Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 3 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Meeting the mentor


I didn’t expect the contents and how important it is… So, I ask the demon king and the shop fairy.

“…The great tree is a tree with great power and can be used as a catalyst when using the materials and skills of magic tools… At least, that’s what I’ve heard.”

“Well. I only know the location of a few of it, but I do not entirely know about it.”

“So, even the shop fairy don’t know much about it, huh…”

When she said so, I can say that the great tree is amazing. I thought the shop fairy would know everything, but she told us she doesn’t know much of it.

“According to this book, this place is called “The Great Tree of the Demon King”.

“Is it because it is protecting the grave…?”


The location of the big tree was described, but it doesn’t seem to explain what is brought about by the big tree.

“I couldn’t figure out what language it was when I looked in it…what language is it actually?”

“Ah, this is a language that only the Demon King has known for generations. Only us and the other few demon races who aware of its existence.”

“I see…”

Then I wouldn’t know the answer even if I want to find out about the book. I smiled bitterly, but I’m glad that it’s already in the hands of the Demon King who should have it.

“I’ll have to repay you for this, too. We’ll talk about it when we get back to the castle.”

“Thank you very much.”

I’ve lost the magic book, but I’m glad he would repay me for that. I want the house, but as expected, it’s impossible. They said it’s out of stock, after all.

“If we’ve done visiting the grave, then let’s go back. I also have to prepare for Your Majesty announcement!”

The shop fairy told us enthusiastically, and when we all agreed―there was a sound of tearing leaves from the back of the great tree.

“Hmph, a monster!?”


The shop fairy is on guard against it, and I also immediately use my skill. I thought there was no monster, but there wasn’t, was there? But then, I don’t know why it hasn’t shown up until now.

I got in front of the shop fairy and braced myself in case it attacked me, but I have inadvertently let off my shoulders by the loud sound of a yawn.

“Eh, a yawn…? Does that mean that there are people there?”

“I guess.”

Lusha, who had prepared her bow, looks curious, too. It was said that no one but the Demon King could enter this place, so I didn’t even think or look at the people there.

“Oh, did I put you on guard? I’m sorry.”

With such a carefree voice, a man’s face appeared from behind the great tree.


“Well, well, why are you here?”

Apparently, the Demon King and the shop fairy were acquaintances with that man, and they immediately called out his names. He doesn’t seem to be an enemy, and Lusha lowered her bow as well.

Hmm? As for Cruz…

“Are you perhaps, Pino’s master?”

“Oh, yes, do you know Pino?”

“Yes. My name is Hiroki. I have a package from her, addressed to Cruz-san.”

“That’s very helpful, thank you. I’m Cruz, the alchemist.”

Cruz-san smiled and thanked me. Cruz is the great alchemist and Pino’s master. He has dark green hair and lean, brown eyes. He’s over six feet tall, and his age was probably in his mid-twenties or later. His ears are long peeking out from his shaggy hair, indicating that he is an elf. Perhaps it’s because he’s wearing a loose black robe, which makes him look calm but has a strong presence.

“I was surprised that Tito-sama would come here. But I’m sure this guy will be pleased, too.”

Cruz-san put his hand on the tombstone and smiled gently.

“I was on good terms with Tito-sama’s father. This is why I come to visit his grave once in a while.”

“So that’s it.”

Cruz-san explained to me and Lusha, who didn’t know what was going on. However, the shop fairy didn’t seem to be convinced and questioned Cruz-san in a confrontational tone.

“You shouldn’t be able to come here if you’re not a demon king… How did you get in here, Cruz?”

“Ah, that’s because there’s more than one entrance to get in here. The demon king can only take the path to get here from Tito-sama’s room. But there’s no such restriction if it’s from another entrance.”

“Well, well, how did you know that?”

The shop fairy looked at Cruz-san, even though she doesn’t know about it herself or even the demon king. Or maybe, is she think that he’s an enemy? She may be feeling like that. However, contrary to such a shop fairy’s vigor, Cruz-san remains smiling.

“I’m the great trees’ caretaker. My role is to watch over them so that they can grow up healthy. The package that Hiroki took care of is also meant to be used as fertilizer for the great tree.”


I was surprised that I didn’t know that I was carrying such an important thing.

“Pino must have a lot of trust in you for entrusting it. May I have the package?”


She hadn’t shown any signs of it at all, that Pino…! I’m glad she trusted me with it, but I’d really like her to remember to explain it a little more.

I give the box I was keeping to Cruz-san, and he immediately opens the lid and smiles, saying, “This is it~”. The liquid in the potion bottle is colorless and transparent, and at a glance, it looks like just ordinary water.

“I’m not an enemy of Tito-sama and the shop fairy, so don’t be so wary. I will never become an enemy of Dewey’s precious child, absolutely not.”


“Dewey loved his daughter so much. Tito-sama, just watch and see.” (T/N: He said “Musume” here, I’m kinda confused, is he really a girl? But again, he said he has a twin sister, or they both are girls, whatever, lol)

Apparently, Tito-sama’s father, the previous demon king, was named Dewey. Cruz-san opened the potion bottle and sprinkled it on the great tree. Then a pale light arose, and the great tree bloomed with white flowers.

The scene is so fantastic that I can’t help but stare at it.

”Wow, that’s amazing….”

“Flowers can bloom in a matter of moments like this.”

Since we didn’t have any flowers to offer to the grave, so I’m genuinely glad that the great tree has bloomed. It seems that the Demon King was the same, looking up at the flowers intently. It was worth the effort to get this far.

“Well, well, there’s so much going on today.”

The shop fairy came next to me, Lusha, and Cruz-san, in state of relief. The demon king is alone in the front of the grave, looking at the great tree. I nodded and then smiled at the shop fairy.

“It’s good to expect a good reward, doesn’t it?”

“As expected of Hiroki, he’s a cheeky guy. But I’ll reward you as much as I can.”

“Looking forward to it―whoa!?”

―While we were happily negotiating for rewards… Suddenly, the ground shook, and darkness spread around the grave and the great tree. I quickly ran to the Demon King and shouted.

“I’ll protect the Demon King, so Lusha and the shop fairy, secure the exit!”

“I-I got it!”

“Hiroki, the Demon King…!”

I quickly go to the Demon King, who is in the center of the darkness and take his hand.

“Kyaa, Hiroki…!”

“We’ll run as it is, Tito-sama.”

“I-I understand.”

I immediately turned on my heel to go back to the exit where Lusha and the others were, but as I stepped out, my feet were engulfed in the darkness, and the surroundings were also shrouded in darkness. I can faintly see that there are grass and trees, but I can’t walk well.

“Shit, what’s going on?”

“A-are you alright!?”

“Tito-sama… Eh, your legs are not swallowed.”

My feet are sinking into the darkness of the ground like a bottomless swamp, while the Demon King stands firmly on the ground with both feet. What does that mean, they’re only attacking me…? Such a question crosses my mind, but I have something else to do first.

I gave the Demon King a good shove on his back.

“Run, go to the shop fairy!”

“Eh…!? But what about Hiroki.”

“If it’s the shop fairy, she can fly up here. So I want you to go and call her and tell her to pull me up.”

“…I-I understand.”

The Demon King was troubled, but he certainly decided that it was better to do so. Grudgingly biting his lip, he ran down to the shop fairy. For the time being, that’s a relief.

“All that’s left is… what we’re going to do about it.”




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  1. thanks for the chapter, for tito-sama, if you remember the scene with the alpaga being a male you should have guessed if she/he is male or female …

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    1. Maybe Tito is a tomgirl or femboy?

      [I got in front of the shop fairies and braced myself in case it attacked me, but I have inadvertently let off my shoulders by the loud sound of a yawn.]
      * shop fairies —> shop fairy

      [“This is good to expect a good reward, doesn’t it?”]
      * “This is good to expect a good reward, doesn’t it?” —> “It is good to expect a good reward, isn it?”


  2. My theory about Tito is that she is the girl but her brother take her name and scape because he knows they grandfather can possibly make a trap for Tito so his sister can survive even if that means she have to live like a Man


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