I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 1 Chapter 4 Part 3

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Translator: NyX
Editor: DarkBlazeWolf


Chapter 4 – Part 3


Why did it become like this?

“Yeees! It looks good! Yes yes! Ah, I want him to have more sexy feelings here! look sideways, please look sideways!”

It’s not good, I don’t understand at all. I was supposed to come to this shopping mall to buy clothes and daily necessities, but before I know… I’m in an awkward situation which is having to be a model. Moreover, I’m not doing the photoshoot alone, but also with a very beautiful woman.

“Yuuya-kun! Your expression is too stiff! Smile, smile!”

It’s not good even if you said that!

I know that my expression is getting stiffer, I was thinking about what should I do, and there’s a woman model that will do the photoshoot with me this time ─ Miwa-san smiled looking at me.

“Yuuya-san. Everyone is also nervous like that for their first time, so you don’t have to worry about it.”


I took a deep breath once and looked at my appearance again.

Right now I’ve changed from my simple white shirt and black pants to a white drape shirt and put on a thin black short-sleeved cardigan on top of that, and wine-red skinny pants. All of these are clothes that I’ve never worn before, and I was more nervous about this dress itself rather than the photoshoot.

I suddenly noticed that there were many people around me. I guess they’re the customer who came to this shopping mall, but now they’re looking at this photoshoot scene of me and Miwa-san from the distance. Some people have their smartphones pointed here, so they seem to be taking photos, too.

“Amazing. It’s my first time to see Miwa-chan in person.”

“Yes that’s Miwa-chan, but who’s the boy doing the photoshoot together with her!? Doesn’t he have a super good style!?

“Isn’t he a model? He’s with Miwa-chan, and above all, he’s so handsome and stylish…”

“No way!? Then, let’s find out about him when the magazine is released!”

Yup, As I thought, I’ll stand out if doing a photoshoot in a big shopping mall like this.

“Well, please link your arms for a moment.”


The photographer said that when I was distracted by the surrounding gaze. But, what’s that link… arms? Err, do I need to stand tall while folding my arms?

As I was in a hurry by the sudden order, Miwa-san gently entwined her left arm with my right arm.


“Yuuya-san? What’s wrong?”

“Eh, no, n-nothing!”

No, no, it wasn’t just nothing, was it!? Is this what he meant by linking arms? I surely thought that I just need to fold my arms at that moment. I never had a chance to get close to a woman, so I became much tenser than before.

N-no, I’m doing photoshoot now. I have to regain my mind as usual somehow…

This photoshoot seems to be for couples, so of course, it’s impossible for me to do that kind of movement. I can’t afford to be so panicked at this moment! To begin with, I can’t even imagine a movement like that! Nevertheless, I’ve calmer than before. Considering this far, it’s good she’s not notice it yet. No… shit, she noticed.

“Oh my. Yuuya-kun, your expression much more stiffer than before.”

“I-i-i-is that so?! I-i-i-it’s just normal, you know!?

“Yeah. I mean, you’re a little unusual.”

Hikari-san smiled bitterly…

It can’t be helped, you know! Because… Miwa-san’s… ch… chest…!


“It’s hitting me!”


“Ah, i-it’s nothing! Yes!”

I said that unintentionally, but… Miwa-san’s chest is on my arm! It’s on my aaaarrrm!

Is Miwa-san not aware of it?! I thought so and glancing at her, but she’s just made an expression like a professional who’s doing a photoshoot now. This is not a matter of noticing or not. Looking at Miwa-san’s serious yet natural expression, I became much more calmer. Let’s just put it aside. I have to concentrate on this photoshoot now.

After diverting my mind, Hikari-san also gave instructions for various other poses.

“Yes, then Miwa-chan, please hug on to Yuuya’s neck.”






Despite my being surprised again, Miwa-san posed her arms around my neck without hesitation. It’s not good. Unlike the previous arm, I could feel a lot of things all over my body now! Although I have diverted my mind, eventually my expression and body become much stiffer than a little while ago. Then I tried to calm down while doing other poses, but I was still stiff, after all, so I had to take a break.


“Thank you very much for your work.”

“Ah, you too, thank you very much.”

“Can I sit next to you?”

“Ah, yes! It’s okay!”

Miwa-san talked to me as she sat on a bench in this shopping mall and took a breather. When Miwa-san sat next to me, I uttered what I thought honestly.

“Miwa-san, that’s amazing.”


Miwa-san was surprised to hear my sudden compliment.

“I’ve never worn this kind of clothes before… and on the contrary, I lived a life that had never thought about fashion. So, when I looked at models in the magazine, I never thought anything in particular. I just experienced it in a short period of time today and I came to understand how hard it was.”

“It’s because… you’re just not used to it yet! At first, I was just a failure, and often getting scolded.”

“Even so, I think it’s difficult for me. I didn’t think it would require an expression too, not just a pose alone.”

“Ahahahaha… Hikari-san is famous because of his particular focus on facial expressions in the modeling industry.”

Hikari-san was the muscular man wearing that flashy shirt, and he was also a photographer. He doesn’t look like that at all.

Sigh… But I don’t know how to do that.”

As when doing the photoshoot, I was reminded of my useless when I saw Miwa-san, who is not that old, was able to play an active role so far. I think it’s also changing my mental little by little, but it’s still a long way to go. Apparently, she seemed to see my uneasy expression, and she kindly told me;

“Yuuya-san. I think you don’t need to rush it. Just take it slowly… at its own pace. Be more confident! And I also thought that I was having fun today because I was able to do a photoshoot with Yuuya-san like this… so I’d be happy if you would think so, too.”


“Of course, it’s not just about the photoshoot, it’s about enjoying everything, don’t you think so?”

“… Enjoying… huh?”

Until recently, I couldn’t afford to have fun. I was so desperate to live, and it was painful and was unbearable every day. But now it’s different. After I found the door that connects to the other world, I…

“I… Can I enjoy it?”

“Yes, of course!”

When I turned to Miwa-san, she gave me a gentle smile, I noticed that it was a natural smile.


I heard a strange voice from the distance, but I have no idea what that is.




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  1. So, he’s a beta fuck still, huh? Hope he trips and dies, or keeps getting bullied, because fuck this loser. Can’t even say no. What a bitch.


    1. oh wow man, you really expect people to change in one and two days out of nowhere. if anything what he has is neutral that hes still insecure and confused

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  2. Typo: I said that unintenionally, but… Miwa-san’s chest is on my arm! It’s on my aaaarrrm!

    Is (Miba-san) not aware of it?!

    thank for the chapter!!

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  3. thank you for your hard work … i am new here can someone tell me about this light novels release shedule pls ? i want read more chapter 😀 if i had a paypal i would give you money ^^

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  5. There’s two different kinds of people who lived harsher and become big but different lifestyle

    The First one is:
    Yuuya, he become stronger by coming on another world, naive but strong.

    The second is:
    Yoshinobu, he joins a criminal organization, became the lion (harem leader), there still some naivety but clever at times, chill guy


  6. This is seriously better than the 100 mil button novel I just read not too long ago(which is really, like, reaaally bad, don’t read it if you think this novel is bad enough for you). This novel is way more enjoyable, we know what really happened around the MC, the other characters actually have personality and not jump at our MC wanting that big D of his for no reason.


  7. Thanks for this! I accidentally read the manga and it brought me here. The last scene where mc accepted to enjoy things was drawn so good in the manga.


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