Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 4 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Termination of Contract



When I replied to the king, he looked at me as if it were a matter of course.

“Of course, it is. The hero must fight for our country, you know. What happens if he moves freely, and something happens in case of an emergency!”

That’s what you have soldiers for! I suppressed the urge to rush into it and wondered what was going on. Considering the king’s words and actions so far, a contingency would probably be a war with the demon king or the demon race or something similar.

If it’s the appearance of a monster, the adventurer’s guild may be able to handle it.

Now, what should I say to him? But before I could open my mouth, Ren started to speak.

“With all due respect, Your Majesty. As I told you before, the demon race were all good people. Why are you so determined to make the Demon King an enemy of yours? I don’t think we need to fight.”

Ren looks at the king seriously and with straight eyes. There is no cloudiness there at all, and it can be seen that he seriously believes in the demon race. Rather than the king, the surroundings were surprised by Ren’s words.

It was, for example, someone who had never been to the Apricot Continent. Or a soldier who had actually gone there after being given the order to monitor Ren. In the latter case, they might have realized that they were more hostile and different.

…But this king wouldn’t believe us if we told him that the Demon King is a pacifist. Without conclusive proof, it doesn’t seem to matter how much we talk about it. So let’s come to a compromise that works for both parties.

“…For now, how about putting the goal of defeating the Demon King on hold for a while?”


“Just like His Majesty said before  when we defeat the Demon King, we will return to our homeland. When that happens, with the demons attacking to take revenge… who will be able to stop them?”

Of course, it would be us who couldn’t return even if we defeated the Demon King.

“Therefore, we probably shouldn’t attack the demon race from here now. Instead, if the demon race attacks you, the three of us will definitely fight to protect you.”

“Then, of course, you’ll be crashing the Demon King’s Castle, right?”

“Watanabe is a hero; it should be easy for him to do that.”

Well, I can say that because I’m sure that the Demon King, Tito-sama, won’t attack the humans. The king seems to be still and silent, thinking about what to do. However, there is no way to say no anymore.

The termination of the contract bracelet is absolute. I was originally going to end it with that, but I went out of my way to offer a compromise to the king who presented us with conditions.

After the silence, looking at the king who didn’t open his mouth, as if he thought something, Ren said something outrageous.

“…If you don’t want to deactivate it, then you can keep it like this.”

“Watanabe. What are you talking about?”

How deep in misery do you think you’re going to bear this? I immediately went to Ren and stopped him from thinking a stupid idea. But when the king heard those words, he looked at me with a disgusting smile.

“That’s right, that’s right… This contractual bracelet is proof that you are connected to me, so to speak! That means that I guarantee the hero’s body!”


What should I do? But if it was Ren who started this mess, it was also Ren who put it out.

“Don’t think you can bind us with such a tiny bracelet. If you don’t want to cancel the contract, then I just need to be strong enough to break the bracelet. I’m a hero, more and more, and that’s exactly what I can do, I can be strong enough to destroy this country by myself.”


“I’m still the strongest person in this room.”

Wow. A suggestion that I couldn’t imagine coming from the mild-mannered Ren was made, and we all gasped. But I struggled to hold back the urge to laugh. It was a mistake to try to restrain such a substandard existence as a hero, with anything other than trust.

The head of the country can’t even understand such an important thing. If you had taken my compromise plan sooner, Ren wouldn’t have been so angry. The king seems to have been put under the pressure of Ren’s pressure, and he is sweating profusely.

Then, in a very small voice, he muttered.

”…I’m canceling the contract.”


The bracelet that was stuck to Ren’s arm fell to the floor with a light crunching sound. It was just so easy. I feel like an idiot that I’ve been negotiating with my nerves.

…But was it more peaceful to think that this was enough rather than Ren’s anger exploding in a strange way?

“Yeaahh, the contract is canceled!”

When I shouted that, Ruri and Lusha were also happy. Ishmer, who was with me, also nodded, and Lucia-sama even cried tears of joy. Speaking of Ren himself, he’s staring at his arms, which are off the bracelet. He has been wearing it ever since he came to this world, so he might feel uncomfortable, but it will disappear directly.

“It’s not that I don’t like this country. I have met a lot of good people, and I’m sure I will continue to do so. Therefore, I don’t want to destroy it, you know?”

That was a joke; Ren told the king. But the king should not be worried about whether it was a joke or not. It’s whether he can really carry it out, or whether he can’t.

When he thinks about it, Ren will surely be able to destroy it if only he becomes stronger. That’s why the king also honestly released the bracelet.

“Damn, damn…! I’m the king! Don’t think you can get away with this! It was probably Sakurai who tricked Watanabe into doing this, anyway! All of you, arrest Sakurai!”

The king points the finger at me and gives orders to the soldiers who were standing around.

“What! I wouldn’t let you do that, Hiro――.”

“I’ll be fine.”

Ren reacted immediately and tried to draw the sword from his waist, so I quickly stopped him. Ren showed a puzzled expression, but when I finally smiled at him, he must have guessed that I would do something right away.

There was no way they could catch an evasion healer who was many times stronger than when I was first summoned, so easily.


I avoided the attacks of the soldiers who jumped at me with brilliance. Of course, the soldiers, who don’t know the advantages of evasion, open their eyes in surprise. And at the same time, they seem to be asking themselves why they can’t even touch a mere healer.

And then a murmur spreads.

“What you were saying earlier, evasion…?”

“You think because you’ve raised your evasion status that you’re avoiding us…?”

“I never thought there would be a need for evasion.”

“But if your recovery is so subtle, you’re going to have problems with how often you heal and how well you recover, right?”

Even if I can avoid it, they’re still talking about how they don’t need the evasion if the recovery is not good enough. I don’t mind people talking about how they don’t need evasion. Well, there’s nothing better than having people understand that evasion is great… but I’m more than happy for them to discuss it.

It’s important to talk about what evasion is and come to a proper conclusion. It would help if you didn’t decide from the beginning, whether it’s there or not. That said, this isn’t a game, so you can’t reset and start over. That’s part of the reason why I don’t think the profession and status competency will expand.

The soldiers gulped and gasped and jumped at me once more.


But the result is the same. There’s no way they can ever get me, so you’d better give up.


A number of soldiers jump on me together, but the result is the same. The king is red-faced and yelling at them, but nothing can do about it anymore.

“Evasion, huh… it might be awesome.”

One of the soldiers muttered. Some of the soldiers nodded at that, which made me a little happy. I thought about just throwing the king under the bus, but as long as the soldiers were doing the right thing… I felt like there was still a bit of a future for this country.

I spun around and turned around to look at Lusha, Ruri, Ishmer, and Lucia-sama. Then I called out to Ren, who was in front of me.

“We’ve successfully canceled the contract, shall we go home!”

And so the war between the king and us is over!


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