Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Afterword

Thank’s for all of your support for this volume, enjoy~


Editor: ultrabrandon12



Thank you all for purchasing Garbage Brave [Revenge story of the hero who has been thrown away after being summoned to another world] Volume 2. When I wrote Volume 1, I only added a little bit of content to what was published in “Syosetu”, but Volume 2 is very different from the content in “Syosetu”.

The reason for this is that I wasn’t satisfied with the content that was published in “Syosetu”, and also because I wanted those who bought the book to enjoy it. When I was asked to write volume 2, I thought a lot about what I needed to do for Tsukuru, and what I wanted him to do.

When I thought about what Tsukuru would need to do in that world to make the story more enjoyable, I thought, “Let’s go back to the original point”. What I considered to be the original point of a fantasy novel is battle.

If one hears the word “battle”, it must be a brutal word. However, because it is a novel, I can write about battles that cannot actually happen, and it is good that they are not real. That’s why I decided to have Tsukuru fight and fight and fight as much as possible in this volume.

In addition, the second volume clarifies the people and agendas surrounding Tsukuru. Amaterasu Oomikami gave Tsukuru an impossible power. The blessing of Amaterasu Oomikami was set up from the beginning of this work in “Syosetu”, but it has yet to appear there.

There are also a few details about Black Mist’s past, but I wouldn’t write this in “Syosetu”. I think the good thing about books is that they are different from web novels.

Finally, I’d like to end this postcard by thanking the editor, the illustrator Syuri Yasuyuki-sama, and everyone else involved in this book’s release. Thank you very much.






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6 thoughts on “Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Afterword

  1. It seems the thought of Black Mist as the final hidden boss lighted in my mind.

    One interesting theory was that Black Mist was so powerful, and was looking a better candidate for a match against her in the future, so she was grooming MC to become powerful enough to fight her in full power.


    1. No black mist was a knight that was killed after trying to find his subborninates killers and turned into a monster gender is not specified but it is seeking power for vengeance just like mc and from how it was powerless before I’m going to assume it’s one of the ancients


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