Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Chapter 4 Part 5

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Part 5


“Alright, let’s go!”

Morning has come. Let’s just say that I can’t tell you what happened yesterday.

“Yes.” the four girls answered in unison.

We’re back to the second world, so I’m setting out to fulfill my purpose. In other words, I’ll be going to the temple in the Rade-Crude Empire to beat the shit out of that bastard old man.

The place where we returned to this world, from the world where the demon race, was is in the forest where we fought Crafton. When we returned, the forest had already been restored, and the place that looked like a burned-out field was now covered with trees, showing the usual face of the Great Borf Forest.

From there, I planned to head south through the Templeton Kingdom and enter the Engels Confederacy. This Engels Confederacy was a human supremacist country. Behind it was the Luk Sandale Kingdom, which is a great power along with the Rade-Crude Empire. If we go east from that Luk Sandale Kingdom, we will find the Rade-Crude Empire, so we are aiming for the Engels Confederacy first.

As we were walking out of the forest, I suddenly felt an uncomfortable feeling. Canaan, Hanna, Sanya, and Antia seemed to feel the same discomfort as I did and stopped.

“Something’s coming.”

The four of them nodded as I urged them to be vigilant.

“It’s from the ground!”

With Canaan’s voice, we jumped. Immediately after that, the ground rose up, and something appeared from within the ground. It appeared with a dusting of dirt and dust, and it was the person I had been dying to meet.

“You… fucking old man!”

“Kid, keep your mouth shut. You are disrespecting Temas-sama!”

The cronies who showed up with the bastard old man are saying something to me, but I can’t hear them. It’s because my burning hot blood is running through my body at the joy of seeing the bastard old man in a place like this.

“Ara, isn’t that Temas? You’re still alive.”

I could hear Antia’s dignified voice. Even if I can’t keep my cool, I can at least hear my beloved wife’s voice. More importantly, Temas? If I remember correctly, that was the name of the human’s ancient breed. In other words, that old bastard who dumped me in the Great Borf Forest is probably an ancient breed.

“Antia, I thought your presence had disappeared, but it’s been a long time since you’ve appeared. What did you do? And the humans and the beastmen… what are you up to?”

“That was rude of you to accuse me of scheming something. Unlike you, I won’t create a makeshift imitation.”

I understand that the bastard old man knows Antia because he is an ancient breed. But don’t call my wife, Antia’s, name so familiarly!

“You’ll never master the way of the sword if you can’t control your bloodthirst, you noobs.”

It seemed I was unconsciously leaking my bloodthirst. Black Mist’s voice made me relax my shoulders.

“Seeing that face, I couldn’t help but…”

“That’s the sign of inexperience if you can’t maintain a sense of normalcy. You need to restart your training.”

I reflect upon Black Mist’s words. Equanimity is the basis for those who use swords, said Black Mist. I agree with her, but seeing that face naturally makes my blood boil.

“Yes, yes. I’ll hear your nitpicking later.”

Let’s just calm down since the old bastard himself has come to this place.

“Master, is that the old man?”

“It’s exactly like Canaan said. The way I look at him, I’ve got a lot of nerve. I can’t help but feel angry.”

By becoming my wife, I’m freeing Canaan and Hannah from slavery. Now Canaan, Hannah, Antia, and I are all wearing matching wedding rings. The wedding rings’ material is mithril, so that no matter where we are, we can feel a connection. Canaan is surprisingly lonely, and she’s worried that she won’t feel connected to me.

“Master’s enemy is also Hannah’s enemy. Let’s beat him to death.”

“Hannah, he’s my prey. I’ll leave the others to you.”

“Understood. I’ll beat the small-fries.”

The girls are so reliable.

“Onii-chan, let us take care of the small fry.”

“Yeah, I’m counting on you.”

I pat the head of my smart sister.


When I stroked her fluffy animal-ears, Sanya felt good, too. Most importantly, it calmed me down.

“Blabbering whatever you want, huh, kid. Who are you!”

“Don’t just shut up and say something!”

“Fulk-sama, that man must be frozen from fear.”

“You’re right, what an idiot!”

The bastard old man’s cronies are noisy, but I’ll just ignore these guys.

“Hey, shitty old man. Have you forgotten my face?”

“Your manner of speaking is insolent!”

One of the three cronies unleashed an earth spike created with magic toward me, but It was blocked by an invisible wall that Canaan activated instantly, which made it shatter and disappear. It’s a defensive barrier of [Light Magic (5)]. At the same time, the head of the crony who shot an earth spike at me exploded and fell helplessly on the spot. It was Canaan’s [Destruction Magic (2)]. They can’t feel the magic flying, so it’s hard to avoid it.

“It’s the end of a barking stray dog that doesn’t even know the difference in strength between us.”

“Yes, a silly stray dog that tried to bare his fangs to Master, but couldn’t even scratch him.”

Canaan also spoke up.

“You!” said the other two guys.



The two remaining cronies lost their temper, but the bastard old man stopped them.

“Antia, what does it mean to slaughter my servant? It’s going to start a war between us.”

“Ara, I didn’t do anything. Can you stop with the false accusations?”

She’s right, Antia hasn’t done anything.

“No matter how senile and stupid you are, I’m just watching it. You know that much, don’t you?”

Antia is also agitated~.

“Or are you going to involve me in the war between humans? As far as I can tell, you’re really an old senile, huh?”

The cronies seem to be angry enough that I can tell they’re grinding their teeth, but the bastard old man seems mad in his own way, too, because his mouth is twitching.

Hahaha, say it more. Taunt him~.

“Oh, I get it! As far as I’m concerned, you’re so senile that you can’t even restrain the humans anymore! I thought you were incompetent, but you really were incompetent!”

At that moment, there was a sound of something snapping, and a huge spear that was formed by the rising ground approached Antia, but it’s also blocked by the invisible defensive barrier of [Light Magic (5)].

“Ara, ara, are you attacking me just because you can’t beat the same human? Disgusting. If this is what you’re going to do, Catoblepas was much better at his point of death.”

Good, good, good, taunt him more.

“Catoblepas? Stupid, he’s…”

“Ara, you talk like you know where Catoblepas is.”

Hou, I suppose this guy is connected to Crafton. It sounds like he’s doing a lot of bad things, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re connected behind the scenes.

“Then I’ll have to tell Dick and Koval about that, too.”

Dick is a dwarf, and Koval is a beastman. I’ve heard that they are both of the ancient breeds. I’m Antia’s husband, so I’ve listened to at least a few names around there.

“Fufufu, are you trying to worsen the relationship between the four races?”

“It won’t get any worse, and you’ve already spread this stupid notion of human supremacy among your people. It’s too late for that, isn’t it?”

The old bastard smiles wryly. It’s safe to say that the four races coalition is almost torn down, so what is he planning to do?

“The two races alliance are attacking us, you know.”

“The two races, but Crafton won’t move for a while, no, he can’t move. Ufufufu.”

The [Second Life] of the ancient breed is not absolute. They can indeed resurrect once they die, but the cooldown is a hundred years after their resurrection. In other words, they can’t die for a hundred years after using [Second Life]. If they die, it will really be the end of them.

“That muscle idiot had been beaten up after he picked a fight with the wrong person. Unfortunately, he seems to have escaped, but I wonder when that life will run out, too. Ufufufu.”


The shitty old man’s complexion changed. He hadn’t thought it was possible; he was expecting to see Crafton.

“And since the imprisoned Catoblepas is dead, the new ancient breed will soon be born. Then I wonder what will happen to the two races alliance, the giant race, and the demon race?”


The old bastard stepped back. To back off in this degree, he has no balls.

“So, do you have an apology for attacking me?”

It’s fun to see the bastard old man get cornered.

“Kuh… this is…”

”The ancient breed represents the races. Since you attacked me for that, you’ll have to respond accordingly if you don’t apologize.”

The bastard old man was silent.


A follower calls out to him irresistibly, but the bastard old man doesn’t seem to be having any of it.

“Very well. I apologize.”

Hou, he’s apologizing. It’s not fun.

“Very well. I’ll accept your apology. Be careful in the future.”

As far as I was concerned about this exchange, the bastard old man doesn’t necessarily have a good relationship with Crafton. Maybe they’re using each other. He seems to think that he can’t fight alone against the three races of elves, dwarves, and beastmen he was allied with. Then don’t spread the joke of an idea of human supremacy.

But there’s one thing I don’t understand.

Why does he have a tightrope policy? If they’re not careful, the human race will be on the verge of annihilation. What are they thinking? When I think about it, I have a hunch that it had something to do with summoning us, the heroes. Regardless of the intent of the summons, though, I’m going to beat the shit out of the old man.

“We’re going to back off.”

“Oops, you might want to leave now that you’ve talked to Antia, but I’m not done with my business with you yet.”

With this long-awaited encounter, let’s get what I’m here for.

“Kid, stand down!”

“Stay back, small-fry, or you’ll be like that stray dog.”

I pointed to the headless body on the ground. It’s like I’m the villain here.

“Say what you want!”

A follower jumped out and tried to pierce his sword in me.


Of course, the sword never reached me. Hannah caught the follower’s sword with her two fingers.

“You got carried away.”

As Hannah said that, the follower fell to the ground helplessly as blood poured from his ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. Hannah’s thirty-five jabs seemed to have shaken his brain.

“Hey, it doesn’t matter how many small-fry you have, the result will be the same, so come on, you shitty old man.”

“Say what you want!”

That line again. They don’t have enough vocabulary. But, the old bastard stopped the follower with his hand.

“Stay back.”

“B-but… I understand.”

The follower backed off as the bastard old man stared at them.

“He~h, you’ve got some discipline. You’re not like the stray dogs that are lying around there, are you?”

My words made the follower bare his teeth and reveal his anger, but he didn’t act in front of the shitty old man.

“Kid, where have we met?”

This guy seems to have forgotten about me. There’s no reason for him to remember me, a waste product, after all. The same as me, I wouldn’t remember the face of a stray dog lying around there.

“Well. You seem to have forgotten, but I remember it well.”

“Fumu, where have we met? Hmm… black hair… Kid, you…”

“I think you have guessed it roughly, haven’t you? Well, that’s enough, I’m going to beat you up. Don’t run away, okay?”

I pulled out Black Mist and pointed it at the old bastard.

“I’m running away? That’s ridiculous! You must know your place!”

Dozens of fist-sized chunks of dirt flew at me, but I knocked them all down with Black Mist.

“That’s lukewarm. That won’t fool me.”

With the specs of an ancient breed, even I would struggle if only I put myself in the close fight. But the old bastard doesn’t have the tremendous pressure that I felt from Crafton as a warrior.

”Stop blabbering things!”

This time the ground rose up and became a spear, but I chopped it up with Black Mist as well.

“What the hell, it’s not even a breeze.”

“Don’t make light of me, kid!”

The ground rises in the same way, but this time it’s become like a wall. It feels like it’s wrapping around me in all directions.

“It’s useless. Ha! …Ugh, the dust is more intense than the old man’s attack.”

The wall that was trying to envelop me was chopped up into small debris, so the dust was terrible. But it’s really weak. Even if I’m not using my trump card, this will… I was trying so hard to become strong for someone like this. I’m starting to get a little sad.


Name: Temas
Race: Ancient Human, Level 445

Skills: [Close-Combat Technique (3)] [Mother Earth Magic (3)] [Thought Processing (3)] [Absolute Defense (3)]

Unique Skill: [The One Who Controls Mother Earth]

Ancient Skill: [Second Life]

Attributes: HP [A] | MP [A] | [STR [S] | INT [B] | AGI [S] | DEX [EX] | LUK [E]

Title: Human Founder, The One Who Imposes Trials


Well, there’s nothing to see here.

“Haaah… too weak. Crafton was stronger… it’s disappointing.”

I spat out with a sigh.

“Kid… Crafton, you said…”

“He was a tough guy. I had to use my trump card to beat him up.”

The bastard old man opened his eyes widely. Don’t be so surprised; you make me want to pierce Black Mist in your eyes, you know.

“I’m going to do it this time. Take it firmly!”

I stuck out my left hand and activated the [Dark Magic], Dark Bind.

”Wha-! [Dark Magic]?”

It’s not such surprising magic, is it? I quickly closed the distance between us and slashed Black Mist to the side. The bastard old man tried to deploy an earth wall to block my attack, but such an earth wall is equivalent to a piece of paper for me.


The screams of the bastard old man who had his arms cut off along with the entire earth wall echoed pleasantly in my ears. The old bastard, who couldn’t move from his spot due to the Dark Bind, fired [Mother Earth Magic (3)] continuously with large tears flowing from his eyes, so I took a distance from him.

At that time, three of his followers who approached from behind me, raised their sword, but did they forget that there are others here besides me?


The heads of the three followers flew in the air. Sanya’s emperor dragon fang tomahawk caused it. The old bastard has a very disappointed look on his face, as if he was expecting his three followers. Don’t look so pathetic while crying. It’s like I’m the villain.

“After this, it will be hell for you.”

I’m not going to slow down. But I’m going to make that fucking old man suffer for as long as possible. I untied the Dark Bind and slowly moved my feet forward, because it’s not really a fight if I keep using the Dark Bind, after all.  I am by no means being negligent, but if not a little flounder, it will be an incomplete combustion.

“W-wait! No, please wait.”

As I approached slowly, the bastard old man got his hands on the ground and told me to wait. It’s like he’s doing a dogeza.


NyX Translation


“What is it, what are you planning this time?”

“I didn’t mean to plan anything…”

It’s quite regrettable. Is this for real?

“And what’s good for me if I wait?”

“Th-that would be…”

“Then, go die.”

“Wait! Wait a minute. There will be a good thing! Yes, there is!”

No matter how I think about it, he’ll be going to make a random excuse.

“A country, yes, I’ll give a country. Whether it’s the Rade-Crude Empire or the Luk Sandale Kingdom, those two are my favorite countries!”

“I’m not interested in that stuff.”

The old bastard’s mouth dropped open. He looked like a pigeon that had been hit by a peashooter when I replied that I wasn’t interested without thinking about it. Don’t be so shocked. What’s the point of having a country? I’ve never wanted to be a king. Being a king and ruling a country? That’s just too much trouble.

Well, there was a time when I thought I’d even become the Demon King just to beat the crap out of this old man. It’s about power, not about winning a country.

“T-then, money. I’ll give you money.”

“I’m not in trouble with money.”

He looked shocked again.

“A woman, you have four women with you, so it would be fine with a woman, right?”

Sure, three of them are my wives, but I’m not a womanizer. One of them is my sister. No, no, it would be more accurate to say that I like women, but I don’t like playing with women. However, he’s a greedy person. The template for these suggestions is just to say what he wants.

I looked at my three wives. Canaan looked troubled, Hannah was as cool and beautiful as ever, and Antia looked completely disinterested.

“Do you think I’m in that much trouble with women?”

“No, no, no! That’s not what I meant!”

Shut up. Oy, you’re just desperate.


I swung Black Mist and cut the old man’s leg off.

”It’s not. Huh?”

It’s not like this guy is a big deal now.

“Jyonnagoadeimajien…” [T/n: I think it’s probably “Sonna koto arimasen”]

“Speak properly. Do you understand?”


Wipe your nose; it’s dirty.

“If you scheme anything more than this, I’m going to torture you, so answer my question.”


“What’s your purpose in summoning the heroes? Oops, no, it’s not like they’re going to defeat the demon king, or the giants and demons, right? I don’t see how the heroes can defeat the ancient breed.”

This morning, before I left, I heard a report from Beeze about the heroes. From the reports, it seems that some of them have reached level one hundred, but none of them have broken through the limit. The level isn’t everything, but at level 100, no matter how you paw the ground, you won’t be able to beat the ancient breeds with a level of more than 400.

“T-that’s just…”

“What, you’re not gonna answer me?”

I brandished Black Mist.

“D-don’t do that!”

“Speak faster. It will be easier.”

“…T-the dwed spiwwit…”

His tears and snot are so terrible; I can’t hear what he says clearly.

“Huh? What’s that? Speak clearly!”

“T-the… the dead spirits.”

Ooh, you can say that.

“So. what’re these dead spirits you’re talking about?”


Don’t give me that “Don’t you know it?” face. I’m going to punch you in the face, you son of a bitch.

“The dead spirits are a race of the dead, Tsukuru.” [T/n: I don’t know if it’s better to use undead here since Tsukuru (Beeze) already has an undead squad. This is the kanji for this race name “死霊族”. Please give me your thought :D]

Antia is smiling bewitchingly. What’s that? The atmosphere is so stinging. And a race of the dead? Then I’m surrounded by a lot of them. Does that mean I’m one of the dead spirits? Antia-san, give me more explanation, please.

”There are elves, dwarves, beastmen, humans, giants, demons, and in addition to this, there is the dead spirit race. The dead spirit race is a race that is hostile to all races. After all, when you die, you will all be captured by the dead spirits.”

What’s that?  Then I guess I am one of them. Even if it’s through Beeze, I still have an undead army.

“Hmm. Then, are these dead spirits so powerful?”

”As I said before, all the dead will be drawn into the dead spirit race. There’s no chance of fighting and winning.”

“Isn’t there some kind of [Holy Magic] that slaughters the dead?”

”The number of users of [Holy Magic] can be counted with a finger, so when it comes to a battle, the rate at which the dead spirit race increases will be faster.”

Oh, I see, I see.

“Or rather, Antia’s the only one who talks. Are you, old bastard, not wanting to talk?”

“Hyii! Yes! Yes! Yes, I will!”

I don’t think you should be so scared of me, but… am I really that scary?

“I understand that the dead spirit race is a troublesome opponent, but what does that have to do with the heroes?”

”It’s [Light Magic]! It’s to get the [Light Magic], the symbol of a hero!”


I couldn’t help but look at Canaan. It wasn’t just me; Hannah, Sanya, and Antia were also looking at her. The reason we looked at Canaan is that she has the [Light Magic].

“Is the combination of hero and [Light Magic] powerful?”

”No, no, one can be said to be a hero if they possessed the [Light Magic]!”


Ho~o… that means Canaan is a hero…

“In that case, why don’t you just make it possible for the people of this world to learn [Light Magic]?”

“There is no record of anyone in this world learning [Light Magic] in the past.”


There’s one standing right in front of you, sir. I mean, how the hell does Antia not know that? I looked at her, and she shook her head.

“So, did someone learn that [Light Magic]?”

[Light Magic] is a skill that can only be learned by those who have passed level 100. Unfortunately, for the heroes of this time…”

Canaan also learned [Light Magic] after she passed level 100.

“A true hero is one who has awakened and passed level 100, and at the same time has learned [Light Magic].”

Then, Canaan.

“Anything else?”

“There is no more.”

I don’t think he has told us everything, but okay. I’m going to kill him anyway. If I kill him, I’m going to turn him into Beeze’s familiar, and I’m going to make him work for me.

But when I thought that, the old bastard used his magic to build an earth wall.

“Tsk.” I clicked my tongue and destroyed the earth wall, but the shitty old man wasn’t there.

“He’s escaped! Canaan, can you feel the magic of that old bastard?”

“Yes, it’s there!”

I started running in the direction Canaan was pointing at.

“You were letting your guard down too much.”

“I know… I’m not paying attention.”

I don’t want to be told by Black Mist again.

“Eeeiii, you old bastard!”

The old bastard seems to be moving at high speed inside the ground, and it’s not easy to catch his presence with my [Presence Detection].

”Master, he seems to have dived deep into the ground, and his response has disappeared…”

“Damn it. I let him get away…”

“I’m sorry…”

“Canaan shouldn’t have to apologize. It’s my fault for letting my guard down.”

I patted Canaan’s head and expressed my gratitude.




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