Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Chapter 3 Part 7

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Part 7


Crafton swung down his hammer to crush me. I leaped backward to dodge the attack, but the giant hammer impact made a blast and caused fissures on the ground in the surrounding area.

“Even there’s a blast, I can see his upper half body, he’s really big.”

Has it been about 30 minutes since the battle started? In the meantime, it’s like wait-and-see to each other.

“Why you always avoid!? Just fight in the normal way!”

Why I avoid? It’s natural to avoid it. What a stupid thing this big idiot says.

“I’m sure wisdom is wandering around when it comes to the giants.”

“Muh, I don’t know what it means, but I know that you were insulted me!”

Crafton originally had a grim face, but his face quickly became grimmer. It appears that he’s quite angry. He pulled his hammer out of the ground and swung it again.

“I actually prefer attacking rather than defense!”

I kicked the ground and approached Crafton’s enormous feet and brandished Black Mist.

“It’s itchy. It’s ridiculous to fight me with such an attack!”

His hammer goes by in front of me with a thundering roar, caused a windstorm from his every single swing; the dust is annoying.

“Don’t think that brute attack would hit me, you good for nothing!”

“Muh, you made a fool of me again!”

Crafton wields his hammer angrily. However, he just seems to swing it carelessly leave it to his anger, giving only an accurate, sharp attack once every few times.

(This big idiot hasn’t shown the bottom yet.)

(I know. If it’s kept like this, we’ll spend too much time to beat it.)

I don’t know what Crafton’s intentions are, but the ancient breed shouldn’t be so simple as to end up with something like this.

“Eeeiii, you’re annoying!”

“So, it’s true that your only worth is your big body, huh?”

“You bastard!? Don’t think you’ll die easily!”

Crafton’s mood changed. Even though he already has a heinous bloodthirst, it increases even more.



He threw a kick toward me, I dodged it and ran up on the Crafton giant body and attacked him in the face.

Three fillets.”

I unleashed my sword technique to his face, but it repels Black Mist attack. It didn’t work, oy!?

“Guhahaha, it just tickling me, you know!”

There seems to be no damage blocked by his thick skin and muscles. What a useless tough guy. He attacked me with his fist to counter-attack, but I avoided it. No matter how powerful the [Giant Power (3)] and [King of Destruction (3)] skills are, it doesn’t matter unless it hits. If there’s no magic long-range attack, it will be just a close-combat battle. If it’s a close-combat battle, it’s in between me!

“You’re pissing me off, kid!”

“You’re getting in my way, blockhead.”

Crafton’s bloodthirst has increased even more. It looks like he’s going to make a move. Just when I thought Crafton had dropped his hips and glared at me, he jumped in like a bullet.


It’s necessary to move a considerable distance to avoid it because of his huge body. Then, I’ll just attack him, too! I sent my attention to Black Mist, and the bluish-black flame started to wrapped her.

“Die, kid!”

“You’re the dead one, blockhead! Strong Hellfire Slash!”

Crafton made use of his huge body to launch a purely powerful tackle, so I activated Black Mist’s [Special Move (1)]Strong Hellfire Slash, and attacked him!

The collision of the giant mass Crafton and me, who unleashed a tremendous amount of energy, generated a thundering roar and energy collision, gouging the earth, ripping the atmosphere and creating a dazzling light.



I was greatly bounced by the collision energy and landed in the blast after doing a few spins and regaining my position. I waited for the dust at the hypocenter to clear up, but I found that my hands holding Black Mist were shaking and numb.

“As expected from the professional destroyer. It seems he’s still healthy after received our Strong Hellfire Slash, huh?”

The dust makes zero visibility, but Crafton’s idiotic bloodthirst has yet to die down.

“You’re not bad, kid. This is going to be fun, Gaahahahaha!”

The fact that Crafton stood up before the dust cleared made his upper body visible above the dust.

“It’s the first time for a boy to endured my hard tackle. Let me introduce myself again. I’m Crafton. The founder of the giants and the one who followed by the giants and the demons! Kid, what’s your name?”

Followed by the giants and the demons? Shouldn’t their relationship be an alliance? Could it be that he had defeated the ancient demon and make the demon race to obey him? Hmm, I don’t know. There is no help for what you do not know, I’ll take down Crafton and see if I can confirm it.

“It’s too late, you know. I’m Tsukuru. I’m just an ordinary human.”

“Gaahahaha! No mere human can withstand my attack! I don’t think Temas is dead, but did the human get two ancient breed?”

So Temas is the name of the human’s ancient breed, huh? If I go down the path of getting revenge on the old bastard, maybe I’ll meet him.

“I’m a genuine “ordinary human”.”

“There is no such thing as a mere human that can withstand my attack! Hmm, all right. I will defeat you here and use you as my food.”

“I wonder which one of will become food?”

(Do you really want to eat that big idiot? Do you want to use your “Chef” job to cook him?)

I don’t understand how I sound like a cannibal somehow, but I can’t protest much since it really sounds like that. Crafton’s meat looks hard and unpalatable anyway.

It’s fun to fight a strong enemy, and I’m happy because I get the ingredients for the dish after the fight, but I’m a little unmotivated when it comes to this guy.

When I thought about that, Crafton began to exert himself.

“What is that? A genital?”

(How is that possible?)

The straight answer came from an unexpected part. As expected from my partner.

(Be careful, Tsukuru. That big idiot spirit has swelled up!)

(Yeah, leave it to me! However, I wonder if his genital is huge, too?)

(I don’t know!)

Crafton’s skin was dark until now, but it was turning reddish-brown before my eyes. At the same time, steam began to erupt from his skin.

“It looks like he’s generating heat, doesn’t he?”

“That show how much power he has built up.”

Black Mist was speaking.

“What is it? Why you stopped using telepathy?”

“There’s no one here, so there’s no need to use telepathy, isn’t it?”

“Fuh, you’re right.”

As I was talking to Black Mist, it seemed that Crafton had finished his strengthening.

“Yo, are you done?”

“Tsukuru, this will be crucial after this.”

Crafton grinned wickedly. It’s the kind of smile that would make a child cry if they saw it.

“There are rumors that Crafton would become weaker if he spares too much.”

“He’s a man who doesn’t lose his mouth, huh? Hmph!”

The moment Crafton thrusts his fist out, the impact goes through me. Crafton unleashed a fist full of pressure on me. I crossed my arm and received the fist pressure, but as expected from the [Giant Power (3)] and [King of Destruction (3)], which penetrated my defenses and caused damage.


“You’re so relaxed that you can’t prevent that kind of attack.”

As Black Mist said, I was a little careless. I spit on the bloody-mixed saliva and tighten my mind.

“Gaahahahaha. There’s more to come!”

“Don’t get carried away, Crafton!”

Crafton throws out his right fist continuously, just like a boxing jab. Fist pressure was unleashed from every fist, but I was not going to be silenced by the same attack. I held up Black Mist and counterbalancing it chopped off his fist pressure.

“Not bad! How about this?!”

The number of Crafton’s strikes increases. I keep swinging Black Mist and meeting with his fist pressure.

“Tsukuru, it will be the end if we kept like this.”

Black Mist is right.

“I know that, ugh!”

So what are we going to do? That will be… an attack is the greatest defense! If my number of moves outnumbered Crafton’s, I would give him pressure.


“Muh, nice! It makes me more excited!”

Crafton’s and my number of moves are increasing rapidly. If it continues like this, we will see who will get out of breath first, but it goes without saying that I’m the one that gets worse.

“This muscle brain!”

“That’s a compliment!”

As our number of moves increased, the ground was gouged out more than ever, and the place that used to be a forest was in a terrible state. I’m going to get scolded by Anthea later for this.

“Hey, hey, what’s wrong, Tsukuru?”

“Isn’t you the one who’s gasping for air?”

This kind of battle of power and strength is what I want, but it’s pretty tough, to be honest. His level is higher. Moreover, his “HP” and “STR” are also higher. The chances of winning in a direct clash of power and strength with this kind of musclebrain are close to zero.

So, how can I win? It will be with a technique.

Even if I can’t reach him by force, if I use my power and technique, I’ll be able to reach the potential of this muscle brain, Crafton.

“Gaahahahaha. Oraoraoraaaaa!”

I parry Crafton’s fist pressure with my technique, not my strength. On top of that, I can make more moves than him.

However, it is easier said than done…

It’s not a direct hit, but I’m getting more and more hit. Even if I use [Sturdy] and [Iron Wall], also, even if I have [Super Regeneration], the damage will accumulate.

“Oraoraaa! What’s wrong, Tsukuru!”

Crafton increased his moves even more. He really has bottomless physical strength. There are times when I just get carried away. It seems to be slightly out of reach with me now. It’s frustrating, but I’ll admit it.

But I’m not going to give up here!

More, my body, speed up! Move faster. Circulate the blood, get my body moving, push me to the greater heights!

“Don’t you dare!”

I put [Supremacy] on Black Mist. Then, Black Mist was clothed in golden energy as if it was a flame. The effect is quite beautiful, probably because the level is higher than before.

“What is that?”

“It’s too early to be surprised! True-Meteor Fang Slash!” (T/N: Not sure about it, it’s the kanji 真・流星牙斬衝.)

It’s a technique unleashes hundreds of stabbing strikes, which had been powered up by adding [Supremacy] to the Meteor Fang Slash, which is Black Mist’s [Special Move (2)]. The True-Meteor Fang Slash!


Clad in the golden color of [Supremacy], the True-Meteor Fang Slash swept off Crafton’s fist pressure, tore the flesh of his right arm, and broke his bones.

“Guaaahhh!? W-what happened?”

Even if Crafton’s arm is broken, my attack won’t end. Then, Crafton’s right arm exploded and completely disappeared. I’m not going to loosen my hand here!

“Die, Crafton!”

“Don’t make light of me, Tsukuru!”

As I swing Black Mist with all my might, Crafton also throws out a fist with his healthy left hand. Our technique, power, and willpower clash against each other.

It caused a massive explosion blowing the both of us. Even that huge body of Crafton was thrown off, so I, with my small body, was also flown considerably.


As I hit the ground, every muscle fiber in my body was torn with a tearing sound, and my bones crunched with a cracking sound.

“Master!” Canaan, Hannah, and Sanya screamed in unison.

“Don’t come!”

I saw Canaan, Hannah, Sanya, and Antia rushing over in concern, so I stopped them.

“Not yet, the fight is not over yet!”

I let everyone back off, but my body had long since passed its limit. Every cell in my body seems to be screaming. But even in such a tattered state, it’s fun to fight until the last minute. At the point where I’m thinking about this while vomiting blood, I must be one of those musclebrains…

The blurry visibility is partly due to the blast, but also due to my own damage.

“That’s was very flashy, Tsukuru.”

Since my whole body has a complicated fracture, I think it’s impressive just to be conscious.

“Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve been this damaged.”

“That means you’re still not cultivated enough. It was a bad idea to rush the game over there.”

I saw Crafton’s right arm explode, and I launched a chase, but Crafton didn’t even flinch at all as he met my attack. I didn’t think he was going to attack there. I really failed.

There was a loud sound at the time…

I didn’t think so, but is that Crafton guy still can move…?

“Gaahahaha! It’s a raggedy mess, isn’t it, Tsukuru?”

Crafton, looking down at me, must be pretty damaged too, as his right hand is not attached to his shoulder, and his left arm is bleeding all over the place. “HP EX” is really not just for the show.

“You’re more tattered, though?”

“But, I can still fight.”

If you compare me to Crafton right now, he clearly has the advantage. Geez…that’s why I don’t like muscle idiots. It’s frustrating, but can’t I reach Crafton with the way I am now…?

“This is the first time I’ve been pushed this far. It was a good fight.”

Crafton tries to stomp on me, slowly raising his huge feet, but my body doesn’t move. Not at a time like this. Will I be killed like this…? Don’t be ridiculous! I won’t lose to anyone! I’ll never lose!

I was about to take out the grilled meat from the [Material Storage]. That was the time…

(Do you want to be stronger?)

Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice echoed in my head. This does not sound like Black Mist.

(Who is it?)

(I don’t think we have time for that kind of thing, do we?)

That’s true. Crafton’s about to trample me.


(Okay, final confirmation. Do you want to be stronger?)

The answer to that is obvious!

(Of course! I want to be stronger than anyone!)

(I understand. Then, I will release my divine protection.)

(Divine protection? You…?)

(You’ll find out eventually.)

What the hell is that?


The seal of #%$& divine protection has been released. Since the #%$& divine protection has been released, you have learned the unique skill [God’s Supper] (T/N: 神々の晩餐)



It’s garbled…? Now isn’t the time to be worrying about such things. If this [God’s Supper] is going to break through this situation, so be it!


God’s Supper: You can create God’s Supper by using materials of level 300 or more. If you eat the Supper of the Gods, any wish you make will be granted for five minutes, but you will lose one of your senses as a penalty for twenty-three hours and fifty-five minutes from the time the effect ends, so be careful. Also, you can only make one from the same individual, and up to ten from the same race, so please think carefully about how to use it♪


Any wish can be fulfilled… you said? Ha…hahahaha… I don’t know who that was, but to give me this broken skill. For all that, you have my thanks!

I took out the meat of the emperor dragon from the [Material Storage] and activated the [God’s Supper]. Whatever it is, give me the power to defeat Crafton!

The emperor dragon’s meat radiated intensely.

“What’s going on?”

Crafton seemed to be wary of this light and pulled his leg. It’s a chance. I threw the finished [God’s Supper] into my mouth without even looking at it and swallowed it almost without chewing.

“Ugh, the taste is bad!”


With the unique skill [God’s Supper], the Goddess Skill [Divine Power] will be temporarily transferred to the individual name Tsukuru Sumeragi. You have five minutes.


Divine Power: It’s the power of the gods. They’re super powerful because they’re upper compatible with willpower, magic, and ambition♡


Whatever. Activate the [Divine Power]!

At that moment, my body glowed, and I felt my power surge. What’s more, the injuries all over my body had healed, and I think my body is lighter than before the fight.

“What have you done?”

“I’m coming, Crafton!”

“Hey, hey… What’s that, partner…”

There is no room for chatter now. After all, this [Divine Power] can only be used for five minutes.


I ran through the air as if I had the foothold. Then, as I latched onto Crafton, I brandished Black Mist.


I slashed through Crafton’s thick chest plate, not resting my hands any further.


Crafton’s fighting back, but I’m not there already and attacking another place.

“Don’t you dare to make light of me!”

Crafton strikes back, muster his strength with a desperate effort. But the attack doesn’t reach me.

“This is the final blow! Strong Hellfire Slash!”

I activated the [Special Move (1)]Strong Hellfire Slash, and cutting Crafton in half. Without any strength, he collapsed to the ground caused a loud sound.

“Master, that’s amazing!”

“As expected from Master!”

“Master is so cool!”

“That’s magnificent.”

Canaan, Hannah, Sanya, and Antia rushed over. They all look happy.


NyX Translation


“But not yet. Crafton isn’t dead yet.”

Yes, as Antia says, Crafton is not dead. He has the ancient skill, [Second Life]. Even if I cut him in half, he will come back again. Looking at the fallen Crafton, his wounds have already disappeared.

“Come, Mjolnir.”

When Crafton, who opened his eyes with a snap, exclaimed so, a hammer was gripped in his hand.

“Don’t make me do it!”

I kicked the ground, hoping to finish him off this time. Then Crafton waved his hammer, which he called Mjolnir, casually.


At that moment, a glowing magic circle emanated from Mjolnir. At the same time, my [Wild Instincts] warned me that it was dangerous. I turned over, holding Canaan, Hannah, Sanya, and Antia, and tried to leave the place. However, just in time, the magic circle emanating from Mjolnir enveloped us…




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