Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 2 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Demon’s Sacred Mountain Dungeon : Part 3


I woke up suddenly, and blinked several times. Is it morning? I thought it might be; I could only let out a wry smile because we were still in the dungeon, so I had no way of knowing if it was morning or night. The safe zone was large enough to set up tents and such, so I must have slept quite well.

I slipped out of the tent while yawning. The Demon’s Sacred Mountain Dungeon was comprised of 25 floors. The exit was marked on the map as having a transfer device to return to the entrance, and an alternate exit leading out to the mountain. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and was getting ready to ― suddenly hearing a soft sound in my ear.

“Hmm? Is anyone awake? …Oh, a shop fairy!”

“Well well, good morning!”

I was still asleep before and didn’t notice it, but apparently a shop fairy had set up right next to our tent. Does she often set up shop next to people’s camps? I answered “Good morning” to her, though I was a little bewildered.

Various items were laid out on a cloth. The basics were equipment, and there seemed to also be various recovery items such as potions, but I can’t afford anything now… Or rather, everything’s too expensive to buy…

“Well well, I have a recommended item for you today!”

“Recommended item?”

While I was looking to see which item it was, the shop fairy said, “Here it is!” and took out a bottle. I understood it was some kind of recovery potion, but I didn’t know its effect.

“Hey, hey, hey! It’s a curse-cleansing potion made from apricot grass!”

“Seriously!? I’ll buy it!!”

Even though I had some apricot grass in my hands right now, I didn’t know if it would be successfully made into a curse-cleansing potion. That’s why I decided to buy it on the spot.

The shop fairy smugly said, “It’s amazing, isn’t it?”

“On top of that, it’s hard to collect apricot grass!”

“Amazing, huh, it really is. I’m so glad I can lift Ren’s curse now…”

“I’m happy that you’re happy! The price is also cheap, only 20 million!!”

“20 mill…ion…”

― that’s too high!! Even keeping in mind that I haven’t done many guild requests these days! That’s right, the reason the shop fairy’s shop is so expensive is basically because it only deals in rare items.

“Isn’t that a little too expensive?”

“Come on, come on, it’s already discounted, you know! Besides, this curse-cleansing potion is only available at my shop!”


It’s hard to be mad when you put it like that. It’s a curse-cleansing potion that the king himself couldn’t get even if he looked for it, so it really must be extremely valuable. While I was wondering what to do, Ruri came out of the tent. “Hiroki, what’s going on… Hmm, what’s that?”

“Well well, what a beautiful young lady! I’m a shop fairy, please take your time to see my shop.” (TLN: The shop fairy was using boku here, is she a boku girl? Well, I still don’t actually know what her gender is supposed to be.)

“Thank you. You’re the fairy we’ve heard about, aren’t you?” Ruri smiled and continued, looking over the products spread over the cloth. “What are you selling, then?”

“I was just recommending this curse-cleansing potion! Any curse will be lifted in no time.”


Ruri gasped in surprise and looked at me. She probably wanted to ask me if we could solve Ren’s curse problem immediately with this potion. I nodded slowly to affirm it.

“I’ll take it!”


Like me, Ruri answered immediately.

“Well well, it will only be 20 million Rico!”

“20 million… in Rico, so that’s about 25 million Lotto.”

Ruri was surprised to hear the price, but surprisingly calm considering the situation. After thinking about it for a moment, she looked a bit dejected, saying, “I’m a little short…”

…A little?

I sighed, wondering just how much she has.

“We’ll just have to earn money somehow. Or maybe we can make money by selling something to the shop fairy?”

“Yeah. If it’s Japanese, it might be worth something…”

We discussed the money in a whisper. There was the possibility that the shop fairy could buy or exchange Japanese goods like we did last time. Since the handkerchief had been enough for a magic bag, Ruri’s hand mirror might have been able to pay for a curse-cleansing potion.

So we showed the shop fairy what we brought from Japan but ― the answer was “No.”

“I think it’s a good item, and it’s also rare, you know.”

I tried to show off Ruri’s hand mirror, but the shop fairy shook her head. “I may have traded you a service for a handkerchief once before, but I still mainly deal in cash. You’ll have to give me something worth a whole lot, or something I really like!”

“I see…”

Apparently, she really liked the handkerchief. I’m still worried looking at the other items, but we don’t seem to have anything valuable enough to exchange for a curse-cleansing potion. I was wondering what to do, but then Ren showed up.

“Whoa, what!?”

The shop fairy greeted him and I explained to him what we were doing.

“It’s amazing that the shop fairy sells the curse-cleansing potion. I really want it for sure, but I don’t have anything on hand right now. Besides, we’re going to the alchemist now, right? So I guess it’s okay to leave it for now.”

“Ren, you…”

He understood the situation and told me that it’s okay to give up for now. We had no choice anyway since we didn’t have the money for it right now, but I was sure this was a difficult decision for him. Ruri and I could only sigh and look at him.

“It’s okay guys! All we have to do now is find the alchemist! If the alchemist can’t make it, I’ll work hard to collect the money to pay for it!”

I nodded at Ren’s suggestion. “Alright…”

“When you put it that way, there’s nothing else we can do. Shop Fairy-san, if we can’t make the curse-cleansing potion, could you sell it to us? We’ll get the money for it next time.”

“Of course.”

Ruri put her hand over her heart in relief when the shop fairy accepted her suggestion.

“Well then, I guess I’m going to close up shop!”

“I’m sorry we couldn’t buy anything this time.”

Ruri was apologetic, but she had no choice since she might need the money next time. The shop fairy quickly put away the goods and carried it in her pack.

“See you later!”

“Yeah, thank you.”

“I’ll be waiting for you to collect the money!”

I waved my hand at the shop fairy who had already left. It was right about that time that Lusha came out of the tent, rubbing her eyes and sleepily asking what happened. I told Lusha that the shop fairy had come, and thought about how I was just explaining the same thing over and over again.


◆ ◆ ◆


We stayed in the dungeon for about two more nights, and finally arrived at the 24th floor’s safe zone. In other words, the next floor was the 25th floor ― the boss floor. We’d mostly seen demon-type monsters so far, and not much aside from that. However, everything came out in massive numbers… we encountered several Monster Houses during this time.

Well, my level went up a lot, too; I’m level 27 now. Still, I hadn’t caught up with Ren and Ruri… mainly because they also leveled up. It’s frustrating that I can’t keep up with them, but it’s better to think of it as increasing the whole party’s level.

While I was leaning against the wall to take a breather, Lusha brought me some water. Unlike me, she still seemed to have plenty of stamina. “We’ve finally come this far, Hiroki. Are you tired?”

“Ah, I’m fine. Thanks, Lusha.”

By the way, Ren and Ruri were also sitting down for a rest a short distance away. Japanese students didn’t have that much stamina, after all…

“Come to think of it, the boss in this dungeon is a skeleton, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. That’s what it says on the map.”

“I’m quite nervous since I never fought one before.”

“Well, If you don’t go this deep in a dungeon like this, you won’t normally come across them.”

They’re not like orcs or goblins, or actually any of the zombie-type monsters that inhabit the depths of dungeons. Those probably prefer dark, humid places.

Lusha laughed. “With this party setup, even a skeleton wouldn’t be a problem!”

“Indeed.” I strongly agreed.

As expected from our wizard, Ruri’s wide area magic attacks are terrifying. Moreover, her magic seems to be infinite; she has yet to run out of magic power at all.

After we rested for a while, we decided to go ahead and challenge the boss.

“Well then, I’ll take a look at the situation for now. [Shield]. [Regeneration].”

I applied all my support skills and looked at the big door which towered in front of me. The height was about five meters, maybe? I gave a gentle push to the jewelry-encrusted door and slowly peeked inside.

As written on the map, there was a skeleton. Dull gray bones with a hollow eyes. The jaw rattled as it moved.

“Hiroki, be careful. If anything happens, I’ll attack right away!”

“I’ll immediately jump in, too.”

“I’ll take a look inside. [Search]”

After being sent off by Lusha, Ren, and Ruri, I set foot in the boss room. Soon the skeleton noticed me and walked up slowly. Because it had a sword in its hand, it would mainly be a physical attacker.

For now, let’s prepare for its attacks and see if I can avoid it.

“Hey, I’ll be your opponent!”

After I provoked it, the skeleton slashed its sword at me while rattling loudly. Three attacks, three misses.

“Phew, that was easy, wasn’t it?”

As I’ve leveled up, my evasion has improved to 110, surpassing even my recovery which was 100. If you exceed 100, you’ll never be hit unless the monster has even higher accuracy.

Another miss. Even if I can avoid it, I can’t fight it alone since my attacks won’t do any damage.

“― Oh.”

I suddenly remembered something. I’ve never tried it before, but when I think about it, this might be worth trying.

“Hiroki, leave that skeleton to me!”

“― [Heal].”

I heard Ren clearly, but I went ahead with my idea anyway. Yeah, I used Heal on it, a recovery skill. I often hear that Healing can deal damage to Undead-type monsters, so I decided to give it a try ― and the result was exactly as I expected.

The skeleton disintegrated into a pile of sand on the spot.

“Huh? Wh-what’s going on?”

“Hiroki, what was that!? Did you just defeat that skeleton…?”

“Whoa, what just happened?”

Ren, Lusha, and Ruri all came in, surprised to see the skeleton turn to dust. It’s only natural that they’re confused because I didn’t consult this idea with them beforehand.

“Sorry about that, I just tried to see if Heal would work on it.”

“S-seriously? Well now I just wish I’d been able to fight it…”

Ren was relieved by my explanation. Lusha looked at me bewildered. “But, in one shot!?” I went ahead and explained to them the idea that undead-type monsters can be damaged with healing skills.

“I’ve never heard anything about using Heal on monsters…”

“Yeah, usually Healers are the type of class that just supports from the rear.”

I might be the only Healer in this world who spends time at the front.

“Well then, let’s keep moving.”

The skeleton’s sword was still intact, so we took it with us to the next room.




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