Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 3 Chapter 3

New chapter today.

ED: Onihikage


Chapter 3 – It’s Time For The Treasure Chest Rush


“It can’t be helped, I completely forgot about them. Lusha, wait for me to move near that wall, and defeat them all afterwards, okay?”

“Okay, got it.”

Because the other party was scared, I moved to the wall along with the demon killer moles. This makes it harder for the monsters to get away from me and attack anyone else, and above all, Lusha’s arrows wouldn’t hit the others even if she missed. Naturally, she won’t shoot behind herself even by accident.

“Alright, it’s okay to attack now.”

The monsters continued missing their attacks, and as soon as I stood by the wall and gave the signal, Lusha started shooting. One arrow hit the mark, but the rest missed. Out of five monsters, only one got hit. We’d probably level up if I could gather a large amount of monsters and hunt endlessly while walking in this dungeon.

It doesn’t look like I have time to sit around, either.

Lusha again drew an arrow and shot it toward the demon killer moles.

“Not yet.”

“Oh, it hit another one!”

She might be in a little better shape now. Another mole was killed by one of the three arrows she fired in this volley. However, if the number of monsters decreases, her effective accuracy will naturally decrease as well.

It took about five minutes to defeat the remaining three killer moles. Of course, each mole was taken out in one hit.

“Phew, it’s done! The party over there seems to be okay, too.”

“Yeah, they are.”

When I saw them after finishing our prey, everyone over there seemed capable of dealing with their prey as well. In that case, there’s no need to stick around any longer to help them. The last thing I did was give them some more support skills.

[Shield] [Heal] [Regeneration]. Alright, it should be fine, now.”


Lusha seemed surprised when I started to leave so quickly after helping the other party. The girl in robes that screamed at me before was also looking at me bewildered. I saw her healing the vanguard, so I was pretty sure she’s in the same healer position as me.

“Alright then, take care.”

Obviously, it’s no good to leave without even saying anything, so I just gave them a standard goodbye. The vanguard, who was still fighting, looked at me in surprise, but she immediately said, “Thank you!” along with the Archer and the magician. Lusha and I went on ahead.

As we walked along leisurely, I asked Lusha something I was wondering about.

“You seemed surprised when I was about to leave, do we usually have to wait until the fight is over?”

“Uh, um… kind of. I think most people would wait. I mean, it’s fine because your heals instantly recover people to full health, but that’s not usually the case.”

“Ah, good point.”

I’d realized something from that explanation. It’s rare for a heal to completely recover injuries like mine does. Usually, we’d need to join up with the other party and defeat all the monsters, then treat them after the battle is over. That’s how things would usually go. The party I just helped would have assumed the same as well.

Lusha chimed in with one more thing. “Also gratitude. Normally, they’d want to thank you and give you something for saving their lives, they wouldn’t expect someone to just help them for almost nothing.”

“Oh, I see…”

Certainly, fighting monsters means risking your life. In fact, the party we just saved was in a situation where it wouldn’t have been surprising if they all died.

In the game I was playing, there was no such thing as… rewarding someone for supporting you. At most, they’d just say thanks for the support. So even if I support a party that is struggling, I don’t expect anything in return.

But maybe Lusha wanted something? If so, I feel like I’ve made an error.

“Hey, should we have tried to get something from them?”

Lusha laughed. “Well, it’s not a big deal. If we were hurting for cash when we helped someone out of such a difficult situation, we’d think about it, but we have nothing to worry about right now.”

“That’s good. It’s just troublesome to wait around to get rewarded anytime we help someone out. I’d rather help secretly and just leave afterward.”

“You’re really an amazing person, aren’t you?”


“Usually people will gloat at least a little after helping someone. To help someone secretly without even giving your name is more selfless than a hero!”

I laughed nervously at that. I’m not such a big-hearted person, I’m actually the kind of person who’d refuse to fight for the king and get thrown in jail.

“But since you’re like that… I’m sure you’ll at least tell me about it.” Still amused, she stopped for a moment to say she was happy. “Hiroki, it looks like we can go to the next floor.”

“Oh, you’re right.”

Lusha shouted, “There won’t be many people from the next floor onwards, so let’s get to the boss room quickly!” I was stunned by her enthusiasm. With more excitement than usual, Lusha and I went straight to the boss room.


◆ ◆ ◆


The boss, a Minimum Skeleton, was quickly defeated by my Heal, and Lusha and I reached the treasure chest room at the bottom of the dungeon.

At the bottom of the dungeon is a room with a boss referred to as the dungeon’s Lord, followed by a treasure chest and a transfer device to return to the surface. By the way, the boss room has an advantageous layout for me that make me possible to pass through it and avoid it without defeating it. Well, I don’t do that because I’m with Lusha now. [ED: Does the author think we’re this forgetful?]

“Hiroki, let’s hurry up and get the treasure chest open!”

“Ah, okay.”

I put my hand on the treasure chest that appeared in front of us and opened it with Lusha. What we found inside was two skill books and some money. The money went straight into my bag, and we shifted our focus to the main subject, the skill books. Gaining new skills was always useful.

“For now, to increase Lusha’s firepower…”

“No, we’ll each use one, Hiroki! You have to increase your skills, too!”

I wanted Lusha to use both of the skill books to increase her firepower, but she rejected it immediately. It’s true that I also want to learn skills, so I’m grateful for that.

“Well, I’ve got one!”

“Oh, I learned one, too.”

Lusha and I look at each other and tell what skills we have learned at the same time.

“I’ve learned Water Arrow!”

“Mine is Safety Circle.”

“Safety… Circle…?”

You can easily tell Lusha’s new skill is basically an arrow made from water, but my skill’s effect is definitely harder to figure out from the name. So I looked at my status to see the description.

“This skill is actually similar to Shield. It might be better to call it a barrier. [Safety Circle]!”

When I used the skill, a circle of light radiated from my feet. This must be the barrier area.

With a radius of about one meter, it seems Lusha and I can enter it without problem.

“Whoa, does that mean you’re invincible while you’re in this light?”

“I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s something like that. It’s like if I recognize you as an ally, you can enter it.”

“Then, I should be able to enter too, right? Oh, I can!”

Lusha entered the Safety Circle in a hurry. And then she looked at me and said, “I want to learn more skills!” Her confident smile was inspiring. Of course! I want more skills too, so I nodded.

And now for the result. It goes without saying that our rush for dungeon treasure chests had begun.

“Hiroki, it’s the demon orc king!”

“I can avoid it without a problem!”

“Oh, this time it’s a cute bunny king!”

“Whoa, I don’t want to kill it, it’s so cute…”

“I’m killing it.”


We were able to gain multiple items and skills while capturing dungeons on the way to the demon king’s castle.

Our spoils after the Earth Dungeon were: Money, magic stones, three skill books, some potions, and some jewels. I had two new skills in total, and Lusha had four, to increase her firepower. I think this will make hunting a lot easier from now on.


Name: Hiroki Sakurai
Level: 34
Occupation: Priest

Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Accuracy: 1
Magic Power: 1
Recovery: 100
Evasion: 140+8 (Equipment)

Skills: [Language Acquisition] [Heal] [Regeneration] [Shield] [Silence] [Mana Search] [Safety Circle]

Mana Search: check the state of the target


Name: Lusha Plum
Level: 36
Occupation: Archer

Attack: 100+17 (Equipment)
Defense: 1
Accuracy: 1
Magic Power: 1
Recovery: 1
Evasion: 1

Skills: [Create Arrow] [Wind Arrow] [Water Arrow] [Fire Arrow] [Earth Arrow] [Enchanted Arrow]


ED: Yes, Lusha’s base attack is now at 100 for some reason. No, it doesn’t make sense. Author’s asleep at the wheel.




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13 thoughts on “Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 3 Chapter 3

    1. In regards to her attack rating, I am guessing it should be around 62+17. This is just trying to apply some kind of sense to the amount of points they get. She went from 33 atk at Lv18 to 51 atk at Lv29. I just guessed that it alternated between 1 and 2 points per level and an additional point at every 10. I have not compared it to all the others. It was just a quick look to see if there was anything close to sense for it.

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  1. Seriously, I can understand Hiroki not investing in strength since it’s not his role to deal damage, nor will a few points would change anything. But when will Lusha invest in accuracy. More accuracy means more hit, so quicker level up.

    She’s already able to one shot most monsters (obviously since she’s over 50), it’s not like the difficulty is only increasing everytimes (unlike games), and having to use 2-3 arrows to kill would be quicker than to shoot 20 times, going she would get 3 hits.

    It’s so such a stupid setting at this point, it’s not funny anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She’s going for the Glass Canon route mixed with a bit of Mighty Glacier. Her attacks when they hit are heading towards nuke level catastrophies, but she hit the problem with any crippling over specialization when mixed with a class that COS isn’t geared towards. (It’s sad that she’s only using a bow because she was an elf. If she had a War Hammer she’d basically be an Elvish Nora Valkyrie.)


    1. It would be nice if we were informed how many points they get on level-up. I did guess work on Lusha’s based on previous growth(lv18 and lv29). If I used the same pattern with Hiroki he would have 91 in evasion. They both have over 40 more points that the pattern I tried accounts for. I may go back and check all the previous levels for both of them to see if I can discern a new one that accounts for the extra growth.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, that’s some nice power-levelling! Mana search and Safety Circle for Hiroki and Water, Fire, Earth and Enchanted Arrow for Lusha! That’s a lot of skills!


  3. It’s been a theory for a while now, but I dont think the author has any set guidelines for stat points. Like experience and levels (s)he just assigns the respective values and calls it good. Either that or is very loosely based on a game they are playing… In any case, I really wish they would start rounding out the characters rather then just making them even more lopsided. At some point they will encounter something that has evasion of it’s own and then they are up shit creek without a paddle. Either that or find someone who can enchant a percentage bonus of one stat going to another. Such as + 1 accuracy for 5 points of attack power.


  4. It is a bit late to find the author’s math weird for ability points, abilities have increased faster at higher levels but when they joined the party with the wizard and the hero, the hero at the same level actually had lower stat totals than the wizard. Also at that point both of them had earned about 70 extra stat points over where they started at, meaning that 30 levels was enough for anyone to hit 50+ in a stat, so there should be no way that mere 50 makes someone an expert like we learned at the start.

    You just have to accept that authors on average don’t think about the math. Some do, but most don’t.


  5. I agree with the translator, this is one of those authors who constantly repeats the same things, or unnecessarily explain the obvious. Whether intentional or not, it gets annoying over time.


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