Garbage Brave – Vol 1 Chapter 8 Part 5

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Chapter 8 Part 5


I remember there were skills Canaan couldn’t learn even when she ate the grilled meat yesterday, so this time I’m going to give her a skill with [Skill Grant], and try to apply it to her while she’s still sleeping.

I tried to give her the same [Iron Wall] skill as the grilled meat yesterday. I activated [Skill Grant] successfully, but the following message appeared:


The target does not have the nature to learn the skill [Iron Wall].


I think I understand the mechanic now. For a person to learn skills also requires them to have an appropriate nature for it. Since Canaan is a [Magician], I can kind of understand that she doesn’t have the nature to learn [Iron Wall] since it’s likely to be related to HP or a durability system. Or perhaps, the current Canaan might not be able to learn [Iron Wall] because her HP is still at C.

But what about me, then? There were certainly skills I couldn’t learn personally, but I could still learn both magic and muscle brain skills. Special skills were one thing, but I didn’t understand why Canaan couldn’t learn [Iron Wall] when I, a mere [Chef], could.

I just couldn’t understand it, but there was nothing I could do about it. There would come a time when I would understand it, or maybe that time would never come. I was not a smart man, so it was a waste of time to keep worrying about it.

So, let’s make the rice balls to sell to Sidele. Yesterday, I was collecting information until midnight, so I went to bed before making the rice balls. I took out the meat, salt, rice, and water from the Ellyn River out of [Material Storage] for the ingredients and activated [Ultimate Cooking].

I needed a lot of ingredients since there were 100 pieces to make, but with [Ultimate Cooking], they could all be processed at once. 20x HP rice balls, 20x MP rice balls, 20x STR rice balls, 10x INT rice balls, 20x AGI rice balls, and 10x DEX rice balls.

I haven’t cooked with a kitchen knife or frying pan lately. Even if I had those, I still couldn’t use them without a stove or oven. I might be able to borrow the mansion’s kitchen, but I think it’s better not to, since that might get poisoned as well. If I can’t go back to my original world, I’ll just build a house in this world someday, and install my favorite cookware.

Since I’d made a hundred rice balls, it was time to wake Canaan.

“Hey, wake up.”

“Give me ten more minutes…” she mumbled, before her breaths returned to a sleeping pace. I tried shaking her shoulder, but it had no effect. So yeah, it couldn’t be helped, it really couldn’t, but I picked up Canaan in my arms and dropped her gently on the floor. She grunted on impact.

It seemed as if Canaan had a new favorite way of waking up. As she looked at me with tears in her eyes while rubbing her ass, I couldn’t help thinking how cute she was. Yes, she was adorable.

“It’s almost time for our meeting with Sidele. Go change your clothes quickly and have breakfast.”

“Ah, yes, right away!”

Canaan’s meal, consisting of eggs sunny-side-up, crispy bacon, bread, and milk that looked like cow’s milk, was eaten in the blink of an eye. I prepared a three-course breakfast for that gluttonous girl, but it was gone in no time. As expected. Is there a big eating competition somewhere? Canaan could probably win, right?

“Master, I’ve finished eating!”

Canaan gave me a big smile, with bread crumbs still stuck around her mouth. It’s cute, but for some reason it’s also disappointing.

Sidele greeted me politely. “I’ve been waiting for you, Sumeragi-sama.”

“Sorry for being late.”

“No, you’re still on time.”

Canaan looked a little uncomfortable next to me. I handed him a hundred rice balls, and got half the selling price as payment. Honestly, I was pretty rich already. I got 10 million Gold as a reward for helping Allie, 5 million Gold for investigating Dolce’s murder, and from today onwards, 1 million Gold every day for thirty days. That was a lot of cash going into my pockets.

“Alright then, I’m going to sell it to the Adventurer’s Guild immediately! Please, be ready with more tomorrow as well, Sumeragi-sama.”

“Yeah, I will.”

He seemed busy, and disappeared into the inside of the store. Just like last time we went to Sidele’s store, there were people stalking us. Three of them, of lower quality than the stalker sent by the Count.

They had the same stealth ability as the ones who donated money to me before, so they were probably sent by Dokum. I wasn’t concerned after I took a glance from the corner of my eye; they were just the same stalker.

Let’s just take a walk through Algria town today.

“Canaan, I’d like you to show me around the town. You can go anywhere, just show me some variety.”


The first thing Canaan guided me to was a weapon shop. When I asked why, she said the owner had treated her well before. As proof, the owner of the weapon shop lamented that Canaan had become a slave, but was pleased that she was doing well.

Next was the armor shop next door, because it was right there already. After that, we headed to a shop that sold magic items and other shops that sold potions.

“Hey, Canaan.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“I’m not an adventurer or a mercenary, so can you show me other shops and any interesting places in town?”

“My apologies!”

“You don’t have to apologize. I’m the one who left it up to you, after all.”


“Oh yeah, can you take me to a clothing store next?”

“Yes, got it!”

We walked around town with that goal in mind.

In Earth’s middle ages, manure was left all over town, and it must have been quite unsanitary, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. There were sometimes traces of animal dung pulled by wagons, but it was removed immediately. That’s good, since manure is also a source of plagues.

When I entered the side street guided by Canaan, there was movement from the stalker. It looked like they were going to attack us.

“Canaan, hold on for a second.”


Since Canaan’s presence detection skill was [Mana Presence], she apparently couldn’t feel the hostility from those people.

“There are those with hostility towards us coming around the corner soon. I’ll leave them to you, but don’t kill them.”

“Uh, me?”

“Shouldn’t it be easy at your level?”

“Oh, you’re right…”

Neutralizing that small-fry after her limit break yesterday would be a trivial task. Let’s see how she handles it.

Three men appeared around the corner. All of them were beastmen and looked rough. When they saw me and Canaan, they approached us, laughing wickedly.

“I have no grudge against you, but I need you to die here!”

A cat-type man pulled a dagger out of his bosom and tried to stab me, but before he could, Canaan activated [Plant Magic] and restrained him. She didn’t have much time, so she started chanting after I said I’d leave it to her. However, if she’s still chanting, that still isn’t good enough.

If she can’t activate magic without chanting, she won’t be able to respond instantaneously. I don’t know if she can break or nullify chants, but she has to learn it, since I can’t always protect her, she can’t be held back by this limitation forever.

“Hey!” The cat-type beastman clicked his tongue and shouted at Canaan. Since that one was detained, the two behind him moved up. The dog-type beastman seemed to be their leader, and he gave instructions to a raccoon like beastman, who began chanting to activate his magic.

When they began chanting, the leader approached from the side of the detained cat beastman, pointing the sword in his hand at Canaan. She swiftly knocked his sword aside with her staff, and the dog beastman staggered greatly from the impact.

The dog beastman opened his eyes and was astonished by the force of the blow from a magician. However, Canaan’s staff catches his flank as a result, knocking him away into the side of the building, where he fainted.

Canaan was surprised by her level of strength being enough to blow away an adult beastman, and gave the enemy an opportunity to attack. The restrained cat beastman threw his dagger at Canaan, and it hit her right in the chest.

The restrained cat beastman grinned and started to laugh, before giving way to a look of surprise.

“Did… did it… miss?”

Canaan seems to think the dagger should have pierced her chest, but attacks from these three people aren’t powerful enough to penetrate the equipment I created.

“Let’s finish this quickly,” I complained. It shouldn’t take long, given her current ability.


Canaan shot a lump of fist-sized soil into the cat beastman’s stomach, and he fainted, his eyes rolling back in his head. At the same time, the raccoon-like beastman shots a wind blade toward us.

Since Canaan had just used magic, there was no way to prevent the wind blade with her own magic, so she moved in front of me and made a defensive posture, taking the wind blade head-on.

“I did it!”

The raccoon beastman assumed at first that he’d taken us down, and pumped his fist in victory. Of course, it goes without saying that Canaan actually wasn’t hurt at all. She then shot a fireball at the raccoon beastman who just started chanting more magic.

The fireball ignited his tail, and he tried to put it out in a panic, but Canaan approached in that opening and smacked him in the head with her staff, knocking him out. To be frank, I want her to be even smarter about things, since I know she has the ability to do so.

Again, when it comes to chanting, it’s just a hindrance. The time spent chanting can leave a big opening in battle. She needs more special training in the future, hellish special training. For the time being, I took their pouches and money, and left them to the officials since it was troublesome.

(Why don’t you kill them?)

(They’re not worth killing. Besides, they couldn’t even touch me, so what would be the point in lowering myself to their level?)

Canaan was downhearted after receiving my criticism of her combat style. To improve her mood, I asked her to take me the rest of the way to the clothing store and show me around.

“Shopkeeper, please find her something good.”


I asked the shopkeeper to pick out some clothes for Canaan. I’m not boasting, but I’ve never given clothes to a woman, so I’d rather choose something like a bodysuit.

“Master, to get clothes for a slave like me…”

“If you’re by my side, I’ll want you dressed properly. You know that, right?”


Canaan repeatedly tried on clothes brought over by the shopkeeper, over and over, like a doll. From that selection, I bought only the clothes that looked good on her. I didn’t care about the price, but the clothes here were apparently pretty expensive, so the final number surprised me.




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  1. Canaan gave me a big smile, with bread crumbs still stuck around her mouth. It’s cute, but for some reason it’s also disappointing.

    What’s he disappointing at?

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    1. Probably her age doesn’t match the fact she has crumbs on her face, in most societies it would be considered bad manners for teenagers or adults. But somewhat cute for young kids.

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  2. So why doesn’t he use the equivalent exchange skill to create more magic skills? As Canaan levels up, he is now aware of more magic skills, right? Can’t he get them?

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    1. Specifically, S. M would be one who likes being dropped, haha. Also, Canaan reminds me of Sill from the Rance series, including how she gets treated by her master… we just are in the R rated version, not the X-rated, lol.


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