Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Chapter 1

Here we go for the volume 2.
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Editor: Onihikage

T/N: I think the Author made a mistake here, in chapter 1, he said the number of summoned heroes was 118 (百十八) but in this chapter, he changed it to 108 (一〇八) the same as Buddhist worldly desires. Well, I’d use the one from this chapter instead.


Chapter 1 – The Beginning


“I feel an awe-inspiring atmosphere hanging in the air in my world today. The soft wind gently tickling my cheeks is so pleasant.”

As female dancers shake their bodies to enjoyable music, I lifted a cup of sake to my lips as I enjoyed the mood. Takamagahara [1] feels peaceful, without any conflict. It had been years since I expelled my younger brother: the raging God, Susanoo no Mikoto. Sometimes I regret it, but that led to this peace.

When I lifted the cup of sake, I felt something unusual, and suddenly stopped. As if to express my feelings, the sake swirled in my cup, and as I watched, bubbles appeared in the center before the entire mass of liquid floated up into the air and boiled to nothing with a quiet sizzle.

Again. An act has threatened this world yet again. Why do they always summon and kidnap people from Japan, which is my jurisdiction? Is this harassment?

“Ohirume no Mikoto-sama…” (T/N: Amaterasu no Mikoto.)

“Yes, I know. Command everyone to repair the space-time wall. This world will collapse if we leave it alone.”

Sometimes, people from this world get summoned to other worlds. In Japan, this phenomenon has been known since ancient times as being spirited away, but only one or two people were summoned every few years.

Recently, hundreds of people have been getting summoned all at once, and the vast energy from this leaves a gaping hole in the barriers of space-time, pushing the world to the brink of collapse.

The Gods of that world seem to think it’s just someone else’s problem. If this world collapsed, it would cause a considerable effect on their own world, but we can’t really do anything about it.

“The Gods of that world are rotten! Fiends, the lot of them! Whew, that’s bad, I seem to have gotten a little heated. I have to calm down.”

If this happens too many times, I won’t be able to maintain this body. If the Gods over there won’t take action, I’ll do it myself.

108 people were summoned this time, huh? Why is it the same as the number of worldly desires according to Buddhism? Well, at least it’s not the same as the eight million in Shinto. If they summoned 8 million people, the consumption of magic in their world would be huge and they wouldn’t be able to maintain its existence.

I wish I could interfere with the people who were kidnapped this time, but when summoned, they often have a strong energy wrapped around them and my power can’t repel that much. I can’t do anything but let them pass, and it’s always given me a bad feeling.

Oh my… it seems one child was only slightly affected by the summons. This seems like an opportunity.

I quickly examined the person’s nature. His parents died when he was very young, and then later his adoptive parents died in a traffic accident, along with his cherished younger sister.

It seems he had lived an unhappy life, but the person himself was quite indifferent. It’s okay! I’ll give you power! Your hobby is cooking, huh? Well then, I’ll give you a power related to cooking. After that, let’s raise your luck to the max. Even if you’re about to die, good luck will surely protect you!

The last thing I wanted to give him was my divine protection, but it seemed his body and spirit couldn’t withstand my divine protection at the moment. With that being the case, I made sure he’d get my divine protection when he had the appropriate strength, and then released him. Even with it being sealed, my blessing should interact positively with his power.

This is fine, I guess. Now, give a divine punishment to those rotten Gods in that world! I will give all my best to help you, and make those rotten Gods regret repeatedly summoning so many victims from this world!

“Ohirume no Mikoto-sama, the restoration of the space-time wall has been completed.”

“Thank you for your good work. Oh yeah, send a messenger to Ōkuninushi​ [2]. We have to work together to prevent such violence from happening again.”


In order to bring peace to Takamagahara, we had to get those rotten Gods to leave.

“Hehehe, just watch. The difference between us will soon become clear, you fools.”

Oh my, this is bad; I have to remove this dark aspect. At this rate, Japan will become a dark place where the sun doesn’t shine. I have to calm down and be like the sun which illuminates the heavens and earth as usual. Ohohohohoho.



[1] – Takamagahara is a place in Japanese mythology. In Shinto, Takama-ga-hara (or Takama no Hara) is the dwelling place of the kami. It is believed to be connected to the Earth by the bridge Ama-no uki-hashi (the “Floating Bridge of Heaven”). In Shinto, ame (heaven) is a lofty, sacred world, the home of the amatsukami. Some scholars have attempted to explain the myth of descent of the gods from the Takama-ga-hara as an allegory of the migration of peoples.

[2] – Ōkuninushi (大国主) is a divinity in Japanese Shinto. His name literally translates to “Great Land Master”, and he is believed to be originally the ruler of Izumo Province, until he was replaced by Ninigi. In compensation, he was made ruler of the unseen world of spirits and magic. He is believed to be a god of nation-building, farming, business, and medicine.




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  1. Poor Amaterasu… She’s long since turned into an anime character in my mind. Good thing she’s not a damegami this time at least. (at least not yet anyway)

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    I thought the summoners were out of their mind discarding a hero candidate without understanding his abilities first. But now we finally know why his chef ability are so out of the norm.

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  3. So you’re the damn reason for those stupid ability and item descriptions!!! No wonder the appraisals ranged from stuff like “don’t use this to peep” to “grab me, tie me up, and go to town <3", the cause is this stupid perverted goddess who tries to act wholesome! Amaterasu once got depressed and didn't leave a cave till some chick did a sexy dance. That's the kind of idiot she is!

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    1. to be fair it human doing the summoning, and gods can’t overly get involved I would guess. but the other worlds gods are helping and allowing the summoning BS so time to strike back with our chief. this could also explain why he get all skills, goddess blessing side effects.:P


  4. seems we found the culprit for his appraisal..
    Amaterasu sure is playful here didn’t expect from former shut in.. 😂😂

    So it earth God who help him..
    is it a miracle that the one receive Her o want to revenge without being told

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