Garbage Brave Isekai – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – Strolling


I spent the night in Algria. Obviously there’s no way I’d sleep outside, so I rented a room at an inn. The bed I got after so long was uncomfortable, but still much better than sleeping on a branch or inside a hollow tree.

The inn fee was 3,000 Gold, and came with two meals a night. I actually have plenty of money; I don’t know why they gave me such a large sum of money when I was just going to be thrown away, but if I can use it, I’ll use it. Doesn’t mean I’ll be grateful to that shitty old man.

Anyway, I had breakfast at the inn (which wasn’t very delicious) and took a stroll around town. I may have plenty of money now, but if I stay in town, it’ll run out eventually, so I took a walk while looking for a job.

“Hey, Black Mist, even though I talk to you in a whisper, I still think it’s kind of weird, don’t you?”

I sat on the edge of the fountain in the town square, and talked to Black Mist while people-watching.

“If that’s how you feel about it, wouldn’t it be better to get a skill based around mental communication?”

“Mental communication, huh? All right, I’ll try that.”

I activated [Equivalent Exchange] and created the [Telepathy] skill.

I felt my MP being consumed. I once tried to create a skill that would allow me to move around space and time to see if I could go back to my original world, but I immediately fell over after trying it because it consumed all my MP. That was when I remembered the part of the [Detailed Appraisal] description of [Equivalent Exchange] that said I should value my life when using it. If Black Mist hadn’t told me to cancel it, I would have passed out, and I might not be here now.

That was a really hard time. Since then, I hadn’t tried to create any skills, but I figured it would be okay if it was just for [Telepathy].


You have learned the skill [Telepathy].



(Hey, Black Mist, can you hear me?)

“… I can hear you, but it doesn’t make sense if I don’t have a [Telepathy] skill too, right?”

(Guh… in that case I’ll create a skill to grant skills!)

I activated [Equivalent Exchange] again to create a skill that would allow me to grant a skill to another. My MP was consumed for that as well, but I had the sense that it wouldn’t be too much. As you’d expect, I couldn’t finish creating the space-time travel skill because it required a lot of MP, so I needed to think more carefully about how to do it.


You have learned the skill [Grant Skill].


Alright, I immediately activated [Grant Skill] and granted [Telepathy] to Black Mist.

(Oh, I’ve learned the skill!)

(Alright, now we can stop looking like weirdos!)

Now that I could talk to Black Mist with my mind, I decided to look around the stalls that were doing business near the fountain. The area was packed with shops selling a variety of things, from food such as vegetables and meat to weapons such as swords and spears. Now that I mention it, I don’t think I even ate any vegetables in the last few months, except in the lousy meal at the inn that had a little bit in it.

“Hey, young man! Our vegetables are fresh and delicious!”

“Ehh, alright, can I get ten of those red ones and five of those leaf balls?”

“Sure thing. Tomatoes are 50 Gold each, so 500 Gold for ten. Cabbage is 70 gold apiece, so 350 Gold for five. Your total comes out to 850 Gold.”

It’s quite cheap. I took out a silver coin and gave it to the seller while thinking about how the names of vegetables were all the same. When I received the change and the vegetables, I picked up a tomato and took a bite.

“Oh, it’s sweet. Sure is delicious, huh, mister?”

“I’m happy to hear that, these tomatoes came from my brother’s farm!”

The middle-aged vegetable seller stuck out his chest proudly. I’d rather see a beautiful older-sister type do that, not a middle-aged man. I told him I’d like to come back for more sometime, and went to the next store.

This one was a seasoning shop. It had salt, pepper, and various other seasonings, but it was unfortunate that I couldn’t find any Japanese seasonings such as soy sauce or miso. Still, I did purchase the seasonings they had, such as salt and pepper. The seller was a good-looking lady, so I wanted to ask if she had a daughter, but I put up with it.

In a weapon store, I picked up a sword in my hands to inspect it. The swords here were mainly made from iron and steel, and I wasn’t exactly in need of another sword, so I ended up not buying anything. I have Black Mist, anyway ― there won’t be any swords better than her.


Hmm, why did I just hear Black Mist chuckling to herself for some reason?

The last shop was selling grain. Wheat, barley, rye, and other kinds of wheat products such as flour were all on sale.

“Ma’am, do you sell rice?”

“Oh, you know about rice? It’s not easy to get around here, so I don’t sell any. Sorry.”

I asked the shopkeeper about rice (she was a beautiful bunny-eared girl), but as I thought, they don’t have any.

“I think there is one store that sells it.”

“Which one?”

“Sidele’s General Store.”

I bought ten bags of flour and five bags of rye as thanks for the information, and went to Sidele’s General Store.

When I walked down the street that the bunny-eared girl told me about, I felt the presence of someone following me. I didn’t feel anything like killing intent from it, so I ignored it, but who could it be? I walked for a while. The stalker kept following me even after I reached my destination.

“This is Sidele’s General Store, huh? It sure is a big one.”

The store that girl had directed me to was a five-story building, easily twice the size of the other buildings. I headed inside.

“Welcome-nya! To Sidele’s General Store-nya!”

It’s a cat-eared girl! And she’s talking with meows! Between her appearance and ending her sentences with meows, it’s like a shot in the heart!

“What’s wrong-nya?”

“Uh, ah, I… I heard you have rice in this store.”

“Rice, right-nya? Please follow me-nya.”

(What’s with you? Are you falling in love at first sight with that cat girl?)

(Hey! I-i-it’s not like that, I swear!)

(Hahaha, that cat girl is a slave, so maybe you can buy her?)

(Huh? Why do you think she’s… a slave?)

(That’s a slave collar on her neck.)

It’s true that the cat girl was wearing a collar, but was it a slave collar?

“Here you are-nya.”

There were a lot of bags piled up where the cat-eared girl led me.

“This is a long thin variety-nya, and this one is an egg-shaped variety-nya.”

“The long thin one is thai rice… and the egg-shaped variety here is japonica rice!”

“What’s that-nya?”

“Nothing, nevermind… how much is one bag of the egg-shaped variety?”

“6,000 Gold-nya.”

While the flour was 2,000 Gold per bag, the same amount of japonica rice was 6,000 Gold! Triple the price, quite expensive. But I have to buy it!

“Give me ten bags of the egg-shaped one.”

“Thank you-nya!”

“Oh my, thanks for buying so much.”

A dandy guy showed up and spoke to me, all smiles.

“Hmm? Who are you?”

“I’m Sidele, I’m the chairman of Sidele’s General Store.”

“Is there something you want from me, Mr. Chairman?”

“No, not at all, You’ve purchased our rice, so I thought it would be good to greet you personally. By the way, is it your first visit to this store?”

“Yeah, I just arrived in town yesterday.”

“Really? Then I’ll be looking forward to your patronage in the future.”

(I don’t feel any hostility, but be careful of this merchant’s smiling face.)

(Yeah, I know.)

“I’ll come back if the rice is delicious.”

“Certainly, I’ll be waiting. Prill, prepare the goods for this gentleman.”


The cat-eared girl called Prill tries to lift a heavy bag of rice.

“It’s okay, I can take the ten bags from here.”

I activated [Material Storage] and stored the ten bags.

“Oh, you have an item box?”

Item box, huh… that should be a skill with the same function as [Material Storage].

“Something like that. Now, where can I pay for this?”

I followed Sidele and Prill. Prill’s tail was swaying back and forth. Would she get angry if I touched it? I wonder if she’d let me touch it for just a minute.

I got to the counter and laid 60,000 Gold onto it. Well, actually I just put down one gold coin, and they returned with four large silver coins. I guess a large shop like this is wealthy enough to make change for gold coins.




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  1. That equivalent exchange skill is too OP, no limit as long MC has equivalent pay, MC can pull out any skill he can imagine from that *sigh*, this kind of plot will make the MC looks like an idiot if he didn’t take advantage of this skill


    1. If he uses it too often it’ll make the plot boring but if he doesn’t use it often enough then he’ll look dumb. Kind of a double edged sword but it’ll be interesting to see how the author balances it

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    2. My thoughts exactly, I would be at least a little fine with it if he had to pay levels/experience points in exchange for skills and such. But just make a skill that grants skills to others? How about granting that fighting god skill or supremacy skill?


    3. true, he could just exchange it with immortality or godlikeskills. he can even have a new title for his choice. but its fine for me.


  2. Oh.. I’m expecting it to get 18 +..considering its revenge.. it’s not weird if it has a lot or atleast some s*x scenes


      1. What does being harem have to do with it? Just romance wouldn’t also have it … Also i do remember seeing novels that were tagged as R-15 to have some mild descriptions of sex scenes even in harem ones, also i should not forget that Kaifuku(another revenge novel)despite being R-18 on NU it was tagged as R-15 in syosetsu site before it was deleted(i guess its because its getting anime)


      2. I do remember seeing R-15 novel has sex scene but its skipped entirely, I only see some some mild sex scene in novel with one heroine, and its not like it will surely have no scene whatsoever, its just the possibility is small


  3. 1. Make “combines skills” skill
    2. Make “improves skills abilities” skill
    3. Make spatial and temporal skills
    4. Combine #3 using #1
    5. Apply #2 to result of #4
    6. Go nuts

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  4. Thanks for the chapter

    Plot has been changed from light novel Volume 3 and the author says he will discontinue the new chapter of this work.

    If possible please translate light novel


  5. Thanks for the chapter

    to be honest I don’t really like the equivalent exchange skill. Most seemingly omnipotent skill has this vague or convenient to the author type of limitation and it kills future suspense and anticipation since we don’t know what the mc might capable to pull off and we’re already starting to see this, the space magic is no go? well the author can’t just finish the story like that right?


  6. Lol you guys did read that the stronger the skill,the more the equivalent exchange skill takes from his mp right?


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