.

The riverside was hard to walk on because it was filled up with various stones, large and small. The river water looked beautiful, but I wanted to check it with [Detailed Appraisal] just in case.

Ellyn River water (upper region) ⇒ Rainfall in the Great Borf Forest penetrates the ground, gains nutrients, and springs up to form a river. It contains a lot of minerals and is very delicious.

Supposedly it’s very delicious. I scooped some up in my hands and drank it. The appraisal didn’t lie! This water really is delicious! I want to bring some along, but I don’t have a water bottle, and I can’t put it directly in [Material Storage] ― wait, can I?

Stored 10x liters of Ellyn River water (upper region).

That message appeared when I tried it, so it really could… [Material Storage] is super convenient. So I tried to stored a lot of it, to see how much was possible. I stopped at a total of 3,000 liters, after I started getting the feeling that I was taking too much, but I’m really surprised that [Material Storage] wasn’t limited even by this. I’m hoping its storage might actually be infinite.

There was a splash from behind, so I looked back immediately. It was a monkey, about the size of a lower-grade elementary schooler. It had light brown fur, and the skin on its face was a reddish tint. It actually looked just like a Japanese monkey.


Race : Boagnon, Level 140
Skills :  [Throwing]   [Mass Mobilization]   [Scratching] [Plant Magic]
Attributes : HP [C] | MP [C] | STR [C] | INT [C] | AGI [B] | DEX [B] | LUK [E]


It’s a higher level than me, but it’s the lowest level of monster I’ve seen so far. That’s kind of a relief.

Or so I thought.

The Boagnon, still looking at me, suddenly screeched loudly. In an instant, the surrounding tree branches were covered in a swarm of Boagnon. I stepped back upon seeing their numbers were far in excess of just ten or twenty.

“Guh! That’s ridiculous!”

I started running at top speed. There was no way I could deal with so many!

I could hear the pounding of their feet behind me, and more screeching squawks. In my peripheral vision, I could see them getting closer. It was still hard to run in the riverbed, and the worst case scenario was approaching.

I cried out and fell down after taking a painful blow to the back. Apparently those monkeys threw a bunch of rocks at me. That hurt!

One of the monkeys leaped on my back. I tried to knock it off with an elbow, but it easily avoided me while screeching. If I stood up, I’d get hit with a stone again, so I wouldn’t stand up and cover my face with my arms.

A shock ran up my whole arm. In an instant, a common reed-like vine shot through the gaps between stones in the river and tied me down. The phrase [Plant Magic] came to mind.

I was completely bound and surrounded. The only future I could see was my death. Those Boagnons were dancing around my tied up body. Was that some kind of dancing ritual before they eat their prey?

If I wasn’t restrained, the dancing monkeys would be funny, but I could only sweat when thinking about what would happen when they finished. I was in serious trouble. How could I get out of this crisis?

This common reed would burn easily if I used [Ignition], right? Ah, but I have to be ready for it to burn me as well. Will those swarming monkeys be flushed away if I use [Spring Water]? I have to give it a try.


I set the vines on fire.

Ow, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, it hurts, goddammit, it fucking hurts!

Since it’s a plant, it seems to burn up more easily than monsters, but it also burned my own body considerably. The monkeys suddenly stood aside to watch me burn up (restrained by the common reed plants).

Lots of those monkeys expressions looked comical because they were dumbfounded to see this during their dance. I’m burned all over and in a lot of pain, but the best time to attack them was while they were confused!

[Spring Water]!”

A torrent of water surged in all directions around me, sweeping away the addled monkeys. I saw one of them being carried away by the Ellyn River and drowning after my [Spring Water] carried it in.

Looks like these monkeys can’t swim.

I activate [Spring Water] again, since the first time wasn’t enough, and took out some recovery meat from [Material Storage] and popped it into my mouth. The severe pain subsided, but not completely, so I took another piece.

It’s about time to replenish the recovery meat. Fortunately, there was still plenty of meat left from the cat monster.

While I was thinking this, I saw the monkeys looked pretty exhausted already and figured this was a good chance. I dashed to the nearest monkey and activated [Ignition]. The monkey’s face was covered with fire because I activated it at a distance of about one meter.

One after another, I set the monkeys on fire, since they were exhausted from fighting off the torrent of spring water. Some monkeys managed to run away when I approached but I was able to ignite twelve of them.

I got a level up notification when the third monkey died, and again after the eleventh. Twelve monkeys dead. I dismantled them and put them in [Material Storage].

The monkeys that were dismantled splattered into neat piles of fur and meat. Everything except the meat was stored in [Material Storage]. I activated [Cooking] after putting the tasty-looking meat on a flat stone to grill it. It appeared in bite-sized pieces as usual.

Grilled meat of the Forest Monkey ⇒ Do you want to learn the [Plant Magic]  skill?

Ooh! Am I finally becoming a magician!? I jumped for joy and took a bite!

…Ugh, it’s really bad! I did my best to endure it and gulp it down.

You have learned the [Plant Magic] skill.


Hehehe, my hands are throbbing. It reminds me of the good old days… in middle school… Nah, nevermind, they weren’t that good!




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17 thoughts on “Garbage Brave Isekai – Chapter 6

  1. Wait, is the MC that dumb?
    Didn’t he kill the first monster by dismantling it?
    So, why isn’t he doing that on all of them and only using spring water and Ignition?!?!?!?


    1. He killed the first one by going for broke on igniting it’s face only testing if was dead due to the dismantling skill being restricted to dead targets.

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      1. Dismantling works on “anything”.
        The description for the skill says “You can take apart anything you touch!”.
        Does it mention any restriction such as “The target has to be dead”?


      2. No, the first monster truly died by dismantling skill, but the skill can only be used by touching the target


    2. I believe its because the cat thing got close to him and careless to me it seems that dismantle needs him to touch the enemy and touching the nemy when he is surrounded isnt a good idea, hell even if its a single enemy he doesnt have fight skills or experience to deal with something experienced


  2. Wish he would’ve eaten the hyena wolf and gotten it’s “Sense of Smell Enhancement” to go along with the night-vision he got from the cat.
    And if he could eat that bear and get one of it’s strength skills, that’d be nice. The roar would be funnier though.


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