Garbage Brave – Vol 1 Chapter 8 Part 2

New chapter today, this is actually last week’s chapter, but my editor was pretty busy last week, so he can only edit it today. We’re very sorry for the late release.
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ED: Onihikage


Chapter 8 – Part 2


“M-master… about the monster before…?”

“I summoned that monster; his name is Beese.

“S-summoned, you say…”

Since I was finished making Canaan’s new equipment, I made some more equipment while waiting for her to wake up. Meanwhile, I thought a little about how Beese’s appearance was too intimidating for her right now.

“Just think of Beese as my summon and you’ll be fine.”

“I understand!”

“Right, then ― I need to discuss something with you.”

Canaan tilted her head cutely. “What did you want to talk about?”

Come to think of it, I’m spending time in the same room as a pretty girl like Canaan, huh? And every night, she sleeps in the bed next to mine. When I really think about it, isn’t that a situation ripe with potential?

Damn it, I’d never realized any of that! I’m so stupid!

“U-umm, master?”

Oops, my thoughts seem to have fallen into the gutter.

“Do you want to be strong?”

Canaan showing a puzzled expression.

“I’m asking if you want the power to protect your body and yourself from injustice.”

“…Yes! I want it!”

“In order to become stronger, can you endure a level of pain that would make you want to die?”

“Yes, I’ll endure it!”

Canaan’s eyes were burning with determination. If she was that willing, this wouldn’t be a problem. Let’s go do the first-ever real-world power leveling.

“First of all, eat these.”

I pushed the pile of records aside on the desk and laid out some chunks of grilled meat from [Material Storage]. Each piece had a skill to give her.

See, Canaan’s job is Magician, but the only magic she could use at the moment was fire magic. As for her equipment, it could indeed boost [Fire Magic] considerably, but using only [Fire Magic] would hinder her versatility. For that reason, I made her learn [Wind Magic] and [Plant Magic], along with [Iron Wall] to let her call upon a brief moment of invincibility.

“Come on, eat them!”


When Canaan ate the pieces respectively granting [Wind Magic] and [Plant Magic], she was surprised. Perhaps she’d gotten the same notification I had, telling her she’d learned new skills.

However, there was no change in her expression when she ate the [Iron Wall] grilled meat. On the contrary, she seemed confused.


Name: Canaan

Job: Magician, Level 23

Skills: [Fire Magic] [Mana Control] [Mana Boost] [Wind Magic (NEW)] [Plant Magic (NEW)]

Attributes: HP [G] | MP [C] | STR [G] | INT [C] | AGI [E] | DEX [D] | LUK [E]


I looked at her status to see what the issue was, but the third skill, [Iron Wall], wasn’t showing up after she ate the meat for it. Why was that? I had no idea. I didn’t have a single clue why she didn’t get it. In my case, the Skills 2 section appeared, but there was no sign of it when I looked at her status. I don’t know anymore.

Maybe Canaan can’t learn [Iron Wall] because she’s a magician? Speculating, I asked her to eat a piece of meat with [Monstrous Strength] in it. The result was as expected: unfortunately, she couldn’t learn [Monstrous Strength].

I was about to take her equipment out of [Material Storage] when I heard a knock on the door. I nodded and Canaan opened the door to find the feudal lord’s daughter, Alterias, standing there.

I invited Alterias to enter.

“How do you do, Mr. Sumeragi?”

A beautiful girl with fox ears bowed beautifully, her tail gently swaying from side to side. I really want to feel that tail, it looks so soft and fluffy…

“Ah. I’m well, young lady ― how about you?”

“I’d prefer you didn’t call me young lady. Please call me Allie instead.”

“Really? Okay then, Allie. So, what happened today?”

Allie’s tail wagged happily. “I came to invite you to have a cup of tea, how about it?”

I think most men would submit to any request if you pointed such a cute and pleasant smile at them. In fact, the destructive power of that smile might be even stronger because Allie herself isn’t intentionally being coercive.

I’m still unfamiliar with this world’s scheduling customs, but I guess it’s tea time, huh? I didn’t wear a watch in Japan because I could see the time on my smartphone, but my smartphone didn’t come with me when I was summoned into this world. It should have been in my clothes pocket, but my pocket was empty at the time.

I went to Sidele’s General Store in the morning and came right back, and I’d been struggling with that pile of records, so I was moderately thirsty. That’s why I accepted Allie’s invitation.

The tea party wasn’t to be held in the room, but in the mansion’s courtyard, so we went there instead. Since it was winter, I didn’t really want to have tea in the courtyard, where the cold wind could blow, but when I got there, for some reason there was no wind at all, and it was actually pleasantly warm.

Allie chuckled. “This is because of a magic item that’s always adjusted to keep this place warm like in the spring.”

Seriously, it’s amazing that magic items like that exist.

The tea was brought over. A maid wearing a plain apron over a long skirt that wouldn’t be seen in Akiba [1] lined up the tea cups and pastry dishes without a sound. I wonder if I can make Canaan wear an Akiba-maid’s costume… No, no, if I do that, I’ll totally be a pervert! But maybe it’s worth it… Yeah, these are dangerous thoughts.

“Does it suit your taste?”

Allie lifted the saucer with her left hand, enjoying the scent, and then took the cup with her right hand and sipped from it gracefully.

Oooh, I want to be that cup… wait, what!? I don’t think like that!

It was my turn now, but…

“Did you dislike black tea?”

As I stared at the cup, Allie looked at me with a cautious expression.

What should I say… is it better to say the truth outright, or obscure it?

I lifted the cup and took a sip of the tea. The refreshing aroma wafted into my nose. This tea had a refined aroma that cleared one’s head and refreshed the palate. I’d think it was very delicious, if not for the poison.

Well, technically there’s no poison in the tea. The poison is actually applied to the edge of my cup, and isn’t on Allie. I think this is another way I’ve become distant from my humanity. Even without a poison-resistance skill, most poisons won’t work on me, and if I was somehow poisoned, I could detoxify it with any piece of food cooked with [Ultimate Cooking].




(You’re not gonna mention the poison?)

(Is Allie the culprit or the maid? If it’s Allie, it seems like the Count would be involved, but if it’s the maid behind her, wouldn’t it be interesting to find out who’s pulling her strings?)

(How can you tell?)

(I hope I can be sure of it.)

The maid changed her expression slightly, since I was still lively after drinking the black tea. It was only a small change that one would normally miss, but my eyes wouldn’t be fooled. In short, this maid knew about the poison.

On the other hand, Allie was just enjoying the delicious black tea without a care in the world. Her level of poker face would have to be absurdly high if she were the criminal. When the tea party was over and I returned to my room, I called Beese.

“You called, Milord?”

“Yeah, investigate the maid who was with Allie.”

“As you wish, Milord.”

Canaan was pale as she watched Beese’s foggy form vanish. She shouldn’t have blacked out this time.

“Now, Canaan, we got distracted earlier, but I wanted to give you some equipment.”

“This is…”

“This equipment is exclusively for you. We’re going to increase your level, so wear it.”

Canaan wouldn’t have known about this kind of leotard ― no, wait, it’s called the Devilish Bodysuit. She picked it up with a meek face.

“What’s wrong?”

“Do I really have to wear… this?

“You don’t like it?”

“N-no! If Master tells me to wear it, I’ll wear it gladly!”

She took off her dress on the spot. I’m watching, you know!

“Ah, by the way, take your underwear off as well when you wear that bodysuit.”

“Oh, uh, yes!”

She was trying to put the devilish bodysuit on overtop of her underwear, so I pointed out that detail properly. I’m firmly watching everything, so what? I’m already dripping with a nosebleed, so what?

“M-master… your nose is bleeding.”

“O-oh, it’s fine!”

But to force me to bleed! Canaan’s nudity has more destructive power than the Emperor Dragon’s breath!

That full-bodied figure!

Do you envy me, huh? Do you? I won’t let you! It’s mine!

(Are you finally going to vigorously hug her today? Hmm? Do a bit of the old in-out with her? You are, aren’t you?)

(This is why I call you a dirty old man!)

Canaan in a devilish bodysuit is exactly like a devilish woman. Her high-leg fishnet tights are wiping out my entire sense of reason. Those proportions are outstandingly dangerous.

“Master, is this all right?”

She turned around on the spot and showed me her whole body. Now, it’s not too big, and it’s tightened up, but her ass, while not muscular, seems like it’ll shake like jelly… Oh, man, it’s magnificent! (T/N : Kono hentai!!) [ED: Author shoulda let off some steam properly instead of writing this chapter first. What a thirsty MC.]



[1] – Click for information




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  1. “do you seek power?”
    *whisper in kyubey voice

    Thanks for the chapter.
    Dammit, what a lucky bastard he is, freely watching a girl changing clothes. (Since she is his slave, he has right tho)

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    1. Probably not your intent, but you just made me think of cannibalism. What would happen if the MC cut off a chunk of his arm, cooked it, and served it to her? Would she gain cooking skills?

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  2. Ayy dudes a bit of a perv but i can’t say i blame him. Hes been playing solo his whole life and the past like what 6-8 months he’s been cooped up in a literal hellzone forest with a sword that has the personality of a pervy old man (odds are that sword will later take a human appearance and be a total bombshell) so its not like he could even flush the tank before this, so a bit of thirst is honestly not only expected but forgivable.

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  3. Why every mc is a fucking pervert in this kind of stories ? Like dude, you can ask if she want to have sex and move on, making her use that kind of clothes is just deplorable.


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    Reference-[if I do that, I’ll totally be a pervert!]
    [Allie lifted the saucer with her left hand, enjoying the scent, and then took the cup with her right hand and sipped from it gracefully.

    Oooh, I want to be that cup… wait, what!? I don’t think like that!]


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