Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 – Silver Sword


On the third day, just to confirm the results, we set out the bait several times, but there weren’t any more monsters left to touch it. The staff also completed their detection process, and couldn’t find any more Blood Mice.

“N-no way… I didn’t think you’d finish this quickly… Thank you, Relius! You’ve been a great help!”

The staff were overjoyed, shaking my hand repeatedly. I also didn’t think the poison attack would be this effective.

If there was a large outbreak of Blood Mice, I might be able to make a living just from that. If I wanted, I could go around all the cities and only take requests related to the sewers, and I’d still make a decent living.

It’s not bad, but I’ve got a new goal.

“I’ll pay the reward through the guild, it’s just that… you subjugated all of the Blood Mice much earlier than planned. It’ll take a little time to get the reward ready, is that acceptable to you?”

“It’s no problem.”

“Oh, I see, I’ll contact the guild, then. Thank you again!”

I left the management office.

“Ah, it’s finally over. Thanks to you, Relius, I’m going to take a break for a while.”

“You will?”

“Yep. Originally, my assignment for purifying the underground aqueduct was supposed to last about a month, so I can relax until I get my next assignment.”

“I see.”

“It’s all thanks to you. By the way, Relius, you’re going to make me a weapon too, right?”

“Yes. After you talked to the bishop, though?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna ask him, but I’ll tell you later when I have time.”

“Alright. Thank you for everything.”

“Yeah, thanks for your help, too.”

“…One question, what kind of weapon would you like?”

“A sword, maybe?”

“I see.”

Linear-san thought for a moment. “So, next time, is it okay if I come and meet you at the Migratory Bird Inn?”

“Of course.”

When I parted ways with Linear-san, I still had time until nightfall. Let’s just go back to my room for now.

When I went back to my room, I checked my level. Level 20? It must be all the experience points from killing Blood Mice and crafting various things. The newly unlocked equipment material was silver. Because it’s a weapon that can be produced by consuming magic stones, I tried it immediately. At the same time, I created armor. Rubber dragon leather armor.

The primary goal would be to create a sword that can cut this armor. Well, if even an S-rank silver sword isn’t enough to cut it, my present weapon won’t be enough either. However, the old lady said it would be good if I try to combine things together to see what happens.

So I’ll have to try some combinations that I haven’t tried before. First of all, I created an S-rank Silver Sword easily enough. It’s just normal silver, so the durability is just like the swords I’ve been using. I’ve heard that silver magic ore is stronger than steel magic ore, but if it’s only normal silver, it’s not that sturdy.

However, they say that silver is sturdier and easier to process when magic is included. For now, I held the Silver Sword and tried to cut the rubber dragon leather armor, to no avail. The leather armor just stretched as if the sword was blunt. It wouldn’t cut at all, even if I put all my energy into it.

This is amazing.

I want to mass-produce it, but I can only make leather armor since I don’t have rubber dragon materials. For now, I’d try to make a sword by combining the materials I obtained before with the Silver Sword.

Goblin, Red Wolf, Sahuagin and Poison Snake. I tried combining each material with the Silver Sword, but it was no good. As I expected, the sharpness increased the most when I mixed it with the Poison Snake’s fang.

The testing would be more difficult from this point forward. For now, I created a transparent sword. Originally, it was a sword with a transparency skill. I swung it around for a bit, but it didn’t feel that great. It seemed like the sharpness was somewhere between iron and steel.

That’s not good enough. I’m trying to make an even sharper sword. The reason I’m so particular about this is because I’m making weapons for Linear-san. For the first time, I wanted to make a weapon for someone else. It was my first step as a true Blacksmith. I wanted to make a sword worthy of her.

Was there anything I could do now?

Do I really have to defeat new monsters and get new materials?

New monsters. That was about when Val, who was sleeping in the room, woke up. He looked really happy to see me.


No, when I said defeating new monsters, I didn’t mean Val. What I came up with was that grandma was using two or more materials. She also used a little slime liquid.

Can I do that too? Let’s give it a try. I tried combining the Silver Sword with both goblin and the Red Wolf fangs. I have nothing to refer to in regards to making weapons, so I have to follow my own instincts. Soon after, the Silver Sword was completed.


Wolfin Silver Sword [S-Rank]


I swung it around lightly. It’s lighter than a normal silver sword, and I feel like it’s gotten sharper.

So that’s it. By combining multiple materials, I can create a more powerful weapon. In that case, I should add more. I disassembled that sword, and added a Sahuagin material.

However, this time it didn’t create a complete weapon, but a failed sword.

Does that mean I can’t combine three materials? Or is it because my current level is too low?

I tried several times after that, but it seems too difficult to combine three or more materials right now. Nothing I could do; I had to find the best combination of just two materials.

I tried different combinations and gave each sword a few swings. A goblin and sahuagin sword was a little heavier, but it was powerful. Goblin and Poison Snake wasn’t not much different from the Red Wolf sword, but it had a poison attack from the start. Since the poison attack was D-rank, it wasn’t worth much. Wolf and Poison Snake became a lightweight sword, and only added poison attack… it’s probably the worst combo.

So I arrived at a combination of Sahuagin and Red Wolf. That made a lightweight, powerful sword. It had a slight bluish tint, probably because Sahuagin’s scales were blue.

Swinging it lightly, it fit well in my hand. I might also use that for myself now. I gave it a swing at the rubber dragon leather armor. It didn’t cut through it, but for the first time, it was actually able to scratch it. Nothing else until now was even able to do that much.

This is the best sword I can make now.

This sword… it’ll be mine, for now. The next one I make will be Linear-san’s sword.

I made a sword with strong awareness of Linear-san’s capabilities. I repeated it many times, and it was the largest S-rank sword I could make, with no compromises. The reason it wasn’t working is probably because I was trying to combine multiple materials.

The production and disassembly were repeated for about 30 minutes, and finally completed. All that was left was to figure out what kind of skills to give it, and before that, I needed to take a look at my new skills.




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10 thoughts on “Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 54

    1. She seems to be an adventurer before becoming a nun after recieving her divine weapon…you know like the mc who is an adventurer before becoming a blacksmith because of his divine weapon

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  1. Eto,wait a minute! Can anyone explain me ? The level MC is talking about is Blacksmith occupation’s level or evel as in character level??

    Reference- [I checked my level. Level 20? It must be all the experience points from killing Blood Mice and crafting various things. The newly unlocked equipment material was silver. ]

    And if it is former that’s Blacksmith level then does that mean level 20 Blacksmith unlocks him ability to make weapons out of silver!???



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