I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 1 Chapter 3 Part 3

New chapter today.

Translator: NyX
Editor: DarkBlazeWolf


Chapter 3 Part 3


A few days after fighting the Goblin Elite. my exploration has progressed considerably, and after getting some useful skills along the way, I don’t need to put any marks to lead back home anymore. In addition to new skills, fighting against new monsters has also improved my levels and combat skills. I cashed in on the items I got and got a good amount of money from it.

And so, this is my current status;


[Tenjou Yuuya]

Occupation: None
Level: 200

Magic: 5000
Attack: 7000
Defense: 7000
Agility: 7000
Intelligence: 4500
Luck: 7500

BP: 0

Skills: [Appraisal] [Endurance] [Item Box] [Language Comprehension] [True Martial Art: 4] [Presence Detection] [Fast Reading] [Cooking: 3] [Map] [Dodge] [Weakness Detection] [Assimilation]

Title: [Master of The Door] [Master of The House] [Otherworlder] [Person Who Visited A Different World For The First Time]


I grew up more than I expected and was experiencing severe pain while I was sleeping, but recently I’ve gotten used to it… or rather, it seems that the severe pain and the noises are gone. I guess it seems the structure of my body is already complete, huh? It means there’s no way to remodel anymore. But still, my physical strength is obviously increasing, so it’s probably hasn’t stopped growing completely yet, well, I don’t actually care about it. I’m happy as long as it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Also, these are the effect of the new skills;


[Map] :: It will show you the map for places you’ve visited once.

[Dodge] :: It’s easier to avoid the opponent’s attack.

[Weakness Detection] :: Find out your opponent’s weaknesses.

[Assimilation] :: It allows you to become one with nature to erase your presence and magic signature.


All of them are useful skills, especially thanks to the [Map], my exploration has become much easier. [Dodge] has somehow made me understand the timing of the enemy attack, and [Weakness Detection] make me know the point where I can give a great deal of damage to my opponent. [Assimilation] is very useful and helpful if I need to hide while scoping out the state of the monsters, and I mastered these in only a short amount of time.

It’s a great skill for me who had no fighting experience, and thanks to these, I’ve been able to fight from the front these days. Also, the drop items that I obtained from the battle were all worth 10 million yen, gotten from [Money Conversion], I managed it all in the [Item Box]. I don’t have a PC or anything, but I think it’ll be useful so I wanted to buy one.

Anyway, my high school life has almost started. In other words, those hellish days will be started again. Above all, it’ll be very hard for me since it’ll limit my time to enjoy this unknown world. Of course, I also need to study, but going to school is still only a pain for me.

Sigh… Let’s put it aside. I don’t want to think about school since I’m in a fun place now…”

I know it’s just escapism, but I have to leave anything about school out of my head now. Exploring this different world has become my daily routine. This routine will continue until high school begins.

I hold the [Absolute Spear] in my hand now, but in these past few days, I also fight with other weapons or bare hands, and if you ask me why I keep holding the spear is simply because handling the spear is suitable for my character. Though I often use [Omni-Sword] as well.

I wandered through the forest for a while now, but no monsters came out in particular. Nevertheless, I also appraised the strange mushrooms and nuts along the way and threw them into the [Item Box]. Sometimes I also cashed it in, and depending on the effects, I also ate it at home. I can choose the thing that I want to cash in, that’s why I can also take it back to Earth.

In a sense, this different worlds were food storage for me. By the way, I tried to eat the [High-Grade Pig Man’s Meat] that I got when I defeated a bipedal pig monster called [Orc Elite], it was very delicious. There’s no problem to eat it according to appraisal anyway. That’s why the drop item also becomes my food and financial source. I was glad that I didn’t have to go shopping outside thanks to it. I don’t want to waste my time to go outside, after all.

And then, as I was walking through the forest while collecting things, I heard some violent noises.

“What is that?”

I was surprised by the loud sound and impact, so I proceeded in that direction carefully.


What came into my view was a monster which more prominent than the Goblin Elite, it stood covered in blood. When I looked closely, there are scattered things like meat around the goblin that I don’t know what meat it is. I lost my words involuntarily looking at this tragedy, but I quickly returned my mind and activated [Appraisal].


[Goblin General]

Level: 200

Magic: 1000
Attack: 9000
Defense: 3000
Agility: 500
Intelligence: 500
Luck: 100


It seems to be the general after the elite. And it’s a monster I that haven’t seen yet in these past few days. Anyway, my status balance is better than it, but its attack power is dangerous.

… I don’t know what caused it to rampage like that, but I think it’s better to just wait-and-see. I want to fight against a monster who has a little more status and gain more fighting experience. So I decided to leave quietly.



I saw a girl about the same age as me sitting in the direction of the Goblin General. She’s wearing a dress that looks like somehow from good quality, and I’m not sure why she is in the forest like this, but anyway, she’s the first person I’ve ever met in this world. I was supposed to be happy, but not in this situation.

When the Goblin General lifted its sword, I threw the [Absolute Spear] that I had in my hand.



The Goblin General instantly noticed it and prevented it with the sword it had waved at a tremendous speed. I run with all my might in that opportunity, I put my whole weight in my leg and leaped into the Goblin General’s sword.



The Goblin General flew away greatly because of my blow from full speed. After landed, I approached the girl while collecting [Absolute Spear] that came back to my hand.

“── Are you alright?”

The moment I called her, she looked at me and looked surprised, and then she fell as if her thread had broken.

“Hey, hey, hey!”

Is she dead!? I was impatient, but when I looked again, she’s still breathing, so she just fainted it seems. While relieved, I felt a tremendous sense of intimidation, and I quickly turned my eyes at that direction. The Goblin General is staring at me furiously.

I held the [Absolute Spear] back and faced the Goblin General. We set up our weapons to each other and look for a chance to attack. However, there seemed to be no gap in the Goblin General from my view, and I didn’t seem to give any chance as well, and it seemed as though we didn’t know how to attack each other.

The Goblin General roared. It finally lost its temper and the ground was crushed from the force of its step and dragged its huge sword from the side. When I saw the attack, my instinct told me that it can’t be prevented, and then I held the girl who was lying down in a hurry, and took a great distance. I put the girl down, and then attacked the Goblin General immediately.



But the Goblin General took my blow easily. And then reacting from that state, it swung its sword with a power that can blow away my very existence.


I was sent flying by that power. But I managed to regain my posture in the air as I was about to hit the trees, and landed on the tree where I was blown.

“That was dangerous, hey…”

Cold sweat was flowing involuntarily on my body after feeling the power of the Goblin General. It only has a high attack power, and honestly, I will definitely lose even if I fight it foolishly. The only way to win is to give it a sudden blow somehow. Fortunately, I have a better status except for my attack. I have to take advantage of this status and my weapon as well.

I immediately made the tree as a foothold and charged toward the Goblin General. It tried to cut me off with its huge sword, and swing it at the timing when I approached like a baseball batter. If I just stick like this, I will definitely die. And when I almost bumped into the Goblin General’s sword, I thrust my [Absolute Spear] to the ground.


The Goblin General’s sword swung in the air as I stopped suddenly. I jumped up vigorously as I thrust the [Absolute Spear] in a way like a pole vault. As I moved past the Goblin General, I took out the [Formless Bow] from the [Item Box] and shot several of an invisible arrow.

However, the Goblin General, who sensed the attack, swung up its huge sword in the empty air and prevented the arrow. But, in that chance, I landed on a tree and threw the [Absolute Spear] that just returned to my hand toward the Goblin General.


The Goblin General prevented even the attack in a difficult position. But that was not my only attack. At the same time as throwing the [Absolute Spear], I leaped toward the Goblin General with the tree as a foothold while holding the [Omni-Sword] in my right hand.


The Goblin General, who finally noticed me, is desperately trying to prevent me.

“It’s too late…”

The Goblin General squealed in agony. I cut its body in half with the same momentum. It slowly falls, and then becomes a particle of light and disappeared. After confirming that, I turned my eyes to the girl who was still blacking out.

“What should I do with her…?”

A message appeared in front of me who is seriously confused with this situation.


Level Up


Ah, yeah.


 * * *


For the time being, I quickly collect the Goblin General drop items and then approached the girl. The girl was dressed in high-quality clothes that weren’t really suitable for a place like this. It’s also my first time to see such pure clothes. When I was seriously thinking about what to do, I suddenly felt the presence of someone approaching.

“─ Ma! ── Lexia-sama!”

I can hear human voices as the presence approaching.

I mean, Lexia-sama… is this girl?

Thinking about it, I looked around for a moment and remembered that there was a rather grotesque scene, such as blood and pieces of meat. … yes, I’m feeling sick to see it, but it’s not enough to make me vomit. However, if I meet those who are looking for this girl in such a scene, I can tell that it will become a misunderstanding…

… Should I just hide?

I hurriedly hid in the nearby bushes and activated my skill [Assimilation].

As soon as I did, some swordsman-like soldiers appeared. While everyone was wearing a similar armor, a middle-aged man wearing a black cloak from the top of his armor was speechless to see the surrounding scenery.

“Th-this is…!”

After all, it was correct not to meet these people in this spectacle. Well, I know that I’m not normal anymore anyway. The soldiers that were searching finally noticed the girl fainted at the base of a nearby tree.


The soldiers rushed to her to check her safety. One of the soldiers muttered something, then emitted a pale white light from his right hand and applied it to the girl’s body.

Huh… is that magic!? Whoaa, amazing!

As I was excited to see the magic, the soldiers sighed as if they were relieved from the bottom of their hearts.

“Now that I’ve used recovery magic, the wounds have been healed. It seems like she’s just fainted now.”

“Haaahh… I felt relieved it was only a minor injury…”

After confirming her safety, the soldiers were relieved, then gently lifted her and stood up while being careful of the surrounding.

“… I’m curious about what happened here, but it’s bad to stay here for a long time. Let’s go back for now.”


Everyone replied to the middle-aged knight’s words and quickly walked away from the place. After confirming it, I then take a breather.

“Phew… I was wondering what to do before, but now I’m glad it was solved it safely…”

I was pretty confused, but this was my first encounter with someone from another world… even though I couldn’t talk with them.




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24 thoughts on “I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 1 Chapter 3 Part 3

    1. Yeah, It’s quite sad when they just make the MC OP since the beginning, it makes the battles way too boring/inexistent.


    2. I think he is already OP. The goblin general is weaker than that red Orc he first killed.

      The assassins were strong enough to fight and delay the princess’s knights. But they still got annihilated in one shot. So you can understand the level of OP goblin general was. The knights probably wouldn’t have been able to fight it. Even the princess thought it was invincible. Sure, it’s attack was high compared to others, but it’s still very powerful overall. So I’d reckon MC is pretty OP at this point, he just doesn’t have battle experience yet.

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      1. he was only able to kill the first orc because of it can’t trespass the area which is a big plus for him. although his stats are admirable, his combat experience is still close to nil. which is why he is op but also inexperienced in using his power

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  1. [but going to school is still only a pain for me.]
    Like… transfer to another school? Transfer to a private school? Money isn’t a problem for you anymore right?
    Also, shouldn’t the door also offer to convert money of the “otherworld” too?


    1. He can’t simply transfer to an elite school after the school season started especially when these kinds of schools have all their slots filled by admitted students. And ahead of him there are waiting lists of applicants who have already qualified via preliminary vetting. And if he is bullied by both students and teachers at his old school, his grades won’t be in the top ranks.

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  2. So in like the first chapter with 1 atk stats he can one shot a bloody ogre that has higher defense AND was blocking the attack with its weapon and that’s muscles are extremely strong armor just be throwing it. But now with 7000 atk power and skills his spear gets brushed aside by just a regular sword with the element of surprise?? Not to mention the goblin only has 500 agi but can still block his attacks in time when he has 7000 agi? Talk about EXTREMELY inconsistent power scaling

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    1. You got that right Papi, thats why I pretty much disconnected my brain while reading this and seriously I won’t be sad if I stop just reading this.


  3. “I don’t want to waste my time to go outside, after all.”
    interesting so roam forest in another world not going outside?
    i wish author not put how much he earn, just say mc earn money to suffice his life. i know this is just fiction but still compared with myself..


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