Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 3 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Monster House Dungeon (モンハウダンジョン)


No one’s ever captured this dungeon, so we don’t know how many floors there are. However, if it’s difficult enough that no one can clear it, I was originally thinking it wouldn’t be the hierarchical type.

Inside was like a normal cave. Lusha stared into the distance and pointed.

“The monsters in this floor are demon slimes.”

“Looks that way. Let’s go on ahead for now while keeping an eye on the situation.”

The demon slimes came over and attacked me. A normal adventurer might just defeat them and move on at this point. But that’s time-consuming and laborious, so I decided to keep going until I got to the point it would be difficult to keep avoiding them.

Ten, twenty, thirty… I was thinking that there were a lot of them indeed. As we moved on, the numbers increased considerably.

“Lusha, if you please.”

“Hmm, got it.”

Lusha drew five arrows at once and shot them at the demon slimes flocking around me. Since there were around 30 demon slimes, she killed 7 at once; some of the arrows completely penetrated their targets and kept going. Yup, she’s in good shape.

After repeating that several times, we arrived at the stairs leading to the next floor. That distance was maybe a kilometer or less, huh? It doesn’t seem that far.

“Alright, let’s move forward like this. With you around, Hiroki, it seems like there’s no floor we can’t get through.”

“I sure hope so…”

Of course, I wanted to nod in agreement, but I was a little nervous because we didn’t have any information. As we moved on to the next floor, we found a demon goblin. After that was demon orcs. We were able to cope with it with a decent margin since about 20 came out at a time, though there were more than a hundred in total on the entire floor.

That said, it would definitely be tough if we didn’t have the ranged firepower or a party member that can avoid them, like we were doing until now.

To be honest, I’d like to think this is a good hunting ground for leveling up…


◆ ◆ ◆


There were a lot of monsters here, but they weren’t strong by any means, so we cleared them quickly and advanced to the 9th floor. I wondered how many levels there were, but the atmosphere inside the dungeon had changed, and the walls of the cave were gleaming with glowing ore, so it looked like the 10th floor was a boss room.

Lusha said, “Easy win, right?” while walking next to me.

“I don’t think the bosses are going to be that strong at this point. However, it would be pretty painful if there’s more than one.”

“You’re right, it’ll be hard to deal with multiple bosses… I wonder if there really is more than one boss here? It’s true that there were hundreds of demon type monsters on one floor… I wonder what kind of battle is waiting for us…”

“It’s scary just thinking about it.”

The boss room was about the same size as in any dungeon. It was a distance of about 50 meters from the entrance to the exit. If there were a hundred ― no, wait, if there were more than even 30 bosses here, would I be able to hold them off?


When she noticed me thinking silently, Lusha spoke up anxiously. I shook my head, took a deep breath, and looked at her.

“It’s okay. As you’d expect, we don’t have to worry about the quality of the boss increasing all of a sudden.”

“You’re right… Even on the 9th floor, all we found were the same demon orcs and demon killer moles!”

Yup, this will be an easy win! [ED: Flag detected] Lusha smiled when she saw my confidence.

In front of us was a red double door. The tension of the boss room was a dignified feeling, nothing at all like the atmosphere of the previous caves. We looked at each other and opened the door.

Our entire field of vision was filled with gray. Before I could even think, I started shouting.

[Heal] [Heal] [Heal] [Heal] [Heal]!!”

[Create Arrow] [Fire Arrow]!”

A little fewer than a dozen demon skeletons were walking and collapsed on the spot.

“Lusha, as always, don’t get in front of me.”

“I know, but… Hiroki, there’s a hundred of them!?”


―― Right. In front of us was a horde of demon skeletons. The good thing is I was pretty sure I could reduce their numbers before they surrounded us. I put on my Shield and took a step forward. Behind me, Lusha fired several arrows.

The distance between the crumbling demon skeletons and us was roughly 10 meters. If we kept going like this, we’d be able to beat them somehow.

Lusha launched a Fire Arrow again. This skill, as the name suggests, can set fire to an arrow. The advantage is that a small explosion occurs when the arrow hits its target. So if she uses it in this dense area, she can kill all the demon skeletons around the arrow when it hits.

[Heal] [Heal] [Heal]

One skeleton reached me and attacked, a swing and a miss. I used Heal on the ones that Lusha’s arrows couldn’t reach. A few would inevitably attack, but it didn’t matter since they couldn’t hit me. It probably took less than 10 minutes to defeat all the demon skeletons, with both of us attacking them together.

When I turned to look at Lusha, who was still behind me, I noticed she looked very pale.


She was breathing hard.

[Heal] [Regeneration]! Hold on, are you alright!?”

I called out her name in a hurry. She was weak-kneed and out of breath, but apparently there were no wounds on her, and it was unlikely that any demon skeleton attacks could have reached her in the first place. Before I could think about the cause, I heard the answer from the person herself.

“I’m sorry, I’m out of magic… ooh, that doesn’t feel so good…” She said, dropping her bow.

“Oh, you’re out of magic! I see, it’s because you used your skills without stopping.”

“It seems that way…”

Lusha usually only uses Create Arrow, but this time she used Fire Arrow many times in a row. Without a doubt, that’s the reason. I don’t usually care about counting how many times skills are used, so I couldn’t know if she used too many already or how many uses was Lusha’s limit.

When she saw me fretting over it, she laughed. “If I take a little rest, I’ll recover, so I’ll be fine.”

“You’re right. You want to take a break in the treasure chest room?”

“Yup. Thank you.”

I lent my shoulder to Lusha and helped her to the room at the end of the boss room. As expected, there was a treasure chest. But let’s wait to open it until after Lusha’s gotten better.

I prepared a tent and brought Lusha to a futon before I suddenly realized something.

“Isn’t it possible to check her condition with my newly learned skill Mana Search?”

That might give me enough information to figure out how many times she used her skill.



ED: Did he go through the entire dungeon without even testing it?




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