I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 2 Chapter 6 Part 4

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Part 4


“Night! I’ll be right back, but for now, I’m home!”


After the exchange with Sawada-sensei and the others, I moved to a quiet area and used my teleport magic to return to my home. I’ll have to be careful when I return to the other side again, but first, I’ll have to prepare Night’s food.

I cooked over there as well, but when I returned, I started cooking to prepare Night’s meal. Of course, it’s not survival, so I’m cooking with proper ingredients. When I served the finished meal using ingredients from another world as well, he ate it with great relish.

“What do you think? Does it taste good?”


“Good then.”

…Just like I was happy to have Kaede and the others enjoy eating my food, I seem to like cooking for people and making them happy. Well, I guess no one likes to be hated by people, and I’m not the only one who has this sentiment.

“Alright, I’ll be back then. Be a good boy, okay?”


After hearing a cheerful reply, I pet Night and carefully returned to the campsite. When I got back to the campsite, it was apparently time for a bath, and we went to the hot springs in the middle of this vast land. It was hard to find, but everyone else seemed to have found it, and quite a few of the students were gathered there.

“Well then, I’ll see you later~.”

When we parted from Kaede and Rin, we moved to the men’s bath, and many boys were already in there. Even though it’s not physically problematic, I feel like taking a bath and relaxing, so Akira and I hurriedly take off our clothes as well…

“…Hey, why are you looking at me like that?”

For some reason, the boys around me froze as they looked at me.

“N-no… it’s because Yuuya’s body is outrageous…”

To my question, Akira answered with a dangerous statement, depending on how you ask. The surrounding boys also shook their heads vigorously at such an answer from Akira.

“Hey, is there something wrong with that?”

“It’s not strange or anything! No, it’s strange in a way, right…? A-anyway! What’s with your abs! I mean, that whole muscle mass! I can’t believe you’re in the return home club!”

…Maybe it’s because I trained in another world? I can never tell them that, and they won’t believe me either. Not only do I level up in another world, but I also do muscle training… I don’t know if it works, but I do push-ups, sit-ups, and squats about 500 times a day. [T/n: Tf? it’s more than Saitama’s training!]

However, my body has become much tighter than before…

“Seriously, it’s amazing…”

“A good-looking guy with good style, what are we supposed to do now…?”

“I mean, like the muscles…”

“That thing is big, too!”

“Where are you looking!”

I quickly covered it up with a towel when I realized the boys were looking at my crotch. Despite this exchange, I managed to get into the hot spring.

“Oh, it’s so wide…!”

“It’s because the school has money, this kind of place is just as expected… Huh? Why are we doing a survivalist thing in a school like that?”


I gave a wry smile at Akira’s words. But the hot spring is really large, and there’s enough space for all of us boys to enter at once. As I looked around the hot spring with admiration, I saw Ryo and Shingo-kun.

“Oh, Yuuya!”

“T-this is the first time we have talked today.”

“Ryo, Shingo-kun!”

“Yo, how’s it going on your side?”

Ryo and Shingo-kun gave a wry smile at Akira’s words.

“Well, I’ve done some camping before, but I’ve never done any local procurement or anything up to food, so it’s a lot of work.”

“B-both Ryo-kun and I can do the cooking, so it’s not a problem. It’s just that it’s generally hard work.”

Apparently, Ryo and Shingo-kun had a lot of trouble in their own way. Well, I’m not struggling thanks to not only a kind of cheat called [Appraisal], but also thanks to my levelled-up superhuman body.

“Speaking of which, I’ve heard about it, Yuuya, you caught the fish with your hands, huh?”

“W-well, yeah.”

“I’ve heard other things about your food that were very good, too?”


But I wouldn’t have had a good meal otherwise. I hope they will forgive me. As I couldn’t help but smile vaguely at Ryo and Shingo-kun’s words, Akira nodded heavily.

“Yeah… Yuuya-kun’s cooking was great… I might have seen the god of cooking for the first time…”

“O-oh? I didn’t know it was that good… I mean, it was the same in the last P.E. class, as I thought Yuuya is amazing! Looking at your body like this, you don’t really feel like someone from the return home club. It looks like a boxer or a karate practitioner or a martial artist’s body.”

“R-Ryo-kun, you’re pretty much the same, though.”

While I nodded at Shingo-kun’s words, I was inwardly surprised by Ryo’s observation. Certainly, my body should be specialized in fighting rather than sports. After all, I’ve been fighting and killing each other with the monsters. To be able to see through that just by looking at one’s body… or is it something that other people can also understand?

While realizing once again how impressive Ryo was, we exchanged information with each other as we soaked in the long-awaited hot spring. By that time, the sky was already dark. The stars were shining in the night sky, and the atmosphere was different from that of another world.

”Ah… it feels so good…”

Ryo and the others agree when I say that in a voice that comes out unintentionally when I get in hot water.

“But I wonder what we’ll be doing tomorrow?”

“Who knows? But just like today, we’ll have to go to the mountains or the river to get some food, however…”

“I don’t want to be a bear bait anymore!”

“Ah, what happened to Akira-kun…?”

Actually, what are we doing tomorrow… I’m also curious about tomorrow’s schedule, but for now, each of us will end the conversation here in order to recover from today’s fatigue. Then, in a relaxed atmosphere, we enjoyed the hot spring.




“I’m looking forward to the hot springs!”

While Yuuya and the others were relaxing in the men’s bath, Kaede and the others were also getting ready to enter the hot spring. Then, one of the girls was staring at Kaede, who was undressing next to her.


“Eh? Uhiyaa!”

The schoolgirl who was staring at Kaede suddenly squeezed her breasts.

”Your breasts are really big~.”


“You’re in the track and field club with these breasts… are you going to kill the boys?”


“Aah… indeed. You have murderous breasts.”

“Even Rin-chan?”

Rin, who was like a close friend, also said that while looking at Kaede’s chest.

“Oya? What are you doing, everyone?”

“Ah, Kaori-san and Yukine-chan!”

Kaori and Yukine came to Kaede and the others with a curious expression on their faces. Then Kaede hurriedly left Rin and the others and tried to have Kaori shelter her.

“You two, listen to me~. Rin and the others are going to bully me~.”


“…What do you mean?”

“Ah no, Kaede has big breasts and does track and field, so she can trouble the boys, right? That’s what we’re talking about.”

After hearing that much, they both looked at Kaede’s breasts in unison and then touched their own.

“Kaede-san… it’s not fair.”

“…Mine is disappointing.”

“What was that? I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“Hahahahaha! Well, well, don’t stare at Kaede like that! You two have slender, beautiful bodies, too.”

“Speaking of which… Rin is the one with a model’s figure, you know?”

As Kaede says, Rin is tall for a woman and has long limbs.

“Well, I’ll call that individuality… oh, speaking of breast size, Sawada-sensei is big too, isn’t she?”


As Kaori tilted her head at the teacher’s name that suddenly came up in the conversation, Kaede told her what happened today.

“Yes, that’s right! Sawada-sensei asked Yuuya-kun… to marry her after she ate Yuuya-kun’s cooking!”

“Eeh? M-marriage? Uh, what exactly are you talking about?”

“Kaede, you can’t convey it by being so straightforward. Listen, at the dinner this evening, Yuuya made a very tasty food using the things we collected. And then the teachers, who are the judges, ate it, too… and because it was so good, Sawada-sensei asked Yuuya to marry her.”

“How can that be connected to a marriage…”

“…Well, I saw it up close, and it looked delicious. I wanted to eat it too…”

”Even Yukine-san… nevertheless, a teacher marrying a student… there’s a lot of problems with that, isn’t there?”

“Hahaha! Well, I guess. But Sawada-sensei has breasts like Kaede’s. Isn’t it normal for a boy to be knocked out if that breasts press him?”

“N-no way…”

Kaori staggered in shock at Rin’s words. But Kaede, in direct contrast to Kaori, burns with a fighting spirit.

“I-it’s okay! If Sawada-sensei is willing to do so, then so am I…!”

“Eh? Kaede-san, that means Yuuya-san…”

“Huh? Aaaahh! N-no, it’s not! It’s not just because it’s Yuuya-kun…!”

Rin calmly looks at Kaede, who is flustered as her face turns bright red.

“…You’re as straightforward as ever, huh?”

“…Your breasts are also big, that’s not fair.”

“You’re still saying that…”

Kaori, who was facing Kaede’s determination, looked down at her own chest again and muttered softly.

“Yuuya-san… would you rather have a woman with bigger breasts…?”

As such, they were excited even before they entered the hot spring and finally soaked in hot water. Then, just like the boys, Kaede and the others were enraptured by how good it felt.

“It feels so good!”

“You’re right~.”

“It’s a camping trip! I came here with that feeling to enjoy this camping, but I was really surprised that they made us do something like survival.”

“Right? But we have to prepare a meal tomorrow in the same way, too, don’t we?”

“Ugh… that’s right…”

When Kaede stifled her words at Rin’s words, the surrounding girls joined in the conversation.

“Eh! But Kaede and Rin are just fine! You’re with that Tenjou-kun, right?”

“Yes, yes! He already became the subject of a rumour by the entire school as soon as he came to our school.”

“Besides, the famous magazine [CutieBeauty] had a picture of him alongside Miwa-chan, who was rapidly rising in popularity!”

The main topic of conversation was Yuuya, and they were having a lot of fun with the typical boisterous nature of female students.

“I also heard today’s story, Tenjou-kun was catching fish with his hands, right? And I heard his cooking was great, too?”

“Yup, it was so good!”

“I’m jealous!”

When Kaede spoke in an enthralling manner, the surrounding female students raised their voices in envy.

Sigh… I’m already jealous of you for just being in the same group with Tenjou-kun, but to be able to eat even his home-made cooking…”

“It’s kind of like we’re living in a comic book when there are so many amazing people around!”

“Oh, I can understand that!”

After that, the atmosphere was different from that of Yuuya and the others, and the girls were able to spend a leisurely time talking about the school, the boys, and tomorrow’s events, just like in the girls-only gathering.




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      According to the summoned goddess, summoning so many best ranks like S-rank and superior ranks like A-rank heroes like this is very unusual.

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      The status is overwhelming low when compared to his classmates. Moreover Touka’s peculiar skill is supposed to be an absolute failure 【Abnormal State Skill】and…

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    A high school student that has lived as a mob-character ―― Mimori Touka (三森灯河).

    During the school trip Touka and his classmates are summoned to another world.

    According to the summoned goddess, summoning so many best ranks like S-rank and superior ranks like A-rank heroes like this is very unusual.

    However Touka was the only with the lowest rank ―― he was an E-rank hero.

    The status is overwhelming low when compared to his classmates. Moreover Touka’s peculiar skill is supposed to be an absolute failure 【Abnormal State Skill】and…

    Thus the former mob-character and abandoned hero, will absolutely become the strongest devil as he advances and strikes back.

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