I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 1 Prologue

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ED: Onihikage




I, Tenjou Yuuya, am being bullied. That’s not a recent development; it’s been that way for a long time… ever since kindergarten. No matter how much I asked them to stop, they’d only find it funnier and escalate things, and no matter how much I told the teacher about it, they wouldn’t help.

On the contrary, they’d even end up saying that I was the one in the wrong.

It would have been fine if I was only mistreated by those guys at school and the teachers…

but I had reached the point that I didn’t even get any affection from my family.

Right after I was born, my parents thought I would be a cute child. After all, I was their firstborn. However, they eventually gave up on those thoughts.

My face only got uglier over time, regardless of what I did. Even though I only ate a normal amount of food, my body got fatter and fatter. I tried to exercise, but my weight continued increasing, as if my own body was ridiculing me. Even though I didn’t change the amount of food I was eating. [ED: Well there’s your problem]

It may be some kind of illness. By the time that thought occurred to me… the affection from my parents was completely gone. The reason was my twin brother and sister had been born.

Unlike me, both of them were beautiful, and my parents showered them with affection.

Their treatment of me completely changed then. The twins would always eat good fresh food, and I’d only get yesterday’s leftovers. Really, leftovers were the best I got, and mostly it was only scraps and things that had expired or soured.

I wasn’t allowed to wash my clothes together with the twins’ because they said the twins’ clothes would get dirty if I washed them together, and my clothes would then go unwashed because it would “only waste the water bill.”

So, since elementary school, I had always washed my clothes by myself using the park drinking fountain.

Speaking of clothes, the twins could buy new ones, but I always wore only tattered clothes. From elementary school to senior high school, my bags were ratty and tattered, but the twins always had brand new stuff.

The twins were one year younger than me, and for these reasons I had to do a lot of things myself since I entered kindergarten. I envied them a lot. I didn’t do anything to deserve this… or did I? No matter how much I tried to appeal to them, my parents didn’t give me the time of day.

Even at times when I thought I might be sick, I wasn’t allowed to see a doctor. I thought of it as a blessing that I was able to eat the bare minimum amount of food, even though the reason was they still cared about their reputation.

But there were still people who were kind to me, as well. My grandfather, who had already passed away, was one of them. He was always traveling around and would come back with peculiar souvenirs, and was rarely home. But when he came back, grandpa always loved me, the ugly kid.

That was the only way in which I got much more affection compared to the twins. Grandpa was considered a freak for flying around the world for so long and collecting only weird stuff, and my parents were prejudiced against him.

When I was in elementary school, my grandpa’s house was close, so I always went out to play there when he was home. Even though my grandpa was incensed at how I was treated, and appealed to the people around me, my appearance and the way people talked about him being a freak caused that to go nowhere. Such a kind grandfather to me… had already died.

“Yuuya, never give up. Look, it’s alright. Even if it’s hard, if you smile, happiness will surely come. Someday, you’ll be able to look back at those people who have done terrible things to you… besides, you still have a long life ahead of you. Don’t be impatient, but move slowly and steadily in the right direction. It’s okay, Yuuya, I know you can do it.”

Those were grandpa’s last words. In his will, he gave me the house where he lived and all of his property. Of course, my parents tried to take it away, but my grandpa had made thorough arrangements, so they failed. But as a result, my parents completely abandoned me.

Well, when you think about it, that result was obvious. So I left home and decided to live in my grandpa’s house. He didn’t have a lot of assets, by any means, and I didn’t receive any money from my parents, but even so, my grandpa did have enough money for me to enter an integrated junior high school and attend senior high school.

Thanks to him, I was able to pay the entrance fee and tuition, but the other living expenses were strict, with only the money that my grandfather had left me, and I lived everyday while working part-time jobs.

And now, if I didn’t go quickly, I would be late for my part-time job, but I was stopped and forcibly taken to the back of the gym. To be perfectly clear about what was going to happen──

“Know your place, you shitty fat-ass!!”


It was group bullying. I was beaten and kicked many times. I could barely breathe, and since I didn’t have any money, I always skipped lunch, so the only thing that came out of my mouth was stomach juices.

After a while, maybe because he got tired of beating me, Takeshi Araki from my class, the main offender of this bullying, grabbed my hair and lifted my face as I was coughing violently.

Araki was the so-called delinquent guy with piercings and blonde hair. He was also wearing a uniform, and was a member of a delinquent group called [Red Ogre], which was active around this high school. I cried out from the way he was handling me.

“Oi, fat-ass. Aren’t you forgetting your place? You’re my sandbag, and I’ll beat my sandbag whenever I want. That’s your role… so why are you going home all of a sudden?”

A sharp knee kicked me directly in the face. Blood was streaming from my nose, and my face was in agony.

“Hey, Araki, do you think maybe you shouldn’t be so hard on his face? If you hurt him there, everyone can see it, you know?”

“It’s fine. No one’s gonna look at this kind of trash.”

“Kyahahaha! But seriously, this is fun!”

Some flashy looking girls took pictures of me with their smartphones. Araki seemed to come up with something as he watched, and a wicked grin spread across his face.

“Oh right, if you’re going to take pictures, why don’t you do it when he’s butt-naked?”

“Oh! How nice! In that case, let’s get more people over here.”

“Great, just message everyone you know.”

“Ugh!? S-sto…”

“Shut your fucking mouth, you piece of shit!”

Once again, a kick landed right in my face. My consciousness grew hazy, and I felt like I could pass out at any moment, but if I did that, I had no idea what might happen. However, I was still helpless to change anything, and the people Araki and the others called had already gathered around.

“Hey hey, you said if I came here, there’d be something fun…”

“I never thought I’d see the face of this garbage here.”

When I managed to look at the cold voice that was suddenly thrown at me, there stood a very similar brother and sister with well-defined faces. Tenjou Youta and Tenjou Sora… in other words, my own brother and sister.

Since they were one year younger than me, whenever we came across each other in middle school, they had reached the point of looking at me with disdain. This would be my first year in high school, and they were in their third year of junior high, but maybe there would eventually be a chance for us to meet.

They normally wouldn’t have any business being here, in the back of this school building, but Araki might have called them over.

“Ah? Youta, do you know him?”

“Yeah, well. I hate to admit it, but he’s sort of my big brother… that’s what it should be.”

“Big brother!? Oi oi, seriously!?” Araki looked at me and laughed. “He looks nothing like you!”

“Well, you know, it’s only a relationship on paper, so I don’t care about him at all.”

“I see I see… Well, that’s fine. Let’s just have fun today.”

By then, nearly 20 people had gathered around, and Araki started stripping me naked. I resisted desperately, and begged him to stop, but after he beat me again, I was completely silenced, and was finally stripped of all my clothes.

Araki laughed triumphantly.

“Oi oi, don’t try to hide it!”

“What a disgusting body!?”

Words of contempt and condescension poured in from my surroundings. With regret and embarrassment, I desperately grit my teeth and endured. Pretty soon, the sound of camera shutters echoed all around, and Araki spoke up.

“Thank you for gathering here today! Well then, time for the closing act!”

He looked at me and made a demented smile.

“Take this, you fat-ass! Hi-ya!”

I was knocked out by a powerful blow to my jaw. By the time I woke up, there was no one around, and the moon was already floating in the sky. When I checked my belongings, they had stolen what little money I had, my textbook was torn up and thrown away, and muddy water had been poured onto my clothes.

I wept bitterly on the spot, so overcome with self-pity that it was painful.

Grandpa. What should I do…?

This… was my daily life.




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45 thoughts on “I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 1 Prologue

  1. Thanks for the chapter

    Man this is the one of the light novel I want to read.

    I hope you also translate light novel of “Garbage Brave”

    Best of luck for this project

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  2. “Even though I didn’t change the amount of food I was eating. [ED: Well there’s your problem]”
    He literally said he was not over eating at the start, and if anything the rest of the prologue shows that he was malnourished and basically starved from neglect.
    Food was not the issue.

    Liked by 8 people

      1. He clearly tried to lose weight, so one would assume he looked up what a standard meal for someone of his age would be.

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      2. I think the point is if he is barely eating then it’s not the amount of food. How about you actually read instead of just being sarcastic.

        Theres actually medical conditions out there exactly like that were even at highschool age they’ll be some 400 pounds while barely eating because of a defect or imbalance.

        Anyway this prologue is ridiculous. They still take care of him cause if their image? If they cared then he wouldnt look homeless or wash his clothes in a park. That made no sense.

        Also said eventually his siblings were born and by then it’s too late. Then suddenly they’re just a year younger and in the same school.

        Author screwed up his very first chapter.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    Seems weird he’d get fat even after exercising and especially after getting restricted to bare minimum. Is there really a disease that can make someone retain weight even after exercising and limiting food? Come to think of it there was an episode on House M.D. where a girl had similar problems so might be due to an illness or condition although should be treatable if find right doctor. Seems except for the grandfather the whole family is scum. Giving him left over scraps that might have expired to eat, worn out clothes, and yet think their reputation won’t suffer due to that? Regretfully most people in society due tend to judge others by looks first, personality second and favoring the word of the pretty/handsome over someone plain or ugly. Had a few teachers who wouldn’t or couldn’t do anything about bullying if weren’t present and favored word of the many over evidence. Hope MC gets his boost soon, it’s literally hell when getting bullied, especially if family doesn’t help or worse joins in the bullying.

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    1. Some people have a fast metabolism and can eat a lot and don’t take any weight.
      At the opposite, some have a slow metabolism and get fat easy. Our MC case is extreme but if your add multiple factor…. He isn’t ill but had a poor constitution.

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    2. Yeaa some ppl are jst like tht no matter wht ya do ya keep the weight.. Lolz I know I’m one of em 😂😂 workin outt will jst pack on muscle which jst addz more weight..

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    3. I believe people who have issues with their thyroids also seem to have a an extremely hard time losing weight.


      1. It’s not a revenge novel but he DOES kinda get his own revenge in a very…novel…way (I read the WN, heh). Can’t believe I just did that, but it was a fitting word, lol.

        Thanks for the prologue~


  4. Thanks for picking up and continuing the story.

    The person doing the WN version haven’t posted anything on it in two weeks, so it’s nice to see someone updating regularly 🙂

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  5. The way his family treated him Is disgusting, the way he gets bullied on the other hand is just plain stupid, it would be easy as hell to get evidence and put these kids in juvi if he actually bothered to try to stop it. Hell, these kids gathered the evidence on themselves. Also, the author acts as if the only one to help him is his grandpa yet he managed to get a part time job? If he was really that repulsive I’m surprised he landed a job at all, even though it’s probably just a back end menial labour job.

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    1. Yea I’m irritated for the same reason!, I’m gonna stick for a while and decide whether to continue or move on…


    2. This is Japan. The victim of bullying will the one arrested if he goes to the police. Yes, their fervent insistence that bullying is not a problem and their attempts to hide it are that bad.


  6. like why are you still taking that shit, take a bat or something and defend yourself, even attacking him from the back is better that taking that shit even in rl.


  7. Y’know, I typically can’t stand the whole “bullied loser gets super OP with no effort” style of isekai, but this is so over-the-top I just have to keep going.


  8. Thanks ofr the translation I readed the translation of the WN I migth have to change to here. Again his parents just disgust me, who treats their own kid like that???


    1. Just know that Japanese have a very different mentality than people from other nations, especially the West. Many things that you consider natural or normal, are actually not even considered as an option in Japan (and several other East-Asian countries) due to the way people are raised since their childhood.


  9. Y’know, his gramps could’ve just sued his parent. No matter how much of a “freak” his grandpa is surely theres one or two people who is friends with his grandpa abroad(The seller of the antics/weird items, fellow collector, enthusiasts of that specific items) or even just acquiantance. And i really hate the Mc’s mentality of not retaliating even if hes being bullied like that, just like a snail hiding in his shell. I dont know if the mc has that much high of a patience or just a complete moron, if he does, kudos to him. And he says he didnt get thinner despite excercising? Surely that fat is more or less gonna get replaced with muscles and add to the fact that he is always made a “punching bag” everday. Im pretty sure your body is gonna adapt to all that beating to cope with the pain you’re feeling. I dont know why this novel is not a revenge type novel seeing as the prologue is so heavy of discrimination and bullying. The author should’ve just strive to get revenge on those who wronged him. If i were him I’d definitely torture those bullies specially the one who made him a punching bag, find some really dark secrets that will destroy his social life, then find some secrets that will tear his family apart- or better yet kidnapped his whole family and made them a punching bag and reenact what hes done to you for how many days/months he made you a punching bag, etc…
    (I know this is sooo dark but it maybe because i’ve been reading too much revenge type novels recently or just my inner twisted personality switched on as i read the prologue that i thought of this.. Maybe the latter..). Anyway im still reading this for a few chapter and see if the mc learns from this lesson and learn to retaliate when necessary. If not then im dropping this novel and not have second thoughts of ever touching it again.
    Im still baffled why this is not a revenge type novel…


  10. Man…. I hope there wouldnt be a lot of EDs or any comments about the story in the middle of reading the other chapters… It really breaks the flow of reading anything for me…


  11. i really dislike this ‘people bully me for no reason’ like man i know that japan is a pretty depressing place but come on, people being this bad is only possible in these kind of novels.


  12. There is a different between bullying and gang violence… just get it recorded secretly and report it to the police.

    You got nothing to loose and the police need to do something about if it is that extreme.


  13. Seriously where is child protective services? What kind of shallow shit-ass parents do u gotta be to hate ur kid cause he’s ugly, like seriously how fucked up in the head do u gotta be to do that? also, like why hasn’t he figured out if he’s going to get hit anyways mind as well hit back? and seriously wtf is up with his bullies man they are so unrealistically cruel. Like these kids must have some issue to enjoy fucking up someone to that level. Like I’ve only hit people I had beef with I have never hit someone simply bc I thought they were loser. Like u really gotta really hate someone to hit’em like that. And to hate someone for no reason or bc u think he’s a loser or ugly is pretty fucked up.


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