Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 94

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Chapter 94


The next morning.

…I was able to fall asleep, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t nervous at all.

…Rather, I was very nervous.

Still, I had to get some sleep, or I’d have to endure the next day. I felt like I had managed to force myself to sleep. At the same time as I woke up, Ristina-san had her face pressed against the pillow.

“…Senpai, can I ask you to go outside once, since I don’t want you to see my face when I wake up from sleep?”

“…Is that what you care about?”

“It’s a big deal for a maiden! Please, just stay outside!”


And Val also nodded his head.

…Maybe Val can understand because she’s a female, too, anyway.

“Val should stay outside too!”


Val squealed sadly, and we all went out into the hallway. I go outside and wash my face there since there was a water magic stone tap. After washing my face, I go back to the room, and Ristina-san opens the door for me.

It looks like she’s ready to go. I found the usual Ristina-san there.

“Thank you.”

“No… Well then, let’s have some breakfast.”


We all left the room and went downstairs to the dining room. We entered the dining room and ate our breakfast there.

We were eating when the disappointed voices of… adventurers reached our ears.

“…I heard the hero have departed early in the morning, is that right?”

“Ah yeah… I was hoping to see her, at least just a glance.”


Don’t tell me they’ve already left town? No, but they were talking about hunting monsters…

“Well, but maybe we’ll see her again when she return. Let’s aim for that time.”


…It’s good to know. Apparently, they’re just going to hunt monsters. But still, it’s early in the morning… I would have been still in bed when Lynn left.

“Are you going to see her when she return, too, Senpai?”

“…That’s what my plan is…”

“Then why don’t we spend the morning looking around the town? I’ve been here a few times, so I can show you around, okay?”

There’s nothing to do anyway.

“In that case, please.”

“Yes, leave it to me!”

Ristina-san salutes with a big smile.

…She’s still in good spirits, as usual. With that in mind, we left the inn after finishing breakfast.

“What kind of shop do you want to go first, Senpai?”

“…Nothing in particular. Oh, I’d like to see the guild and stuff, for starters.”

“Err, is that the only place you want to go with your cute junior?”

“On the contrary, what kind of places do people usually request?”

I asked because I’ve never had a cute junior or anything like that. Ristina-san then put her hand to her chin and then raised her eyebrows.

“What kind of place is it common for people to go, huh…?”

“Eeeh… Ristina-san, I thought you were dating someone right now.”

“T-that’s right! O-of course, it is! I’ve been on a date with a man and all that!”

“…Then I’ll leave it to you.”

It’s not a date, but I guess I’ll just tease her when I mention that…

Ristina-san continued, looking flustered for some reason.

“W-what kind of place would you like to go?”

“Eh, we just repeat the topic at this point.”

“No, because! I-I don’t have that much experience either! D-does it looks like I’m playing around like that!”



Ristina-san, I’m shocked to hear that. Even though from the looks of you, it looks like you’re just playing around.

“For now, shall we go to the guild and then think about things later?”

“Yes… Yes, well, let’s go to the guild first, shall we?”

After Ristina-san says that, we start walking. I walk with her, but there are too many people in the street. I try not to bump into people, but there are still too many people, so I reach for Ristina-san’s hand.

“Ristina-san, may I hold your hand because we will get lost out here?”

“But you’re already holding my hand!”

“Sorry about that… I mean, I really thought we were going to get lost here!”

It’s like a festival. Ristina-san squeezed my hand.

“Geez, did you already… want to hold my hand so badly, Senpai?”

“Yeah, well…”

If that convinced her, it would be better to leave it at that. When I nodded with that throwing feeling, Ristina-san’s eyes widened, and even her ears turned red.

…She looks embarrassed. If she’s so vulnerable to such a counterattack, she shouldn’t have attacked me from the beginning.

At any rate, Val is following along. We made our way through the people and headed for the guild.

As we passed through the streets, the number of people had decreased, as expected. It was a few minutes later that we arrived at the guild.

First of all, I entered the guild that was the objective. Guilds, even though they are called guilds, their construction is not so different from any other.

When I was looking at the guild’s requests and such, Ristina-san lined up next to me.

“What, do you want to take a request?”

“…No, it’s no good right now, as expected.”

It’s not like I’m in need of money. And there’s Ristina-san, too.

“Senpai, why don’t we take a look around the adventurer’s street after we finish our business here?”

“Yes, fine. Let’s go then.”

“Are you done?”

“Yes. I just wanted to take a look at the guild in other cities. Well then, let’s go.”

With that, I walked out of the guild. When I got out, my right hand was grabbed. When I looked at it, Ristina-san looked at me as if teasing me while her cheeks were slightly stained.

“Also, can we hold hands together again?”

“Y-yeah… fine.”

Ristina-san smiled happily and somewhat shyly.

…She didn’t seem to be teasing me, and that made me shock again.


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    1. I know right! They’re not even married. I’m feeling afraid he will be demoted from the THOT Control Patrol


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