Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Chapter 2 Part 4

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Chapter 2 Part 4


Who said my training would take place at the training grounds? In that way, I brought Goliath and the others to the entrance of the Great Borf Forest. If I raise Goliath and others’ levels to above 90, my mission will be complete. That’s why I thought I’d throw them into a group of ogres to finish it quickly, but I think I’ll just have them get a first-stage limit-break.

“Sumeragi-dono, someone like me ─” Rotten started to object.

“The count said it was okay, right? So there’s no problem.”


“If you feel guilty, return that obligation by serving the count for the rest of your lives.”

I tried to relieve Rotten’s tension and anxiety by encouraging him. It seemed to work; he flinched for a moment, then said, “Y-you’re right! You’re exactly right, Sumeragi-dono!”

Then I began to prepare for the upcoming practice.

“Eat this first.”

I gave each of them a slice of grilled meat.

I gave the vanguards grilled meat with the effect of raising HP, STR, AGI, and DEX. The rearguards got meat with the effect of raising MP, INT, AGI, and DEX. I intended to provide them with skills, but due to not knowing the skills’ compatibilities, I didn’t know if they’d actually be able to learn them from the grilled meat.


“Here’s my first command: Eat! What’s your answer!?”


“Wrong! Your answer is Yes, sir! That’s all you have to say!” (T/N: Author literally wrote that in English.)

“Yes, sir!”

Ten people said that in unison pressed by my spirit.

No, really~, I just wanted to do this once! It feels good~

When they ate my grilled meat, each of the 10 trainees responded with shock. Maybe they saw the notification that their attributes were improved.

“S-Sumeragi-dono!” Goliath called out to me.

“I told you to call me Instructor!” I said to him with a penalty hit. If I smacked Goliath seriously, his face would blow off, so I just gently, slowly tapped him with my fist. Still, I could most likely have beaten him down with that alone.

“I gave you all special meat that I treasured. I believe you’ve already seen just now that your attributes were improved, and I suppose you’ve learned a skill, too — that was real. That alone would have made you guys a little stronger! But that’s still not enough! If you want to survive in this forest, listen to my instructions and put them into practice! Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir!”

Everyone, including Goliath, now back in line with the rest, replied with a “Yes, sir.” This is going to become a habit.

At the moment, the trainees (Goliath and the others) were split up into two parties. I didn’t know about it before, but in this world, there existed an item called a party ring, which seems to evenly distribute experience from defeating monsters across the party members who are wearing it.

Naturally, I said it was an essential item for a rearguard, such as a party’s healer or support. However, since they come in sets of six rings, only six-member parties can be registered. This time, I would be training ten people, so I organized a party of five, but I didn’t make them wear the party ring yet. The reason is each individual one of them has to do their first stage limit-break separately, so as not to negatively impact their experience gain at that time. It seems these party rings are sold to the public, and the count’s household has a hundred sets of it. Well, I’ll buy some later.

The next thing to do was a precaution for the Great Borf Forest.

“You will now enter the Great Borf Forest.”

The ten trainees didn’t even try to hide their fear.

“Even if you were to enter this Great Borf Forest now, you wouldn’t survive an hour.”

This is true, so they don’t seem to object.

“But you must enter!”

Most of them have a grave blue face.

“Don’t worry — I’ll raise your levels. Right now, we’ll start the combat training.”

The trainees buzzed at my words.

“Who said you could talk?”

Rotten was the closest, so I hit him with a soft touch and blew him away. Well, good luck. I wandered around 2 or 3 times in front of the five people who would be the vanguards and stopped in the middle of them.

“First, we’ll go defeat a Dark Bat!”

They’re just silent, no reply. Like a bunch of corpses.

“What’s your answer?!”

I hit the nearby bear-beastman, Edel, and everyone replied. Geez, they can’t answer unless I beat them.

“The Dark Bat is a level 160 bat monster. It’s easy to find because it sleeps during the day, and it’s also easy to kill because it has low defense.”

The troublesome part about the dark bat was that it flew silently at night and attacked with stealth. However, since it didn’t act during the daytime, one could say it was easy to kill. Since they’re level 160 monsters, they’re ideal, since even Goliath, the highest level among the trainees, can do a first stage limit-break.

I pulled out Black Mist, cut the Dark Bat with [Moderation] active, and restrained it using Dark Bind, a spell from [Dark Magic].

“Goliath, we’ll start with you. Try to kill this dying Dark Bat in just one blow.”

“Yes, sir!”

Mhm, that’s the right answer. Go on!

Goliath held his huge sword aloft and swung it down at the dark bat. The attack from such a heavy sword cut the dark bat’s body in two.


Maybe he’s getting a lot of level-up notifications right now. What level has he reached? Hmm, well, that’s probably that. The bewildered Goliath’s making a really stupid face right now.


I kicked his ass since he looked so stupid.

“Don’t just stand there. The others need to level up, too!”


This time I beat him up. “The answer is yes, sir!

“Yes, sir!!”

After Goliath came a dog-beastman spear fighter, Bulga, who pierced the next dying dark bat with his spear and leveled up. After that, in addition to Rotten, was the Great Shield Knight Edel, a bear-beastman, then the cat-beastman Bow Fighter Schwarz, the monkey-beastman Stealth Dagger Falken, the fox-beastman Magic Guider Jamaran, and the elf Spiritualist Oburi. All of them leveled up smoothly.

However, the human Healer, Akramakan, and the flower fairy Dancer, Flynn, had a hard time because they weren’t attackers. But still, those two were able to put an end to the dying Dark Bat with a stab, so they were also able to level up.

“So, we will now annihilate the group of Ogres. Rest assured, Ogres are a level 80 monster. There won’t be much difference between you and them now!”

“Yes, sir!”

When I told them about their next action, everyone saluted me. They seem to be on board now that they’d leveled up. However, it’s my job to break down whatever pride they’ve just gained. Hehehe, look forward to it.

Next, I turned to face the five rear-guards.

“Healer, Magician, Spiritualist! You shouldn’t chant!”

I flicked these three people’s foreheads since they were so noisy. Even that flick blew them away from the terrible shockwave it had. The three were groaning, lying down while holding their foreheads, and then stood up to try again.

“I told you, you’re not allowed to speak without permission!”

Ignoring the Dancer flower fairy Flynn’s trembling, I continued talking to the three magician-types.

“Try to activate your magic without chanting! If you chant in this Great Borf Forest, your friends will die during your chant! If you don’t want your friends to die, shoot your magic without chanting! If you chant, I’ll beat you in order to cancel it! Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir!”

Good answer.

Next, I stood in front of the cat-beastman Schwarz. Despite being a cat-beastman, he was a man. Damn it, give me back my dream!

“Bow-fighter! You have to improve the precision of your scope to find enemies! The safety of the party relies on your ability to find the enemy, do you hear me?”

“Yes, sir.”

I can’t find a reason to hit him even though I wanted to… well, that’s fine.

Finally, the flower fairy Flynn. Honestly, I never thought such a race would exist. There were butterfly-like wings attached to his back, and he floated in the air even though his wings didn’t move. He was about fifty centimeters tall, and his face was cute like a five-year-old child. He was actually 43 years old, much older than me despite looking like that. It’s a double score. A legal shota, not legal loli. Anyone want him?

“Dancer, all you have to do is dance! Dance, dance, and dance! Never stop! Do you hear me?”

“Yes, sir!”

A child giving a definite answer while trembling and tears in his eyes. It makes me feel guilty somehow, like I’m bullying a kid.

“You got your balls?” (T/N: kintama)

“Yes, sir!”

They seem to be attached. Do the flower fairies also have night activities? I don’t want to imagine it, I’m not a pervert!

Finding an Ogre was easy. Just by exploring the outer circumference of the Great Borf Forest, I was able to detect the presence of a dozen or so Ogres. Schwarz, the Bow-fighter, has advanced; first, he carefully pays attention to the ground, trees, and various other things, but he doesn’t seem to be aware of them yet. Schwarz’s ability to search is a combination of skills such as [Observation], [Tracing], and [Distant Vision], so I can’t predict how far away he can detect the Ogres.

After a while, Schwarz lowered his hips, raised his hand, and sent a stationary signal. It seems he found the Ogres once he was about 140 meters from them. Perhaps it was because of his [Distant Vision]; for a range of visual recognition in a forest, I think it’s excellent, but this makes it a problem if a monster approaches from behind.

“Schwarz, eat this.”

“Yes, sir!”

I gave Schwarz a slice of grilled meat that would make him learn the [Presence Detection] skill. Now, Schwarz should be able to expand the range of his ability to search for enemies from all directions.

He was startled at first, then said, “Instructor! I learned the [Presence Detection] skill!”

Yup, that’s good. Next, I made Falken, the Stealth Dagger, also learn it. This should have reduced their blind spots. In front of us now, 14 Ogres were wandering around with big clubs and giant swords.

“Goliath, go!”

“Yes, sir.”

Using the party ring, Goliath was paired with the Spear Fighter Bulga, the Stealth Dagger Falken, the Healer Akramakan, and the Magic Guider Jamaran. They were all around level 80, same as the Ogres, so they just needed to get used to their current levels.

I thought Goliath was the leader since Falken was running in front of him, but Falken changed direction just before he met the Ogres and headed to the back of the tree. From the Ogres’ point of view, Falken’s actions would have been peculiar, but Goliath didn’t hesitate and plunged into the group of Ogres. He smashed into one Ogre that was even more massive than himself and blew it away, then cut another nearby Ogre with his massive sword.

He hit the Ogre’s flank and it roared in pain, but he had attacked it from an unstable position after he struck the first Ogre, so his footwork was inadequate, and the wound was relatively shallow. Then he was surrounded by multiple Ogres.

The Ogres attacked him with thick logs and tattered swords, but he fought back skillfully, parrying the Ogres’ attacks with his giant sword and armor. He moved like a guy who’s actually familiar with combat.

While Goliath attracted the Ogres, Bulga butted in with a shout and thrust his spear into the chest of one Ogre, accurately piercing through the Ogre’s heart. Goliath and Bulga were working together to attract the Ogres, a pretty good move. The two of them really came across like professional soldiers.

Falken, who had been hiding his presence, appeared somewhere and sliced through an Ogre’s neck with his dagger before disappearing again. It wasn’t just a tricky move, it was a good attack that precisely targeted a critical point.

Ouch, Goliath got hit in the head with a log.

Akramakan started chanting when Goliath was hit, so I gently approached him from behind and ground my fist into his forehead.


“Who said you could chant?”

He began to tremble and get tears in his eyes when I applied a slight amount of bloodthirst.

“Chanting is not allowed!”

I threatened the other rear-guards. Rotten and the others watching were quite taken aback by it, but there was only one person who looked directly at me.

“Yes, sir.”

It was the Spiritualist Oburi. He seemed confident in using his magic without chanting. I don’t know if it’s even necessary for a Spiritualist to chant in the first place.

Goliath managed to hold out, and they were able to annihilate 14 Ogres, even though it really took some time. Goliath and Bulga were quite tattered, but that was to be expected since the two of them directly took on the 14 Ogres.

Next time, we found a group of 13 Ogres. This was with Rotten’s team, which along with Rotten consisted of Great Shield Knight Edel, Bow-Fighter Schwarz, Dancer Flynn, and Spiritualist Oburi.

“Rotten’s group, go!”

“Yes, sir.”

Rotten’s team had Edel, a Great Shield Knight, so they were able to fight in a more stable position than Goliath’s team. There was also support from the flower fairy Dancer Flynn, but the attack of the Wind Spirit summoned by the Spiritualist Oburi was also quite powerful.

He didn’t chant, so it was good that I didn’t need to give him my fist punishment. All five members of Rotten’s team fought together without any problems, and the fight itself went much better than with Goliath’s team. Did I make a mistake in grouping them? Well, Goliath will do something about it anyway. If he doesn’t struggle a tiny bit, it won’t be interesting.

After several battles with the Ogres, we decided to prepare camp when the sun started going down. The trainees were tired, but they set up the tents while I made the food.

I prepared a fermented wheat flour and processed it, then rolled it into a thin disc before applying a layer of tomato sauce on it. In addition to that, I also added the cheese fermented with moo milk on top, and then thinly sliced peppers and corn. I even put on some smoked meat I got from the wood boar.

Yep, this is a pizza.

The trainees looked exhausted and had ghastly faces because of today’s enforced power leveling, so I had to replenish their energy with a high-calorie diet.


“What is this!? It’s so delicious!”

Everyone praised the pizza. As a result, even though each one was about the size of a double-large, the trainees ate 23 of them. Canaan ate three on her own, as well as Goliath. I filled up from just one, but with that, 27 pizzas disappeared into everyone’s stomachs. Well, they said it was really delicious so many times, I was rather delighted by the praise, so I let them eat as much as they wanted.

The meal was over, and the order of watchmen had also been decided. Canaan and I wouldn’t do the watch, so the trainees would divide into groups of three, three, and four people. Well, since I spread my bloodlust around here, no monster will have the balls to come close, but I can’t tell them that or they’ll relax.




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  1. When you gotta be strict taking care of your fellow fledgelings…
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    [“Here’s my first command: Eat! What’s your answer!?”
    “Wrong! Your answer is Yes, sir! That’s all you have to say!”]

    [When I told them about their next action, everyone saluted me. They seem to be on board now that they’d leveled up. However, it’s my job to break down whatever pride they’ve just gained. Hehehe, look forward to it.

    Next, I turned to face the five rear-guards.

    “Healer, Magician, Spiritualist! You shouldn’t chant!”

    I flicked these three people’s foreheads since they were so noisy. Even that flick blew them away from the terrible shockwave it had. The three were groaning, lying down while holding their foreheads, and then stood up to try again.]

    [Well, since I spread my bloodlust around here, no monster will have the balls to come close, but I can’t tell them that or they’ll relax.]


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