I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 1 Chapter 4 Part 6

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Chapter 4 Part 6


I couldn’t immediately understand what she said. I could only be dumbfounded by her words, while she continued to speak.

“I’m sorry for saying it this late, but my name is Kaori Houjou. And I’m a student council staff members at “Ousei Gakuen”.”

The girl bowed beautifully ── I was still amazed to see Houjou-san. And, when I finally returned to my sanity, I squeezed out my voice to ask her.

“U-um… what do you mean me to come to “Ousei Gakuen”?”

For some reason, the woman dressed in butler’s clothing answered my question, instead of Houjou-san.

“Tenjou-sama. Kaori-sama’s father is the board chairman of “Ousei Gakuen”, and he has already heard about the story of Tenjou-sama protecting Kaori-sama from the scoundrels before, and he told me to bring you to our school without fail.”

“That kind of thing… I was just…”

It can’t be said that I was protecting her. It was just shameful since it was me who got beaten one-sidedly. However, whether she guessed my feelings, Houjou-san said with a gentle expression;

“Yuuya-san. You were the only one who moved while other people just pretended not to look. It isn’t something that just anyone can do. You certainly protected me.”


I was struck with a genuine feeling of gratitude, and at the same time, I felt warm yet a little embarrassed. And then Houjou-san asked me again.

“Therefore, how about it? Do you want to come to our school?”

“…I’m very thankful for the talk so far, I don’t have anything I particularly excel at. My academic ability to be transferred to “Ousei Gakuen” is also…”

“Oh, that’s ─ ”


The moment Houjou-san tried to say something, Youta who had been silent until now, cut off her by calling out to her. Despite being interrupted by his words, Houjou-san responded with a gentle expression.

“What happened?”

“Will you let us enroll?”


Youta said so with a confident expression.

“We’re far better than the guy over there, and it’s definitely better to get us into that school instead!”

“That’s right! We always keep the top grades in our current school, and it’s not a mistake to say we’re playing a big role in terms of sport. We also participate a lot as an assistant in various club activities of the school!”

Sora said so in the form of taking the opportunity to guarantee Youta’s words.

“Therefore, next year we’ll definitely ─ ”

“I refuse.”

“…… Huh?”

This time Houjou-san cut off Youta’s words who tried to continue with confidence.

“Eh, no, um… what was that just now…?”

“I said, I refuse.”

Youta and Sora are dumbfounded, they never thought they would be turned down. I also didn’t expect they would be rejected so clearly. In fact, Youta and Sora are indeed better than me. Even if I was to review or prepare for the lessons every day, the result wasn’t very good, and it’s also the same with sports.

Youta and Sora who’s not convinced asked Houjou-san again.

“W-why? We’re better than that guy ── ”

“I won’t talk.”


Houjou-san who had a gentle mood and smiling until recently said that frankly to Youta and Sora in a resolute manner.

“I consider Yuuya-san as my benefactor. Why should I let those who insult Yuuya-san enroll?”


“Besides, we’ve also investigated your daily behavior.”


Youta and Sora raised their voices in surprise at Houjou-san’s words. Houjou-san gestured to the woman in butler appearance next to her, and then the woman informed them indifferently.

“When we invited Tenjou-sama to the “Ousei Gakuen”, we conducted investigations of his surroundings. Of course, human relationship as well… As a result, we found that you have committed extreme cruelty not only to Tenjou-sama but also to other students. Of course, not only you but many other students and… Also, we have found that even teachers are oppressing him as well.”


Youta and Sora were speechless at the woman butler’s words. Of course, me too. What they had investigated wasn’t only about my name but also human relationships!?

As I was bewildered, Sora immediately rebutted.

“I-is there any evidence of that?”

“How does the existence of evidence relate to it?”

“That’s because we’re trying to prove our innocence ── ”

“Is that so? Then, let me say it clearly. There is evidence. There’s evidence, but from our very best view, it doesn’t matter.”

“It doesn’t matter, you said…?”

“It doesn’t matter, does it? We just want to invite Tenjou-sama to the “Ousei Gakuen”. And from the information we’ve got, we’ve concluded that we don’t want both of you to enroll. Oh, rest assured. we won’t leak your information to the media. Well… It may remain as our private report.”

The words of the woman butler, left Sora and Youta no room to argue. Houjou-san gestured again to the butler woman, and then she bowed sophisticatedly and returned behind Houjou-san.

“As I was saying earlier, admission to and transferring to our school is not so difficult.”


“Someone can easily be transferred or transferred to the “Ousei Gakuen” if they’re doing good deeds on a regular basis. You can do whatever you like on your academic ability and other studies. Instead of that, we value humanity. So it’s impossible for both of you to enter our school.”

Youta and Sora were so desperate. Although this high school mostly consists of the same student from junior high school, of course, there are also those who want to go to another high school. These students usually choose a higher level of a school than their current one.

And looking at Youta and Sora’s reaction, they seemed to be thinking about going to another school, and maybe the high school they were aiming for was “Ousei Gakuen”. Sure, since there is such a top-level high school in this vicinity, it’s inevitable that they aim for such a school. There was no problem with Youta and Sora’s academic ability, after all.

However, since the student at the school that they were aiming for… since the board chairman’s daughter told them frankly that it was impossible for the both of them to enroll, this reaction of them would be inevitable.

Unlike when she was talking to Youta and Sora, Houjou-san turned to me with her usual gentle expression.

“I’m sorry, the talk has gone wrong… but for the reasons I mentioned earlier, there’s no problem for Yuuya-san to be transferred to “Ousei Gakuen”.”

“I-I see…”

In a sense, the policy of “Ousei Gakuen” was different. Normally, academic ability and athletic ability are involved in a lot of things, but for them to say that it doesn’t matter so clearly…

My face was twitching involuntarily, and then Houjou-san said with a smile;

“Why don’t we go to my school for now? So it won’t be a problem if you talk to father, no, board chairman, and then decide after that.”

Saying that Houjou-san invited me to the limousine. The butler woman, knowing what Houjou-san said, already opened the door and was on standby.

“Ah, Yuuya-san. I mentioned earlier that I wouldn’t disclose any information about those two, but please be assured that the teachers have already been disciplined and dismissed.”


What’s reassuring!? I feel only fear in their information-gathering power and speed of action!? No, I was certainly oppressed by the teachers! Corporal punishment is a matter of course, and they were telling the whole class to increase the cruelty.

When I was surprised again at her unexpected words, Houjou-san smiled and bowed to the dumbfounded Youta and Sora.

“Well then… farewell.”

And, we went to the “Ousei Gakuen” just like that.




The place was noisy after Yuuya and the others left.

“Those people earlier were amazing, weren’t they?”

“As expected of the elite from “Ousei Gakuen”… their aura is really different from us.”

“The girl and the butler were beautiful!”

“The boy who was talking to them was also very handsome… it was a feast for the eyes.”

“And also, the two over there… I don’t know what it was, but it seems that their admission was denied by “Ousei Gakuen”.”

“Wha-? Well, don’t mind them anyway.”

Youta and Sora, who were said to be doing whatever they please until now, their faces turned deep red.

“I-I won’t forgive this… making us look like a fool…!”

“Yes, I absolutely won’t forgive this…!”

Youta was staring daggers at the direction in which the limousine had left.

“I’ll definitely make you regret…”

That murmur was diverted by the noise around them.




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  1. Waiting for the twins to try and pull crap to ruin him…only for it to backfire splendidly and ruin their own future (and also cause massive trouble for their parents).

    Also for some people to try to release those photos of the fat version of him that they took just before he found the portal to the other world…and try to say it’s him, and everyone’s like: There ain’t no way! Stop lying!

    He is basically genetically different from his previous self at this point, after all. =x


  2. Then some random idiot villain will take those twins to defeat the MC(which is unlikely unless he’s fighting a demon god or evil god)~


  3. Why did I get a mental image of bodies being dumped into Tokyo bay when they said that the teachers involved in Yuuya’s harassment were “disciplined ” and “dismissed “? 😰


  4. Umm, so if she is so rich why was she even there? And without anyone nearby? Typical and predictable troupes r gonna ruin this novel😑🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


    1. The girl in the butler uniform would normally be a well trained bodyguard blending in as a harmless background character until she needs to protect her principal. It is rare for the wealthy who travel with servants to not use bodyguards in those roles.


  5. even they are rotten but i like twins characters. i wish the author lead them to interesting life, like also found another “door” towards another world and learn to became evil wizard who messing lexia( i’m forget her name) kingdom or something like that. read too much 3rd rate villain no longer interesting.


  6. The girl in the butler uniform would normally be a well trained bodyguard blending in as a harmless background character until she needs to protect her principal. It is rare for the wealthy who travel with servants to not use bodyguards in those roles.


  7. Haha… because messing with powerful people will make you lead a good life… idiots.

    Well with parents like that I’m not surprised they become such disappointing people.

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  8. This, ladies and gentlemen,

    Are Specimen A(Youta) and Specimen B(Sora), after living a spoiled life by irresponsible parents.


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