Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Chapter 3 Part 3

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Chapter 3 Part 3


The next morning, Hannah, Sanya, and I all ate rice balls to top off our stomachs, except Canaan, who still needed a full meal to fill her belly.

“All right, let’s go.”

“Yes!” They replied.

Still, since she can move normally, I’d really like to confirm how strong Canaan’s stomach is.

A group of weak monsters was being pursued by a group of strong monsters. The weaker ones were ogres this time. A lot of the corpses had missing body parts. From that alone, you could tell Hannah’s and Sanya’s attack power had already surpassed ogres. Their battle instincts had exceeded common sense. Even the ogre king was like a child in front of Hannah.

After the ogres came boagnons. Hannah’s level went up after the battle with the ogres, and her excellent fighting ability and attacks frightened the horde of boagnons.

If you consider a wolf versus a monkey, wolves are associated with dogs, so you could say it’s like dogs vs monkeys*. The grand battle began. (T/N: an example of a bad relationship, like that between cats and dogs.)

The boagnon fought using tricky moves, but Hannah flew around the canopy even more cleverly than they did. Since Sagna was accurately covering Hannah, her battle against the boagnons was practically safe.

Next was hyena wolves. Since there were more of them than there had been boagnons, Hanna and Sanya’s one-on-one fighting style wasn’t very efficient. It was Canaan’s turn now.

“Canaan, burn them to ashes!”

“Got it! …Hyaa!”

Canaan incinerated everything in front of us with a cute voice. The hyena wolves were visibly decimated in the wake of Canaan’s ranged attack, but there were still hundreds of them.

“Hannah, Sanya, go!”

“Yes!” they said in unison.

Hannah rushed in on my command, leaving hyena wolf corpses in her wake wherever she went. She was fantastic, but Sanya’s impressive too with her Emperor Dragon Fang Tomahawk flying around. A single throw will carve up as many as a dozen or more. The weapon chops through hyena wolves as if it has a mind of its own.

“Penetrate them! Gatling Fire!”

Small fireballs flew through the air at high speed. More than a hundred of them were launched at a time, quickly thinning out the remaining hyena wolves. Each of these fireballs is effective enough to pierce through the hyena wolf to some extent and burn them severely.

Hannah’s mobility and Sanya’s support were impressive, but as one would expect, Canaan’s magic was the best against a high number of enemies.

The power of her magic doesn’t fit with Hannah and Sanya’s common sense. On the other hand, the physical shape of their animal ears doesn’t fit with Canaan’s common sense, either. From my perspective, I think all three of them break common sense. In other words, I’m the most normal of all of us.

“Master is the most ridiculous person here!” they said in unison.

Why are they all in sync now!?

The herd they were just fighting was a large advance horde, after which monsters with levels over 200 were already waiting. That could be called their main force.

Canaan let out a satisfied gasp after drinking from a bottle. “Ahh! The juice Master makes is delicious!”

I’d like to tell her not to drink with her hands on her hips like an old man after taking a bath. That juice was squeezed from oranges and has the effect of restoring magic power. I separated it into small bottles and handed 10 of them to Canaan.

“Canaan, give Hannah and Sanya some time to rest.”


Canaan, having recovered her magical power, shot more Gatling Fire. This attack which can reduce the consumption of magic power even in ranged attacks, seems to be an easy to use magic ideal for when faced with an overwhelming numerical disadvantage. This was also possible because Canaan possessed [Mana Control (3)].

“Geez, how many of them were there…”

“Your skills are getting better, big sis…”

The animal-eared sister, now able to rest thanks to Canaan’s support, was quite tired. Especially Hannah — she’d been moving around on the front line, so she was on the verge of total exhaustion.

“Eat up. You two are already tired.”

I gave them a hamburger that can be quickly eaten, even on a busy battlefield. The ingredients were simple, with Giant Buffalo meat, patties, lettuce, and onions, and flavored with tomato ketchup and mustard.

“Delicious! And I don’t feel tired at all anymore!”

“It’s true! My skill is going up, big sis!”

They thanked me while tearing into their food.

“Oh, eat this when it gets difficult. Though it’s not the best manners, you can eat it even while you’re moving. It’s weird to say this when you’re dealing with monsters anyway, but safety first.”

“Yes!” said the sister.

Their tired expressions had melted away, replaced with a cheerful energy. They returned to the front line.

In a total of ten hours, we finally annihilated the hordes of monsters. Still, the three of them were in high spirits because I was continually recovering them from magical, physical, and mental fatigue with the juices and burgers I made.

“Alright, that’s it for today. We’re going to go back and camp.”

“Yes!” They answered.

We retreated to prepare camp.

“Alright, you’ve worked hard today, so I’m going to make spare ribs and paella.”

“Spare ribs? Paella? What kind of food is that?”

Don’t they have spare ribs or paella in this world?

“What I call spare ribs is a dish where the rib meat of the danger pig is marinated in sweet and spicy sauce before being cooked.”

Danger pigs are level 180 pig-shaped monsters about the size of a cow. It looks cute other than its size, but when you get close, it’s a violent monster that attacks with rage to the point its own territory can be destroyed.

“Whoa~, it sounds delicious.”

Canaan, wipe your drool!

“Just listening to the description brings out your appetite.”

“We’re the only ones that can eat danger pig meat, even though it’s such a vast world. I’m looking forward to it!”

The animal-eared sister made a good point. Alright, big brother will do his best!

“Paella is a kind of rice dish with various ingredients. It’s also quite tasty.”

“Master, I want to eat it immediately!” Canaan said while drooling.

I-I got it, so wipe your drool!

“I’m looking forward to it, too!” said the wolf-beastman sister.

I put ketchup, soy sauce, sugar, sake, mustard, grated garlic, and grated ginger into a bowl to make the sauce. Once that was done, I immersed the danger pig rib meat in the sauce and left it there for a while.

Once the flavor is adequately soaked in, it’s originally baked in an oven, but I’ll use [Ultimate Cooking] here. While I could easily do the entire cooking process in an instant with [Ultimate Cooking], that wouldn’t be any fun, so I was just doing the parts I could without it.

The sauce, based on soy sauce, had a fragrant aroma. Canaan’s eyes, when she smelled it, turned sharp like a bird watching its prey.

Paella was made with shrimp and shellfish from the Ellyn River and great bird thigh. Pour oil into a huge frying pan and fry the garlic, then add the onions, peppers, and mushrooms and cook them together with the thigh meat.

While that’s going, wash the rice, then put it in and stir it quickly, add water, season with salt and pepper, add ketchup, then add the saffron for garnishing. Finally, put in the shrimp and shellfish, close the lid, and cook. When the lid opens, a garlic-based aroma wafts out to stimulate your appetite.

Canaan-kun, once again, wipe your drool.

It’s lackluster if there’s only meat and rice, so I will make a salad to animate it. Cut the lettuce into pieces of appropriate size and expose them to water. Serve onion slices, cucumbers, tomatoes, and thin slices of kokko breast (kokko is a level 100 chicken-like monster). I put a slightly sour but refreshing lemon-based dressing on it.

Place the finished spare ribs, paella, and salad on the desk. The smell was inviting.

“Whoa~, it smells good!”

Canaan’s eyes were glued to the food.

If you move the food to the right or to the left, Canaan’s full attention will follow it exactly, like a dog watching the food bowl before you put it down.

The smell really stimulates the appetite.

Hannah was still a cool beauty that didn’t appear tempted by the food. The figure that distributes the paella and spare ribs to everyone’s plates was the very maid herself.

She tried to distribute a normal amount of food to Canaan’s plate, but her hand stopped there. She seems to be under the pressure of Canaan’s silence… and then piled up the spare ribs on the paella like a mountain.

Canaan’s tension vanished when she saw it. Her drool flowed, too. Sanya and I smiled bitterly when we saw not only paella and spare ribs but also salad on Canaan’s plate.

“Big sis, this is the danger pig meat!”

For some reason, Sanya is obsessed with the fact this is danger pig meat. Did something happen in the past between her and a danger pig?

“Alright, Canaan can’t seem to wait anymore, so let’s eat up. Itadakimasu.

“Itadakimasu!” said the three girls.

I ate the salad first. You could tell that all the vegetables were fresh and perfect. The lemon-based dressing had a refreshing flavor, and I liked it. Next, I put the paella into my mouth. The smell of garlic passed through my nose. It was tasty.

I don’t like the garlic odor from other people, but still I like to eat it. In fact, I prefer it. I think I’ll make some gyoza next time. Gyoza with garlic is quite delicious.

Then I grabbed the main dish, the spare ribs, and bit into it! The flavor of the soy-based sauce had erased the smell of the meat, and it had a firm texture. Fat meat is also elegant and sweet, and there’s no cause for stomach aches. It’s obviously delicious.

“It’s so good, Master.”

“Really? Eat up, then — there’s still plenty.”


Canaan’s hands and mouth couldn’t stop. She was like a black hole dedicated specifically to food. She continually replaced the food on her plate, until suddenly the paella in the huge frying pan and the mountain of spare ribs had disappeared.

She just ate the salad after that, which was the first thing served little by little. She didn’t hate salad, but she seemed to have put all her energy into eating the staple and main dishes.

The sisters generally had a normal appetite. Since they were beastmen, they should eat a lot compared to an ordinary human (Canaan was an exception), but the scale might be off.

I don’t like young women who say “I’m full” or something, even though they haven’t eaten much. It’s unavoidable if you’re old or say you’re on a diet or you have no appetite due to illness, but if you are healthy, eat up! That’s what I say!

Were their appetites suppressed because of being left behind? Maybe they were also slightly depressed. How good is a woman like Canaan who eats so much? This is how the cook thinks.




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15 thoughts on “Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Chapter 3 Part 3

  1. Just for the record, THAT is NOT paella, that thing is called rice with random shiet. You don’t put ketchup in paella and forget about mixing seafood with meat, that thing has to taste like ****.

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    1. Wrong: It’s not Traditional Valencian Paella, but it’s still Paella (specifically, a Paella Mixta). This specifically is a more Thai or Indian variety, and it’s probably not the super-sweet American-Canadian Heinz Ketchup you’re thinking of, either, but something more like a Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup (considering what ingredients he has to work with, especially), which is really little more than a pre-spiced tomato sauce with stabilizers and preservatives in it so that it remains fresh and keeps consistancy even after opening; this makes little difference to the tomato paste used in Spanish paella. He also fried the onions, peppers and mushrooms with the thigh meat to get the moisture out, as well, which is the sole reason why some recipes skip onions; the moisture makes the rice soft. As for mixing seafood and meat? The original Valencian recipe called for *rabbit and snails*, so mixing meat and seafood isn’t intrinsically wrong, either (and is why it’s called a Paella Mixta). Arroz Bomba, the variety used most often in Spain, is also a variety of Japonica rice, so it’s already the appropriate short and fat-grained variety, as well.

      Hell, most Paella made in Spain isn’t even traditional to begin with, but instead made in a Paellador factory, packaged and frozen as individual portions, then reheated in a paella pan in restaurants. While many families still cook their family variant of Paella Valenciana, just as many do their own thing. Remember that.

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