Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 86

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T/n: I’m sorry, it might be annoying, but changed Phila’s name to Fira now.


Chapter 86


The costume she’s going to wear in the show… even I know what it means. She mentioned that she was going to play the main role, didn’t she? The costume lying here now was well done, and I could tell that it was beautiful, as far as I can see.

…Unless someone else’s hands had damaged it. By looking at the cut marks, one could tell that it was not an act of a monster. It must have been cut by something sharp.

“…Did someone do this to you?”

“I don’t know…”

Ristina-san is not in good spirits. I went up to the costume instead of her and picked up a piece of it.

“Ristina-san, you still have a show to do, right?”

“…Yes. I’m going to be in this town for the rest of the week.”

“You can’t even perform in this situation… So what happens then?”

“I talked to them this morning, and they agreed to change the roles.”

“The role, huh?”

“…I was supposed to be the main heroine of the story… so the costumes must be gorgeous. So, Kurutta-san, who is still wearing the relatively gorgeous costumes that are currently left, will be playing the role of the main heroine.”

“…Can’t Ristina-san wear a different costume or something?”

“…There are some costumes… but Kurutta-san insisted. She said that the other costumes in storage weren’t as glamorous as the one she has. In fact, Kurutta-san was right, too…”

The more I hear, the more suspicious this Kurutta-san is. But Ristina-san didn’t say those words.

“So, could Kurutta-san have done this?”

“…I don’t know who did this to me.”

Ristina-san clenched her fists in frustration.

…Kurutta-san had a bullish attitude towards Ristina-san. Looking at that, I couldn’t help but suspect her.

“Didn’t anyone see the culprit? As expected, there is no way that no one has seen it, right?”

Especially if they are a member of a theater company, they would have come and left here. But Ristina-san shook her head.

“Kurutta-san has been working with the group for a long time and has more allies than me. No one, even if I asked, would know…”

So, how do we find the culprit? If that’s the case, what I need to do now is not to find the culprit. If the culprit’s goal is to destroy the costume, I wanted to overturn that intention, at least.

Moreover, it’s also the case that Ristina-san is feeling sad. We work together, and I’m her senpai. If there’s anything I can do, I want to help her. And even if she finds out about my abilities, Ristina-san is a trustworthy person.

Well, fine. With that feeling, I squeezed up the costume.

“…Ristina-san. If you had a costume like this, would you be able to continue with the show as usual?”

“…Eh? Wh-what do you mean?”

“It means literally that. As long as you have the same thing, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“…Y-yes. If that’s the case, I’m sure the leader will make that decision.”

I do not intend to show off my powers to anyone. It’s just that Ristina-san doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands. Even those who prepare for the play are probably in the same boat.

…For example, if I took it home tonight and said, “I’ve sewn it” and brought it in tomorrow morning, maybe the show would be done with a new cast of actors.

That was unacceptable to me. Someone was going to benefit from an act of obvious malice. I let out a breath and then took out my divine treasure from inside my body.

Ristina-san tilted her head dubiously at the Creation Hammer, which was just enough to handle with one hand.


“I’ll need to borrow your costume for a bit.”


The costume I have on hand can be fabricated. And I swing my hammer down on it. If I don’t have enough levels, I’ll need materials to create it, but the destroyed costume seems to be able to be created using only magic.

“H-huh? Senpai, where’s the costume?”

“My occupation as a blacksmith allows me to create things to a certain degree of freedom.”

“Creating things…? Huh, but I think I’ve heard that blacksmiths only make weapons…”

“Well, it looks like mine is special. Anything I destroy with this hammer is automatically collected in an item box―.”

To Ristina-san’s relief, I quickly produced and took out the costume I had just created. Ristina-san’s eyes widened at the new costume that appeared.

“T-this is…!”

I handed it to Ristina-san, and she spread it wide open. Both of her eyes widened.

“It probably fits Ristina-san’s size, but if there’s a problem, please let me know.”

…And I said something like that, but I never adjusted her size.

“It’s probably the exact same size as the previous one, so I don’t think it’s a problem.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Relieved, I patted my chest and then approached Ristina-san.

“Ristina-san, can I ask you one thing?”

“…Eh? W- what is it?”

“I just want you to keep quiet about my power earlier. This power is pretty amazing, right?”

“N-not just pretty… I think it’s very amazing. I mean, if my boss knows about it, he’d really love to hear about it! It’s so great that I’m going to ask senpai to join me.”

“Yes. I can make things from scratch, so I can’t let too many people know about it. Some people might think bad things about it.”

“…I see.”

“So, please. Could you please keep quiet?”

I said, and Ristina-san nodded.

“Yes, of course. I don’t want to do anything to hurt Relius-senpai.”

“…I see. I’m glad.”

I felt relieved and patted my chest. When I was relieved, Ristina-san scratched her cheek.

“Well, um, Relius-senpai, can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“Why did you use the power that you wanted to hide from me? Why did you use it for me?”

Why does she ask such a question? The reason is simple.

“I didn’t want to see Ristina-san sad.”


When I told her that, Ristina-san’s face became faintly red.

…Is that something to be embarrassed about? I’m more worried about her show.

“Anyway, since you have the equipment, shouldn’t you go talk to them immediately?”

“…Y-yeah, I guess so! Well, then, I’m off!”

“Yes. Good luck with that.”

I leave the tent along with Ristina-san. She runs with her costume in her arms in the direction of where she thinks the theater company leader is.

After seeing her back off, I walked off to go back.

“Oh, I knew it was Relius!”

I turned around as my name was called, and there was Fira-san, the daughter of the owner of this mansion.



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8 thoughts on “Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 86

  1. Hope he gave the new dress slash resistance and damage resistance. some str enhancement would be nice as well to smack the THOT
    Anyhoo, thanks for the hard work!

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  2. This dude pats his chest soo much that I think he may have a heart condition. Really? I thought all the clothing and armor he makes adjusts itself to fit the wearer anyway? Why are worrying about the size? He should be worried about the culprits’ next moves. Hopefully, he secretly buffed it.

    Also, I know he’s a bit too slow to figure it out but “Hey Ristina, can you close your eyes for a second? Okay, you can open them and here you go. How? It’s a secret. Don’t mention where you got this and you can keep the dress. Wink” Done! I know he has no life experience and even less of an imagination for evil but I swear someone needs to sit him down and explain the harshness of humanity. He reveals his secrets before ensuring their silence and then makes it a request instead of a trade for whatever he already did for them. The fact that it hasn’t blown up in his face yet is one of the least believable parts of the story.

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