I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 3 Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5 – Evolution

Part 1


I got a master and an apprentice named Usagi-san. Since then, I’ve continued my life of teaching magic while having him observe my kicking.

When I was teaching the magic that I inherited from sage-san, I was surprised to learn that among the many titles of “Holy” like Usagi-san, there is a person called the “Magic Saint” who has mastered magic, but the sage-san’s magic seems to be even better than his. No, really, sage-san is too amazing.

Well, it was written that he had reached the realm of God while he was alive, so if I think about it calmly, there’s nothing strange about it.

Anyway, I taught Usagi-san my own version of sage-san’s magic in my own way… and really made me appreciate sage-san’s magic circuit once again. It seems that Usagi-san has never been able to use his magic as much as he thought he could.

Apparently, I was naive in my perception. I thought that magic could be used by anyone who trained it. However, it seems to be common knowledge in the other world that it is difficult to learn and understand the theory necessary to control and activate magic unless you become a live-in apprentice under an excellent magician.

I’ve been told that the magic theories that magicians have studied and discovered seem to be an asset to them and that it is normal for them to keep them a secret. I have an image of publishing my research results like the scientists on Earth, but it seems that magicians are not like that. Well, it’s not hard to understand that when business is involved, the technology is kept secret.

It’s hard to get someone to teach you that kind of magic theory. Furthermore, the person who understands it, and who can control magic after controlling the magic power, is extremely rare.

…There was a soldier who had cast what seemed to be a recovery spell on Lexia-san before, but that might be one of the specialized units. If I think about it that way, I thought it was really amazing that a monster could naturally weave magic into a battle and attack from both distance and perspective in a well-balanced way. Now I’m making it a challenge to find out how I can use magic to my advantage in battle while fighting such monsters.

I heard that Usagi-san also asked the person with the title of “Magic Saint” to teach him before, but he could not use his magic at all. That is why I wondered if I could be of any help even if I taught him. Still, it seems that sage-san’s theories of magic are easy to understand. Usagi-san was happy to learn that he was able to use magic better than before, so I was relieved for now.

I’m not the type of person who can say whether or not he is good or bad, so I don’t know, but I could feel the power of the kick is increasing day by day. And now, as a break in my training, I had been brought before a certain monster.

That is──.


“Um… is it really possible for me to win?”

(It’s not that you can win it or not. it is that you have to win it.)


The other day, I couldn’t compete with it, and Usagi-san easily kicked it away, and it was the Mithril Boar. And if I look closely, it’s bigger than the one I fought before.

“No, don’t you think the revenge match is too early? It’s only been about a week, you know?”

(There’s no way we would wait for a chance for revenge so leisurely. Since it’s the same race as before, you should have some idea of their behavior patterns, right?)


Realizing that nothing I say will work anymore, I activate the [Identification] skill to confirm the strength.


[King Mithril Boar]

Level: 3

Magic: 5000
Attack: 60,000
Defense: 100,000
Agility: 50,000
Intelligence: 3000
Luck: 1000

Skills: [Charge] [Iron Wall] [Magic Reflection] [Super Sense of Smell] [Magic Control] [Earth Attribute Magic]


“No, it’s not the same!”

In fact, it’s stronger than before! I can see why I thought I sensed something different about its dignity and presence! Because it was clearly a different rank! What’s more frightening is that even the previous Mithril Boar had that unbeatable status at a low level of level 10. It was now upgraded to an even lower level of level 3 with an even higher status; it was no joke.

“Usagi-san, it’s indeed impossible!”

(Don’t worry. I’ll save you before you die.)

”No, can you just save me before I get hurt!”

There’s nothing about it that makes it okay!

“Brrr… Burururuuuuu!”

While Usagi-san and I were arguing with each other, the numbed King Mithril Boar came charging at me with more speed than the Mithril Boar. I managed to spin my body to avoid it, but it shook its head tremendously as it passed me, trying to put its fangs on me.


I quickly manifested the [Infinite Gauntlet] and blocked its attack, but I was easily blown away and slammed into the black hard tree.


(Hey. You can’t participate in this fight. He has to get through this much on his own.)


Night is stopped by Usagi-san, and Akatsuki is watching such a situation with a not-so-subtle look on his face.

Well, seriously… I was hoping for Night’s assistance…

(What’s the matter? If you keep going like that, you’ll be killed in no time. As I’ve told you before, there are people in this world who use the word “Evil” in their title. Of course, they are much stronger than this boar. You can’t protect anyone when facing such a strong enemy.)

“That is…”

I don’t want that. Night and Akatsuki, and then Lexia-san and Luna. If something happens to the people I know in this world, and I can’t save them with my own hands… I will absolutely hate it.

I quickly regain my position and take out the [Absolute Spear].

Even though I was struck by the black hard tree, thanks to my own way of escaping the impact to some extent, I can still move without drinking the [Complete Recovery Herbal Juice].


Looking at me, the King Mithril Boar, perhaps annoyed by my appearance, charged at me with even greater vigor. In response to the charge, I spun along the side of King Mithril Boar and let the impact go.

The moment the King Mithril Boar passed by me, I slammed a direct kick at its ass, directed at Usagi-san!


“Buh… Bugiiiiiiii!”

The last time I fought the Mithril Boar, I couldn’t do any damage at all, but now in front of me, the King Mithril Boar is plunging face-first into the ground, writhing from the damage caused by my kick.

Besides, I couldn’t even keep up with the moves last time, but now I’m able to keep up with King Mithril Boar’s movements properly.

In training with Usagi-san, my overall leg strength was super-strengthened in proportion to the increase in the kick’s power. That’s why a single step into the ground is completely different from before. I’m able to move at a speed that I couldn’t even imagine before.

To the King Mithril Boar, who was rolling on the ground and enduring the pain, I threw the [Absolute Spear] in my hand from the stance that I had kicked at. If it was any other monster, I could attack it with magic, but since King Mithril Boar had [Magic Reflection] in his skill list, I couldn’t use magic. So in the true sense, I need to make full use of [Absolute Spear] and Usagi-san’s teachings.

Then the King Mithril Boar, who noticed the existence of the [Absolute Spear], hurriedly flicked the [Absolute Spear] upwards with its huge tusks. But I didn’t let up in my pursuit.


I was running towards the King Mithril Boar at the same time as I threw the spear, I took out the [Heavenly Whip] from the item box and swung it at the spear. Then, the [Heavenly Whip], which is aimed at the [Absolute Spear], gets entwined with the handle of the Absolute Spear.

I pulled the [Heavenly Whip] simultaneously as I leaped into the air with my strengthened leg power. I pulled the spear closer, and I launched a heel-drop at the [Absolute Spear] that floated in the air above the King Mithril Boar’s head.



The power of the [Absolute Spear] unleashed by using my leg strength forged by Usagi-san’s special training was tremendous, easily piercing the brain of the ultra-hard King Mithril Boar, not only sewing it directly to the ground, but also creating a crater on the spot with just the wind pressure of the heel drop.

The lifeless King Mithril Boar disappeared as it was, turning into a particle of light, and the spot was littered with drop items. As I landed on the spot, I involuntarily sat there from mental exhaustion.

“I-I wooonn!”

(Hmm. To tell you the truth, I would tell you to take him down with just a kick, but… this time, I’ll give you an even grade.)

“A-are you serious…”

Even the current battle would honestly have been protracted if I hadn’t relied on the weapons that sage-san left behind. Besides, there’s no guarantee I’ll win.

As I was twitching my cheeks at Usagi-san’s words, Night and Akatsuki ran up to me.

“Woof~. Woof?”

“Fugo, fugofugo.”

“You guys worried about me? Thanks. I’m fine, as you can see.”

Both Night and Akatsuki seemed to be worried by the way they were rubbing and licking me. Thank goodness I survived..

(Well, whatever. Our training for today is over. Let’s check the dropped items and return after collecting them.)


NyX Translation



As Usagi-san said that, I once again gathered the drop items scattered around and checked them one by one.


[Great Tusk of the Demon King Boar] :: The great tusk of King Mithril Boar. These tusks are made up of mithril that nullifies all magic, and cannot be scratched by a single half-hearted attack. Special technology is required when processing it as a weapon, but if you process it, it becomes a weapon that reflects magic, or cuts through it.

[Great Hide of the Demon King Boar] :: The great hide of King Mithril Boar. It is a skin composed of mithril that nullifies all kinds of magic and boasts a high resistance to physical attacks. It is not mithril itself, but skin, and is, therefore, lighter than mithril. For this reason, it is used for armor and other protective gear. The armor is treated as a rare masterpiece, even among adventurers.

[Meat of the Demon King Boar] :: The meat of the King Mithril Boar. The meat has a slightly peculiar taste and smell, but once you eat it, you will be captivated by its taste. It’s a good one if it can be found in the market or auction once every few hundred years. For those who know this taste, this is an ingredient that you want so badly that you can’t help but want it at your throat.

[Magic Stone: Rank SS] :: A special ore that can be obtained from magical beasts.

[Broomstick of the Demon] :: A rare drop item obtained from King Mithril Boar. No matter how stubborn the dirt and dust is, it will clean and purify with just one sweep. The dust automatically lands on the broom, so no matter how hard you sweep, there is no need to worry about the dust flying around. Once the sweeping is done, the dust naturally leaves the broom. In addition to trash, it also has the ability to exorcise spirits and curses.


“Rank SS!? No, more importantly, where did the broom come from!”

The fact that the magic stone’s rank was SS was also a surprise, but it took all the impact away from the super-capable daily necessities series as usual. No, really, the effect of brooms is amazing. I mean, normal brooms don’t have that kind of effect on them.

Since I was very happy with such a useful broom itself, after collecting it straightforwardly, I thought about the magic stone’s rank again.

“Rank SS… I thought S rank was the highest…”

(What are you talking about? Not only is the S-rank, but even the SS-rank isn’t the highest rank, you know?)

“Eh, really?”

Even the SS rank is fantastic, but to think that there are even more than that! I can’t imagine it anymore. Night and Akatsuki don’t understand more than I do, they tilted their heads and Akatsuki tilted it too much and fell to the side. So cute.

As I was being soothed by Night and Akatsuki in a bit of escapism from reality, Usagi-san crossed his arms and told me.

(On top of the SS ranks, there are SSS rank, EX rank, and L rank!

“There were more of them than I expected!”

Even though there was a higher rank, I thought it was at most one! I didn’t think that there were that many of them!

I mean, most of the monsters encountered near the entrance of the Great Devil’s Nest are rank A, but even so, Owen-san and the others said that they were an incredible threat and would be a desperate existence if they encountered them, but what would they do if an unimaginable existence like an EX-rank or even an L-rank showed up? Wouldn’t the world be destroyed already?

“Hii… I don’t even want to imagine an L-rank…”

(Don’t worry, we don’t see many of those above the EX rank. Moreover, these kinds of monsters are basically not interested in fighting. As long as you don’t mess with them, they’re harmless.)

“What if… if they mess with you…?”

(Every last particle of dust will be erased.)


I have to swallow my breath. If I ever meet one, I’ll run away. I don’t even want to meet them.

By the way, it’s said that there are EX-ranked and L-ranked monsters around the deepest part of this Great Devil’s Nest. We’re all so close to each other!

Well, I guess so! The Great Devil’s Nest is revered because powerful monsters inhabit it, so it’s not surprising that they’re there.

“By the way, Usagi-san… well… what rank can you take on?”

(Well, I can manage to fight an EX rank… No, I honestly don’t know. One thing I can say is that if we fight, we won’t be safe at first. And although there is an L-ranked existence with an “Evil” title, we, the “Holy” holders, will be fighting against one of them in a group. To begin with, defeating them alone is out of the question.)

“What? The “Evil” title is that strong?”

(Isn’t it obvious? They are the crystallization of all the negative aspects of the world. It is impossible for us to defeat them on our own. What do you think? Do you want to be the successor?)

“I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to do that forever.”

It’s impossible. In my mind, Usagi-san is the second most powerful person after sage-san, but I can’t very well take on the duty of fighting an opponent that such a powerful person would say would never win alone. I don’t have that much strength in my heart.

…When I think about it, how strong was sage-san really?

“Maybe he’s even stronger than that L-ranked one.”

(Hmm? What are you talking about?)

“Oh, no, it’s nothing.”

(Is that so? Oh well. If you have collected the drop items, we’ll go now.)


When I finished collecting the dropped items and was about to leave, a message suddenly appeared in front of me.


Your level has been raised. Since you have reached a certain level, your race will be evolving.



(Hmm? Wha-!?”)

Before I could react in any way, my whole body suddenly began to glow.

“Wh-what!? What’s happening?”



Night and Akatsuki try to get close to me, but I’m not sure if they can really touch me, and they are busy moving all around me. As everyone, including me, was flustered by the sudden situation, only Usagi-san quickly regained his composure and explained my condition.

(Don’t worry. It’s a preparation for evolution.)

“E-evolution? What do you mean by evolution?”

(Just as it is. Since you’ve reached a certain level, you’re evolving to become a better existence. …Well, it’s incredibly rare for a human body to evolve, but…)

“A quick shocking fact!”

From Usagi-san’s initial explanation, I thought that everyone evolves, but apparently, it’s extremely rare for a human like me to evolve. No, more importantly!

“What’s going to happen to me? I won’t turn into a monster, will I?”

(Is it the first time you’ve evolved? Then there shouldn’t be so much change. …Maybe.)

“You gave me nothing but anxiety!”

It would be very troubling if I grew horns or wings here. No, it might not be a problem if I were to live only in this other world, but I have a life on Earth too, you know!

Contrary to my thoughts, my body did not stop emitting light, and since there was nothing I could do about it myself, I had no choice but to be quiet. I waited for a while, and eventually, the light subsided, and I was finally able to see myself.

“H-how is it…?”

I was prepared for the intense pain that I felt when I first came to this other world and leveled up for the first time, but I didn’t feel any such pain. I took a quick look at my body and touched my face and head, but there weren’t any special changes.

“Um… is there anything strange about me?”



Night and Akatsuki also looked around me, but once again, they both tilted their heads and fell to the side. Adorable.

(In terms of looks, there’s nothing particularly unusual about you.)


NyX Translation



Thank goodness! If this had changed my appearance beyond the first level up, I wouldn’t have any more excuses or anything to make.

(However, you should check your status once. The evolution itself has indeed taken place.)

“Oh… Y-you’re right.”


As Usagi-san said, I decided to check my own status, which I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve done so casually.

And then──.


[Yuuya Tenjou]

Race: Human (Transcendent Species)
Occupation: none
Level: 1

Magic: 10000
Attack: 15000
Defense: 15000
Agility: 15000
ntelligence: 9000
Luck: 15500
BP: 10000

Skills: [Identification (SR)] [Endurance (SSR)] [Item Box (SSR)] [Language Comprehension (SSR)] [True Martial Arts (SR): 9] [Presence Detection (N)] [Fast Reading (N)] [Cooking (N): M] [Map (SR)] [Mind’s Eye・Revision (SSR)] [Assimilation (SR)] [Tame (R)] [Mind-Body Unification (R)] [Mental Enhancement (R)] [Field Book (SR)] [Magic Control (R)] [Magic Culmination (U)] [Adjustment (N)] [Kicking Sacred Art (U): 2] [Concealment (R)]

Titles: [Master of The Door] [Master of The House] [Otherworlder] [Person Who Visited A Different World For The First Time] [The Sage’s Apprentice] [The Heir to the Supreme Magic Circuit] [The Heir to Ultimate Sorcery] [The Disciple of the Kicking Saint] [The Master of the Kicking Saint]


“There’s an increase in a lot of things!”

There have been times when skill levels have risen without notice, but this is the first time I’ve seen an increase or decrease in skills themselves or titles increase this dramatically.

First of all, I allocated BP with momentum and intuition. As a result, the final status was this:


[Yuuya Tenjou]

Race: Human (Transcendent Species)
Occupation: none
Level: 1

Magic: 11000
Attack: 17000
Defense: 17000
Agility: 17000
Intelligence: 10500
Luck: 17000
BP: 0


“A-all right. Let’s take it easy for a moment, okay, me. Let’s go through this one by one…”


[Human (Transcendent Species)] :: A form of human evolution. There is no change in appearance and so on, but the overall status is enhanced. It has a strong resistance to disease.


“It sounds kind of amazing!”

I’m genuinely grateful for the enhanced status. Most importantly, I’m very happy about the fact that I have a strong resistance to disease. Even though I can cure myself with [Complete Recovery Herbal Juice], I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I usually take care of myself, but this is really reassuring.

“Next up is the skill. The new skill [Mind’s Eye・Revision] is a slightly better version of [Mind’s Eye] that Usagi-san had, I guess. I understand that it’s a result of the integration of [Foresight] and [Weakness Detection] skills since they’re no longer there, but other than that… I have no idea.”

Moreover, I’ve learned [Kicking Sacred Art] so nonchalantly. Usagi-san has the true “Holy Kick”, and such a person has taught me, so it’s not surprising that I learned it, but… this [Kicking Sacred Art] is unique in its rarity, isn’t it? I don’t think it’s unique when Usagi-san and I can use it already, is that okay?

I get back in the swing of things and check out the unfamiliar skills one by one.


[Mind’s Eye・Revision] :: [Mind’s Eye] is the ultimate version of [Foresight] skill, and this skill also gains the effect of [Weakness Detection].

[Magic Culmination] :: It is the result of understanding the special magic theory that differs from the normal attribute magic skills, and as a result, you can use magic regardless of the attribute. The effect of magic depends on the user’s image and magic power.

[Adjustment] :: You can freely adjust the degree of all abilities. However, it takes a certain amount of time to get used to it.

[Concealment] :: You can hide a variety of occurrences. When used for status, you can also prevent others from seeing your status. You can also hide magic.


“All of these skills are immensely useful…”

I’m especially grateful for the [Adjustment]. After all, with my evolved status, I might have trouble living on Earth.

Besides, I hadn’t thought much about [Concealment] either. Still, there are people besides me who can use [Appraisal] or [Identification] skills. I wouldn’t want those people to see my [Otherworldly Person] title, which will be useful when I’m active in this other world.

“Well, lastly, the title…”

What I don’t remember the most is the title of [The Sage’s Apprentice]. It’s true that I inherited the magic circuits and magic theory from sage-san, but…


[The Sage’s Apprentice]: A title given to those who have been exposed to the Sage’s thoughts and have gained knowledge of his thoughts. It has the effect of reducing magic power consumption.

[The Heir to the Supreme Magic Circuit] :: A title given to those who have inherited the supreme magic circuit.

[The Heir to Ultimate Sorcery] :: A title given to those who have inherited the ultimate sorcery.

[The Disciple of the Kicking Saint] :: A title given to those who have become the disciple of the Kicking Saint. Unlock the [Kicking Sacred Art] skill.

[The Master of the Kicking Saint] :: A title given to the person who has become the Master of the Kicking Saint.



It’s a good thing that I’m recognized as an apprentice because I got sage-san’s book and was able to use magic. Although from other people’s point of view, it would be strange to call this a master-disciple relationship. I was happy to be able to feel the connection with sage-san.

Other than that, I also found out why I was able to use the [Kicking Sacred Art], and I need to work harder every day to live up to this title. However, it seems that the worst part of this evolution was the change in my race.

Sigh~… I didn’t expect to evolve…”

(What are you complaining about? Normally you should be happy about that.)

“I-is that so?”

(That’s probably true. Evolution by itself makes you stronger than before. I don’t know about humans, but beastmen and elves will be delighted.)

“I-I see…”

To be honest, I’m not sure what Usagi-san refers to as elves and beastmen, but I guess it doesn’t matter as long as they’re getting stronger? It seems this world is still a very dangerous place.

But even so… just like sage-san’s book says, I’m not only going to be strong, I’m going to get more involved with the people around me. Sage-san took the time to give me this advice.

As I realize that again, Usagi-san is staring at me.

(…Now that you’ve evolved, you’re even more unpredictable… I wonder what will happen next…)


(…It’s nothing. Anyway, no more practice today. Go home and get some rest. …Ah, and also, if you get into trouble while I’m gone, you can try practicing the techniques I taught you. Not to mention training against monsters, the experience of fighting against others is essential.)

After telling me that much, Usagi-san jumped up on the spot just as lightly as before, using the air as a foothold and jumping straight away.

“…If I continue to train like this, will I be able to make such a ridiculous move too?”



At my question, Night and Akatsuki just tilted their heads.



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