Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 4 Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – Conquering the dungeon with the only evasion after a long time


The adventurers saw me off and wished me well, and then, I arrived at a small island about 50 meters in diameter in the middle of the lake. When I landed, I found the soil to be soft and moist. Plants and flowers were growing, and the vines growing on the edge of the island extended into the lake.

What a lovely place it is.

And the main objective, the entrance to the bottom lake dungeon――was at the base of a tree planted in the middle of the islet. In the empty space, there is a staircase made of earth that leads down to the basement.

Right next to it is a sign that says “Dungeon”.

By the way, I’m learning to read and write from Lusha, so I know more words now. Right now, I’m in the process of focusing on learning the words needed for the adventure, and so on.

“Well then, I’ll go back to the other shore. If you need to be picked up, throw a stone from the isle into the lake. I’ll check the sound and come back to get you. Good luck with your quest.”

“Okay, thank you.”

I saw the soldiers off and then went into the bottom lake dungeon.


◆ ◆ ◆


The sound of me making a splash as I walked, followed by a loud splashing sound. It’s a monster from this dungeon.


I’m on the second floor now. The monster that came out is a piranha. It swims in the water and is following me with its sharp fangs, making water sounds. It has red colors, and its gawky eyes are a bit scary.

“I thought I’d have to walk through the water the whole time, but it’s easy because there’s some land here.”

Once I get on land, the piranha won’t follow me anymore. So I can get a reset once there. As such, it’s going pretty well for now.

“It’s pretty much a straight path at this point,”

I used the notebook and pen that Ren gave me to make a map of the dungeon. It’s a Japanese paper and pen, so it’s very easy to use, but as expected of me, I’ve mapped many dungeons, so the number of pages is becoming unreliable.

“When I’m done with this one, I’ll probably buy the mapping tools from this world as well…”

As I was thinking about that, the stairs to descend to the next floor appeared.

“Oh, good.”

At this point, it has been about an hour since I entered the dungeon. The effect of the potion that I drank when I entered the dungeon is three hours, so I want to take a break at the time it runs out.

I descended to the next floor, and the monster that came out is Killer Merman. Even though it’s still a shallow floor, a modestly strong monster has appeared… Well, it’s easy to avoid it, so there’s no problem.

The effect of the potion to repel monsters is not 100%. It makes it harder for the monsters to find me. So as long as they aren’t powerful monsters, they won’t attack me if I don’t make eye contact with them.

If I walked by while Killer Merman was turned to the side, I could move on without being noticed wonderfully.

“But this method takes a long time…”

However, if there are more than thirty monsters, it will be tough to avoid them. If I had a map, I could calculate the distance and dash through at once. This is the only thing I can do; I thought to myself as I continued on.

It’s been five hours since I entered this bottom lake dungeon. With occasional breaks, I descended to the 10th floor. Right now, I’m taking a break at the stairs to move down the floors.

“Hmm… as expected, it’s hard to imagine that the boss is here, isn’t it?”

Maybe the boss is at least on the 20th floor. It’s a high difficulty dungeon, so it may be much deeper. Let’s go a little further today and camp out.

“The effect of the monster repellent will wear off in an hour, so that’s good timing.

As I look at the mapped notes, I suddenly notice something.

“…Every time I go down, the distance between the area is increasing a little bit.”

Although that was normal itself, the distance between them seemed to be increasing at a constant rate. That would mean that the next floor would be increasing the distance by the same amount.

I guess it was good that when I was mapping, I counted my steps and measured the approximate distance. This would allow me to take the strategy of proceeding cautiously at first and then to run through the latter part of the race in one go, wouldn’t it?

“Yeah, let’s go with that.”

After descending to the 11th floor, an octopus monster in an octopus jar appeared. It was less than a meter long and was basking in the water on the ground with its long, suction cup attached hands.

It doesn’t look particularly quick, but since it has eight hands, I wonder if it’s hit power is that much higher…? Well, now is not the time to test that.

I moved slowly so that the octopus wouldn’t see me, and mapped out the distance while comparing it to the distance I walked on the tenth floor. I stopped walking carefully when I had walked about 80% of the distance on the previous floor.

From this point on, there won’t be any more monsters that I can’t avoid until the next floor. Then the octopus monster immediately came towards me. Moreover, there were two of them at the same time.



“Well, this should be easy.”

Now it’s just a matter of how many octopuses will appear on the next floor…

With that in mind, an additional octopus quickly arrived.


There didn’t seem to be any problems, so I walked onward at a fast pace. According to my calculations, I should be able to see the stairs leading to the next floor in less than 30 minutes. A large number of octopus pots following me is a bit of a horror story, though.

Then I walked for ten minutes without a care in the world. When I turned around, I saw one, two, three, fou一16 octopuses. There were quite a few more, but I hadn’t been attacked once yet.



“It’s about time I saw the stairs… oh, there it is.”

After all, as I calculated, the distance in the dungeon seems to be increasing at a constant rate. I think it’s quite a big deal that I’ve figured out this principle.

I looked back again before going down the stairs――.



More than 20 octopuses were attacking me; their tentacles were cowering. A lot of octopus tentacles are not something normally seen. Then I ran to the stairs as fast as I could.



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    1. That knife is pretty useless, ain’t it? Hiroki could at least counterattack for a while and slowly whittle away the monster’s HP as long as the number of monsters doesn’t increase too much, but as there are people waiting for him outside, he can’t take too long…

      Maybe Hiroki could build traps to use against the monsters and level up once they’ve been triggered?

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