Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 4 Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Journey Preparation


I was wrapped up in the warm blankets and sleeping comfortably―knock, knock―interrupted my sleep. I could just go on sleeping, but who on earth is that?

Five more minutes, just five more minutes, I thought as I turned over and tried to sleep again when a voice called out to me from outside the door.

“You said we’re going to visit the dwarf old man’s place today and prepare to go to Tangerine, right? Wake up, Hiroki!”

“…Ah, yeah!”

Apparently the last few days had been hard, and I was completely lost in thought.

“I just got up. I’ll be right there, just eat your breakfast first.”


I let Lusha go first and let out a big yawn. How nice it would feel to be able to sleep here again. But if I sleep again now, I’m sure I’d get an oversized thunderbolt from Lusha.

I change out of my ruffled sleepwear and into my usual gear, and I leave the room.


◆ ◆ ◆


Perhaps because we told him we got a magic bag, the old man was waiting for us with all sorts of travel essentials.

“I like the idea of not having any restrictions on what you can carry.”

“That’s right. I mean, there are so many different magic tools out there.”

One of my favorites is a sturdy stack of paper and a pen. I’ll be buying more of them just in case I need to do some mapping in dungeons.

…I think the old man’s shop was a blacksmith’s shop. …I wonder if he’s even selling this stuff…? No, I’m very grateful to him.

“I’d love to have some warm goods. I think it’s still cold when we camp out or something like that…”

Lusha seemed to be concerned about the cold and was staring at the products that focused on warmth. It appears that one of them caught her attention, and she called me over with sparkling eyes.

“This is amazing!”

“What’s this? It looks like a round stone, but…”

Lusha found a round stone about the size of a baseball. The surface is smooth, so it looks good to the touch. I was almost bursting out when I looked at the price tag and saw that it was written as 100,000 lotto.

“That’s so expensive! What is this rock?”

When I was surprised, the old man laughed and explained it to me.

“This is a magical tool that converts water into hot water. With this, you can turn water into hot water in the dungeon so that you can enjoy a comfortable life. Well, that’s why the price is so high.”

“Ah, I see. That would be nice to have. I’ll buy it.”

If that’s how it was explained to me, I couldn’t not buy it. Since Lusha and I often spend a lot of time camping out in the wild for whatever reason, it’s nice to have an environment where we can get hot water right away.

For example, if we have hot water, we can use warm water to wipe ourselves before going to bed. It’s small things like that, but I think it would be great if our lives could change in small ways like that.

It’s essential to rest your body when you’re out in the wild.

The old man also prepared thick innerwear and socks for us. It was just perfect, and we did not have a problem even if we went out on a trip like this. This time, the old man prepared some magic tools and a few more tableware, as well as the camp set, and so our preparation is complete.

After finishing the bill and putting away the luggage in the bag, the old man asked, “How was it?” He called out to me.

“You’ve been there, haven’t you? The Bottom Lake dungeon.”

“Yes. There were 40 floors, so I was exhausted on the way there.”

“There was that much?! I mean, it’s amazing that you’re already able to go to a dungeon like that. You were still a chick when I first met you.”


When I first met the old man and bought my equipment, my primary income source was herbs. Compared to that time, I’m quite rich now. I wasn’t the kind of person who could buy a hundred thousand lotto magic tools by mistake anyway.

“But they were old man’s boots, so it was easy to walk around in them. If I had gone with normal boots or something, it would have been a disaster.”

“Right? The equipment I make is the best in the world, so please do continue your patron with me.”

“Of course. If I ever come back to this city or anything else, I’ll show up again.”

Once I get some good materials, I want to power up my equipment as well. My goal is to get the evasion status on it, and then I’ll be able to master it even more.

Then, I told the old man and Lusha about what happened in the bottom lake dungeon. For example, being attacked by a large number of octopus monsters is gruesome…

There are piranhas in the shallow floors and my opinion that fish monsters are hard to defeat. The other thing is the importance of mapping, I guess.

But if I had to tell a story to raise the excitement, it would be this one.

“The boss of the dungeon was a Kraken, but it was more than 10 meters long, so it was pretty big.”

“How did you make it back without being eaten? The Kraken is a sea monster, and I’ve heard that it shows its power many times over in an underwater battle.”

“I’m an evasion healer, you know. I won’t take an attack from a single Kraken.”

Even if there were a few of them, I would probably be able to avoid them with no problem.

“I hope this is an opportunity for evasion to become popular, but it’s going to take a lot longer to spread.”

“Haah… I really never get tired of talking to you. Well, I guess I can expect a lot of Tangerine souvenir stories, too. Young miss, you’ll be back as a hunter, and you’ll be getting more and more powerful, too, right.” 

“I want to become a hunter and hone my offensive skills even more!”

Lusha clenched her fist and made a strong statement. Then we talked idly and left the old man’s shop, promising to come back.


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  1. To get an upgrade, you need ‘appropriate strength’, I hope putting everything on strength will count as ‘appopriate’


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