I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 1 Chapter 3 Part 2

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Chapter 3 Part 2


“Hah… Hah……!”

A girl was running desperately through the forest. However, the pale white dress that the girl is wearing, which can be seen as fine quality by anyone, isn’t suitable for running. Not only that, but the beautiful blonde hair that looks to be extracted from the sunlight has become dirty while running, and now has lost its radiance.

Several people who hid their faces behind a hood were chasing behind such a girl.


The girl was running barefoot in the forest with a bad footing.


However, she stumbled over a tree’s root because of the dress that is unsuitable for running and the forest environment. The mysterious group couldn’t miss that chance and immediately surrounded the girl. The girl realizes that there is no longer to escape, but she sharpened her jade eyes and glares at the group.

“You people! Do you know with whom you’re chasing, I am the first princess of Alceria Kingdom!?”

The mysterious group exchanged glances at the girl’s bullish attitude while sneering.

“Hahahaha! We know that, Lexia Von Alceria.”

“Then why…”

“Why, you said? Saying such a ridiculous thing. As for what reason you’re getting attacked… Should I make you remember with your body?”


The girl ─ Lexia became lost for words at what the assailant said.

“You’re a hindrance, you know. You filthy mixed blood!”

“My blood is not dirty…”

“Don’t talk back!”


One of the mysterious people magically created a mass of soil and shot it at her, who was resolutely appealing. Lexia instantly rolled over the ground, but his magic power was apparently high, and the impact caused more damage than expected.


“Quit stalling for time. It’ll be better if you just obediently die from the beginning…”

“Your escort is pitiful, too, right? As a result of escorting you, they’re getting attacked by us.”

“They were desperate to let you escape, but aren’t those Knights dead by now?”

The mysterious group threw unpleasant words at Lexia, who was crouching in pain. Lexia was the first princess, but she was a child born between the present King and a concubine ─ a slave. More to say, her mother was not a “Human”. She was a “High-Elf” which has even better appearance among the excellent appearance of an “Elf”. The King fell in love at the first sight with such a High-Elf slave and loved her as a concubine, and before long, Lexia was born.

However, soon after giving birth to Lexia, her mother died. The king was very sad and raised Lexia with a worthy of care. But one day, an incident occurred. High-Elf who originally possessed high magic and Lexia even as a Half-Human inherited their excellent appearance and magic, and one day her magical power went out of control. As a result, the first prince who was nearby was seriously injured.

Fortunately, there were no after-effects left, and he had been healed completely, but… Lexia was alienated by the queen, the mother of the first prince, and the nobles which on the first prince faction. Due to her origin of birth, she has been subjected to various types of harassment behind the King’s back.

“U… Uhh…”.

She’s grateful to her mother for giving birth to her, and she doesn’t have a grudge against her father. However, the surroundings attack such a Lexia mercilessly. Even if she’s from the royal family, it will become misfortune depending on the circumstances. Lexia had been desperately living before such an unavoidable reality, but now she is about to be killed like this, she looks back on her life and tears fall involuntarily.

If she had lived a more normal life… Yes, she had thought about it.

“Now, it will be silly to have an idle-talk and be attacked by monsters. Go die quickly.”

Lexia could only sob, muffling her voice in this very miserable and helpless situation. One of the men of the mysterious group tried to shoot his magic mercilessly toward Lexia ─ it was at that moment.


“What!? Goblin General!?”

Suddenly, a monster attacked the mysterious group. With dark brown skin and golden eyes like those of reptiles. Bulging muscles, with a height as tall as an adult man, and wore a fine-quality armor on its body which gave off a very intimidating aura. Gushing nasal breath from its big aquiline nose, and then released a strong swing from its giant sword that was as tall as itself. The blow was tremendous, and the mysterious group that tried to unleash their magic at the Goblin General turned into a mass of meat in front of its giant sword.

The mysterious group cried miserably.

Those who were about to kill Lexia were killed in an instant. Lexia’s expression was tinged with fear by that fact, and she tried to run away in a hurry, but she doesn’t have the strength to move her legs. While she was unable to move, the Goblin General had already annihilated the mysterious group with its overwhelming power. A large amount of blood and pieces of flesh were scattered all over the area, and the goblin general was covered in blood.

─ It was an absolute being that cannot be denied.

Before that, Lexia’s body has given up the will to live despite her intentions. No matter how much she tried to escape, her body won’t listen at all. After it finished the slaughtering of those mysterious group, the Goblin General turned its eyes to Lexia, who was tinged with fear and despair. She was shot by a sharp glance, and finally, even her will to live was lost.


The Goblin General calmly approached the stunned Lexia. And when it arrived in front of Lexia, it lifted up its giant sword.

The Goblin General roared.




She will die here without any suffering. With murky thoughts of death, she watched the sword that slaughtered the mysterious group.



Suddenly, something flew toward the Goblin General. However, the Goblin General sensed it just before the flying object collided, and prevented it with the giant sword which had been swung up before. But it wasn’t the only attack. Further impacts striking the giant sword which had prevented the flying object. The impact is tremendous, and even the goblin general who possessed a strong body can’t endure it and is greatly blown away. The Goblin General turned its gaze which was been filled with anger to the new intruder as it regained its posture.

The Goblin General cried furiously.

And when Lexia turned her gaze in the same direction as the Goblin General ─.

“Are you alright?”

She found out an elegant young man rushed over in a hurry, with glossy black hair and eyes that reminiscent of the night sky, which somehow brought up an atmosphere of a foreign country. Despite the desperate situation, Lexia for some reason felt a bit reassured the moment she saw the young man. Thus, because of that feeling of security, her thread of the tension has broken, and she fainted on the spot.




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32 thoughts on “I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 1 Chapter 3 Part 2

    1. Might not actually be the first. Remember the girl he saved in the ally? $5 says she will make a reappearance.

      As far as the princess’s appearance, I’m kinda surprised she does not have slightly pointed ears like most other descriptions of half-elf’s.

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      1. I have read one novel “Magic Stone Gourmet” where there is a character who is a pure elf but have a human like appearance which tells us that it’s not necessary to always have a racial appearance

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  1. ..ohh man. If only the translation is fast to prevent me from going out the house…too bad i cant donate for fast translation…but thanks for letting me leech. Kekeke

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  2. Thanks to DarbBlazeWolf for taking the editor role! Lexia, I think I knew a girl who has the same name in my class in year 6…


  3. [The Goblin General calmly approached the stunned Lexia. And when it arrived in front of Lexia, it lifted up its giant sword.
    The Goblin General roared.]

    and Lexia died.

    no nobles, no getting involved in clichés


  4. This is such a crappy story. Shit that makes no sense left and right from chapter 1.

    Why the hell are they in the middle of a damn forest in the forst place filled with monsters lv100+ that can instant wipe them? The lowest so far a lv120 Goblin Elite?

    The attackers handled her guards easily yet the monsters handled them easily. Its supreme idiocy for them to even have been there.


    1. she happened to be near by the forest when she and her knights were attacked, and she then ran into forest to escape (not caring about the danger, just hoping to get away, and probably hoping the attackers wouldn’t follow her into the forest – im guessing she was also hoping that she didn’t run into any monsters)
      i mean she was hoping for a lot, but it is not completely unreasonable – im also guessing that for some reason or another, the likelihood of encountering monsters is smaller the closer to the edge of the forest you are, and for the same reason that the edges have less monsters, the monsters also don’t really ever leave the forest
      maybe its saturated magic power or something

      also, the attackers got them by surprise, and we don’t actually know for a fact what the situation with her guards is – they could have just been outnumbered, and they told her to run because they could not both fight and protect her (or smth) but they ended up wiping out the attackers and might be on the way to save the princess

      these are all possibilities, but there is no reason that your first assumption is correct, so before getting hostile and complaining why don’t you think a little and, to quote a famous detective, “use your little grey cells”


    2. There could be any number of reasons, she might have been chased into Fangorn forest by Orcs… wait wrong story. If the caravan/carriage was passing nearby the forest on the way to somewhere else and was ambushed, she may have been forced to flee into the forest. Not the smartest move, but probably her only option.

      We actually do not know if her guards had been handled ‘easily’ at this point. They’ve been engaged, that’s all we know. One theory at this point is that there were two groups, one to ambush the escorts and distract them and another to pursue the Princess.


  5. Wow talk about a 180 for the translation. I think Google translate + a fluent English speaker would have produced better results…


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