Garbage Brave – Vol 3 Prologue

Here’s the prologue for new volume! Please enjoy~


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Prologue – Maneuvering


“Guh… I, this me…”

Although I have been in many battles in my life, this Crafton had never been wounded as badly as in this one. That human boy, if I recall, he’s called Tsukuru, right…? I didn’t know such a human existed…

Did that Temas guy keep that Tsukuru secret? No, it’s also possible that Temas didn’t know about him either… Tsukuru seems to be working with Antia, but is there any chance that he is connected to Temas? Could it be that Temas is scheming against me? What if he outwardly says he and Antia didn’t get along, but behind the scenes, they joined hands?

Kuh, I don’t know! If Tsukuru is Temas’ subordinate, then what is he planning?

“Shit! I don’t understand!”

I shook my head vigorously. If I can’t think it through, it’s best to ask directly! But now I can’t move for a hundred years because of the use of [Second Life]. It’s annoying…

“Is there someone here?”

“I’m here.”

The one who answered my call was Campanen, one of the strongest of the giant race.

“Campanen. I’ll assign you to find out what’s happening with Temas. Find out what Temas is up to.”


He seems dissatisfied. It can’t be helped, our giant race is good at fighting, but they are not good at gathering information.

“I don’t care if you use the demons, just get the information as soon as possible.”


Campanen, who left with a flutter of golden hair, was the most outstanding fighter among the old breeds. He’s reliable in battle, but he doesn’t like working behind-the-scenes, such as gathering information.

I had to order that Campanen to gather information… How pathetic. But I can’t understand why that human, Tsukuru, had become so strong all of a sudden. I have been in battle for a very long time, and I believe I should have won that battle. And yet, Tsukuru suddenly became stronger and overwhelmed me.

If it weren’t for Mjolnir, I wouldn’t be here now. This Mjolnir helped me, and this is what I got from Temas, and that’s why I’m concerned about what Temas is doing.

“Eeeii, it’s so annoying!”

The ground has caved in significantly as I hit it. I stare into that sinking hole and calm my nerves. I bit my back teeth, thinking that I must wait a hundred years for the cooldown of the [Second Life].


This is… the birth of an… ancient breed? We, the ancient breeds, can see the other ancient breeds moving with our senses. And we can tell when a new ancient breed is born as well.

This is… the demon!?

“I see, that guy, Tsukuru…”

I sent Tsukuru to another world in a different dimension, where the demon’s ancient breed, Catoblepas, is located. There is no doubt that I once sent Catoblepas to that other world.

I was just waving Mjolnir around involuntarily because of the suddenness of the situation. Still, I didn’t expect Tsukuru to kill Catoblepas. No, if it was the Tsukuru who could defeat me, it would be a trivial matter for him to kill Catoblepas.

I could have killed Catoblepas if I had wanted to, but there is a reason why I didn’t. There is an unwritten rule that only one pillar of an ancient breed can exist in each race. I reversed that unwritten rule and kept Catoblepas imprisoned in another world.

In that way, my giant race will be able to gain the demon race as a discarded piece. In fact, up until now, the demon race was under my control due to the absence of Catoblepas in this world.

However, if a new ancient breed were born, the demon race would become more active. My intentions are being crushed by Tsukuru alone… I feel the worst, like a plague has cursed me.





This sensation that comes from deep inside my body… Is this what they call power…?

It seems that Catoblepas is dead. Somehow I know that by intuition. We have been humiliated ever since Catoplepas disappeared. But with my birth, we’re close to saying goodbye to those days of humiliation!

Now that I’ve gained power, they will know the resentment and anger of my, no, our demon tribe. I have the memories of the demons. Crafton, I know you’re connected to Temas. And then there’s the fact that Catoblepas disappeared through a scheme by Temas!

You will get what you deserve, just wait and see! Kukuku, just wait. I’ll burn you all to death! Haahahaha!




“Guh… this is… the demon’s ancient breed…?”

But Catoblepas should have been imprisoned in another world… Is there someone in that otherworld that can kill Catoblepas?

“Speaking of which, Antia’s reaction… Could it be Antia?”

Antia is an ancient elf, but she has the lowest combat power of all the ancient breeds. Even if Antia went to another world like that, I don’t think she would be able to kill Catoblepas…

“What the hell is going on here?”

The heroes have not awakened at all, and none of them are that conspicuous, even though their levels have reached nearly a hundred. The summoning of the heroes this time is also disappointing.

“Temas-sama, everyone has already gathered.”

“Is it that time already? I’m going now.”

I decided to sacrifice the heroes and summon a new one. In order to do that thoroughly, I called up the old breed that I was sending to various countries.




“Ara, this is…”

“Antia, what happened?”

Antia, with her head tilted, is so beautiful. Since she just does that plainly, I can tell that the elves are really beautiful.

“Hmm, it seems that the demon’s ancient breed has been born.”

“Can you tell that even though you’re in this different world?”

This is a strange, different world where we were sent by Crafton, not the one where Antia was born. A fierce battle between Canaan and a Fire Elemental is taking place in front of us. Canaan doesn’t want to step back, so we have to bear looking at the exchanging magic battle.

“I don’t know how it works, but I can feel that an ancient breed has been born.”

The ancient breed is said to be able to see the movements of other ancient breeds. Antia had said that the bastard, Crafton, may have come to check on her unusual attempt to leave the Great Borf Forest. So there are some things she can understand even if she’s in another world. While the connection between the ancient breeds is troublesome, it is also useful.

“Unless he’s messing with Antia, me, and the others, I’m not interested in the demon race’s ancient breed.”

At that moment, a blast from Canaan’s magic came up to us and rolled up the skirt of Antia’s dress. Yeah, she’s not wearing it today as well!

“I knew Tsukuru would say that. But I find it strange…?”

She didn’t even bother to mention the blast and the fact that I could see the inside of her skirt. It was a bliss for me, but is that what you want, Antia?

“What’s strange?”

“If we’re in the same world, I’m supposed to know Crafton’s movements just as he knows mine, but at that time, I couldn’t tell when Crafton got closer. I found out about Catoblepas without any problems, but…”

I see… It’s strange how Antia doesn’t know about Crafton’s movement.

“But, Crafton didn’t have any concealment skills, did he?”

“Maybe he has some kind of concealment item. And probably with items that hide the special connections between the ancient breeds as well.”

“I see, so there may be items like that.”

At this point, Canaan has returned after defeating the Fire Elemental and clearing the dust from her fiery red hair.

“Master, Canaan has done it!”

“O-oh. You did it!”

To be honest, I barely watched Canaan’s battle. Sorry. And then she brings her head to me so that I can pat her. She’s cute. We continued onward through the volcanic region. And then we found a hot spring!

“Oh… it feels so good…”

“Yes, it feels good~♪”

“Master, I’ll wash your back.”

“Onee-chan, Sanya will wash Master’s back!”

“Sanya, I can’t give up on this one!”

The sisters, Hannah and Sanya, are glaring at each other while naked. I don’t know where to look.

“Tsukuru, wash my back, please.”


If I wash Antia’s back, I will have to wash Canaan, Hannah, and Sanya’s back too…

Thus, after soaking in a hot spring in another world, we recovered from our exhaustion and steadily improved our skills.


NyX Translation




“Crafton-sama! The attack of the demons is increasing, and the front line is being pushed!”

The sounds of heavy fighting can be heard from the front lines. I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened, but the demons were moving fast.

I could join the battle, but it’s too dangerous when I don’t know the power of the new ancient breed. I don’t have the [Second Life] now, so I can’t just step out easily. How frustrating.

“Send out reinforcements to support the front line!”


How could the demons use me for their own good… I think I’m losing my touch.

“Let’s use all our strength to crush the demons!”

I issued a declaration to the old breed and the rest of my giant brethren.




“Kukuku, the demons are starting to fight with the giants.”

The more the living fight with each other, the more they kill each other, the more their souls gather to us. Kukuku.

For me, who rules this continent of death, the more strife there is, the more opportunities there are for me to gain the souls of the dead. The battle between the demon race and the giant race and the human race and the beastmen, elves, and dwarves, will increase my power.

“Kukuku, the world is about to get a whole lot worse. I’m looking forward to it.”

Fight and kill each other more! Increase the strength of my army! Haーhahaha!

“Shamanair-sama, Temas is collecting his old breeds.”

Hou, is Temas on the move too?

“For what?”

“My apologies. We couldn’t sneak in because of the barrier that was put up.”

“I see…”

Well, whatever. No matter what Temas does, he cannot defeat me. That guy is a bit naive, after all. Besides, I know he’s trying to summon heroes to fight me, but heroes cannot awaken so easily. Kukuku.

But it’s time for me to move, too.

“Find out more information about each race than you have ever done before.”


“We shall move. To make this world a paradise for the dead.”

“Ha! I’ll prepare it at once!”

Was that Liprayne? I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you can do. Kukuku. [T/n: let me know if someone has a better name for this “リップレイン”]




“I would like to report, sir!”

“Say it.”

“The demon army has broken through the third line of defense, sir.”

“Where’s Galathias?”

“Galathias-sama has been killed in the battle.”

The ground caved in as I kicked it with a loud sound.

Dammit, nothing is going the way I want, as if the battle with that Tsukuru was giving me a stroke of bad luck.

“Send Shakarazar.”


Perhaps Shakarazar won’t last long either. Now, what should I do…

I can’t move carelessly if I don’t know the capabilities of this new demon race’s ancient breed. But, at this rate, my people will just be reduced…




“I see… the demons have turned against the giants…”

I could have expected it, but I didn’t expect the demon race to move so quickly. It has only been about a month since the ancient breed was born. And yet, I’m amazed that he was able to prepare enough strength to oppose the giant race.

How in the world did he rebuild the demon race? I’m sure they were used to the point where they couldn’t easily rebuild, right?

“What should we do, Temas-sama?”

“Nothing. Crafton will take care of them…”

“Are you sure?”

“Don’t be impertinent.”

“M-my apologies.”

“Enough. Get away.”


I don’t know if it is because Cermaneel is one of the veterans among the old breeds, or maybe he’s growing impudent?

With Antia being sent to the other world by Crafton, I thought I could bring the elves under my control, but should I purge their old breeds before I can bring them under control?

However, it was a miscalculation that the demon race would regain their power. When I think about it, I guess I didn’t need Crafton either. I regret the mistake of flying Antia to the other world with Catoblepas.

Now that I mention it, it’s no good…

“Guh!? This is…”

No way!?


Nonsense! Antia must be in the otherworld! Then what is this feeling? Isn’t this that damned Antia?

“How did she… come back? Don’t tell me that she can transcend time and space…?”

That’s just silly! Let alone an ancient breed, not even that person could cross time and space! For that reason, I have prepared many sacrifices and summoned the heroes from the other world.

“I’ll have to check it… Is someone here? We’re going out.”




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