Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5 – Flattery

Part 1


I scratched my head roughly and reflected on my naivety. I was about to get my revenge on the old bastard, but I was too carried away when I spoke and dropped my guard down, and in the end, he escaped. I really do hate myself for being so naive.

“Master, if I find him again, I’ll burn him to death without leaving any bones in his body!”

“Next time I see him, I’ll turn him into a rusty punching bag!”

”Yup, I’m going to cut off his head with this emperor dragon fang tomahawk!”

The sympathy of the three of them is touching me, even though their thoughts are a bit dangerous…

“Once you let him go, Temas will cage himself up like a turtle and won’t come out.”

Antia is a realist! Well, I knew that, but… can you just comfort me in a time like this?

“It’s okay. It’s okay. Master, get some rest, and then we will beat that old man-san later!”

Crap, no. It seemed that Antia’s frank opinion had taken a mental toll on me.

“Thank you, Canaan.”

“It’s okay. Good, good, don’t mind it.”

Somehow, the position has been reversed. When was the last time I was patted on the head? Wasn’t it when I caught a fever in junior high school and fell asleep? At that time, Ayumi nursed me through the night…

“Onii-chan, what’s that?  The one over there?”

As I had Canaan, then Hannah, then Antia, giving me a lap pillow and stroking my head, Sanya, who had been exploring the area, seemed to have found something. It’s too bad to have to get away from the soft, comfortable feeling of their laps, and the feel of their fingers running through my hair, but I’m also curious about something Sanya found.


Antia looked a little disappointed when I raised my body up.

“Antia, I’ll ask you again later, okay?”

“I’ll do it for you anytime. Tsukuru’s hair feels so good.”

She smiled and kissed my cheek. My face breaks into a smirk at the feel of Antia’s soft lips on my cheek.

“Only Antia-san is unfair!”

Canaan is puffing out her cheeks for some reason.

“Ara, why don’t you do it too, Canaan-san?”

I have no idea what that means.

“Master, can Hannah do the same?”

I’m not sure, but I’ll just nod here. Then Hannah kissed me on the cheek, too. This is what they’re talking about, huh? Hannah’s lips are very soft, too.

“Canaan will do it too!”

Canaan kissed me on the cheek too. Yeah, Canaan is just as soft as the two. Could it be that I’m a riajuu? With an isekai harem? Seriously, I never thought I’d see the spring coming for me in this world.

[T/n: Click here for Riajuu. Isekai = Different world.]

“Umm, onii-chan…”

Sanya was looking at the four of us with warm eyes. I’m so embarrassed.

”Onii-chan, please keep those sweet things behind Sanya. I thought I would get fat even though I didn’t eat anything.”

“I’m sorry…”

Now then, the thing that Sanya found wasーa single stone monument quietly stands in a gloomy place with dense grass and flowers, with tall trees blocking out the sun. We are still in the Great Borf Forest. Is this stone monument some kind of trap?

“I didn’t remember something like this existing, but there are no traps in this Great Borf Forest, either.”

Antia tilted her head at the stone monument and told me that there is no trap.

If it’s not a trap, let’s get closer.

“What’s written on it? It’s a language with some angular characters.”

Sanya, who had spotted the monument, traced the words carved on it with her finger. We moved closer and looked at the monument.

“Vengeance leads to nothing. A vengeance is an act of losing one’s heart, and fighting is an act of defeating oneself.”

“You can read these letters, onii-chan?”

I can read it, and it’s Japanese. It’s Japanese, and it’s a sentence that somehow seems to be a message to me.

I go around and look at the opposite side of the monument.

“To my child in the other world. Dainichi Yoson.” [T/n: It’s actually Ohirume no Mikoto, but it seems Tsukuru can’t read it clearly. I’ll change it to Ohirume no Mikoto on vol 2 chapter 1 as well.]

In the other world? It’s the Japanese language… by Japanese people? [T/n: it’s Nihongo at first, and Nihonjin at the second one.]

And how to read this? Dainichi Yoson? Dainichiji Yoson? [T/n: it can be read as 大日: Dainichi, 女: Jo/Yo, 尊=Son.]

It sounds like a person’s name, but it’s kind of an oddly dated name. I wonder from which era he was born? Could it be that there are Japanese people who were summoned to this world long before us? Oh, but it’s a modern script that even I can read, not the old cursive or running script, so I think he’s from the Showa era or later…

“What’s wrong, Master?”

Hannah was looking at me with concern. I guess she was worried because I was thinking about it.

“This is the language of the country I was born and raised in.”

“The language of the country where the Master was born and raised… This is…”

Hannah put her hand on the stone monument.

“It’s kind of a strange shape of letters, isn’t it?”

“In my country, we use three types of letters: kanji, hiragana, and katakana.”

“There are different kinds of letters?”

Canaan looked surprised.

“Ah, yes. But it’s too early to be surprised. There are 50,000 kanji letters, and there are a lot of characters that I don’t know.”

“Fifty thousand?”

The four of them screamed in surprise. No wonder they were surprised. I was fed up with the number of kanji letters, too.

“We use only fifteen characters.”

As Canaan said, in this world, words are similar to letters of the alphabet, with a combination of vowels and consonants.

“Even the ancient letters are only a hundred letters… how can you remember them all?”

I don’t know about ancient characters, but I think it may be familiar to ancient breeds that have lived for many years like Antia. Putting aside the kanji, the problem is this stone monument. Why is there a Japanese language monument in such a place? Who installed this monument, when and for what purpose?

“The material of the stone is similar to granite, but…”

I put my hand on the stone monument. Then my vision whited-out.


What is this place?

Now I’m in the middle of a long, quiet landscape. There are trees with fruit like peaches, a stream running right beside it, a vermillion-painted drum bridge over the stream, and A lovely waterwheel slowly rotating with the flow of water.

The scenery is similar to Japan, but it seems that it’s not Japan. I, myself, am standing next to a vermilion-painted building without walls like an arbor.

“Welcome to my garden.”

I suddenly heard a voice from behind me. I didn’t expect someone to get behind me… and I didn’t notice it at all. I tried to put my hand on Black Mist, but there was no Black Mist! What does it mean?

“There’s no need to be so vigilant. I’m not your enemy.”

I won’t let my guard down even if someone tells me they aren’t the enemy. If that made anyone relax their guard, that guy would be short-lived. Without letting down my guard, I turned toward the voice and saw a woman standing there in an old-fashioned costume.

“…A Japanese?”

With black hair as shiny as crow’s feathers and long enough to touch the ground, the woman looks like a youthful Japanese woman in her late teens. However, the clothes she’s wearing look like costumes from the Muromachi or Heian periods, or even from an earlier Kofun period. Still, the fabric is not linen or cotton and glows in the sunlight.

She even wore what looked like a hagoromo* that shimmered and floated in the air there, making her look like a celestial maiden. [T/n: something like a floated scarf that is usually used by a Japanese goddess in anime or manga.]

“Who are you?”

The woman smiled bewitchingly and beckoned me to join her.

“Since it’s difficult to stand while talking, let’s have tea over here.”

It’s an overused smooth talker’s technique. But the only way to get a handle on the current situation would be to take her invitation. Without replying, I walked into the arbor and sat down on a wooden bench. There is also a round table in front of me. Both of them are modestly constructed, but have a presence that I can tell is definitely a high-quality material.

Then a woman who appeared from somewhere else, a different woman than the one who had been talking to me, placed a heavy white teacup filled with liquid in front of the woman and me and stepped back.

I can’t feel her presence at all; it’s the same as the woman before. It makes me depressed.

“It’s quite an expensive-looking teacup.”

“Not so much. Well, please drink it while it’s hot.”

There’s a glistening liquid in the teacup, but is this tea? I hold up the teacup and check the aroma.


NyX Translation



What a surprise. What a mellow scent. Hannah’s brewed tea also has a lovely scent, but this one has a different rich scent. What the hell is this? I can tell it’s tea, but it’s too complicated and bizarre to be called tea.

I took a sip of the liquid in the teacup. The taste is smooth and refreshing in my throat, but it has a bitter and sweet taste with no bad taste. If this were poison, I’d be happy to die from this kind of poison.

“I see you like it.”

“Yeah, I’ve never had such good tea in my life. Thank you.”

She giggled and nodded. The gesture is very sexy.

“So, shall we proceed with the conversation?”

“Yeah, please.”

Maybe it’s because of that tea, but I notice that I’ve lost my vigilance at some point and then stretched my back.

“Let me start by introducing myself.”

I nodded lightly and didn’t take my eyes off her.

“I’m the one who’s called Ohirume no Mikoto.”

O hirune no miko to? It’s a strange name.

“It’s not hirune. It’s “hirume”, you know.”

Mu, did my thought come through? Or could it be mind-reading?

“I am the pillar of gods in Japan.”

My doubts seemed to be ignored. I thought it might be because it was an old-fashioned name that sounded like something out of the Kojiki or something, but I didn’t realize she’s really a goddess.

[T/n: Click here for Kojiki.]

“I’m Sumeragi.”

“Yes, I know. I’ve been watching Tsukuru-san. Oh, may I call you Tsukuru-san?”

“Call me what you want. On the contrary, what am I supposed to call you? Please forgive me, but it’s quite difficult to call Ohirume no Mikoto.”

“You can also call me whatever you like.”

“Is that so? Then, is it okay with Hirume-san?”

“Yes, I don’t mind.”

Hirume-san hid her mouth and smiled happily.

“So what did Hirume-san want with me?”

“I have some requests for Tsukuru-san.”

Requests? I wonder what kind of request it will be.

“But first, let me explain why it’s Tsukuru-san.”

I nodded in approval.

“I am, as I said before, a Japanese god. Therefore, I know that Tsukuru-san and the other 107 people have been summoned to that world.”

As I thought, she knew it. That makes me wonder why she didn’t prevent the summons.

“It’s not that I don’t prevent it, it’s that I can’t prevent it. If I prevent the summoning, the energy of the summoning, which has nowhere to go, will go out of control, and the whole of Japan will be destroyed. It would cause a dimensional explosion that would blow things up.”

The whole of Japan, she said, just like nuclear weapons.

“If a dimensional explosion occurs, it will be impossible to maintain the earth as an astronomical object, so not only will Japan be damaged, but the core of the earth will be damaged as well. In other words, not only the Japanese but all human beings will perish.”

Not only the earth but also humanity will perish, huh!

“Therefore, I’m sorry for Tsukuru-san and the others, you all have been summoned to that world. However, I was fortunate enough to be able to give Tsukuru-san my divine protection for this time’s summoning.”

Divine protection… so, the garbled divine protection is from this Hirume-san?

“Yes. That’s my divine protection.”

I’m pretty sure she can read my mind.


Even if you laugh to falsify it, it has been exposed, you know!

Hirume-san cleared her throat and started to talk again. “Ahem. Normally, I can’t even give my divine protection, but on this time’s summoning, I managed to give it to Tsukuru-san. I was able to give a power that the normal “Chef” job is impossible to have, right?”

She completely pretended the mind-reading thing wasn’t there!

“Is it because of Hirume-san that my skills had an impossible ability?”

“Yes! I gave you divine protection that turned a mere skill into a broken skill! It’s a cheat, you know!”

Gods shouldn’t talk about cheats… Hey, don’t turn your eyes away and whistle!

“If it’s a cheat, please make the cheat easier to identify.”

“Ara, I made the sign properly, you know?”

“A sign? Is there such a thing?”

“Look, “Job: Chef・ Level xxx”, see? I’ve marked it well.” [T/n: Looked back at vol 1 chapter 1, there’s indeed this [・] mark difference on Tsukuru’s status and the others. But I’m sorry, the same as Tsukuru, I didn’t notice it LOL, I’ll edit it from the beginning.”


Hmm… No way…?

“Yeah, that’s certainly there! There’s the [・] mark after the “Chef” and before the level!”

She hasn’t even falsified her mind-reading skills. But that’s not the point…

“It’s hard to identify!”

“Eh? Hard to identify? If you compare it to the status of the others, it’s obviously different, you know. You need to look at it more carefully.”

Careful… yes, I know, but that’s just hard for me…

“When I was fighting with Crafton, that voice was Hirume-san’s voice, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, I could feel Tsukuru-san’s feelings, so I released my divine protection completely.”

“Release it completely? Then why didn’t you just release it completely from the beginning?”

“Ufufu, if I fully release my divine protection at level 1, Tsukuru-san’s body and spirit would be ceaselessly disintegrated by its power, and you would collapse.”

Whoa! Collapse? Isn’t that a curse?

“Please don’t be so rude. I won’t give you a curse!”

You may have snorted it, but you’re fully unleashing your mind-reading skills, you know.


Stop dodging it with averting your eyes and whistling!

“So, the increased level has allowed me to withstand Hirume-san’s divine protection. I understood the story.”

“Then, I have a request for you, Tsukuru-san!”


Don’t lean forward all of a sudden. I’d be surprised too, you know.

“I want you to make sure that the world over there can’t summon people from this world anymore.”

Your face is so close.

“The summoning from different worlds is an act of abducting people from another world through time and space…”

I know that that’s an abduction.

“In the process, they make a big hole in the space-time wall. Moreover, they abduct people without repairing the hole in our world’s space-time wall.”

I’m starting to get some kind of eye roll.

“Do you know what happens when they cut a hole in the space-time wall without even repairing it?”

I don’t know.

“The world is going to collapse. Anyway, even if it’s a small hole, if the hole carries off hundreds of people, it will turn into a big hole!”

The vein appears on her forehead.

“I can’t believe they just kidnapped people and left a huge hole that would destroy the world over here. Can you believe it?”

Don’t spit on me.

“That’s why I want Tsukuru-san to dispose of the summons-related facilities and materials in that world.”

“Facilities and materials, huh… it’s very abstract.”

It’s the thing that relates to that old bastard anyway, so I don’t mind getting rid of the facility and materials while I beat that old man bastard to a pulp.


“But what’s the reward?”


“It’s the reward for the request, you know.”

“…Is my divine protection not enough? It helps you, right? Like [Dismantling] or [God’s Supper].”

She told me that with a hopeful eye.

“The [Dismantling] has saved my life many times, and the [God’s Supper] has brought me to greater heights. I’m grateful for that.”

But, this and that are different.

“Mu~, you’re meanie~”

It’s useless even if you pout your cheeks.

“I understand! If that’s the case, onee-san will show you the depth of her generosity!”

Since when did you become an onee-san, Hirume-san? Or rather, your first image is completely destroyed!

“It’s really no good. However, this will be a special case!”

Stop putting on airs and say it quickly.

“I’ll tell you something good about Ayumi-san!”


“Ufufufu, you look surprised! Yup, I know that!”

Something about Ayumi? What do you mean by that, Hirume-san…?

“Ufufufu, It’s a reward for when you succeed in the request. So I won’t tell you now!”

“Kuh!? Isn’t that something I know about?”

“I wouldn’t tell something like that to you. Trust me!”

Damn it; she’s hitting me where it hurts!

“Well then, I have a second request!”

She changed the subject, didn’t she? It must really be about Ayumi!

“I’ll leave it to you!”

That mind-reading technique~!

“…Uhm, well, it’s about those who were summoned with Tsukuru-san.”

All right, we’re moving onto the next one. So, what’s with those guys?

“Tsukuru-san’s wife, her name was Canaan-san, right? She’ll get the [Space-Time Magic] in the near future.”

The woman who had brought me the tea earlier appeared without a sound and left me a fresh cup of tea. I don’t know what place this is, but I lost my confidence to catch someone’s presence now.

“Even Tsukuru-san can get [Space-Time Magic] with [Equivalent Exchange]. But it’s only if your level reaches about 600.”

Level 600? There’s still a hundred more.

“Whether it’s with the [God’s Supper] or [Space-Time Magic], you will be able to return to Japan. With that, you can send them back to Japan, but honestly, even if they return to Japan, there’s no place for them anymore.”


What does that mean?

“I have erased the existence of Tsukuru-san and the others.”

What the hell did you do to erase the existence of us without our consent?

“Please think about it. If 108 high school students disappeared all of a sudden, there would be an uproar.”

Because of the internet, it could be a huge mess, not just in Japan, but all over the world.

“We need to repair a huge hole in the space-time wall, but we also have to repair a hole where 108 people disappeared. We had to do something, that is to say, we erased the existence from the source.”

“Do you mean that erasing our existence is needed for the restoration?”

“The only way to fill the void of the absent is to go back in time and erase its very existence from the world.”

I don’t agree with that, but I do understand it…

“So please don’t send them back to this world even if you get [Space-Time Magic]. Even if they return, none of their parents and siblings will remember them, and there will be no record of their births.”

“You want us to go live in that world and die a natural death.”

“That’s right.”

Hah, what should I tell Ichinose when I meet her?

“Hey, what if someone wants to return even if their existence has been erased?”

I have no obligation to listen to those guys’ wishes, but I’d like to do what Ichinose asks of me.

“In that case, I’ll be ready to accept them. Can you contact me first?”

What is that, is there a secret path for that?

“I can’t restore one’s existence, but I can give that person a new memory and a new life.”

That’s a very wild talk.

“Since it’s dangerous for people who have disappeared from existence to make a fuss, I have to conceal that person up thoroughly!”

What’s that “Conceal them up!”, huh? It’s a cute way to say it, but it’s completely a villain’s line.

“Ara, there is neither good nor evil in God. There is only the will of God.”

An electric current ran down my spine. I could feel an unprecedented amount of power from Hirume-san. The atmosphere that was released changed drastically, and I felt a pinch of tension around Hirume-san, who was just sitting quietly and naturally straightened up. Is this the power of God…?

“Ufufu. Don’t be so stiff. Would you like some tea?”

Whose fault is that?

“As such, your return to Japan will be strictly controlled.”


“That’s the end of the requests.”


“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“You just talk about whatever you want.”


“I really hate being held back by force, you know?”


“Tightly controlled when returning to Japan? Hey, I am me! No one can control me. No one! If you want to control me, come by force!”

I stood up and slammed the round table. I don’t like it. If I don’t like it, I’ll rebel. That’s how I’ve gotten this far. If you want to say I’m drowning in power, say it. But you see, you can’t and won’t change my way of life now, and I’m not going to change it!


What’s so funny!

”I thought Tsukuru-san would say that. Ufufu, “No one can control me. No one!” That’s so cool.”

Wha-! That’s…

“That control thing was just a joke. You can do what you want if you want to come back, but there’s the fact that I erased your existence, so even if you come back, there’s no place for you to stay, you know. Fufufu.”

She’s making fun of me; I’m so annoyed.

“Please don’t be so angry. I’m going to give you this to make up for it.”

A dark green… Magatama? [T/n: just google about magatama :P]

“That’s the seed of [Space-Time Magic]. If you use it on Canaan-san, she can learn [Space-Time Magic] right away. Oh, it’s better not to use it on Tsukuru-san. Tsukuru-san isn’t a magician, so he hasn’t reached the required level.”

I can’t use it, huh? I don’t know if she’s serious about it.

“Also, even if Canaan-san learned the [Space-Time Magic], you won’t be able to return to Japan right away. Please raise the level of [Space-Time Magic] to (3). Then you’ll be able to cross the space-time barrier and come back.”




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